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August 29, 2014

Find Bugs In Oculus Rift And Earn Money From Facebook

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Oculus Rift Bug Bounty Program
The concept of bug bounty is nothing new. You play around with an online service, discover security vulnerabilities and get paid for identifying them for the company instead of exploiting them. Facebook has a bug bounty program as well, and that includes some select acquisitions as well such as Instagram, Onavo, Moves and Parse. Facebook recently announced that it will now extend this program to its latest acquisition, Oculus Rift - a virtual reality product from Oculus VR.

August 28, 2014

How To Keep Your Site From Hacking Attempts?

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It's not uncommon for sites, even large ones with lots of protection to get hacked. Indeed, it's usually the large and popular websites that are more prone to hacking. Security is a major problem these days. And if your site gets hacked, it can get damaged in a number of ways. You could either lose all your data, or your site could lose its ranking due to malicious activity. So while you can do backups and stuff, you cannot prevent someone from hacking into your site. But here are some tips to help you keep your site safe.

August 26, 2014

Facebook Now Cracking Down On Clickbait Posts

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Facebook cracks down on clickbait
In an attempt to minimize spam on users' news feeds, Facebook is working on a new tweak to crack down on 'clickbait' posts, i.e. posts that attract user-attention (and clicks) explicitly. Headlines such as "You will never believe what happened next" qualify as such, and will come under scrutiny. Not only are such posts irrelevant, a majority of them also link to spam websites with potentially malicious intent.

August 25, 2014

Twitter Now Working To Make Timeline More Like Facebook

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A few days ago, Twitter rolled out experimental tweaks on the main Twitter timeline, showing actions like favorited tweets to some users. It also began showing tweets from accounts that you don't follow. Twitter has now made these changes official, which marks a new journey for Twitter timelines as they start resembling Facebooks'. Timelines used to be simple before - just tweets related to people you have followed. But there's a new timeline algorithm at play now.

August 24, 2014

How Does Google Pick Sitelinks For Your Site?

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How does Google select sitelinks?
Google has made quite a few changes to its search engine in the past few months, and these include the exclusion of certain authorship data from search real estate. Ever since then, some people have faced problems with their sitelinks. Sitelinks are automated links generated from your site, and are seemingly chosen randomly. So how does Google choose these sitelinks, and post-authorship changes, what can you do to make sure the correct ones are being displayed?

August 22, 2014

How To Embed Bing Image Results To Your Website?

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Embedding images on a webpage is part of the basic alphabet of web development, and can usually be done with just a couple clicks. But what about embedding multiple image, say from a search results query? You decide to share images generated from a certain search query, but don't want to save and upload each of them individually, or infringe any copyright laws? Well with the Bing Image widget, doing just that is as easy as adding an image to a webpage.