Correct VS Wrong SEO Techniques For Blogger Blogs (3)

correct blogger seo techniques This is a continuation of Part -3 of our series on Blogger SEO Pack 2012, the title sounds different but it will help you out to optimize links in blogger like comments, archives, categories/labels and related hyperlinks. We ended our last post with the difference between rel="nofollow" and rel="external nofollow" link attributes and we will continue from there. If you have not read that part we recommend you read it first. All links are given below:





Part1: Blogger Multiple Sitemap Generation and Submission   Don't Forget to use our PHP TOOL For this!
Part3: Reduce Crawl Errors- 
           i.  Optimize Links in Blogger like Comments Archives and Labels
           ii. Correct VS Wrong SEO Techniques For Blogger Blogs


Correct SEO Concepts & Techniques


Discussed in previous sub-part

rel="external nofollow"

Discussed in previous sub-part


This is a popular and correct way of adding a tag attribute to all categories in your blog. This tag is normally used by default by Google Blogger developers in label links. It tells robots that the link is URL/address of a particular category in the blog. This helps robots to identify between normal web page links in your blog with those in categories.

In blogger a normal links looks like this:

Note: The above link belongs to the label Make Money Online

Your blog URL is followed by trailing slash then date and then keywords from post title where each keyword is separated by a hyphen (-).

rel="tag" links in blogger

And the label link or category link or archive link that is a URL address for all your posts coming under the same category/Label. In our case the above shared link comes in the category Make Money Online. The label link would look like:

Here as you can see the primary domain link (homepage link) is followed by keyword search and then label and then finally by label title where each keyword in label title is separated by a percentage (%) symbol.

Now your post can be accessed either using the normal link or the label link. Since both these URLS contain same content so it can create troubles for robots to identify which one is the true resource and which one is just a reference link back to the original post. The TAG is the attribute that is added to Label links and this tag attribute tells search robots that the link bring crawled is a label link. If this tag is not present then search engines can penalize your blog for sharing same content on two different urls thus your blog could get penalize for sharing duplicate content. However search robots have become so much efficient that now they can clearly identify if the link is a normal one or a label one. We are just making its job more easy by adding this tag. 


Just like rel="tag" attribute this one helps robots to differentiate between archive links and other link in your blog. An archive link lists all your posts date wise. It assembles the posts by year and month.

rel="archives" links in blogegr


rel="category tag" (For wordpress users only)

This is a so called correct way of adding an attribute to tags and categories in Wordpress blogs. Not relevant to us. Though this tag is never succeeded in passing HTML5 validation by W3C but I am still seeing it in many famous wordpress frameworks like genesis and thesis. The reason why it never gets validated is because w3c does not accept spaces between keywords inside a rel attribute (with exception for rel="external nofollow"). Since there is a white space between category and tag therefore it will never get validated unless or until you remove the space or replace it with a hyphen. There are several php scripts that will help you get rid of this tag in yoru wordpress blogs. Just search for "remove rel="category tag" in wordpress"

Wrong SEO Concepts & Techniques

I had been personally a victim of these false and wrong seo concepts and during my early blogging stage due to lack of SEO knowledge I kept on forwarding the wrong concepts even to my readers and I do whole heartedly apologize for it. All those posts are now pointing readers to this latest and correct SEO techniques.

Following are some link attributes that can be found on popular blogger blogs but none of them is approved by Search engines or World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).




rel="index, follow"

rel="noindex, follow"

rel="index, nofollow"

rel="noindex, nofollow"

rel="index, tag"

There is no complementary word for nofollow. Follow is not a SEO term and should never be used. To let robots follow a link just remove the nofollow attribute from it. Simple!

Nofollow tells robots not to pay importance to the link, don't follow it and do not pass your hard earned PageRank juice to it. While noindex tells robots that the content on a particular page should not be crawled and that page must not appear in search results. Noindex is a meta tag attribute and it can never be added to links. It is silly to add noindex to links using a rel attribute. It can be mentioned only in meta tags using the content attribute.  Robots indexes pages only. The correct term for links is crawl. Robots indexes a page and crawls links.

