Launching Our Second Blog! "Smart Earning Methods"

smart earning methods logoSurprise! It gives me great pleasure to present to you our first self hosted wordpress blog entitled as "Smart Earning Methods (SEM)". It focuses mainly on how to turn your skills into cash by sharing tons of topics on niches such as affiliate marketing, freelancing, social media marketing, blogging and online earning secrets. This new blog aims at serving mainly students, housewives and those who are scratching their heads to learn ways to make money online. Business in real world has changed its orientation towards Online marketing. The number of internet based companies is spreading widely and internet users have crossed the 2 billion limit. What you can earn online would take you double the effort to earn in real world. Internet needs skilled and hard working people and the only thing that internet still lacks is providing people with correct direction to learn proper ways to make cash online by selling and investing their skills the best they can. MBT was launched to serve newbie webmasters but SEM blog has a much broader Goal to achieve.

BLOG STATS and Theme Details:

The first post at SmartEarningMethods was published just this month on February 6th 2012. Two authors are being hired for posting. They post a total of 80 articles per month making SEM the most updated blog at such an early stage. I am responsible for managing the technical, SEO and Marketing side of the blog. The blog is now viral on all major search engines and is growing in readership daily. We are using StudioPress Focus Child Theme on this new blog which uses the famous Genesis Framework as the running engine. Genesis unlike Thesis has become the brand framework for all probloggers and it's the same framework used by Darren Rowse and Zac Johnson. We will share every detail related to its installation and customization very soon.

What's The Blog Goal?

Fortunately I was born and nurtured in a tribe that believes in entrepreneurship. The educational setup that is set for our children is aimed only at making the rich the richest and enslaving the middle class public. What does a normal school or college boy dreams these days? They dream of a big university and then internship at a renown company and finally a well paid job. This is how people today think and invest their time and energy into something that will buy them pennies for dollars. There is nothing wrong in achieving higher studies as long as you realize that college is the time where you should develop skills to sell them online. If you are one of those who believes in becoming successful after completing your higher studies or bachelors program then you are badly misguided. You are living in a utopia by wasting the most precious time period of your life which is the best time to invest, explore and become successful. With the opening of this new blog me and my co-authors will be guiding especially youngsters towards secret earing methods from blogging till freelancing that will enable them to build an empire of their own before they get graduate.

Turning a milk feeder into an entrepreneur is the dream we have to achieve with this new blog inshAllah. People in my country and every where else in Asia are brainwashed in such a way that  they have a belief that only strong academics would turn one into a successful giant. Our textbooks and our learning institutes feed the same. Profit motivated TV, newspapers and radio satellite are now luxury tools used by the rich in community that will always keep you distracted from real goals in life and they aim only to advertise the products that may turn them even more glorious.

They are snatching your right to proper education, an education that will help you succeed in the struggle for survival. You deserve the right to be educated right from the beginning on how to market and sell your skills. Most of you are extremely genius and you surely don't deserve to work as employees all your life. You need something big and practical. You need to learn and be educated with "Smart Earning Methods" . 2012 is the time to learn and explore ways to succeed in life at a much faster rate and SEM blog aims at helping all such people with online earning tips, tutorials and rich guides to make you become completely self-dependent financially.

You can learn more about the blog by visiting » About SmartEarningMethods

People Behind This Blog

This blog is the first and biggest investment of my life but I am not alone with this new project. To keep posting rate high and efficient I hired two extremely co-operative and talented young authors, Qasim zaib and Nida Zaidi. They are two young freelance authors who are helping me day and night. Their excellent writing capabilities have added five stars to the overall performance of the blog.  They are the two front wheels who feed the blog daily with their personal experiences and expert online earning ideas.

Whom Would I like to Thank?

Simple and straight, this blog is a result of continuous love and respect I receive form all MBT readers. Their comments, emails and all cute love letters, have always been the reason in motivating me further. I just don't have words to thank you all and most importantly my best buddy, The God Almighty :). Thanks for being a lovely Family. I can surely not achieve my new goals with SmartEarningMethods without you guys. I will always need your support, suggestions and feedback. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you all. Do Let me know what you think of this latest MBT surprise.

Note: Do not forget to show your love by liking SmartEarningMethods on Facebook Fan Page , circling it on Google+ and following it on Twitter! Peace and blessings buddies! :)

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  1. Congratulation for ur new blog i will surely following it

  2. i was waiting for this good news mohammed i will try to use the tis in my new blog

  3. Congrats Bro :)
    May Allah give more and more to you :)

  4. thats great we are were waiting for such kind of seperate blog

  5. can i know how much do you Pay for the 2 freelancers and how to bring good ones like them

  6. whoa! your new site is wordpess one lol MY BLOG

  7. Good Academics lead you to the best future even in entrepreneurship...
    Examples are:
    1)Google made by two Ph.Ds
    2)Yahoo made by two Postgrads

    I also believe in skill development during your studies
    not just sucking theory all the time
    examples are:
    1)Apple Computers by Steve Jobs(Reed College dropped out)
    2)Microsoft by Bill Gates(Harvard dropped out)
    3)Facebook (Harvard Dropped out)

    Even these dropouts strive hard to get to these renowned universities by best academics records...

    In a nut shell, Academics is very important at the time of academic career because once it finished, never comes back...
    Study while your academic career, skills will be polished over time...

