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March 15, 2014

How to Show AdSense Ads between Posts in Blogger?

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Display AdSense ads between posts
Google AdSense is the widely popular ad-network used by millions of bloggers worldwide. It has helped many build their careers online. If you're a blogger, then you should know about the importance of optimizing AdSense ads to maximize revenue. Speaking of which, we have a trick for you for adding AdSense ads between your posts, so as to increase the ad-visibility and ultimately the click-through rate and revenue.

November 26, 2013

How To Setup AdSense A/B Experiments for Ad Units

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Google AdSense Experiments
Being a predominantly blogging and online income blog, one of the most common questions we get asked here at MBT is, what is the best AdSense Ad Configuration for generating maximum revenue. In all honesty, this question is always very difficult to answer, since the description of 'best configuration' can be subjectively varied from blog to blog, meaning its hard (probably impossible) to create a set-up that works for every blog. The best way to address this issue is to try out various configurations on your blog, and decide by hit or trial which is best. Fortunately for you, the Google AdSense experiments feature is here to help.

November 13, 2013

How To Monetize Mobile Sites For Revenue?

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How To Monetize Mobile Sites For Revenue?
Since the rapid growth of the mobile web, optimizing your website for mobile devices has become more of a necessity. You can tap a lot of your website's potential by going mobile. We recently discussed some best ways to optimize your website for various mobile devices. Each method has its advantages, but given the type of your audience, one of them might be more suited for your website than others. In this post, we'll talk about how you can monetize your mobile solution to generate income.

November 10, 2013

Updated Google AdSense Payments and Account Settings

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Updated Google AdSense Payment Settings
If you've been actively following your AdSense progress lately, then you will have noticed that Google has made quite a few changes in the Payments and Accounts Settings pages in your account. This is because Google has made efforts to improve its Payments systems, which are now more flexible, and offer a lot more benefits to the users. This initiative comes right after Google's plan to update the Terms of Service for all products under Google.

October 30, 2013

How To Become a Certified Google AdSense Partner?

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AdSense Certified Partner Program!
How many of you use Google AdSense as one of the, if not the only, monetization solutions for your site? I think I'm getting an overwhelming nod of affirmation. The fact is, Google AdSense has been the choice of almost every blogger and website owner at least once during the course of their online venture. And countless consultants and service providers have sprung up who have built their businesses with AdSense, and now help publishers succeed with AdSense. To help such successful service providers and publishers and to recognize their AdSense expertise, Google has launched the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program!

October 11, 2013

Major Changes To AdSense Terms and Conditions

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Google AdSense TOS
Google AdSense is a very large advertising solution for publishers, probably one of the best of its kind. With the addition of various features to the AdSense service, Google has had to update its Terms of Service, as much has changed since they were last drafted. Google has made a few changes to the AdSense Terms and Conditions, and the updated terms can be seen by logging into an AdSense account. Users have to accept these new terms if they want to continue using AdSense. We'll review the major changes made in these terms for you.

October 8, 2013

How To Submit & Share Your AdSense Story To Google?

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Google AdSense Success Story
Google AdSense is still perhaps the largest, and most popular advertising network that helps publishers and webmasters earn from their productions. Most webmasters start off their website monetization with Google AdSense, and many continue using it along with other networks. For some, Google AdSense might have lost its charm, because of the sheer size of publishers now using the network which has brought the CPC (Cost Per Click) down. But for some, Google AdSense still holds its value, and accounts for a major portion of their income. If you are one of these lucky few, then you can share your success story with the world and get recognition for it!

October 1, 2013

How To Create Responsive Ad Units in AdSense?

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Create Responsive AdSense Ad Units
If you have spent any time surfing the internet on your mobile device, looking for information or reading a blog post, you will know how important and satisfying a mobile-optimized website is to a reader. The trend of using mobile devices to connect to the internet has sharply risen, which means webmasters should have websites that cater to the needs of varying screen sizes and varying resolutions. Having a responsive design not only means having a responsive website theme layout, but also having responsive elements, down to the small images and ad units. Speaking of which, Google AdSense has now announced support for responsive ad units, which means that now, you can even change the size of those ad units dynamically depending on the user agent!