Sources to defend my point. Read Set out rules by W3C and those at Google Webmaster Forums


rel="nofollow"        we mentioned it already

rel="tag"                 we mentioned it already

content="noindex, nofollow"

In the following example a robot will neither index the webpage, nor analyze it for links.


Enough of Theory Tell me What to do!

I am sure I was a bit too technical with this part of the series but all this information was important in order to remove a lot of wrong concepts spreading rapidly in blogosphere and blogger forums. Now lets turn all links inside your free BlogSpot blog templates into clean, optimized and search engine friendly hyperlinks.

To Optimize comment links in blogger do this:

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for the following code (Search for a similar code).:


Note: If you found a rel="nofollow" in the above code inside your blog template then simply replace it with the one described below.

add rel='external nofollow'   anywhere after the a tag. Like this:

 rel='external nofollow'  expr:href='data:post.createLinkUrl'

       4.  Now search for this:

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'

       5.  Replace it with this:

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='external nofollow'

      6.   Done!

To Optimize Label links in blogger do this:

  1. Inside your template search for the following code: (Search for a similar code).

          <a expr:href='data:label.url'


     2.   Replace it with this one:

<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'     


     3. Done!


To Optimize Archive links in blogger do this:

Note the archive links will only appear on your blog if you add the archive widget. If you have not added the archive post widget to your blog then you can skip this part.

  1. Search for this code inside your template:

  <a class='post-count-link' expr:href='data:i.url'>

    2.   Replace it with this:

<a rel="archives" class='post-count-link' expr:href='data:i.url'>

     3.  Finally save your template and you are all saved! :)

Series Completed

With this our series on Blogger SEO PACK 2012 ends. We tried our best to help blogger users to the best of our ability with as much technical knowledge as possible. All techniques shared in this series are the ideal ones which we apply to orders we receive from clients and are being widely practiced on MBT blog too and all blogs in its network. I have used the same techniques for my new blog on If you need any help or need further assistance, just let me know pals. I know this series was a bit techy but we can implement it together so no worries. Just feel free to post your questions. I wish these techniques may bring a significant positive change in your traffic trends and may help you use blogger with even more excitement. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  1. very useful article Mohammad Bro. Thanks for sharing it open hearted.

  2. Mohammad Bhai
    what is best??
    <a rel="archives"
    <a rel="archives,nofollow"


    please tell me

    1. i'm thinking the same question too because i want to implement that on my blogger blog PCSO Lotto Results. Hope the writer could help us

  3. Hats off man.. Great work.. Thanks a lot.. :)

    I have a doubt, when we add nofollow tag to the comment section, is it like the bots don't care about the linked text in the comment section..?

    My blog gets a lot of comments just for the sake of backlinks, they just comment something and put their link after that..

    Anyway to disable hyperlinks in blogger comment section..?

  4. Should nofollow tag be added to a image linking to a bigger image. I mean when clicking an image it opens a bigger image with a link. So should nofollow be added to it?

    For SEM:
    I am listing some small issues, not much though, which I got with SEM while surfing or I should say crawling :p

    I will mail them as soon as I find some more. So far around 2-3 small issues I have found.

  5. very useful article.
    Thanks, Oylist.

  6. Hey brother can you please write some article about this robots.txt
    I have lots of error about many links are restricted my robots.txt and most of the links are from labels.can't google crawl labels url?

  7. I am not able to find <a expr:href='data:label.url' as I have installed related post hack. Can you advise by having a look at Indian-Share-Tips.Com

  8. Hi Mohammad, From last couple of week we are the blogger who use custom domain for it facing the indexing issue. Because our latest post not getting indexed into Google as it was previous. The issue is only with custom domain the default blogspot domain works well. What's your view about this??
    Even I have writen a post about this issue.

  9. cool demonstration! eventhough HTML5 audio player might not pack all of the features it works well.. it let’s iOS folk hear the mp3, tho the player will launch in a new webpage; and to return to your original page, html5 player

  10. Hmm Thanks For educating us with the true fruit's of SEO :D.Sir i have send you my Guest Post Please Check it and inform Me:).Syed Faizan Ali Recently Posted> Adding a Simple Text Mouseover hover Colour change in Blogger

  11. Hi Mohammad

    great write up, very well done, great SEO. Mohammad is really good with SEO guys, look at how much he has achieved with MBT in such a short time, trust me only SEO can do so.

