Alexa Rank Dropping Fast in April 2016 - [Case Study]

What caused the Alexa Rank Drop in 2016

Since the start of 2016, webmasters across the web have experienced a massive drop in their Alexa Ranks. The drop in Alexa's traffic ranking drastically increased during February, March and April (2016). Websites around the globe have lost Alexa Rank within a month despite the same traffic, unique hits and pageviews. Alexa rank of websites which are under 100,000 (100K)  is still dropping fast. Their seems to be a wave of extreme anger among bloggers who worked day and night, trying their best to improve the monetary value of their sites but all their efforts went in vain. Despite knowing the fact that SEO agencies and web marketers rarely consider Alexa as a reliable or trustworthy metric to measure a website's traffic but sadly Alexa ranking is still hugely popular and some sponsors still regard it as the magic-stick for judging a site's popularity.


A Review of Wrike: Best Online Project Management Software

A review of Wrike as the best Online Project Management Software. Wrike helps us easily manage projects, save time and get more work done.

When we launched STCnetwork as a registered company for developing web apps and mobile applications, we never thought collaborating with team members, meeting deadlines, and sharing resources among project members would be that difficult. We relied on traditional tools like email correspondence, private bulletin boards, or sharing files using Google docs, but as we grew we needed a more reliable, faster approach to increase our work productivity. I started a search to find the best online project management software to help improve our performance and work efficiency. Fortunately, one of my colleagues from India recommended we try Wrike, an online project management tool used by companies like Google, Paypal, Amazon, and HTC to improve collaboration, save time, and get more done. Since then, managing our blog network, collaborating with team members, distributing our work load, and meeting deadlines has been headache-free.

Wrike Best Project Management Software

Best 'Yoast SEO' alternative in WordPress Plugins

YOAST SEO alternativeMost wordpress SEO Plugins including Yoast SEO are too overwrought and heavy-handed, especially for users who implement stuff like .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemaps via their own optimized methods. I love Yoast SEO plugin when it comes to optimizing blog posts and URL structure but I don't like it's XML sitemap generator tool which often fails to get all posts indexed by Google webmaster tools due to (maybe) its paginated format. For that I often use alternative plugins like Google XML sitemap to get the work done. Another issue with Yoast is that it does not provide keyword research support. You are not given keyword suggestions that could help you target quality organic traffic.


Display Recent Posts With Featured Thumbnails in Blogger

recent posts widget with thumbnailsWe have discussed in detail how you can use JavaScript to extract data from Blogger JSON Feed API and use it to build gadgets such as "Recent Posts Widget" and "Recent Comments Widget". The JSON tutorial series would help a developer to create quality widgets for blogspot blogging platform. Today's tutorial will show you the end-product of what can be done using JSON feed for posts. I will share with you an advanced widget that will display recent posts in descending order (latest at top) along with post thumbnails, post summary, timestamp, comment count, label tag, author name and edit link. You can add it to your blogger blogs to display latest posts in a unique style. This is the first widget of its kind with so much features. See the demo below: