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July 22, 2014

You Can Now Save Facebook Posts And Read Them later!

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Save Facebook posts
Ever wanted to read through status updates of all your friends, only to find yourself running out of time? There are lots of services out there that will let you save webpages for offline reading later, but the Facebook feed is pretty dynamic, and you can't simply 'save' it for reading later, not without having to download a host of files. Fortunately for you, Facebook has just announced a new feature that will let you save Facebook posts and read them later!

Does your Domain Name Have An Importance In Ranking?

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Does the Domain Name effect ranking?
It is generally the case that the more keyword-rich and exact-matching a domain is, the more valuable it is. Ordinarily, you could buy a domain at around $10, but some domains sell for millions. That is obviously as far as their physical value goes. But what about theoretical value, or value in search rankings? We know that the domain age plays a part in ranking, but is there any truth to the domain name itself contributing towards search engine performance?

July 21, 2014

What You Need To Know About Google Authorship Now?

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Google Authorship
Last month, Google took us all by surprise when John Mueller, Google's Webmaster trends analyst, announced that author profile pictures will be stripped away from search results. Google also removed the Google+ view counter for both the mobile and desktop versions of the search engine. Seemingly, all this is in a bid to free up some real estate on search result pages. But to what end? Increased CTR as Google really claims, or more prominence for ads? And what do these changes really mean for Google Authorship?

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