    Back to my question, i have a problem with iframes. please could you refer me to a link where i can comment for everyone to learn, as i dont want to go off topic in this article. however im building an iphone app and using an iframe, having a few problems with calling the parent file properties, so used "object" but still have problem. CARE to discuss?

  12. very helpful blog you have created. I have just created my blog following your articles.

    Many thanks.

    Santanu Debnath

  13. i got page rank 2 thanks mustafa this is because of you i was nothing without your seo techniques.

  14. Hi Mohammad

    Thanks for the great write up.
    I am using DISQUS For commenting in my Blog. So how to To Optimize comment links Created by DISQUS ?

  15. Use meta tag index,follow,noodp,noydir
    for it okey Mr Mustafa?

  16. What about all past seo tips, such as title, permalinks, meta description/keywords, heading tags? What about each individual post description and keywords? Are all of these things still relevant and used by you on blogger? Would it be possible for you to create one post that includes links to ALL of your past posts of things that should be changed in the coding? Also, do you have a basic template, such as the Minima template that you have already optimized for people to use and fool around with?

  17. thanks for this great post
    i am sorry for this question mohammed i would like to ask you another questions to your new blog
    you said its the biggest investment can you say why its like this
    also i want to ask another question how did you make the blog viral in this small time
    i am sorry mohammed you know how much i love you that is why i ask any question directly and i know that you wil reveal any secret you have to all your readers

  18. @shahzad

    rel="archives" is standard and rel="archives,nofollow" makes no sense because archives are internal links which can not be termed as nofollow. Use the attributes as it is. Do not change them.


    We are not adding noindex to comment meta tags so comments will still be index and you will continue receiving traffic from comment text. Nofollow will just prevent spam and link builders.

    no you should not add nofollow to images within the blog. That image link points to your picasa account which is not something to worry about. However you should add nofollow to Ad banners.

    I will be waiting for the email suggestions :)

    The robot.txt file is auto created by blogger and we don't need to worry about it. The errors that you are receiving can not be completely removed but minimized using this tutorial. Our blog too has several crawl errors but that is not something to worry about a lot until your new posts are crawled and indexed well and deep.

    One smart tip to reduce errors is to internal link posts as much as you can for smother crawling and remove broken links from you blog. Sometimes yo link to sites but when these sites get deleted, you link would then take robots to an empty domain so keep removing broken links from your posts.

    Did you check the "expand widgets templates" box?

    Else search for this: href='data:label.url'


    You must redirect your feeds to feedburner first. Go to Settings > Feed > Redirect feed
    Input your feedburner URL there. Once done you may follow part-1 of this series by submitting multiple sitemaps to google. within 24 hours all your posts well get indexed just perfectly. :)

    Just replied buddy. :>

    Fortunately its mainly choosing the right topics at the right time and keeping posting frequency consistent. These two tactics work great. Applying SEO is obvious :)

    YOu may ask any question here. no problem we would love to learn more from one another. I have written a post on Adding nofollow to iframe links but it may not be very specific to your question.

    My pleasure buddy. :>

    All credits goes to your efforts and dedication buddy. :)

    I have not checked disqus as yet but they must have given an option to add nofollow attribute to comment links. Please check your disqus account settings page.

    noodp means: Do not use DMOZ

    noydir means: Do not use the Yahoo Directory

    these along with noindex are often added to sites running confidential data and to prevent search engines from crawlinging and indexing it, you often add it. However follow as I mentioned is not a seo term.

    To correctly add it simply use our meta tag generator tool

    The best link is our SEO category

    Whatever I practice personally I have mentioned it there. But your question is really great one as it reminded me that I should add links to other optimization links in this series. A basic template that would help you understand the structure of blogger templates would be minima itself. You can download it from your dashboard by creating a test blog with a minima template on it.

    Its biggest brother because from Wordpress premium theme, high paid framework, web hosting to salary of hired co-authors, took me some great bucks in $$.

    The blog was made viral using the tips I shared in this series. Nothin new or exceptional done.