September 18, 2013

How To Enable Adsense On HTTPS Sites?

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Monetize secure HTTPS webpages
Do you have a webpage that runs on the secure HTTP protocol (or HTTPS)? Mostly, sites with social networking or eCommerce, or even user-login functionalities, run totally, or partially on the HTTPS protocol. If you run such a website, you would have noticed that it isn't easy to put ads on secure HTTPS pages. And since Google AdSense is (more or less) the standard out there, it needs to be HTTPS-compliant. Previously, AdSense didn't work with this kind of a secure protocol. But Google has just fixed this, and enhanced the ad network so that it can deliver ads to even HTTPS pages. This will allow users to monetize their HTTPS pages as well.

August 22, 2013

Publishers can now Monetize Online Games with TrueView and AdSense

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Monetize Online Games with TrueView and AdSense

Whether you're a casual internet surfer, or someone with a lot of free time on hand, you must have spent some time playing around with some online games to kill time or to have some fun. Game publishers are increasingly working to expand their empires, and to attract a larger audience. And with large audiences come opportunities to make money. To that effect, game publishers have been working with AdSense for distribution, download and in-game advertising. And Google sure has recognized a growing advertiser demand to reach highly engaged games audiences, as it has just announced the launch of the TrueView video ad format across its game monetization platforms.

August 17, 2013

Watch Live Hangouts of AdSense Experts on Mobile Optimized Sites

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Google AdSense 10 Challenge
If you still haven't learnt about the AdSense 10 Challenge, then you have been missing out on a lot of opportunities to learn and explore new things! Google launched the AdSense 10 Challenge in June as a way to help publishers become AdSense experts, and meet members of the AdSense community online. Since then, loads and loads of people have joined in and caught the action live on their computer screens through various Hangouts on Google+. If you've missed all of the happenings, worry not! There are still two more weeks to go, and you can catch the last few lectures where AdSense Experts will be talking about AdSense for mobile optimized sites.

July 4, 2013

Google Payment Banned in Pakistan by Western Union

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google payment banned in pakistanWe just discovered that On 29th June 2013, Western Union issued a notice to all its franchises in Pakistan to stop payments and transactions made by Google Inc. Whether you are a Google employee or AdSense Publisher, unfortunately you can no longer receive payments from Google through Western Union Quick Cash. We discovered this news today when I was shown the official notice which stated that due to several fraud cases being reported, Western Union has decided to cut down all transactions made by Google in Pakistan. Neither can a customer send money to Google as Sender nor receive a payment as the receiving party. So far Publishers living in Pakistan especially in cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are not yet informed through any communication medium. Neither have we heard anything from Badar Khushnood, the Country Google consultant. The information is undisclosed and both parties are trying to keep things confidential. We have not heard any print or electronic media reports on this so far.

Update: Luckily the ban by western union on Google has been lifted. Bloggers can now withdraw their AdSense payment from any WU Franchise in Pakistan. The ban was lifted on 12th-13th July 2013. Then ban was put when WU found fake use of NIC cards and some hacking attempts but now things are all sort out and you can happily withdraw your hard earned money. Make sure you take Original NIC with you this time, duplicate copy wont be accepted as they have imposed strict rules now. We just withdraw it on 15th July! :)


April 14, 2013

Now Check your AdSense Earning Reports inside YouTube Analytics!

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Are you a registered YuuTube partner, or aspiring to be one? YouTube Partners are high earners who make a living out of their passion for creating videos. And some are pretty good at it too. Thousands of people are now capitalizing over this opportunity. For them, the AdSense and YouTube teams want to make things easier, since a lot of them are giving feedback. And Google listens to feedback. So to make things easier, YouTube has now integrated your AdSense earnings right into its analytics, which means that you can now check your AdSense earnings from your Videos from inside YouTube analytics!

