Facebook LikeBox JQuery Popup with Timer!

imageWe have published so far two versions of Facebook Likebox Jquery popups (Version1 | Version2) and today we are sharing another version with much more control options. This one includes a time counter and instead of likebox it displays a like button that links to your Fan Page and an attractive Image that also links to your fan page letting your visitors to either join your fan page by clicking the like button or by simply visiting your fan page by clicking the image. You can set for how long the widget/plugin must display before disappearing automatically. It also includes a close option. You can also specify whether you want it to show immediately as soon as a visitor enters your site or after a specified time. The JavaScript code for this plugin is created by kakiheboh termed as "LikeBox FB Fanpage Pro"  and we simply modified the code to create four different backgrounds for the likebox. The installation is extremely easy just follow these steps. This one comparatively loads faster compared to the previous facebook blogger widgets we published so far. 


Mashable Sharing Widget For Blogger - Version2

mashable sharing widget for bloggerWe previously published the first bloggerized version of Mashable Sharing Plugin for wordpress and it was well received by all of you. At that time Google Plus badges were still under development and were not released and web masters often preferred third party plugins like "Add to Circle". Since now when Google plus is the hot social media networking site growing in numbers and traffic and with extra ordinary added Google Search features, I thought the mashable widget should be upgraded. I simply added a Google+ bade to the sharing widget and replaced the LinkedIn icon with twitter because most of you asked for it. Linkedin is a great place for business professionals to attract targeted clients  but if you have just started blogging and don't have much experience in freelancing then you may avoid it at an early stage. The installation is extremely easy and you simply need to copy and paste the code. That simple!

Solution To Why your Profile Picture Don't Show In Google Search?

reason author profile picture not showing
Its really exciting when you experiment and receive positive results. For the past few weeks I had been experimenting to find reasons on why author profile picture is not displaying in Google search results page for some web owners/bloggers whilst on contrary Google+ thumbnail images are appearing just fine for others. I applied every single formula to find a valid answer but succeeded just today with an extremely simple solution to the problem. You can see my Google+ profile picture appearing just fine in search results. Just write blogger tricks in Google and you will see the profile picture appearing to the left of  blog title and description snippet text and my full name appearing just below blog URL. Or you can simply paste any of our blog post link in Google to see the result. This feature is called authorship which is an excellent way of claiming authorship of your content on Google search pages and best way to attract more traffic.

Launching Download Page - No More Waiting!

blogger download zoneMBT resources from blogger templates till social networking icons, read more buttons, navigation buttons, feedback buttons, Facebook custom tabs, fonts, web2 icons and a lot more were restricted to subscribers only, but since due to growing readership serving each download request was becoming difficult therefore in order to provide you all with a more flexible access to all our goodies and blog related buttons and icons, we designed a separate download page where you can download anything you want just with a click of a mouse.


Complete List Of SEO Tactics For Blogger Blogs - 13 Killer Tutorials!

ALL IN ONE SEO PACK BLOGGERThe Blogger SEO PACK 2012 contains some of the most important techniques that are what needed to set any blogger blog viral on all major search engines by smoothening the path for robots to index and crawl your blogs more efficiently. However I have not shared some other important SEO tips that we published on this blog previously. This request was made by most of you especially Brandon. I will be listing all important seo tips (a total of 13 tips) in this post that will cover posts, post titles, internal and external linking, use of nofollow link attributes, anchor tags and a lot more. Lets apply them one by one:

Update: Blogger Search Preferences introduced. Learn how to create 404 error page, redirect and set meta tags.

Correct VS Wrong SEO Techniques For Blogger Blogs (3)

correct blogger seo techniques This is a continuation of Part -3 of our series on Blogger SEO Pack 2012, the title sounds different but it will help you out to optimize links in blogger like comments, archives, categories/labels and related hyperlinks. We ended our last post with the difference between rel="nofollow" and rel="external nofollow" link attributes and we will continue from there. If you have not read that part we recommend you read it first. All links are given below:



Optimizing Labels, Archives & Comment Links in Blogger (3)

optimize all links in bloggerThis is the last part of our series on Blogger SEO PACK 2012 series and it will help to remove great misconceptions and wrong seo concepts that are unfortunately spreading like fire everywhere. As Google, Bing and Yahoo continues to make search experience more trustworthy and neat and clean by removing all spammy and non-trusty sites, SEO has become the most famous name for webmasters. Since blogging is mostly about publishing fresh links to these search engines therefore it is important that you must equip your links with proper rel link attributes. Blogger is pretty different when it comes to labels. In wordpress we have categories and then sub categories that are called tags. Tags were introduced in wordpress so that pages could be provided a much deep navigation. However we don't have sub categories in blogger, what we have are called Labels. These labels in SEO terms can be called simply Tags. You attach tags to your posts to categorize posts. Don't confuse your selves with categories, labels and tags, they are all considered the same by search engines and can be described as category links.


