Show Slides Of Related Posts at the Bottom of Each Page

imageIts no more just on wordpress blogs! The Widget today will slide at the bottom right corner of your page and will recommend related posts from your site to the visitor. Such content recommendation widget can be seen on almost every popular Wordpress blog and especially mashable but now you can too take advantage of this great tool to increase your blog PageViews and Traffic through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Why this Widget to your Blog?

There are many great reasons which explain how important this widget can prove for your daily pageviews.

  • A Boost in your Pageviews and Visit stay time on your Blog
  • More Tweets, Likes and +1s on your posts due to social sharing buttons
  • Access to full analytics in 'Reports' on its Developer page. You can monitor from your account which post had greater page views and which posts were liked the most.
  • You can also Customize The Slide's style and functionality (I am working on it)
  • Allow readers to opt-out (Users can select whether to turn of the slide or not)
  • It appears when the user scrolls to bottom and Hides/contracts when the scroll is up. Thus not distracted the readers attention a lot.
  • Its Free and easy-to-install!

How To Add "The Slide" To Blogger?

  1. Go and Sign up for an account at Simple Reach. During Sign up, give the URL of your blog where you want this widget appear.
  2. Next Visit your Inbox to activate your account
  3. One your account page fill the easy instructions given there.
  4. They will give you a pictorial representation on what to do next. They will ask you to Download your Blogger template by going to Design > Edit HTML > Download Full Template. (I would advise that you first Backup your template and keep it in a safe place.)
  5. Then you will be asked to upload your template on their site. Do it and you will be taken to a new page where in step#5 you will get a link for the modified copy of your template. Simply download your new modified template from their site and upload it on Blogger.
  6. Your are all done!
It will take them around 30 minutes to fully index all your pages. After this 30 minute gap, you will be able to see the widget appearing on your blog. Note that the widget will appear only on your post pages and not the homepage.

Customize Font Colors and Styles

I visited their developers page and tried several possible ways of removing that slide logo from the widget along with changing the link colors and the default text "Recommended For you" But the customization requires you to upload the widget's stylesheet on a separate sub folder. This is possible with self hosted blogs like wordpress but unfortunately we can not do this in blogger. I tried adding the codes directly to Blogspot's template but nothing seem to work. If you did succeed in finding a way out then please feel free to to write a guest at MBT and educate us all.
Do let me know if you needed any help. Peace and blessings dudes. :)

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  1. Yesterday only i implemented it and today it is on MBT :)
    It is very Good widget
    All Bloggers should have this
    Bhai i will recommend u also to add this to MBT
    Hope u will :)

  2. Bhai i did it simply by taking the html code and i added it in my template manually.
    i think u should mention this in ur post bcoz as i was afraid before knowing, many bloggers will be afraid by downloading and uploading the template
    i just simply took the code and add it before < / h e a d >
    this way it is appearing on home page also :)

  3. Now that can be a better idea. I will check to see if this works and we can surely code it manually to show it only in post pages. I will try if CSS customization worked too by adding it above the head tag. Thanks haider for the idea. I will implement it. :)

  4. I can't see the widget. Where is it?

  5. Nice Mohmmad.i read an article on Web Traffic Control.I would like you to write on it,though its not there for blogger but any how people can earn handsome money from it.and do write on keyword research i will be waiting for your post

  6. Mustafa, i want to place one "twitter follow" button and "facebook like button" in monop template in the right side on adbar.

  7. thanks Mohmmad....Added to my blog :-)
    Took some time to index post ,but it is now ON.
    for priew -

  8. Hi Mohammad, check this link:Techcular this site is using SimpleSlide and the slide logo does not appear. I also tried removing the logo but failed. Check and post if you work the code out ;)

  9. Coool... now its on my blog wwww[dot]mynameis[dot]in


  10. very nice bro.. i'm going to sign up now.. thanks.

  11. Hello, you can share the other end of page suggestion slider with your readers hopefully the post i wrote will be helpful for everyone,
    You can delete the comment, i do not comment to get a back link,
    - Thanks
    - TheEmoLab

  12. great i like it

  13. See on my site . I had placed it much before and coded t to only appear in post pages

  14. @ahmed
    Scroll to the bottom of page and wait their for few seconds

    Don't adopt this method pal as it will badly effect your PageRank. Work hard by driving traffic to your blog for three continous months. Advertisers will then come themselves asking you for a product review or link at $50-$200
    Patience will pay buddy.
    I will share a tutorial on that keyword tool thing very soon

    Answered this query on the latest post
    Looks great pal. I am will be next to add it :)

    That site is hosted on wordpress. As I mentioned we can remove the logo in self hosted blogs because you have a server where you can store files but unfortunately it is not yet possible in blogger. I am still working to find a way.
    That is a great variation. I will look into it soon buddy.

    @Salaria @hemant @sohail
    Glad you liked it pals.

  15. Hi Mohammad Mustafa,
    I am new to your site but I have learned alot about blogging from your blog so I thought to say Thank you for all you done for Blogger community.

  16. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai I tried editing the code and hosted the JavaScript on my dropbox and it worked out. You can store it there. How can I only display the title of the post, without the like and tweet button coz they are useless, unless anyone visits the page why would he/she share it ? Any solution for this ?

  17. Please, update this with ability to customize.

  18. After I have downloaded an edited version of my blog from SimpleReach, can it still manual edit the Template afterwards and does it need to reupload to simplereach again?

  19. admin but i haven't recieved any mail from simple
    what shall i do now.. :(

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Awesome informative post, I don't know it before, Thanks for sharing. odesk answer test

  22. Simple reach is down.. This widget is not available anymore

  23. Is this available for blogger too?


    nice post and nice blog

  25. Please remove this. SimpleReach is outdated now and it's not accepting new users.

    1. I ihave the same problem, cannot sign up anywhere so cant use the plugin..

  26. How to add the line that you add on your blog Trending: Find out why webmasters Lost 90% Search Traffic worldwide! | Events: Listen To Mohammad on Radio FM94 Now! . Please help me

  27. concept changed please Update...

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