50 Handpicked Blogger Plugins and Widgets!

50 popular blogger widgetsBlogger is emerging as a powerful opponent to rest of the free website building platforms like wordpress and all. Blogspot widgets is one of its most useful feature that helps you give a complete new look to your blogs. Blogspot web widget is an applet intended to be used within web pages. Other terms used to describe web widgets include: gadget, badge, module, snippet or flake in some other platforms. It is a code that you often paste inside the HTML/JavaScript widget in blogspot blogs. A Blogger plugin in other words means a JS code that you add inside your blog template to give it an added functionality. Plugins helps you to customize the front end dynamic functionalities of your site.

Plugins are software add-on web designers install on a program to enhance its capabilities. For instance, if you want to upload a video on a website for your followers or visitors to watch, you may need a video plugin to do so. Without the installation of the right plugin, your browser won’t understand how to play the video. 

Using plugins with firewalls has several advantages. For instance, a user can easily enable and disable block requests and avoid the extra task of switching between dashboards. In addition, a user can design a website according to specific needs.

However, it’s crucial to establish a great website first before anything else. You’ll need to use a cost calculator by Connective or other reputable online tool sources to ensure you won’t run out of budget for purchasing the plugins and widgets you need to attain a fully functional and appealing website. In this way, you can offer more website features to your customers. 

When you’re able to provide more features and benefits to your audience, your website becomes more valuable to them. You enhance their user experience and journey in your platform, especially if you combine your eCommerce and blog. Hence, digital marketing implementation is a lot easier than ever because you already gain the trust of your audiences.

MBT has always created and promoted widgets and plugins for sites on blogger. So as a regular MBT reader myself, I have selected some of the best blogger gadgets/widgets developed so far for BlogSpot blogs, which I believe every blog must have in 2018. We are presenting a collection of 50 handpicked most trending plugins and widgets exclusively for blogger. I bet You can't afford to miss this post! ;)

50 Trending Widgets Collection

#1: Fancy Blogger Threaded Commenting System

Fancy blogger threaded comments
Ah! I loved this. One of the finest creation of MBT and Mohammad. Threaded comments add breath to your comments which makes it more appealing and gives an easy look who is talking to whom. Shows users and Admin in different highlighted style and contains automatic comment counts also!
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#2: Table of Contents

table of contents for blogger
Google is just 50% boss! So, after you have successfully created sitemap for robots, why not create a sliding dropdown sitemap for your users too? Give them user friendly experience while browsing through your site!
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#3: Popular Posts with Counter!

auto numbered popular posts
Popular posts serve your users best way to navigate through trending articles on your website. And when the widget is styled by MBT, then who dares not to visit your posts? :) Grab this cool widget through the link below!
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#4: Contact Form

custom blogger contact form
There you go. A way users can use to contact you without giving out your email id to them. A beautiful contact form is really appreciated. Get going and install this form on your blogger blogs right away...!
Install Now! [Part 1]
Install Now! [Part 2]

#5: Accordion Dropdown Widget

popular series widget for blogger
This is also a great invention by MBT. A smooth sliding dropdown widget in your footer will sparkle out your whole site. You can place your own links, categories, or anything you want. Useful for display long list of posts or related articles in series. So, what are you waiting for?
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#6: Download Counter

download counter for blogger
Great plugin for people who are looking to record stats for their downloads. Though you can use some popular sites like box.com or dropbox.com to record your download stats, still, this plugin makes your task easier by letting you know your download stats on the go!
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#7: HootSuite For Blogger

hootsuite for blogger
The popular app HootSuite is launched for Bloggers. So why are you still here guys? Go on and install this cool and useful application to your site as soon as possible! Follow the link:
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#8: AdSense Booster Plugin

Adsense Booster
A great plugin developed by STC Network which allows adding your adsense ads right after <!---more--> tag in blogger which breaks your content into some part. This plugin will surely boost your CTR earnings!
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#9: Post View Counter

count post views in blogger
The new blogger dashboard already show you post views in the Post section. But this plugin would allow you to show that off to your visitors! A great handy plugin to show off how popular you are!
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#10: URL Redirection

url redirection
Nice plugin to redirect users to a demo site through your links. Give out a professional feeling and view. Must install plugin if you are on blogger and share downloadable resources. This is trick applied by all Blogger/Wordpress Template Sharing sites to let users stay inside the root domain.
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#11: Facebook Activity Feed Plugin

facebook activity for blogger blogs
Yet another great plugin by MBT to inform your users about recent happenings on Facebook around you. Grab it now.
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#12: Blogger Notification Bar

sticky bar for blogger
Finest creation by MBT, a great fixed floating notification bar for blogger. I'd love to add this to my site is it was on blogger (but its not!) So, go ahead, and add this one too..
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#13: Linkwithin Black Skin Version

custom linkwithin theme
Linkwithin is a popular widget through which you can display popular posts in your website. What about sprinkling a little CSS style over it? It will look great!
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#14: Google+ Followers Gadget For Blogger

googleplus widget for blogger
Yet another great discovery by Mohammad. Adding Google+ followers gadget to your site will help you to show off world how popular you are. Go ahead and add this one also.
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#15: Archives Calendar

