Which Blog Topics are Against Adsense TOS Policies?

Google AdSense is a widely used ad-program that serves as a major source of income for millions of blogs and websites worldwide. But many people face the problem of getting their AdSense accounts disabled or banned. This results in the seizure of any money that hasn't been withdrawn. Most such people don't have a clue about why they got banned. It happens as a result of the violation of AdSense TOS. While some accounts get banned or disabled as a result of a malicious action, such as unusual click activity, many others get banned as a result of some content that is not appreciated by AdSense. In this post, we will discuss what sort of content is disliked by Google, so that you can save yourself the inconvenience and avoid getting banned by AdSense.

Sometimes, Google AdSense rejects a site outright. This happens due to inadequate or inappropriate content mostly. And sometimes, Google AdSense accounts get disapproved or banned after approval. This could either be due to malicious behavior, such as click fraud, or it could be because the publisher added some inappropriate content that wasn't present at the time of approval. In any case, it is important that you know what exactly Google AdSense classifies as "inappropriate", so that you can stop publishing such content before even starting at it.

AdSense TOS

  • Adult ContentAdult, pornographic and sexually explicit content is not allowed. The general rule of thumb is, if some content isn't appropriate to be viewed with family and especially kids, then it's not appropriate to be placed with Google Ads. Google intends to keep the AdSense network family-safe
  • Copyrighted material - Content that violates the copyright law is strictly against Google's TOS. If you don't have permission to distribute some content, such as mp3 songs or videos, then you are violating AdSense TOS, and most definitely will end up getting banned. We have talked more about this in our post on How AdSense handles copyrighted material
  • Drugs and other addictive material - Google prohibits putting up Ads on pages that sell or promote illegal or prescription drugs, especially narcotics that are addictive. Herbal drugs aren't allowed either. Additionally, you cannot put ads next to content relating to hard alcohol, beer, liqueur, tobacco or tobacco related products such as cigarettes
  • Gambling - Ads may not be placed next to content relating to gambling or betting that involves exchange of money and/or other prizes
  • Hacking / cracking - A lot of people have sprung up with blogs and websites providing instructions, or distributing software that is involved with hacking or cracking another software or website to grant users with illegal access. Such content is strongly disproved by AdSense. Click to learn Why you should never blog on hacking
  • "Pay-To" Sites - Sites that offer compensation for some action, such as Pay-to-Click, where users get paid for each action they perform such as clicking an ad, browsing some pages, reading some emails, and so on, are not allowed to display ads. This is because it might result in an invalid click activity
  • Violence - Such sites are not allowed to display Google ads that display violence, such as images or videos with freak accidents, gore, fighting, and torture. Such content isn't family-safe, and hence is classified as inappropriate
  • Content biased against individuals or organizations - Although Google supports freedom of speech, it does not allow ads to be placed alongside content that is aimed against an individual or organization, including hate content or racism.
  • Google brand features - You can not use Google Brand features on your website, such as copying Google's layout, framing a Google's service such as Google finance, using Google's trademarked terms in a domain name (such as www.googletips.com etc)
  • Weapons -  Google ads are not permitted on sites that sell, facilitate or advocate the sales of weapons and weapon accessories, including ammunition, gun parts, hardware, pistols, rifles, BB guns, sporting guns, air guns, etc. Explosives and fireworks are blacklisted by AdSense as well
Enter a comment below and tell us how you feel about these TOS. Additionally, you can read more about Google's TOS in our TOS simplified post. Peace :)

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  1. Hmm.. What about ethical hacking blogs? Are they considered to violate as well?? If they are for educational purposes only, then what?
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  2. Very helpful information Qasim, thanx for sharing.

  3. Qasim Bhai plz Help me.....
    I followed by pregolom and filmhill and meendo, which are porn sites. How did my blog get there? or how is it possible that these sites are leading people to my blog? Does anyone know if there is anyway to block those sites?

