Surprisingly MBT Blog Finally added to DMOZ Directory! Learn How To Get Listed


DMOZ---Open-Directory Having your blog or website selected into DMOZ’s Open Directory Project is the dream of every blogger or web owner. And same is true for me as a newbie blogger who just started learning blogging and thanks to God now MBT blog is added to the Blogger Templates category where only 17 blogs could make it out of thousands of quality blogs out there! How did MBT do it?

Well there are many factors that played well in my part and we will discuss all DMOZ Submission tips today so that one day you may feel the same joy that I am feeling at the moment :p

How to check if your blog or website is selected into DMOZ?

Go to and write your blog URL or your Blog Title inside the search box. For example type my blog title in the search box and you will be brought to the sub directory where my blog is added.


You can also go directly to the sub directory by following this root –> Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: Templates: Blogger


Note:- DMOZ has added a sub-page of MBT i.e Magazine Style Templates and not the MBT homepage. So you will get no results when you type in the MBT homepage URL but if you type MY Blogger Tricks or Just Blogger Tricks MBT will appear. I am contacting them so that they may correct the URL.

Why is DMOZ listing is so important?

DMOZ is the largest human-edited directory of the web. With over 85,559 editors, DMOZ’s Open Directory Project (ODP) has listed more than 4.5 Million quality websites in 590,000 categories. It has played an influential role in the rise of social media, inspiring projects like Wikipedia. Believe it or not Google’s directory is made up of DMOZ directory. Most of the data that Google spiders crawl and index is from this amazing open directory. DMOZ is an open directory project (ODP) where any blog or website can be submitted for free with no submission fee  or recurring annual fee like that of Yahoo Directory which charges a nonrefundable fee of US$299! Of course for students like me it is far ahead of our budget.

An amazing fact about DMOZ is that if your blog gets listed in this huge directory then your blog will automatically be listed in all mega search engines except for Overture! Which means that you don’t need to submit your URL to hundreds of search engines if by luck you get selected at DMOZ. Dmoz reviews every single page submitted to them and they are very picky about what they include. Therefore, Dmoz’s Open Directory Project is a Trusted source of high quality websites for all search engines including AOL Search, Google, Yahoo and bing

Summarizing the benefits of adding your site to DMOZ,

  1. DMOZ data is consumed by thousands of search engines and websites in over 80 languages, from Google to smaller special interest websites. .
  2. Almost all search engines results are aggregated from DMOZ
  3. DMOZ is a PR 8.0 directory and indeed one link from this directory can turn out to be a blessing for your site.
  4. If your site has been accepted into the DMOZ Open Directory then it will be listed in hundreds of search engines automatically.

What must You do so that Your Blog is selected at DMOZ?

There are many questions that hover in website owners mind like,

  1. Why hasn’t my site been accepted into DMOZ?
  2. Why aren’t DMOZ accepting my submission?
  3. What should I do to make sure my website is included in the DMOZ Open Directory?
  4. And so on…

Having your site successfully selected into DMOZ Open Directory is not very difficult if you follow some simple tips as follows,

  1. The most important tip is to read the DMOZ’s criteria of accepting a submission
  2. The second most important thing to keep in mind is that DMOZ doesn’t keeps on adding websites, they aim at creating a valuable and useful category that may offer relevant internet resources. Therefore DMOZ’s editors will accept your site only if it offers unique content rarely found elsewhere i.e Content which is not generic.
  3. Stop making your blog a Fish Market of Ads. Websites that sell too many products or have ads everywhere are never appreciated by DMOZ expert editors.
  4. Keep your blog’s interface user friendly and avoid un-professional widgets, banners, multimedia etc.
  5. Treat DMOZ more like a reader who will appreciate your work only if you offer high quality, valuable and worth-reading content. Make your articles more informative.
  6. DMOZ editors if assumed as readers will surely give a thumbs up to blogs with fastest load time. Carefully read this article to minimize your blog load time as much as you can –>12 useful tips to reduce your blog load time
  7. If your blog is not selected during your first submission then don’t loose hope and try again with a more precise and meaningful blog description. Try at most three times but each try should be done wisely as explained in DMOZ’s criteria for selection. 

Follow the above steps carefully and quickly make use of this amazing Open Directory which can indeed bless you with several good news during your future Blogging experience. :>

If you have any question regarding submitting your URL at DMOZ then feel free to leave your query in the comment box below.

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