Arhcives Calendar for blogger
MBT is back with its CSS3 magic to do with your calenders. What can be better than to convert your simple, ugly, dull dropdown archive menu into a stylish, dashing, and cool archivo calender? Go on!
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#16: Floating Colorful Navigation Menu

colorful navigation
I liked this one too. Lightweight, easy to load, easy to customize, and 100% working. Designed by Mohammad.  You should give it a try and I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the results!
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#17: Massive Sharing Widget

sharing box for blogger
A piece of good work by mohammad. This widget would allow your visitors to share your content to their suitable social profiles as this widget provides a wide range of social profiles. Go now or never!
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#18: Beautiful Label Cloud

custom tags for blogger
This post really shows how CSS can change the overall look of any element on a web page. If you are looking for an attractive label/tag collection, go ahead and follow this tutorial.
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#19: Facebook Recommendation Box

facebook recommendation for blogger
Officially from facebook, there is no tutorial to add it to blogger, but MBT has converted this for blogger too! Boost your reputation and traffic by getting shared and liked on facebook!
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#20: Expand/Collapse Blogger Comment Box

expand collpase blogger comments
Great jQuery tutorial to save space and give a stunning look to your comments. Add a nice smooth scrolling effects to your default blogger commenting system. Will not work with threaded comments but the default comment style using no nested comments.
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#21: Touch Me Sharing Buttons

Sharing buttons for blogger. All icons are created and crafted by MBT
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#22: Flipper Sharing Buttons

flipper sharing buttons
Sharing buttons for blogger. Uses MBT's flipper Icon Set to force visitors to share your article on popular social media networks.
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#23: Floating sharing bar

floating sharing bar
Awesome floating sharing bar for blogger posts and/or homepage. Install it and see a significant increase in your traffic!
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#24: Auto Guest Author Box

author box
Having too much guest authors? Tired of adding links in every post? Try out this automatic author box fix created by MBT:
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#25: Multi Level Drop Down Menu

multi level drop down
Got lots of stuff on your site? Over spacing? Try this out. So much room in this menu, you'll never find an end!
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#26: Collapsible jQuery Sticky Bar

A jQuery based sticky bar for Blogger. Give it a try!
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#27: Do You Like This Story?

An old but gold widget by MBT which is to be placed at bottom of the post which requests visitor to like and share the post to promote the site.
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#28: Facebook LikeBox jQuery Popup

facebook popup
Notify your visitors that you are available on facebook and request them to share them on their profiles. Add a pop up facebook like box to your blogger blog now!
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#29: Blogger Sitemap Generator

automatic blogger sitemap generator
Your first PHP Tool Mohammad? Congo! :P Okay. This simplifies the process of searching for your sitemap and submitting it to various search engines. Try it.
Try Now!

#30: Thumbs Up Rating For Blogger!

like/dislike rating widget
Let your visitors thumbs up or thumbs down your post! Install a widget which would allow your visitors to leave their views without comments!
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#31: Pure CSS3 Drop Down Menu

css3 drop down menu
Looking for elegant dropdown menu but no compromise with site speed? Here's the latest CSS3 technology to help you out!
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#32: jQuery Facebook Pop Up Like Box

jquery facebook popup box
Add a jQuery Facebook pop up like box to your blogger blog! Used by thousands of mbt readers to this time. Contains a subscription box also.
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#33: Sharing Buttons

Show sharing buttons just below all posts titles for blogger.
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#34: Floating Facebook Likebox

Add more exposure to your blog. Facebook like box.
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#35: Related Posts Slides

Show wordpress like related posts slides on your blogger blog.
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#36: Fluid Text Resizer

Add a convinent method for your visitors to zoom in or zoom out the text on your site. Add this widget!
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#37: Scrolling Back To Top

Add a smooth scrolling back to top button to your site with smooth jQuery effects.
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#38: Image Gallery For Blogger

Add a good, small, lightweight image gallery to your site with some great controls such as Pause/play.
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#39: Custom Flash Movie Play

Kick out YouTube player and add your very own flash player to your website (blogger blog)
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#40: MP3 Player

Create your own MP3 Player for your blog! Great one!
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#41: Syntax Highlighter

Add a stunning syntax highlighter to your blogger blog. Adapted from wordpress versions.
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#42: jQuery Image Slider For Blogger

Add a beautiful jQuery image slider for your blog. Easily editable and highly user friendly.
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#43: PayPal Donate Button

Add a stunning paypal donate button with some spicy text below each posts so that you can pay your hosting bills!
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#44: Random Ad Banners

Space low for advertisements? Install a random ad banner and display any ad anytime! The ads will auto rotate on page refresh.
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#45: Beautiful Footer

Add an awesome 3 column footer to your blogger blog. Must have footer!
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#46: Multi-Tab Widget

Add a full customization ready multi tab widget to your blogger blog to impress each and every visitor visiting your blog!
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#47: Feedback Buttons

Add cool floating feedback widget to your website to know what your visitors think about you!
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#48: Flying Twitter Bird

Add a cute flying twitter bird on your blogger blog!
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#49: Zemanta For Blogger

Install this popular software on your blogger blog and experience a new way to write posts! However Mohammad recently explained 6 SEO drawbacks of this plugin which you must read also before using it.
Install Now!

#50: Pin It Button

Add a pinterest Pin It counter button to your blog! Must try widget! :)
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Your Views?

We shared some cool widgets developed by MBT. I hope you find this listing useful. If I have missed mentioning any MBT widget, please do remind us by leaving your precious comments. And don't forget to share this post with your friends to let everyone benefit form these free resources. Good day!

Guest Post by Mehul Mohan, a loyal reader and contributor of MBT blog. Mehul loves sharing articles on Wordpress, blogger and SEO. You can follow him via his blog MyPremiumTricks

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