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Bloggers Community Conference 2017 - [Event Highlights]

Bloggers Community Conference 2017 was organized on 16th April 2017, at Karachi Arts Council by a Former sub-editor of GEO NEWS, Mohsin Zi...
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5 Types of Software Almost Every Business Needs

5 Types of Software Almost Every Business Needs

Long before the computer became commonplace, many companies used software programs to enhance their business. The tech industry may be the first thing that comes to mind, but those companies just make the software.

Early software programs like Excel are very basic by today’s standards; however, back then, they opened possibilities that were previously impossible. The same holds true for software that’s created today. The latest software uses advanced technology to process big data, connect remote employees and keep you one step ahead of your customers.

Tips on Getting Money For Writing Dissertations

make money writing dissertations
Internet has opened the universe of job opportunities. There are numerous ways of making sustainable income online. There are multiple ways one could make money online by simply writing, including transcription, academic writing, article writing or blogging.

Writing dissertations involves the customer giving you a topic to study on, the payment that client is willing to give and the duration frame the project is required to finalize. Once a writer completes the dissertation work, he or she is paid by the site’s conditions.
Any determined and passionate writer could venture into writing dissertations. Unlike other categories of writing, dissertation writing is much more straightforward to do since the writer obtains almost all info from the net. Hence, the writer cannot rely on his or her personal creativity though could easily look for info on net and paraphrase formed on the instructions and topic given, nevertheless, some study papers like dissertations could efficiently manage by undergraduates who have specialized in the provided question. The writer is supposed to follow orders and submit high standard papers. Standard delivery is the critical element of triumph in the dissertation.

SendPulse: Subscription Forms Builder Review

SendPulse Subscription Forms BuilderBlogging or running a site is useless if you are not converting your visitors into returning visitors or customers. A blog’s reader or an ecommerce's site customers can be engaged more using a user friendly subscription form that may blend perfectly to your site layout.  Generating new leads is not an easy task. If you are in legal business, you would do this via a subscription form. Building a clean email list is all you need to run a productive email marketing strategy for consistent flow of income from recurring customers.

One such platform that I have personally enjoyed using is SendPulse Email which allows you to create a subscription form in a new form builder in extremely easy way with drag and drop utilities.


Google will Penalize all sites Sharing widgets, Plugins and Templates

Latest Google Back-linking Policies

Google keeps on changing its algorithms and policies regarding link building and link exchange. This time around, in their updated link schemes document under the Webmaster guidelines, Google has included large-scale guest posting, advertorials, and links in distributed articles/press releases/products to be in violation of their policies. This new development is among the stream of other changes Google has made so far this year, and seems to be an alarming one. Because not only will it apply to large scale guest posting and press releases, it will also apply to sites sharing free widgets, plugins, and templates, and then linking to themselves in those products.