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Bloggers Community Conference 2017 was organized on 16th April 2017, at Karachi Arts Council by a Former sub-editor of GEO NEWS, Mohsin Zi...
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How To Add AdSense In-Feed Ads To Blogger?

This tutorial will guide you with how to create Native In-feed Ad units in blogger and where to paste the In-feed ad unit code in a blogspot template to monetize your homepage and label pages.

how to add adsense in-feed ads to blogger blogs

Native In-feed ads are a new ad format that you can place inside your blogspot feed (i.e. homepage and label pages) to increase your AdSense earnings without effecting the user experience.

In-feed ads are called "native" because you can customize them easily to match the look (UI) of your blog content.

Lets learn how to add AdSense ads between posts in blogger!


Maximum Allowed AdSense Ads On A Web Page – 2017 Policy

Congrats, Google AdSense has lifted its ads limit per page policy!

Publishers can now place unlimited AdSense ads on a web page provided that the total number of AdSense ads or third-party ads must not exceed the visible content.

Maximum Allowed Adsense Ads Units on a page

On a blog post written by SEJ, they have confirmed that Google has removed the ad limit policy:

I spoke with a Google representative this afternoon who confirmed the ad limit has been removed.

AdSense Has Removed "3 Ads Per Page Policy"

If you check the AdSense policy page with the web archives WayBack Machine, you can find that the old ad limit policy section which reads "Ad limit per page" has been replaced with "Valuable inventory" section on the updated ad placement policies page.

Ad limit per page

Currently, on each page AdSense publishers may place:

  • Up to three AdSense for content units
  • Up to three link units
  • Up to two search boxes Publishers may not place more than one "large" ad unit per page. We define a "large" ad unit as any unit similar in size to our 300x600 format.
  • Previously publishers could add 3 AdSense content units and 2 link units. Premium partners could place up to 6 ads units per page, normal publishers could do it only with the help of certified publishing partners such as Ezoic.

    How to Add Social Media Buttons to Blogger Posts? - Top/Bottom Location

    In this tutorial you will learn how to add social sharing buttons to each of your blogger posts. These responsive social sharing buttons will stick to the top or bottom of every blog post. It helps your blog visitors to share your content on social media networks without leaving your blog page.

    add social media buttons to blogger posts

    This sharing gadget for blogspot blogs is a lightweight version of JumboShare Counter. I will thus call it JumboShare Simplified. It loads faster and takes up negligible load time. Load time is a major SEO factor and Google will rank you higher in SERPs only if your webpage loads faster and provides a user friendly interface.


    Understanding the Different Ways to Use Videos on Social Media

    As you’ve probably heard, videos are the single best performing content on social media – by a pretty wide margin. Still as much as that may be true if you were to just publish random videos on your social media pages, you’re likely to find they are a lot less effective than advertised.
    different ways to use videos on social media The reason for that is simple: There are several different ways in which videos can be used on social media. Before you begin to create or publish any videos, it is important that you understand how videos can be used, and more importantly decide on the way that you intend to use them.