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"Best CPM Ad Network" - Does such a terminology even exists? Or it should rather be "Best CPM Ad Network as Per your Needs"? In fact with industry giants like Google AdSense, there can surely be no other company worthy to compete this billion dollar giant in providing state of the art technology for publishers to monetize their websites and blogs. But not every publisher qualifies for AdSense and not every publisher likes contextual advertisements to display on his site. How can you choose to decide which one out of the long list of ad networks is actually trustworthy? As a result you are all set to look for best alternatives to AdSense and BuySellAds that may help you make some extra passive income from your available ad slots.

best CPM ad networks 2017

We use Buysellads on our sites but we have recently started testing selling unsold ad space or backfill ads using AdClerks, formerly known us PublicityClerks which we  reviewed last year and still recommend as the best alternative to buysellads and surely amongst the list of best CPM Ad networks of 2017 due to its quality platform and auto-pilot revenue engine that surely helps you to increase ad revenue earnings.


Breaking News Ticker Widget For Blogger - JSON Feeds Support!

Breaking News Ticker Widget For blogger

Breaking News Ticker widget for Blogger blogs is a free, flat, stylish, modern, easy to use and responsive Blogger jQuery news ticker. It displays text-based titles of your latest posts in a scrolling fashion automatically. It is the best way to showcase your hottest content to your website visitors on your homepage just how BBC or CNN does it! We have coded it using Blogger JSON Feeds API and jQuery News Ticker plugin.

Some sites like codecanyon are selling News Ticker Plugins at $5, but you will not only get it free at MBT but you will also learn how such widgets are coded if you read our JSON Feeds series.