Blogger Post Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Blogger Keyboard Shortcuts After writing a post on Windows Live Writer keyboard shortcuts I moved towards Blogger Editor. I tried many combinations of keyboard shortcuts but only few shortcuts could work properly with the latest browsers like Mozilla and Chrome. However some shortcuts are still not applicable to the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome but they work with old browsers like Internet Explorer 5.5+.

Note:- Shortcuts with red font do not work with Firefox or any other latest browser.



The Complete List Of Keyboard Shortcuts for Blogger Editor


Keyboard Shortcuts Function
CTRL + Z To Undo
CTRL + X To Cut
CTRL + C To Copy
CTRL + V To Paste
CTRL + B To Bold
CTRL + A To Highlight all the text
CTRL + S To Auto Save and Keep editing
CTRL + D To Save as Draft
CTRL + F To Find a Word or Phrase
CTRL + G Indic Transliteration
CTRL + Y To Redo
CTRL + U To Underline
CTRL + I Change To Italic
CTRL + P To Publish the post
CTRL + SHIFT + P To Preview the post
CTRL + SHIFT + A To Insert Hyperlink

If you know any shortcut that I haven't shared yet then kindly share it with all of us in the comments. Hope this may help you in saving time while editing posts and in making your blogging experience more enjoying!

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  13. Instead CTRL + SHIFT + A (Link)what shortcut key is used for mozilla firefox 9.0.1

  14. in firefox 9
    0.1 To Insert Hyperlink which shortcut is used...

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    My brother Mohammed, i cant use the shortcut you show here for Insert Link. Can you give me more?

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  19. Ctrl + K Add or remove hyperlink from selected text

  20. Sometimes I edit the HTML code in Blogger.
    I have to change the background color White to Transparent.

    Ctrl + F makes it easy to see, where the phrase White is.

    But is there a Find & Replace-function in Blogger?

  21. useful shortcut keys for people who's using blogger platform for blogging.