You Can Now Use Blogger Dynamic View on Mobile!

blogger dynamic view

The mobile phone is increasingly being used on the internet, what with the easy connectivity and mobile apps. Now, mobile blogging is on the rise, and you can even blog right from your cell phone! Many and more people are now using mobile devices to surf the internet, which is why bloggers are turning towards optimizing their blogs for mobile devices. Most of you might be familiar with Blogger Dynamic View, since more than 2 millions blogs have started using it ever since it was launched. Now, Google has integrated the flexibility of mobile usage with the functionality of Dynamic Views. You can now optimize your Blogger Dynamic View blogs for mobile to enhance user experience!

Why use Dynamic Views on mobile?

Mobile internet usage is growing rapidly. Today, more than 10% of all internet users log on through mobile devices (including tablets). And since 2009, mobile usage has doubled, and is now growing exponentially. Now let me point this out that blogging isn't just about publishing a bunch of articles, customizing templates and putting up ads. Indeed, successful blogging is all about realizing potentials, and making use of opportunities. And I daresay, this is as good an opportunity as any.

mobile usage is growing everyday

The fact that so many people are now using mobile devices to browse websites means that you're effectively wasting more than 10% of your traffic by not optimizing your blogs for mobile devices. Creating a mobile version of your blog will let you channel all that traffic and keep your audience satisfied.

On top of all that, Dynamic View provides an enhanced reading experience that mirrors the rich reading experience of the Desktop. But you can utilize the functionality and provide it in mobile format to provide an easy and comfortable reading experience.

How to Use Blogger Dynamic View on Mobile

Log onto your Blogger Dashboard, and click on the Template tab from the left sidebar. Then go to settings by clicking on the cog or gear icon under Mobile.

Template settings

You will then get the option to choose a mobile template. You can choose any traditional template, such as Ethereal, Watermark, etc, or you can go for the classic Dynamic View template. Select an option and see the preview.

If you have the Default option selected, then you are all set and ready to go. This Default means template defaults for the template you have for Desktop. For example, if you have the Dynamic View template for your blog, and if your Default option is selected, then your blog's mobile version will automatically default to, and start using the mobile optimized view when viewed from a mobile device.

choose mobile template

However, tablets will get the desktop versions for now. The Classic view will be shown on mobile devices, especially the ones with small screens.

Note that you get a QR code on the left side when choosing a template. This is a really cool feature. Once you save your changes, you can scan the QR code with your camera-enabled smartphone to preview how the blog actually looks like with the new template.

This is a really cool new feature, and your readers will benefit from it immensely. If you have questions, feel free to ask. And stay tuned for more such updates. Stay blessed :)

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