All Brilliant Minds Invited For Guest Posting At MBT!

Guest posting has been closed until further notice

Guest-Blogging March 2009 was the date when the first post at (MBT) was published and then posting never did end. Publishing unique and first heard content is what we always aimed for and fortunately with the noticeable appreciation and constant motivation from all of you we succeeded in achieving an ever growing loyal readership and handsome traffic. During the past few months we received a lot of emails where talented newbie bloggers honored us with an offer of guest posting at MBT blog. We had aimed that we will not encourage guest posts until or unless we come to a stage where a guest post at MBT could offer some thing useful to the author in return. And today thanks to God a single post at MBT is read by thousands of online visitors and each post play well for long on search engine listings.

To help our fellow readers, visitors and all those who found our tutorials useful we invite all young bloggers to write at MBT and gift the blogosphere with their valuable knowledge. I will highly appreciate articles on the following topics,

  1. Web Designing (CSS + HTML Tutorials)
  2. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc ) 
  3. Make Money Online Tips(Mention some widely used Advertisement services that newbie bloggers can use to drive good revenue)
  4. Traffic Tips  (Should be unique and really really useful!)

Note:- You can also write on any category that you want but make sure it is related to Blogging.

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Guest posters will be gifted with all legal rights like signature links and a brief author intro. A maximum of three links to the author’s personal profile or websites will be added.  

How Shall You Submit The Post?

Write you posts (at least of 2000 words)  in a WordPad and email it along with any relevant images you may have at Mohammad(at)MyBloggerTricks(D0TT)com. Make sure to compress your images.
Note:- Before writing your posts do always tell us about the title theme of your topic. Most of the posts that we receive are either not relevant to our category or are not unique. This will save your time greatly and will help both of us to come up with something that may widely be appreciated.

Special Offer

Those amongst you who will contribute at most 10 well written guest posts to MBT will get a full time link at our homepage. The link will remain in our supporters list for ever. But for that the posts should meet certain standards like,
  1. The posts should be precise, to the point and well written
  2. The posts must be unique in ever sense
  3. The posts must be first heard and not published elsewhere.
  4. Each post should be of at least 2000 words

Active MBT Guest Posters

  1. Rafay Baloch from RHA
  2. Hassam Ahmad Awan from Blogging Tips For Beginners.
  3. Melissa Tamura from Zen College Life blog
  4. Syeda Wajiha Maryam from Red Sneaker Story
  5. Fatima Masood Khawaja from My World!
  6. Fahad Uddin
  7. Amna Masood Khawaja
  8. Umair Khan
  9. Ehab Khan
  10. Anims
  11. Ayesha Mazhar
  12. Christina Clark
  13. And more...
Where are you?


The posts should be first heard and first seen. Any replicated content will result in disqualification. Kindly avoid copyright infringement and come up with your own brilliant, creative and innovative ideas. Your writings for us will be no less than an honor. Hoping to see something exceptional from you guys that may be worth stumbling, digging and most importantly worth reading!
Wishing you all a happy new start. We hope to benefit you as much as we can. Best of luck!

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  1. Mohammad that i$ so gr8! I alr3ady sent you my guest post a w33k ago and I hope it will be published s0on. I m working on another topic related to internet marketing and I am sure you will like that 2! :D

  2. Hey Mohd, Sorry that I couldn't do what I told. I was just running out of posts in my and I was busy with my exams. Would you mind me posting about interesting web services for blogging?

  3. Mohd, I'm not disappointing you but I think this thing won't work until you explore traffic from other posts. The best way would be you yourself writing an article at major blogs like Pro-blogger Mashable etc. Also offer guest authors something so that they might feel good to spend time to share their creations to your blog

  4. @Joe Peter

    I just checked it and it impressed me greatly dude! :D


    Dear I would appreciate if you stick to the categories listed above. A little research will help you to come up with a great post. Its just lack of time that I am not able to post frequently.


    Dear I am already receiving enough traffic that I needed. I am afraid to say but not every post at mashable and pro-blogger is widely read. If a post is receiving 1000 visitors then the probability that someone will comment is 5% which means only 50 people will comment. thankfully the comment ratio at MBT speaks for itself! I would advise that you do a little roaming of MBT and decide it for yourself. :>

  5. Mohammad did you got my draft post on IM?

  6. Man I was waiting for this since the day you started MBT. thanks for giving newbie authors like me a chance to write and learn. I try to write a useful post tonight and will email you that soon. I know a little about photography but still with a little research I can come up with a good stuff.

    Mohammd I am not that good in photoshop so I will send you the written content only with no images.

  7. @Tushal

    Yeh buddy its under review. Will inform you once it qualifies.


    Would love to receive your share brother. And yeh it is perfectly alright if you can not attach images to your posts. We can handle it. But send us your topic title before writing on it for it saves much time.

  8. BTW, the banner for guest posting is just awesome!! I have some clients contacting me to make them banner. Will you be able to do some banners for them? And yeah they might pay you real money if the banner is Looking good. Do let me know if you are interested. And I didn't see my article I send to you. has it vanished?

  9. @sreejesh
    Thanks pal for the remarks. Yeh sure I design premium icons and templates too. You can contact me via the contact me page for details.
    And yeh dude I have not received your guest post. I re-checked my inbox.

    1. I want to do guest posting for your website i.e MybloggerTricks. I have been sending you message at your FB profile, your google plus profile, your site comment's area, your email etc. But you do not reply at our comments.
      I want to do guest posting for your website, what's the next concept?

  10. salam
    Possible exchange of ad with your Blog
    If you agree to the following
    email Me a:
    My Blog: http;//

  11. Whats with the 3000 words? Its too long and readers will find it boring too!

  12. @siwlass

    no thanks pal. I respect that but I prefer purity in my work. :)

    Not necessary pal. But make sure it is not too small.

  13. hey, my name is shubham and i send my articla to chk out.........

  14. i have send u email from and its about alexa.........

  15. Finally I have my own guest post on MBT :)

  16. hi mustafa,
    dear i have to creat a blogg and will u give me assistance and knowlodge abt it....
    contact on my cell....
    ramesh kumar khatri