  4. Classified sites
    WOW! It is just awesome post thanks for share.

  5. Very informative post so far Qasim..

    With regards,

  6. You forgot to put Topics in Movies Downloading Sites. These blogs are also not tolerated by Google.

  7. What about Freebies? And Blogger Tips and tricks blog? I hope that is not included on google adsense TOS

  8. Please reply me. Can i get Google AdSense for my this site?

    HTML Blogging

  9. hi i have 3 blogs .....recently adsense banned one of my blog for too little content or cookie cutter page but ads are still displaying ......
    will it effect my other blogs because adsense is still displaying ads on that blog ......plz reply me

  10. weapons; sure!
    there is a YT channel full of weapon videos, they call it FPSRUSSIA :D

  11. Nice article by Qasim. Thanks for informing me about this

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  12. Qasim hacking and cracking sites allowed if some information provided for Educational purpose i were doing this stuff and in my life i earned 400$ 1st time from adsense , but after some time when i started writing on facebook hacking then account got banned :( it was my site http://learnethicalhacking.net

  13. But sometimes Adsense is really unpredictable. Well informative post indeed.

  14. @Bhavesh Pamecha Not allowed :(
    Jailbreaking is okay (I don't know why), but teaching others how to hack and stuff isn't. You can, however, talk about enhancing security, encryption and decryption of your data, and other uses such as accessing another computer and manipulating IP addresses to access files etc. But i guess that's about it

  15. @Shumaila Malik Hmm, that's a valid concern. Links from such sites won't do you as much harm as links TO such websites. But you can still report those malicious links to Google Webmaster Tools. Also, if you have your own web hosting, you can block their IP addresses

  16. @Ravi I did not forget that :)
    That comes under the Copyrighted Content section, and we have done a detailed post on it

  17. @Debbie Navarro nopes not at all. you should be safe :)
    For freebies, it is okay if you are distributing a valid license only. For that, you most probably need to team up with the software/plugin/ebook developer.

  18. @Qasim
    I also want the answer to abhishek's question above.
    Will it effect the other blogs in the same account?

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  20. Thanks for sharing information. I will definitely take care of such topics while posting on my blog.

  21. Well, it is a very useful post for those who want to start blogging to earn with adsense. however, bloggers should read and understand what blogging is? and when adsense works for them..

    Thanks and regards from:
    Abdulwali Khan - Onlineustaad.com

  22. thanks a lot... bro for this Important and most beneficial Tips...!
    now i will follw these important tips so my Adsense will not be Banned.. Hope so
    TrickmSme.In-The Technology Blog

  23. @Qasim

    as u said dont Post regarding to hacking. So does that include,

    -Posting saying the site is hacked by so and so
    -does that include, Past of hacking, all about Past

    does that include security issue on software,

  24. Google Adsense has made BILLIONS of dollars for Google and their publishers… but there is a reason why it’s so ridiculously easy and simple to setup. Google is making a ton of money by lazy site owners just placing a code on their site and not knowing better. There is nothing wrong with using Google Adsense, but there are much better and more profitable ways to make money!

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  26. Dear respected admin

    I am a newbie blogger at http://nptechs.blogspot.com. I provide downloads of pc game and softwares
    so to make the post useful i used to copy the desription of the soft or game at the post Then my adsense was rejected for unacceptable site content >>>> Later on I deleted those description thinking that I was rejected due to copy paste description and my adsense i snow rejected for insufficent content Please help me What to do ??

    Please respond to me

    Are the description of games and soft cause duplicate content problem. Please let me know

    I have also seen many blog with adsense with the same description of games and soft

  27. Yeah really ??
    Ever heard of lifehacker??

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  29. Nice Post and really good work, thanks for the post


  30. yeah i agreed at first i tested this on celebrity blog where produced some oomph keyword and rest u know.but it was a learning experience.Google Adsense policy for new Blog

  31. what type website is best for adsense and how many ads i need for good rpm.

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