  8. Wow! Smart Earning Methods blog is very nice and I subscribed to your amazing blog.

  9. great job man

  10. Our heartiest congrats on your new venture!
    Regards Team

  11. Congrats bro..
    I really pray you have more success and always be happy :)
    Will like to congratulate Nida Zaidi & Qasim Zaib as well.

    I now hope I can start making some real money this year onwards.

    One Question:
    Are we going to see the same kinda of articles like on many other Make Money Online blogs. I mean those extraordinary articles which are somewhat not practical or possible easily.

    I know this is a very bad and silly question but needed to ask this bcoz I have a negative mindset about make money online blogs.

    One Issue:
    See this page.
    This issue is that it shows "View all posts by Qasim →" instead of Nida.

    I am yet to explore the blog.

  12. It's very cool blog, great idea to hire that 2 cooperatives.

  13. #Mustafa bro : Salam !!
    Can u remember i'm the 1st person who like your new SEM page after u.. All the best May Almighty god help u


  14. Congrats bro!
    At last you have chosen WordPress, hope you will rock. For any help feel free to get in touch with me.


  15. Thank you buddies for all those kind wishes and sincere remarks. This certainly added more energy fuel in us! =d

    Thanks bhavesh, haider, faiz, ndark and ahmed, indian share tips and varinder for always being there! :)

    At present they are being paid $3 per article and they are my country mates. To find good one like them you need to trust them. this is only possible when these people live near your hometown or at most your country. Nida is my university batch mate and Qasim was referred to my by our Gold star contributor Hassam.

    I guess you did not understand the goal we mentioned above. It was not against achieving good academics but against remaining idle and dreaming of role models during your academic life cycle. Out of 5 examples that you shared three were dropped outs, you further helped us with our viewpoint. They were dropped out because they cared more for skill application and less for educational setup. They were excellent students but they valued skills more and that's why they succeeded with their brilliant ideas. No doubt skills will polish over time but only if you apply them. The examples you gave are 10 in millions and should never be taken as practical living examples because only few could reach their status, if you look at your country demographics and stats you will find with 58% literacy rate, undergraduate unemployment rate is drastically increasing. If they would have been guided the very first day they joined studies, they could have been never suffering like this. They were too given examples of bill gates and Google co-founders but can you reverse their sufferings?
    You must continue earning during your studies by pure means and this could be achieved with quality education alone. The only requirement is "Learn with open eyes and apply with open mind" Best of luck pal.

    @indian share tips
    Thanks for your gratitude brother. :)

    Oh thanks I just corrected that mistake. :d
    Well at present I am busy training the co-author with SEO and post formatting, once they get in flow and understand the technical side of content writing, we will begin sharing solutions to daily life problems. Of course you wont see top 10 this and that in future because we have formulated long list problems that would be of great value to people from Africa till Asia. Your ideas is what I will be waiting for. :)

    @lai thai
    Yes indeed running two blogs along with studies would be impossible therefore I am glad we found two extremely helpful authors. :)

    At least you accepted that top three were dropped outs which means that they were busy with their

  16. Congrats :) and INSHAALLAH wo MBT se ziada tarrakki karega :)

  17. @paji

    Thank you pattay! +d

    Yes of course I remember and thanks pal for keeping it secret. You were too sharp at discovering whatever we did. Thanks for all your prayers. :)

    I must except sreejesh that wordpress has it all that a blogger would need. Running a multi-author site needed a systematic CMS and there could have been no better option than WP. I will surely need your expert assistance throughout our work. Thank you for your hospitality. =)

    Only if you continued supporting us there too yahya. :)

  18. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    I didn't get you. Do you expect ideas from me about daily life problems???

  19. This is so cool! I like and support your starting point in this, thanks

  20. this blog sooo cooooooooool!! and i want the template "tanzanite" i have already subscribed so pleaase snd that template at

  21. Keep Going brother...... May Almighty Give you success in all your good potential acts.

    Owais Abdul Ghaffar
    Engro Foods Limted.

  22. Keep going brother...... I pray Almighty give you success in all your potential good acts.

    Owais Abdul Ghaffar
    Engro Foods Limited

  23. This is amazing good news, and as you said, this blog is one of the frequently updated blog on it's niche.
    And i have already made it my most visited site. I pray that the blog bring more success to you and all of us.
    Federal polytechnic Nekede

  24. wow nice template and nice blog take a look at my blog

  25. Hello Mohammad,

    i am commenting after quite long time, firstly congratulations on giving us this second gift. i wish that you get more ad more success in you life. i am very happy to see its hosted on WordPress.

    i have also switched my blog to WordPress and doing quite well. apart from my primary blog i have launched one forum and two other blog also.

    Wish you lots of success in your life.

    Jeet Dholakia

  26. @Bhavesh
    Simple Sam, We need your brilliant ideas related to Make Money Online niche as always. :)

    We hope we live to them :)

    Emailed pal! :)

    Thanks bro for taking time and for leaving your warm wishes. AMeen :)

    All praise be to Allah khalid. :)

    That's an honour. Thank you! :))

    Thanks Faizan. We need you there too. :)

    We always miss you jeet. Thanks for always being a loyal contriobutor and reader. I checked your blogs and I must say you are growing smoothly. Keep it rolling dude. Best wishes!and yeh keeping coming :)

    Oh thank you pal! :)

  27. @Mohammad
    Oh... I will surely share when something comes in my mind :)

  28. u r doing a wonderful job

  29. Greate job man

    i applied most of you blog tricks in my blog

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