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10 Typically Local Reasons Why Pakistani Bloggers Mostly Fail

I want to become a blogger but I don’t have a PC. What would be your reaction if you hear a reason like this?

Reasons Why pakistani bloggers fail

Obviously you would just stare at that person who said this. It just happened to me and that young boy got me out of my imaginary world where everything is not much bad. He was from a small town of Punjab province of Pakistan where having PC is still a luxury. I am not talking about the old days of 90s. It happened to me this year.

I am talking here about whole Pakistan and not about a few big cities. We very enthusiastically read a post about top bloggers of Pakistan. They are from a few big cities of Pakistan. What about rest of this beautiful country.

That’s why on social media many bloggers badly want to shift to a big city to become a successful blogger. Wherever they may be they can’t become successful if these reasons are not addressed.

I admit most of these reasons are out of control of bloggers. But we can at least stand together to create as much smooth field for blogging industry as possible.


Bloggers Community Conference 2017 - [Event Highlights]

Bloggers Community Conference 2017 - Karachi Arts CouncilBloggers Community Conference 2017 was organized on 16th April 2017, at Karachi Arts Council by a Former sub-editor of GEO NEWS, Mohsin Zia and his fellow friend Engr Usama Masood . Several professionals from various walks of life participated which included journalists, intellectuals, bloggers, freelancers, pranksters and online business experts, all on a single platform.

The event was immensely advertised through print and electronic media as a result of which it succeeded to grab the attention of people from all across the city and beyond. Arts Council community hall was so filled with people that even the air conditioning system stopped working.

I had the pleasure of attending this seminar as a guest speaker along with Abdul Wali, Umer Iftikhar, Nadir Ali, Zahid Shahid and Shujain Ali

Event Objective

Bloggers Community Conference gathered some leading entrepreneurs, pro bloggers, YouTubers web enthusiasts, affiliate marketers and social media marketers from across the province i.e. Sindh.