March 27, 2013

Publishers can now review Ads Landing Pages in AdSense

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense empowers you with a host of options and features with which you can keep your ad-marketing campaign going smoothly. You have an Ad Review Center, where you get various controls that help with the management of ads on your site. Among other features (see a list of latest AdSense features here), you get the luxury of finding and reviewing quickly and efficiently, hence saving you a lot of time. But that's something we all already knew about. However, Google has very recently introduced a new feature in their Ad Review Center. Previously where you could only review ads themselves, now you can also review the landing pages they lead to.

March 7, 2013

Now you can Contact and receive free consultation from AdSense!

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Google AdSense
The AdSense team, as you know, is quite eager to work with publishers, because Google values them for the sake of its interest. AdSense has always been helping out publishers by providing access to many tools and resources for problem solutions, such as FAQs, the Fix a problem troubleshooting section, and the AdSense Academy. Now, AdSense is bringing in another feature; a new personalized contact options page. There is a tab called HELP at the top-right, using which you can find solutions to your queries, or send feedback to the AdSense team by automatically sending a snapshot of the page you are on. A really great flexibility for AdSense users.

March 5, 2013

Tips to Protect your Adsense Account against Bad Clicks and Invalid Activity

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Avoid click fraud
Have you ever wondered how Google actually generates an income? It has a very large network of ads, with which it earns and also shares some revenue with publishers (people who put up AdSense ads on their websites). It's a very elaborate system, with Advertisers trusting Google, and investing their money with it in order to grow their own exposure. Google then shares some of that revenue with the publishers. Now it naturally follows, that Google has to make provisions to maintain the trust of its advertisers, and for that, it has to ensure that publishers don't cheat, or use fraudulant methods of clicking on ads to glean more money out of advertisers. Such bad clicks might result in the ban of your AdSense account. So what can you do to prevent such a thing from happening, even if you're not creating any mischief on your side?

February 18, 2013

Who is a Premium AdSense Publisher?

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Google Premium AdSense Publishers

In any business institution or organization, people who bring in good value are usually rewarded. Like many online companies, Google relies upon ads for its business. The more ad-clicks you get on your website, the better it is for Google, because Google ultimately gets a portion of its AdWords share. Just like most companies, Google has an incentive program with which it rewards AdSense publishers who bring in lots of click, and effectively help Google as well. This incentive program is dubbed "Google Premium AdSense Publishers". Many of our readers have had some confusion regarding Premium AdSense Publisher accounts. So that shall be our point of focus in this post today.

February 4, 2013

Animated Google AdSense Ads [Videos]

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Google AdSense

As it would seem, Google is putting up quite some effort into improving upon their AdSense program. A couple of months ago, we saw new, larger ad units released by Google, and this was just one of the many features introduced in 2012. More recently - this week in fact, Google introduced free video-ad serving for people using Doubleclick For Publishers. And now, it seems like Google is introducing a whole new feature - animated ads for AdSense. This could well be one of the biggest changes in years!

January 31, 2013

6 Advanced AdSense Optimization Tips for increased ad Revenue

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So, we've been talking a bit about AdSense lately. Yesterday, we talked about how AdSense now offers free video ad serving. But to be more specific, we are here to talk about AdSense tips to optimize your ads and increase your revenue. Are you utilizing all the potential of your AdSense ads to make money? If you feel that there are still some untapped potential in them, you might want to think over your AdSense strategy again. A few days back, we shared some basic tips for optimizing your AdSense ads. Today, we shall continue on with some more advanced tips you should tally with your blog, and see if you're applying them or not.

January 30, 2013

Video ad serving is now available in DFP Small Business for free!

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Video ads
Using videos in your content is considered as one of the most effective presentation technique. It helps with visual aids, and makes it easier for the listener audience group to grasp your message. Indeed, serving videos is one of the effective ways of attracing traffic. And just like other content such as text and images, videos have great revenue potential. This means, that if you have a substantial video viewership, you can use that traffic to earn revenue for you through ads. And generally speaking, video ads sometimes tend to perform better on the revenue side when we compare equal amounts of traffic for video content, and simple text/image content. Google understands this, which is why it has been working on video ad serving for some time. And now, it has finally announced its video ad serving feature, and a free and unlimited video ad serving trial offer to DFP Small Business publishers.

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