August 29, 2012

Avoid Getting Banned by AdSense Due to Copyrighted Material

One of the biggest disadvantage (among numerous advantages) of the internet is the theft of original content, or piracy in other words. Copyright violation is a big issue, and is not only a danger to the originality of the content online, it is also a threat to the individual content creators, who do all the work while someone else takes the credit, hence offsetting their prospects. Although such violation can not be stopped, it can be discouraged. And Google is taking steps to do just that. Many webmasters use Google AdSense to monetize their sites and generate revenue. So to discourage copyright infringement, Google bans websites that it finds are violating its copyright policies. Here is what you need to know to stay on the good side of AdSense, or else you might find yourself banned in no time.

Copyrighted content

Almost every new content that is uploaded to the internet is copyrighted, unless specified otherwise. For example, an organization might run an awareness campaign, creating content and specifying it free to be widely distributed. Someone might even give you permission to distribute your content, in which case you get a license with specified limitations. In such cases, you are free to copy and distribute the content. But in most other cases, copying content is stealing, and is punishable by law. Such content commonly includes mp3 songs, movies, videos, games, shareware/premium software, articles, blog posts etc (yes, this very post is protected by the Copyright, and it is stealing if this post is found on any site other than

Copyrighted content

If you create original content from scratch, then you automatically hold the copyright for that content. You can then grant other people permission to distribute your content, or make it public and free for all.

Copyright content violation policy

Google has a very strict policy regarding content. If the webpage you have ads on has copyrighted material, it will ban you from AdSense. Furthermore, even if your page has only links to sites that have copyrighted material, you will still get banned. Such sites include illegal file sharing websites, illegal torrent sites, sites and blogs with plagiarized content etc. Linking to these sites will get you banned, so be careful!

Google is watching you

Before putting up ads, ask yourself this. Does your site host or link to copyrighted content? Generally, AdSense bans ROM sites, sites that host shareware software for free, crack websites, sites dedicated to audio and video downloads, Warez sites, and more. So make sure your site is none of the above, and has original content before putting up AdSense ads.

Why Google discourages copyrighted content?

The most obvious reason is it is not fair to the original creator. But the major reason is, it discourages advertisers. Google itself has to earn a bit through the advertisers. And if the advertisers don't come, Google goes at a loss. Advertisers don't like un-natural content that drives up their cost and the publishers' revenue without much apparent effort (of creating original content).

Reporting content violation

If you find that someone is violating your copyrights, you can file a request with Google by filling out a form. You can also read our in-depth articles on Copyright violations.
Stop Internet Piracy
If you have any further questions regarding Copyright Violations, then let us know and we'll try to help you. And as always, our message is "Stop Piracy". Don't copy other people's content without at least giving them credit. And don't copy blog posts from other blogs (such as Stay blessed :)

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  1. Nice Brother but its too Late.....

  2. Very nice post bro i am using adsense really helpful tips. thanks for sharing


  3. Thanks for the post...But their is really now way to fight with it because google is something which really takes a person motive down in startup just because their hidden terms and conditions...

  4. well it was really help full thanks..... :)

  5. Thank you for the post . i am also use AdsSense so its very helpful topic.


  6. I applied for adsense on my website
    < a href=" rel="dofollow"> My Blog</a>
    Adsense denied for the reason of copyright violation even though I do not posted any such things i my any blog post. please tell how can I check which post contains copyrighted material
    thank you

  7. Thanks dear, its a nice information regarding adsense.

  8. hmm, i am affraid of that..
    But, i hope my adsense not be banned by google..

  9. Nice post, thanx for sharing , but what about the links which other people leave while commenting

  10. bro if i use real content and post like free downloads is it ok ?

  11. hmmm nice post i am using your many script on my blogs and

  12. @Prerna Thanks. You can always make your blog no-follow, so that links left by spammers and other people are ignored by Google

    @Salman Baig yes it is okay as long as the software or app developer specifies in their TOS that you are free to distribute their software. Even some free softwares don't allow you to distribute it. So be careful.

  13. sorry bro i think i have 1 post in my blog dat i copy paste from MBT...I can delete it anytime if u want too...

    Happy Eid Mubarak from Malaysia.

