Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

meta-tags-generator-tool Meta description and meta keywords are the most popular html tags which are still recommended despite many arguments by several expert Search engine Optimizers. The first thing that every blogger must do after creating a log is to optimize his template by submitting it to search engines and by adding important meta tags inside the template. To make your job easy I have created a simple Meta Tag Generator Tool below which will help you create important tags within seconds with no SEO knowledge required at all!

Follow these tips for writing best blog description and for choosing the most relevant keywords for your blog.

Meta Description:

Describe your blog in max 150 letters. The Character Counter tool can help you. For example I have chosen the following words for describing my blog,

A Blog about Blogger Tricks, Blogger Templates, Widgets, SEO, Make Money Online, CSS and HTML Tricks etc.

You can choose a similar format to describe your blog with most relevant words.

Note:- I have enclosed the meta description inside a dynamic HTML tag in order to avoid duplicate content issue. Confused? Let me explain. If Meta description appears for all pages in your blog then search engine robots would think that all your pages are having same description. Since robots deal each page as a separate website therefore your blog could get penalized for using same meta description over and over again. To avoid this I have added two pieces of code before and after meta description  so that it may appear to robots at homepage only. Following are the two codes added to the tool by default,

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Your Blog description">



Meta Keywords:

Choose words that describe the core topics of your blog. Keywords are high traffic targeted words that define your blog content. Most people use dozens of most competitive keywords but doing this is unnecessary and further effects your search engine listing. Choose few but smart keywords that may reflect the overall content of your blog. Google keyword Tool can immensely help you in choosing the right keywords. The best tip is to use similar keywords as used by your competitors. You can press Ctrl + U to open the source file of your competitor while you are on his blog. Through source file you can easily see what keywords and description your competitor is using.

Write a maximum of three words per keyword and separate each keyword using a comma. See my keywords as an example,


Blogger tricks,blogger tips, SEO guide, make money online, blogger widgets, css html tricks

Meta Author:

This is not a very important tag but still everyone likes to attach his name to his website so why should you left behind! :p Simply write your full name and avoid using nicknames or special symbols.

If you don't want to add your name then simply leave the blank empty in the tool below.

Meta Robot:

Sometimes you don't want search engine robots to crawl and index your blog so you can simply tell the robots that don't crawl the data of the blog using the No follow tag or No index tag.  By default blogger tags all blogs as ALL

If you don't want to be bothered with this tag then simply leave the blank empty in the tool below.


Meta Tag Generator Tool

Author (Optional):
Robots (Optional):


HTML Form For Blogger

HTML Contact Form I received several emails this week regarding how to create a contact form, web form, email form etc. Few months back I wrote a detailed tutorial on how to create a HTML and CSS based Email Me form. In that tutorial I mentioned every single step of embedding a high quality free Contact form in your blogger blogs just the way I have done on my blog. See my Contact Me page.

Kindly read this tutorial to learn the best way or trick of adding a free Contact Form on your websites -> Learn How to Create HTML and CSS based Contact Form

Note:- This was a recall post.


Google Crawls This Blog Every Minute!

fast-crawl-rate I published two posts today and was shocked when I found out that how fast is Google crawling this website. It took less then a minute for my search results to appear. It was interesting to see how fast Google crawls a blogger site. I immediately took a screenshot as a proof to show it to most of you. I will share just one Search engine optimization tip which will help you achieve the fastest crawl rate possible! But first have a look at the screenshot below,





Note:- In actual it might have taken even less than a minute for Google to crawl the last post that I published. Due to my reaction delay I took long to observe this amazing crawl rate and then to take the screenshot.

How to let Google Crawl your Website Faster?

As I promised that there is only one SEO tip which will boost the crawl rate of your blog or website and the tip is,

Start publishing useful and valuable content so that more and more people could link to your blog. The more one way linking you receive the better your rank increase in Google search listings. PageRank greater than 2.0 in short means a faster crawl rate! The higher your Site PR grows the better your ranking increase in Search engine listings. So work hard from today to flow the PR juice from other developed blogs to your blog.

Write Guest Posts at blogs with good PR and traffic and just don't waste any further time by commenting on forums and blogs! MBT has just started offering guest posting and is offering three Links to your blog for one post that you write for us. Further we have promised that if you come up with at least 6 quality Guest posts for MBT we will add your homepage link to our Friends list permanently! You can read further details here -> All Brilliant minds invited to write Guest Posts at MBT!

Kindly let me know what are your valuable views on increasing the crawl rate of a site.


Blogger Post Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Blogger Keyboard Shortcuts After writing a post on Windows Live Writer keyboard shortcuts I moved towards Blogger Editor. I tried many combinations of keyboard shortcuts but only few shortcuts could work properly with the latest browsers like Mozilla and Chrome. However some shortcuts are still not applicable to the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome but they work with old browsers like Internet Explorer 5.5+.

