Display Recent Posts With Featured Thumbnails in Blogger

recent posts widget with thumbnailsWe have discussed in detail how you can use JavaScript to extract data from Blogger JSON Feed API and use it to build gadgets such as "Recent Posts Widget" and "Recent Comments Widget". The JSON tutorial series would help a developer to create quality widgets for blogspot blogging platform. Today's tutorial will show you the end-product of what can be done using JSON feed for posts. I will share with you an advanced widget that will display recent posts in descending order (latest at top) along with post thumbnails, post summary, timestamp, comment count, label tag, author name and edit link. You can add it to your blogger blogs to display latest posts in a unique style. This is the first widget of its kind with so much features. See the demo below:


Releasing "Recent Comments Widget" For Blogger

Recent Comments Widget For BloggerToday we are releasing the most advanced "Recent comments Widget" for Blogger blogs which will display recent comments posted in your blog posts in a descending order i.e. latest at top. It is built from scratch using the same technique that we discussed in our Blogger JSON Feed series. If you have followed our JSON tutorials, you will know exactly how this widget functions and fetches data from blog feed. This gadget is extremely advanced, fast loading and show recent comments in a unique fashion. It works with both official and custom Blogspot templates and is fully mobile responsive.


How To Track Google Rank of Your Published Blog Posts?

Track Google Rank of your blog postsWith strong competition online, content writing optimization techniques keep on changing. Publishers today need to make extra efforts to keep a close eye on how well their content is performing in search results and track the Google Rank of their published content. Winning organic traffic today is no different from a turtle and rabbit race where the smart and consistent wins the race. If you are not tracking the SERPs ranking of your blog posts then you are giving an edge to your competitor. Maintaining a top position in search results is extremely important. 90% of all the clicks made on search pages include the top 20 search results. You need to make sure your content exists in this top list for your primary keyword. Google is continuously changing its algorithm for ranking content online, you need to keep an eye on the results of your SEO efforts.

We have already discussed how to optimize your blog posts and how to avoid making common SEO mistakes that most bloggers make. In today's tutorial I will guide you with how we normally track the Google rank of our content in order to make sure we always stay ahead of the competition.


Blogger JSON Feed API - [Data Sheet]

blogger json feed apiYou have finally reached the stage where you can now easily create BlogSpot widgets and plugins using your blog feed. Blogger gadgets and templates are coded using Blogger JSON Feed API which provides you with enough information to extract any information from a blog's feed in JSON format. We have discussed the most detailed tutorial where you learnt the basics of parsing JSON in JavaScript. If you have followed all this tutorial series, you are ready to build your custom gadget and add it to either Blogger widget directory or add it to your client's sites. Today I will share a Data Sheet of all important JSON objects, arrays and elements that will help you easily locate important data using direct queries.

In programming all objects, elements or arrays have a relationship between each other that is managed in a tree like structure. Where there is a parent/Child or Master/slave or Tree/branch relationship or hierarchy. This is a standard approach to organize data so that it could easily be sorted, re-organized, easily located and updated. You blog feed is similarly written in both XML and JSON format, out of which the JSON is more easily accessible and prompt to browser requests.