May 26, 2015

hide Adsense ads using "display none"AdSense new policy allows publishers to only hide Responsive Ads using CSS media queries. You can choose to control the display of your Ad visibility on different mobile devices. You can now choose when to show or hide an ad unit. All these is now possible thanks to the Responsive Ad units. We recently shared a tutorial on how to create responsive ad spots and how to stop AdSense from serving blank space on Responsive ad units by fixing the blank space error. Today we will take a step ahead and share the trick of hiding AdSense Ads  on any screen size you want using simply CSS "Display:none" property.  Note that Google only allows you to hide the content using the CSS property of display and it does not yet allow using "visibility:hidden" property so we will only follow techniques which goes in accordance with AdSense Program policies. Sites which are hiding the AD code using "visibility hidden" are surely not following recommended methods and pose a serious thread to your accounts so always follow authentic methods to manage your monetization strategies.


May 23, 2015

Adsense Ads show blank spaceIt is almost a year since Google introduced Responsive Ad units for Mobile friendly weblogs and sites. Previously the Ads were synchronous which had a fixed ad size and were slow too in loading but now all responsive Ad units are  asynchronous in nature which means they will render and load seamlessly without effecting other elements from loading on your web page, this immensely reduces your blog load time.  One of the problems linked with Responsive Ad units is that most bloggers found it difficult displaying the async code on their blogspot blogs. For many users the responsive Ad unit shows a blank space or gives an error on browser console.


May 20, 2015

growth of telecommunications
With rapid changes in Google's algorithm for mobile devices and the boom in mobile telecommunication, we thought why not share some historical background to give our readers some highlights of some of the biggest changes in Mobile technology specifically Telecommunication Industry because internet and of course blogging would have been never possible without the advent of telecommunication. 

The development of electronic telecommunications goes back as far as the early nineteenth century and the telegram, while the first commercial telephone service was established in 1878. The twentieth century saw the development of radio and television and by the 1970s the precursor to today's internet was already established.

May 19, 2015

shortcode for CSS3 TooltipCSS3 Tooltips are Fancy balloons or boxes that are used to show your blog readers some extra information on mouse hover. They can be used in different ways for example, to provide captions for images, or longer descriptions for hyperlinks, or any useful info by simply hovering over the element containing the tooltip class. Thanks to Blogger Shortcode Plugin now you can create colorful animated Tooltips to enhance your blogspot user interface. This new Shortcode for Tooltip will help you display balloons at top or bottom of your hyperlinks on mouse hover. You can add them inside your blog posts, widgets and even inside your blog comments! You will also be able to display Images inside the tooltip box and display a custom message using HTML. See the demo first!


May 17, 2015

Google Phantom Update
According to unconfirmed reports, Google is rolling out a new algorithm update for its search results. Dubbed as "phantom" - named after its ghost-like appearance - this new update is primarily impacting tutorial and "how-to" content. A significant number of large and important websites have seen a significant drop in traffic over the past couple of weeks. Since Bloggers are first to write HowTO tutorials, this penalty is the worst of its form and will massively effect traffic of blogs which are involved in tutorial writing. So what is this update and is it significant?

May 13, 2015

Office of a Blogger :)

Today we are not changing the world and neither claim to revolutionize the web but yes we have changed our mini world and revolutionized our workspace and changing the perception of all parents that our motto of "Transforming Bloggers Into Entrepreneurs" was never just a sugar coated slogan, we meant it and we are proving it today! STCnetwork has transformed from a simple Home ran business to a Commercial Open Market Business. We are officially launching the first Head Office of STCnetwork in Karachi, which is the First Registered Company in subcontinent of Professional Bloggers, which aims at promoting Online Entrepreneurship across the country and globe. This office is Alhamdulillah a successful execution of Phase I of our Mega Plan and with God as the Mentor and our readers as a source of motivation, we are very close to Phase II. Our employees work virtually from different countries and cities and we do make up a good family.


May 12, 2015

Image Shortcode for bloggerImage Shortcode lets you insert images anywhere on your blogger blog with a simple one line textual code. You can now embed images with links or without links inside blogger comments form, posts, pages, HTML/JavaScript widgets almost anywhere! You can customize the width and height of your image, link the image to a URL, add nofollow attribute to the URL or simply insert the image in its actual resolution with a simple code. You may use the images to link any page or post inside your website, or use it to link an external page. Blogger Shortcode plugin has revolutionized BlogSpot blogs and it is the biggest development so far Alhamdulillah after the JSON API.  Just like you insert images in bulletin boards or forum threads, you can now embed images in blogger comments box and the shortcode will render it perfectly. Lets see it in action!

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