Note:- Shortcuts with red font do not work with Firefox or any other latest browser.



The Complete List Of Keyboard Shortcuts for Blogger Editor


Keyboard Shortcuts Function
CTRL + Z To Undo
CTRL + X To Cut
CTRL + C To Copy
CTRL + V To Paste
CTRL + B To Bold
CTRL + A To Highlight all the text
CTRL + S To Auto Save and Keep editing
CTRL + D To Save as Draft
CTRL + F To Find a Word or Phrase
CTRL + G Indic Transliteration
CTRL + Y To Redo
CTRL + U To Underline
CTRL + I Change To Italic
CTRL + P To Publish the post
CTRL + SHIFT + P To Preview the post
CTRL + SHIFT + A To Insert Hyperlink

If you know any shortcut that I haven't shared yet then kindly share it with all of us in the comments. Hope this may help you in saving time while editing posts and in making your blogging experience more enjoying!


Windows Live Writer Keyboard Shortcuts

windows-live-writer.jpg Windows Live Writer Tricks tutorials are increasing day by day. WLW is a visual blog editor for Windows. It works with most blogging platforms like WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, and others. I always use it when I write posts even when I am offline. As a regular user of this useful editor I just figured out many keyboard shortcuts while playing with this cool high quality text editor. I have compiled each and every keyboard shortcut that works with Windows Live Writer and have listed them below for your ease.

The Complete List of Windows Live Writer Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts



To Undo


To Cut


To Copy


To Paste


To Bold


To Open a New Post


To Highlight All text


To Auto Save


To Find a word or phrase


To strikethrough


To Insert Hyperlink


To Insert Image


To Redo


To underline


Change to italic


To Open Drafts or Recently posted posts


To Print the post


Switches To Edit window


Switches To Preview window


Switches To Source window

CTRL + F11

Toggles theme usage


To Set Category/ Tag


Paste Special:
Lets you whether to keep or remove text formatting when you copy text from WordPad, excel, blogs or websites


To Publish the post

You can read read more about it in this post -> Learn How To Do Offline blogging with windows live writer

If you know any hidden keyboard shortcut of WLW then kindly share it with us all! :>


Surprisingly MBT Blog Finally added to DMOZ Directory! Learn How To Get Listed

DMOZ---Open-Directory Having your blog or website selected into DMOZ’s Open Directory Project is the dream of every blogger or web owner. And same is true for me as a newbie blogger who just started learning blogging and thanks to God now MBT blog is added to the Blogger Templates category where only 17 blogs could make it out of thousands of quality blogs out there! How did MBT do it?

Well there are many factors that played well in my part and we will discuss all DMOZ Submission tips today so that one day you may feel the same joy that I am feeling at the moment :p

How to check if your blog or website is selected into DMOZ?

Go to and write your blog URL or your Blog Title inside the search box. For example type my blog title in the search box and you will be brought to the sub directory where my blog is added.


You can also go directly to the sub directory by following this root –> Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: Templates: Blogger


Note:- DMOZ has added a sub-page of MBT i.e Magazine Style Templates and not the MBT homepage. So you will get no results when you type in the MBT homepage URL but if you type MY Blogger Tricks or Just Blogger Tricks MBT will appear. I am contacting them so that they may correct the URL.

Why is DMOZ listing is so important?

DMOZ is the largest human-edited directory of the web. With over 85,559 editors, DMOZ’s Open Directory Project (ODP) has listed more than 4.5 Million quality websites in 590,000 categories. It has played an influential role in the rise of social media, inspiring projects like Wikipedia. Believe it or not Google’s directory is made up of DMOZ directory. Most of the data that Google spiders crawl and index is from this amazing open directory. DMOZ is an open directory project (ODP) where any blog or website can be submitted for free with no submission fee  or recurring annual fee like that of Yahoo Directory which charges a nonrefundable fee of US$299! Of course for students like me it is far ahead of our budget.

An amazing fact about DMOZ is that if your blog gets listed in this huge directory then your blog will automatically be listed in all mega search engines except for Overture! Which means that you don’t need to submit your URL to hundreds of search engines if by luck you get selected at DMOZ. Dmoz reviews every single page submitted to them and they are very picky about what they include. Therefore, Dmoz’s Open Directory Project is a Trusted source of high quality websites for all search engines including AOL Search, Google, Yahoo and bing

Summarizing the benefits of adding your site to DMOZ,

  1. DMOZ data is consumed by thousands of search engines and websites in over 80 languages, from Google to smaller special interest websites. .
  2. Almost all search engines results are aggregated from DMOZ
  3. DMOZ is a PR 8.0 directory and indeed one link from this directory can turn out to be a blessing for your site.
  4. If your site has been accepted into the DMOZ Open Directory then it will be listed in hundreds of search engines automatically.

