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September 15, 2014

How To Show AdSense Ads On Blogger Mobile?

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AdSense for Blogger mobile
Bloggers will go to great lengths to optimize AdSense ads on their websites, but many focus their attention to desktop version of Blogger, mostly because it is easier to test and preview changes. However, they are missing on an ever-growing percentage of users who surf the web with their smartphones - and currently at around 25% (both mobile and tablet), the percentage is significant. If you're a Blogger user, now would be a great time to enable AdSense ads on Blogger mobile (if you haven't already done so).

September 13, 2014

Use HTML 5 Picture Element To Make Webpages Load Faster

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HTML 5 <Picture> Element
Responsive Web Design has taken web developers and designers by storm, changing the way they approach the development of a website. However, it isn't perfect and has its limitations. According to Archive.org, images constitute about 62% of the total weight of a webpage on average, suggesting that there's a need for a better way than CSS rules to deliver images responsively to a virtually infinite number of screen types and sizes. Meet the new HTML 5 Picture element.

September 11, 2014

Bing Sets Up URL Keyword Stuffing Spam Filtering

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URL Keyword Stuffing is going!
Keyword stuffing is one SEO habit of old that will probably land you a penalty. But you know what's worse than keyword stuffing? URL keyword stuffing. That's right. This is a black-hat technique that's designed to manipulate search engines to give the page a higher rank than it deserves. When it comes to web spam, Bing isn't one to stand and take abuse while Google extricates itself. Bing recently revealed that it now has a spam filter in place to keep URL keyword stuffing in check. Let's take a look at what this is, and how search engines in general (and not just Bing) look at keyword stuffing

September 9, 2014

Bing Takes Down Image Search Widget After Lawsuit

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Bing Image Search Widget taken down
Bing launched an amazing image search widget last month that let you embed images from Bing Image Search queries directly on your website. The widget displayed the image stream in a nice collage or slideshow mode, and it added a cool feature in the Bing arsenal. But owing to a lawsuit against Microsoft filed by Getty Images over the feature, it has been taken down indefinitely,. However, the already installed scripts are still functional.

September 7, 2014

How (And Why) Is Bing Image Search Better Than Google's?

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Image search accounts for the second most popular form of search queries after web search. According to Bing, these queries make more that 10 % of total search queries, and as much as 40% of search results include some kind of a visual component. Capitalizing on that fact, Bing has made significant advancements which make it your go-to place when looking for images. Google might be king of web search, but it's image search is no match for Bing's.

September 5, 2014

Google Updates Site Search Box In Search Results

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sitelinks search box
Sitelinks are Google's way of letting users know what links could possibly be most relevant to them. They help users find content more quickly. Building upon that understanding, Google has implemented a new site search box that appears within sitelinks. This search box will make it easier for users to search for and reach specific content on your site directly from the search results page and through your own site-search pages