10 Golden Tips To Pull Out Traffic From "Facebook Fan Page"

pull traffic from facebook fan pageSocial media has become the in-thing when it comes to marketing and getting traffic to your website/blog because it is about the easiest way to get to know people, befriend them and turn into your fans without really spending a lot of money to convert them into your regular visitors and eventually into buyers.

Several people are trooping to social media sites daily because the world is a social circle and everyone wants to belong: nobody wants to exist in isolation. New friends are made daily and people are identifying with those who are successful or influential just to share in their success stories.


Today different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Myspace, Del.icio.us, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google Plus, Squidoo, etc. exist on the Internet; but facebook by far is the most popular and most used, with over 800 Million monthly users which are estimated to rise to 1 Billion users by August 2012. Any serious website owner must think of how to harness the advantage that the Facebook Fans Page provides for his business online.
This rare opportunity which is available to all users must be tapped and channeled into giving your website/blog quality backlink and then an increase in the number of daily, weekly or monthly visitors to your site. In order to benefit immensely from your Facebook Fans Page, you need to do the following:

1. Regular Update:

You must keep your fans page updated regularly so as to keep their interest and memory about you fresh at all times. Each time you update, your fans receive a message that your page has been updated and the next thing they are moved to do is to quickly pay a visit to see what you have there. You can do this yourself or get someone to do it for you if you are too busy.

2. Be friendly:

You must learn to be friendly and polite to your fans to keep them attracted to you always. It takes commitment, resources and time to come visit your page daily. So you must respect them for the commitment they are making for you.

3. Facebook Button:

You must have your Facebook Like button inserted on a conspicuous part of your blog or website so that anyone who visits could use the ‘Like’ button to like your page and also use the ‘Share’ button to share your content with friends.

4. Be Interactive:

You need also to interact regularly with your page and in doing so, make sure questions and concerns are promptly responded to. Nothing puts off a fan so easily than the feeling of being neglected.

5. Encourage Your fans:

They need to be encouraged to take certain actions which would be of help to you. Tell your fans to share your page with friends; they should invite others to join. This would make your page go viral and ensure more people know about you. They should also be told to visit your website to read your new content. Doing so would ensure the interaction does not just stop on Facebook, but that your site actually ends up benefiting.

6. Give them incentives:

They should enjoy some incentives for being there for you at all times. Facebook is a very distractive place where people can easily troop to the direction where things are happening; some are joining new groups, making new friends and even being lured with incentives to other pages. So provide something periodically as a way of appreciating them. This can be e-books, recharge cards, special bonuses, etc.

7. Your Link:

Include your Link in your posting regularly to enable your fans and new visitors easily navigate their way to your site/blog. Most times people are lazy to type site URL on their browser, so including it on your post can provide the URL for them to click on to get to your site to see your new content.

8. Avoid spamming:

You should avoid spamming at all cost. You must not disturb them unnecessarily with useless links. If you must provide them with links, the links should direct them to useful contents or highly informative, humorous or interesting websites.

9. Update your website:

Apart from keeping your Fans page updated, you should always keep your website updated so that your fans can find fresh content each time they visit. This will encourage them to keep visiting your site regularly.

10. Keep them busy:

Occasionally keep your fans busy and engaged when they come to your site. You can do this by setting up polls on important subjects and encourage them to participate in the polls. That would keep them longer and more engaged on your site.

If you do this, your fans are bound to love you the more and keep the relationship warm at all times. This eventually gives you an edge over your competitors and ensures that your popularity keeps soaring; and you eventually carry your fans over to your website/blog where they also rub on your site to give you an advantage on the Alexa page rank in the long run.

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