Create Google+ “Add To Circles” Widget For Blogger

Google+ Plus WidgetYou can see this widget live on my sidebar with real time followers stats of my Google Plus circles and with a “Add me To Circles”  Button. The Widget is completely customizable and will blend any site theme perfectly. The number of followers displayed by the widget is automatic. You just need to fetch the code and paste it on your blogs. Lets know how!


Add “Add me on Google+” Button To Blogger

  1. You just need to visit Google Plus widget homepage i.e. Click here
  2. Click the Get Widget button

    Get widget

  3. Create your widget by using the tabs to fully customize the look of your button
  4. Enter your Google+ ID in the basic settings tab,

    Google+ widget settings

    You can get your Plus ID by going to your Google Plus profile page and then copy the digital code from your browser address bar as shown below,

    Google+ profile url

    Google plus ID


  5. Set the Widget width equal to the width of your sidebar. In my case I have kept it 300
  6. You can also change the language of the add me button from basic settings.  Currently 9 languages are supported.
  7. To change color codes use our Color Generator
  8. Once you are done simple hit the Get Code button at the top. Copy the code and then go to Blogger > Design
  9. Select a HTML/JavaScript widget
  10. Paste your code inside it and hit save.
  11. You are all done!

Do let me know if you needed any further assistance. Have Fun. :)

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  1. The widget link is not working man!

  2. @Ayush
    Retry it pal after deleting your cache

  3. I just get the picture of "Get Widget". Nothing is working!

  4. Amazing trick i get it , now i have in my site , but only in 4 people circle hehe :P

  5. Although I am in 30 people's circles,it shows as 0.Anyway to remove that?It shows on your sidebar also.

  6. hey why i cant make this widget, it says "Your Google+ ID can be found in the url at your profile page. You can find it after the part of the url."

    is that google+ still available in just some countries?

  7. Hey Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai,
    Mine shows "0" even though several people have me in their circles. Any thoughts on why that is?


  8. It shows my face, it shows my posts, but it says I'm in 0 circles. I can't fix it so I used a much simpler widget.

  9. i pasted the rest of the URL but it says that my ID couldnt be found. i've tried it many times but still fail.

  10. salam mohd.
    i just get this code. no need to reply my early comment. i'm sorry i did't found this post yesterday. i get this widget from this post already. thank you bro.

  11. Thanks so much! I've been scouring the web trying to find this!

  12. Assalam O Alaikum Brother... First of all i really appreciate you educational work here.... Brother tell me how can i remove CSE from my blog header... my blog address is

  13. great work thanks


  14. Does this widget is official from google?

  15. Assalamualaikum, Thanks brother for your great contribution.

  16. everything is OK...but my picture is not showing widget..?

  17. Thanks bro This is Work my blog

  18. The code is not working now....

    You can check my improvised and customized Google+ widget here :

  19. hy guys, the link to creat this widget is not work, please help me

  20. Actually Google is updating its server, but they do provide the code on the error page. Check again.

  21. Hi I tried to get to link the google widget does not work, this is the address of my website. I'm from Ecuador
    I can help.
    Greetings from Ecuador

  22. the website is not working please send me the alternate trick on my email thanks in advance !

  23. i ve not worked links to create GC widget

    send me an email if someone here find the new link worked

  24. is not working now .. Please update your post

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. @Ayush Chand
    You can use simple and advanced Two in One- "Add to Circles and Follow widget" developed using Google Developers page guidelines.