  14. nice post dear i also always put my own content on my blog

  15. Thanks very very Much for this..
    i was really looking for The Link to report content copied On Google Adsense..
    thanks .
    now i have reported some 5 blogs who copied my Content!:)
    thanks a Lot.!!
    Tricksme.In-The technology Blog

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Wow! Awesome information. I was just looking for such valuable tips which I got from your post. Thank you so much.
    Slide Gate Openers

  18. okay now i want to start the blog where all songs are availble
    it shd be like that
    already downloaaded songs only il upload in my blog , is it okay for me ...
    else u plz guide what kind of blog that i have to run where i get money plzzzzzzzzzzzz
    my email id : ,,

  19. CAn you name some alternatives for adsense except chitika.

  20. Hi, I am one of the regular readers of MBT. I have a blog related to electronics circuits. Can you please tell me whether the below posts are against 'Adsense TOS' or not

    Thanking you in advance

  21. i want your help can u pls tell me how to remove links to this post message from template.

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    Your suggestions would be entertained.

  23. In this matter I think Google is right. Why should one get free publicity and earn on other's hard earned work. I am always against piracy. If you don't have genuine products better use freeware,not cracked items!

  24. Dear respected admin

    I am a newbie blogger at I provide downloads of pc game and softwares
    so to make the post useful i used to copy the desription of the soft or game at the post Then my adsense was rejected for unacceptable site content >>>> Later on I deleted those description thinking that I was rejected due to copy paste description and my adsense i snow rejected for insufficent content Please help me What to do ??

    Please respond to me

    Are the description of games and soft cause duplicate content problem. Please let me know

    I have also seen many blog with adsense with the same description of games and soft

  25. Hello dear can you explain one thing for me, I'm a new Adsense publisher, I have already 3 ad units (336x280) and 1 search box on my blog, My question is can I add two more link ad units?

  26. Assalamoalaykum....
    I have a Islamic website which has lyrics of naats,nasheeds,kalaams
    .... which some times i copy it from different websites. Will this affect my website??


  27. I didn't realize you could get banned for posting copyrighted content, thanks for informing me!

  28. bhaijan assalamaleykum my blog url is sir i want to know whether this blog contain any copyrighted material....

  29. Hello recently my website got disapproved due to copyright issues..but the problem is I am ynable to identify that copyrigjt stuff..any help will be greatly appreciated.

  30. This site is protected by MyBloggerTricks.
    What if I use this blog on my blog, but include the link and author of where the material came from?
    Is that considered a violation?

  31. I am facing the issue of copyright materiel on my blog but i did not copy paste the material on it all the material is handwritten by me so plz tell me how to find where my blog has the copyright material

    Thanks and Regards
    Talib Hassan

  32. I've applied twice to display adsense on my new domain. Two times denied. My blog is hosted by blogger, and while it was in blogger, ads showed without trouble. Now I bought a domain and sent request to adsense. They said I have copyrighted material. Could anybody help me find any copyrighted image or text in my Blog? 1st Tech Guides

  33. Hello,

    My website is

    I have tried for Google Adsense Account firstly it approve my blog partially but now in complete approval it give error of "Copyrighted Material".

    I have analyzed it myself but unable to resolve these issues.
    Can you help me in this regard to analyze my website and highlight exact issues so that i will remove them to get Google Adsense.

    1. Nice posting, i am learning from this, recently posted : online copy right checker free

  34. If I have a reference to youtube video in my wordpress post - will it be a problem ?

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Nice posting, i am learning from this, recently posted : online copy right checker free

  37. Hello Sir Iam The Author Of This Site--><
    I am Having All original content i checked from plagspotter but then also im getting rejected by adsense for copyright what should i do

  38. HEY Bro 1 question !! what is copyrighted image ? an image with website name or a simple one just uploaded ?

  39. nic information sir please take a look to my blog

  40. If there was some one who has a certain blog and he is copying and pasting all other websites content, he has one blog for original content and another blog for copy paste content but he uses the same Google ad-sense account, and he's copying everything on other website and put it in his other blog and put the original content in his main blog, and he's marketing them on Facebook and twitter , yet he still have his ad-sense working and around 15 Million fan on FB And 121k on Twitter ! I can't copy paste like him because I am afraid to get banned, but When I look at him and see how he acts, I wonder why Google Ad-Sense doesn't banned his account ? is it because he have a huge fans ? or what ?! and should I just do like he did ? or report his website to ad-sense (in case I have the right to report) ?!! because if I should follow the law, every one else should follow it too right ?!!

  41. i apply for google ad sense but the reply me copyrighted material they found..but My site has no copyrighted material. how to solved it

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. i apple for adsense but they reply me that your site has copywright content idont know which one is copywrite please friend help me to find copywright contents in my site

  44. i apple for adsense but they reply me that your site has copywright content idont know which one is copywrite please friend help me to find copywright contents in my site


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