What must You do so that Your Blog is selected at DMOZ?

There are many questions that hover in website owners mind like,

  1. Why hasn’t my site been accepted into DMOZ?
  2. Why aren’t DMOZ accepting my submission?
  3. What should I do to make sure my website is included in the DMOZ Open Directory?
  4. And so on…

Having your site successfully selected into DMOZ Open Directory is not very difficult if you follow some simple tips as follows,

  1. The most important tip is to read the DMOZ’s criteria of accepting a submission
  2. The second most important thing to keep in mind is that DMOZ doesn’t keeps on adding websites, they aim at creating a valuable and useful category that may offer relevant internet resources. Therefore DMOZ’s editors will accept your site only if it offers unique content rarely found elsewhere i.e Content which is not generic.
  3. Stop making your blog a Fish Market of Ads. Websites that sell too many products or have ads everywhere are never appreciated by DMOZ expert editors.
  4. Keep your blog’s interface user friendly and avoid un-professional widgets, banners, multimedia etc.
  5. Treat DMOZ more like a reader who will appreciate your work only if you offer high quality, valuable and worth-reading content. Make your articles more informative.
  6. DMOZ editors if assumed as readers will surely give a thumbs up to blogs with fastest load time. Carefully read this article to minimize your blog load time as much as you can –>12 useful tips to reduce your blog load time
  7. If your blog is not selected during your first submission then don’t loose hope and try again with a more precise and meaningful blog description. Try at most three times but each try should be done wisely as explained in DMOZ’s criteria for selection. 

Follow the above steps carefully and quickly make use of this amazing Open Directory which can indeed bless you with several good news during your future Blogging experience. :>

If you have any question regarding submitting your URL at DMOZ then feel free to leave your query in the comment box below.


5 Easy Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

This is a guest post by Melissa Tamura, author of Zen College Life

Make money online Blogging can be a great way to spend your time: you get to write about things you love or that are interesting to you, people stop by and read them or even comment on them and if you’re lucky, your readership grows and you become popular. But that is actually a 2-edged sword. Not you have a feeling of responsibility to your readers. You owe them. Suddenly your enjoyable online diversion has become a duty. You are spending more and more time on something just to keep your readership happy. Finally you hit the “Puss In Boots” moment – how can I make money with this blog?

You are in luck because making money on the internet with a blog is a growing business. While not the heyday of a few years ago where almost anything seemed to work, the advantages now are the wide range of money-making opportunities available to the blogger. Following is a list of 5 easy ways to make money from your blog.

1. Adsense


Adsense Perhaps the biggest money maker around. Big names like and use it to great advantage. In fact got a lot of mileage and exposure for showing a photo of his $132,994 check from Google for Adsense. You most likely won’t make as much because that check was for more than one site, but you have to start somewhere. Sign up for an account and start testing out different Adsense placements.

2. Amazon

earn online from amazon

Amazon The other 800 pound gorilla when it comes to making money with your blog. Read a book you liked? Write about it and link to it on Amazon. Watched a good movie? Bought a great coffeemaker? Like a certain watch? Write about them and throw up a link to Amazon. Every purchase made within 24 hours of someone going to their site gives you a small percentage. Not much, but it adds up.

3. Ebooks


Surely you are an expert about something, right? Whatever it is, write an ebook about it, promote it like there’s no tomorrow and sell it from your website. It won’t make you enough money to retire, but it could be a nice little extra money on the side. One ebook turns into two which then turns into a series. Lots of places online to help you write, format and sell, sell, sell your ebook.

4. Referrals

build a referral program

If you don’t have a product to sell, you can make money by guiding people to another place that wants to sell to them. Programs, software, ebooks and more are willing to pay you a little bit of money for every person who signs up for their service or buys what they are selling. Again, the focus here is on lots of little sales that add up together to make a decent amount of money. Paid reviews are the other side of this coin – many companies will pay a blogger a certain amount of cash upfront to write a favorable review for one of their products. Only accept things you are comfortable recommending and you will sleep very well at night.

5. Advertising


If you have people coming to your blog to read what you write or see what’s going on, you can possibly sell ad space directly to advertisers. Banner ads and text-link ads are two common ways for this, although paid reviews are kind of in this genre as well. It is not always easy to figure out what to charge advertisers. Number of visitors to your blog everyday, both repeat and unique visitors are a factor as well as several other things. Look around for advice on the Internet about how much to charge. Sometimes advertisers will contact you directly although many people will go out and track down advertisers themselves. If you are the one on the hunt, it is a good idea to have a fair price in mind and be willing to either stick to your guns or come down on the price if you really want the advertiser.