Which Photographs Sell Well and Make Serious Money?

how to sell photographs?In our post on 8 ways to make money online, we discussed that you can even earn money by selling your photographs. Photography is an expensive hobby and now you can make money from it as well. To me it was a new concept and I felt interested in finding out its details. Would you like to read what I have found? To begin we need to know the proper terminologies. Stock photography is the term referring to the photographs or images that can be licensed for specific use. And micro stock photography means you can buy high quality and high resolution images at specified prices.


Launching Our Second Blog! "Smart Earning Methods"

smart earning methods logoSurprise! It gives me great pleasure to present to you our first self hosted wordpress blog entitled as "Smart Earning Methods (SEM)". It focuses mainly on how to turn your skills into cash by sharing tons of topics on niches such as affiliate marketing, freelancing, social media marketing, blogging and online earning secrets. This new blog aims at serving mainly students, housewives and those who are scratching their heads to learn ways to make money online. Business in real world has changed its orientation towards Online marketing. The number of internet based companies is spreading widely and internet users have crossed the 2 billion limit. What you can earn online would take you double the effort to earn in real world. Internet needs skilled and hard working people and the only thing that internet still lacks is providing people with correct direction to learn proper ways to make cash online by selling and investing their skills the best they can. MBT was launched to serve newbie webmasters but SEM blog has a much broader Goal to achieve.


eBook Launched! Transforming Series Into eBook

A few days back when I was surfing through internet and obviously this beloved blog of ours, the display bar above snatched my attention. With a mood of adding something into existing series, I clicked on Create and Sale E books. And the next moment I realized that there’s something missing. We can take it a step ahead by providing a demonstration of it. When I started working, I realized it is not that easy and there are a number of considerations that I should share with you all. And so I decided to compose this post.

Download "Create and Sale EBooks"  Now!
19 Pages EBook, Size: 660 kb


Blogger Sitemap Generator : My First PHP Tool!

blogger sitemap generatorI am taking PHP classes these days and its going really great so far Alhamdulillah. Its really easy to learn this beautiful dynamic scripting language. Wordpress framework and all its plugins are build using PHP. Its an open source language and you don't need to buy any license to run it on your web servers. Facebook the biggest social media network is a live example of what this amazing language can do. PHP is really easy if your programming background (C and C++ ) along with HTML4/CSS3 skills are strong. In the second part of "Blogger SEO PACK 2012" series we discussed how to generate and submit multiple blogger sitemaps to Google, Yahoo and Bing, the same post gave me an idea to create a tool that may accept blog links and post count as an input and generate sitemap and ping links automatically as output. I used basic conditional statements to make this widget work. I am excited to present this cool new tool exclusively to all MBT readers. Please have a look at it first.


10 Golden Tips To Pull Out Traffic From "Facebook Fan Page"

pull traffic from facebook fan pageSocial media has become the in-thing when it comes to marketing and getting traffic to your website/blog because it is about the easiest way to get to know people, befriend them and turn into your fans without really spending a lot of money to convert them into your regular visitors and eventually into buyers.

Several people are trooping to social media sites daily because the world is a social circle and everyone wants to belong: nobody wants to exist in isolation. New friends are made daily and people are identifying with those who are successful or influential just to share in their success stories.


Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing and Yahoo without Errors (2)

bing yahoo blogger sitemapSitemap submission to Yahoo was previously done using Yahoo Site Explorer but just last year on 21 Nov 2011 Yahoo completed algorithmic transition to Bing. Yahoo merged site explorer into  Bing Webmaster Tools with a partnership contract. From then onwards webmasters were requested to submit sitemaps to Bing in order to expect quality traffic from both yahoo and Bing. Site Explorer was launched in 2005 by Tim Mayer and it was a pretty handy tool to keep a close watch on how your site was performing at yahoo search engine. You could get detailed info on how many sites were linking you and could also count the total number of internal links within your site. But since now Yahoo has joined hands with Bing search engine by Microsoft, our job becomes even more easy, because submitting your blog at Bing will set it live at two search engines, i.e. both Bing and yahoo. Previously MSN did not required sitemap and you only needed to submit your link to them by pinging them but with the replacement of MSN search engine by latest BING, Microsoft is now openly following Google's footsteps.