Making money from your blog may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it beats having to go to work and listen to your boss order you around. You may not end up like Puss In Boots’ master with a castle and a princess for your bride, but you will most likely make some money if you put a little effort into it.

If you don’t have a blog or don’t know what a blog is then read this post –> What is a Blog and How to create one?

About The Author:   Melissa Tamura is the author of the blog Zen College Life .She writes about accredited online colleges for Zen College Life. She most recently ranked the best online colleges.


How To Use Special Keyboard Characters In Comments and Profile Status?

special There are several hidden characters called ASCII characters that are not present on standard keyboards and therefore all these special characters have to be inserted in WebPages, forums and blogs using ASCII codes. However today we will learn a far easy way of using these special symbols to spice up your personal profiles and forums.

Whether it is Blogger, Wordpress, Standard Forum, Social Media Websites Like Facebook or orkut, these symbols work everywhere.


Find hundreds of Special Keyboard Characters In Windows XP

To use a special Character out of a collection of several symbols follow the steps below,

  1. Go To Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools
  2. Then Choose Character Map

What comes next is an easy program that lets you choose the character of your choice and then simply hit the Select button follow by the Copy button. Then paste the symbol anywhere you want. That’s it!


Copy-Paste Some Widely Used ASCII Characters

Below I have shared some of the widely used symbols seen in the internet. simply highlight a Character of your choice and then copy it by pressing Ctrl + C 

۝ ®
½ ¾ ¼ ©
(-’๏_๏’-) (◐ o ◑ ) (⊙…⊙ ) (•ิ_•ิ) (•ิ_•ิ\)
๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏ (/•ิ_•ิ) (¯`•¸•´¯) εїз ღღღ

Try adding any of the above symbols in your blogger or Wordpress comment forms and see how it spice’s up your expressions! :>


All Brilliant Minds Invited For Guest Posting At MBT!

Guest posting has been closed until further notice

Guest-Blogging March 2009 was the date when the first post at (MBT) was published and then posting never did end. Publishing unique and first heard content is what we always aimed for and fortunately with the noticeable appreciation and constant motivation from all of you we succeeded in achieving an ever growing loyal readership and handsome traffic. During the past few months we received a lot of emails where talented newbie bloggers honored us with an offer of guest posting at MBT blog. We had aimed that we will not encourage guest posts until or unless we come to a stage where a guest post at MBT could offer some thing useful to the author in return. And today thanks to God a single post at MBT is read by thousands of online visitors and each post play well for long on search engine listings.

To help our fellow readers, visitors and all those who found our tutorials useful we invite all young bloggers to write at MBT and gift the blogosphere with their valuable knowledge. I will highly appreciate articles on the following topics,

  1. Web Designing (CSS + HTML Tutorials)
  2. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc ) 
  3. Make Money Online Tips(Mention some widely used Advertisement services that newbie bloggers can use to drive good revenue)
  4. Traffic Tips  (Should be unique and really really useful!)

Note:- You can also write on any category that you want but make sure it is related to Blogging.

Hands typing on a computer keyboard
Guest posters will be gifted with all legal rights like signature links and a brief author intro. A maximum of three links to the author’s personal profile or websites will be added.  

How Shall You Submit The Post?

Write you posts (at least of 2000 words)  in a WordPad and email it along with any relevant images you may have at Mohammad(at)MyBloggerTricks(D0TT)com. Make sure to compress your images.
Note:- Before writing your posts do always tell us about the title theme of your topic. Most of the posts that we receive are either not relevant to our category or are not unique. This will save your time greatly and will help both of us to come up with something that may widely be appreciated.

Special Offer

Those amongst you who will contribute at most 10 well written guest posts to MBT will get a full time link at our homepage. The link will remain in our supporters list for ever. But for that the posts should meet certain standards like,
  1. The posts should be precise, to the point and well written
  2. The posts must be unique in ever sense
  3. The posts must be first heard and not published elsewhere.
  4. Each post should be of at least 2000 words

Active MBT Guest Posters

  1. Rafay Baloch from RHA
  2. Hassam Ahmad Awan from Blogging Tips For Beginners.
  3. Melissa Tamura from Zen College Life blog
  4. Syeda Wajiha Maryam from Red Sneaker Story
  5. Fatima Masood Khawaja from My World!
  6. Fahad Uddin
  7. Amna Masood Khawaja
  8. Umair Khan
  9. Ehab Khan
  10. Anims
  11. Ayesha Mazhar
  12. Christina Clark
  13. And more...
Where are you?


The posts should be first heard and first seen. Any replicated content will result in disqualification. Kindly avoid copyright infringement and come up with your own brilliant, creative and innovative ideas. Your writings for us will be no less than an honor. Hoping to see something exceptional from you guys that may be worth stumbling, digging and most importantly worth reading!
Wishing you all a happy new start. We hope to benefit you as much as we can. Best of luck!