Why Google Indexes Only 26 Pages Of Your Blogger Sitemap? (1)

multiple sitemap submission for bloggerThis post marks part of our new series on "Blogger SEO PACK 2012". Due to integration of Yahoo's algorithm at Bing webmaster tools, sitemap submission has become much easy and valuable now. Previously we only need to submit links to Yahoo site explorer and would need to just Ping MSN search engine, and you had no advance webmaster settings page where you could monitor your progress report but now things have pretty much changed. Just like Google webmaster account where you submit your blog or website sitemaps, you will follow an exact similar approach at Bing and yahoo. This part would discuss the reasons on why only the latest 26 pages of your blog are indexed upon sitemap submission at Google but not your entire post pages. We will also offer a solution to this. Lets kick start Part-1 of Blogger SEO PACK for 2012.

UPDATE: Please read the updated series: Why Google Indexes only 150 Links of Blogger Sitemap?


Google PageRank Last Updated on Feb 6th 2012!

PageRank Update February 2012I am a bit late at announcing that Google has again rolled in an update to PageRank. A minor update started from February 6th 2012 and continued till February 8th 2012. Major update could occur anywhere at the end of this month so keep hopes high. Google updates PageRank at quarterly period, which means all webpages are gifted with a special rank once every four months. PageRank (PR) as you know is a scale ranging from 0 to 10. A PR increase is awarded to those websites only that are well recommended by niche websites. If your homepage receives backlinks from other websites then your importance in the eyes of Google rapidly increases. Blogs with higher PageRank are crawled at faster rate compared to blogs at lower PageRank. A crawler visits any website several times per day. Blogs that have PageRank above 5 are crawled every minute and blogs below PR 5.0 are crawled every hour. The faster your blog crawl rate the higher the chances to establish your rank in search results page and higher the chances to drive traffic for your content.


Newest 200+ Comments Not Showing In Blogger - Fix Found!

fix 200 comments problem in blogger

Due to Blogger Threaded comments, most of the comment code structure has been seriously effected. Normally when a post exceeds the limit of 200 comments, latest comments are paginated and only the oldest 200 comments are displayed on post page. You could switch between oldest and newest comments by using the comment pagination links but due to threaded commenting system these links got messed up and would not show up now. I got a custom script from my friend nhamngahanh from simplexdesign which will help you fix this 200+ comments problem so that your visitors could access all your comments. Lets cook some new recipe today!


Solve Problems Related To BlogSpot Canonical URLs

blogspot country specific urlsAs we mentioned earlier that Google has slowly started converting all blogspot blog URLs to country specific Domain addresses. Your visitors will see their country's top level domain (ccTLD) version of your domain. People living is norway will see a .blogspot.nr domain and those living in Pakistan will see .Blogspot.pk and so on. Blogger team has automatically added the canonical link element to all blogger templates by default in order to avoid its negative consequences with regard to search engine optimization. Everything seems normal except for social networking buttons and Facebook comments plugin. Most bloggers complained that the facebook comments are not displaying after blogger rolled in country specific Urls. Most social media counters can show wrong counts. So in order to solve all these problems we will need to make a slight adjustment to how your template is structured. The steps will be of course very simple and safe.


Blogger Blogs 302 Redirected To Country-Specific URLs

blogspot urls redirectedThe hottest BlogSpot news of the week is 302 redirection of almost all BlogSpot domains to country specific URLs. Instead of the .com domain extension, your visitors will see their country specific domain extensions. Blogspot blogs in India so far have been redirected to blog-name.blogspot.in address instead of blog-name.blogspot.com. For instance, if you are viewing a blog with address blog-name.blogspot.com from United States (USA)  then you will be redirected to blog-name.blogspot.com.us. The new URLS will now correspond with the country of the reader’s current location. This is called "country-code Top Level Domain" or ccTLD in short and this redirect is popularly known us "302 Redirect"  which is a temporary change and not a 301 redirect which is a permanent change of address.


"Three Learning Stages" To Become a Professional Blogger - Part2

blogging learning stagesIn our previous post on skills required to become a successful pro blogger some commented that how is web designing related to the art of content writing. They are linked so tightly together that they are the loops that form the chain required to strengthen your online existence. Development in technology has broken all past records and new tools and gadgets are out in market every second. People are slowly turning their businesses Online. After 9/11 even IBM shifted to cloud computing, which means even they realized the importance of online media for their safety. Different Content Management systems like Joomla, Blogger and Wordpress are spreading like a crazy wave. Those who can afford are switching to Wordpress and those who can not stick to Blogger.  Since you are going to start a profession, that will serve the rapidly increasing internet population with ideas, tutorials, guides and resources, therefore to survive, you need to be extra ordinary in your skills. You must know how to make design changes to your webpage. You need to understand and learn how web hosting works, how data is transferred via ftp and how webpages are structured along with how to market your blog and skills smartly.