    I will write new series on how to create a premium wordpress blog from scratch very soon. I am sure that series would be even more appreciated. I love you too pal. Always welcomed. :)

  19. Thanks a ton bro! Was waiting for this exactly. Followed all steps as you said. Earlier i had asked you about a post i deleted and you told me to remove it from crawler access which i did. Stil its showing in the error 'Not Found'. Will the error persist? One more thing. I am using MONOP template as you know. I want to change the size of my blog header font to accomodate the complete word 'India Coupons 4 All' but not able to find how to do it. Kindly guide me in that.
    As for your new blog, i am awed by the remarkably fast growth and stunning design apart from the obvious ultracool content of yours! Keep growing :)


  20. Ok thanks Mohammad.
    The question asked on the previous post about optimizing labels will clear this nofollow confusion for me.

  21. u r doing a wonderful job.....

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  23. Thanks For Update rel='tag'

    Please Tell Me How You Add
    <meta content='?imgmax=800' property='og:image'/>
    Different Image For Every Blog Post

    I try data:post.thumbnail but not working please share your code Thanks :)

  24. I always link nofollow tag to all outgoing links. is it ok ?

  25. Thanks for this great info :)

    (Mohammad,you are really Talented!)

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  27. Mustafa Wrora, You should also update your previous posts about nofollow comments and nofollow label links... also I want to write a guest post on WordPress for MBT, so what is the criteria?

  28. Wow Mohammad ! In this article you completely changed your writing style and explanation and acted like a pro blogger ! I readed and followed the full article and hope to get better results as in your early posts.

  29. @Harsh

    Thanks for the kind remarks harsh. For those errors check if you have not linked to that deleted post somewhere in your old posts. This often happens due to broken links that no more exist in your blog. If the error still shows then just ignore it because Google loves bugging web owners too much.

    For changing font size find and edit the bolded part:

    .headerleft h1, .headerleft h1 a,.headerleft h1 a:hover,.headerleft h1 a:visited {
    color: #BF0100;
    font-size: 36px;
    font-family: 'Ultra', serif, Arial;
    font-weight: bold;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0px 0 5px 0;
    text-decoration: none;
    text-shadow: 6px 6px 4px #ccc;


    I answered it pal. You only need to nofollow sites with no rich content. Sites that have no valuable content should never be linked. However big sites and blogs with reputation and large fan following should always be linked without the nofollow attribute. :>


    You guessed it right. I am about to write a post on schema markups. :)

    No pal you should not do that. Google even penalize sites for not recommending others. By linking quality sites you are actually contributing to internet by providing Google with rich references. Only nofollow sites you seem are of low quality in terms of authority, readership and text. :)

    AlhamdulillAh. Thanks pal. :)

    Thanks for reminding I will do it pal. :) The criteria for guest posting is such that your blog must be having at least 50 well published posts with at least PageRank 1. Remaining details can be read here: Guest Posting Guidelines

    Glad you liked it jalil. Thanks for the delicious words. :)

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  32. hi,Mohammad,i found that in your last step about the archives,you use "archives" instead of 'archives',is this on purpose or a mistake?

  33. Hi Muhammad, I just want to ask that, what we should do, if we comment on any blog to make link and that do not allow Dofollow link?

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  40. This is an awesome tutorial, very useful series, I just +1 it :-) But I have a question. In a previous post you strongly recommended to add rel='tag,nofollow' to label links but in this new article you only added rel='tag'. Which is the right one? Is there no more "google panda effect" risk?

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  44. how to prevent readers from posting their links in comments? Is there any way to add rel=nofollow attribute to their links? Please help

  45. @Hasan Zahidi
    You don't have to worry about that if you are using the default blogger comment system in which links are nofollow by default :)

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  63. Hi Mohammad,

    Are you sure rel="tag,nofollow" is a valid syntax? as seoquake is not highlighting link as nofollow with this attribute.

    Again is this valid? rel="archives,nofollow" I want to nofollow all archive links as they are sucking lot of PR. I am using your calender Archive widget here ProSEOexpert I have added rel="archives,nofollow" attribute here, plz check out my blog and tell me if I am missing something ?

    Ritesh Warke

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  126. Sir,

    you told "If rel='tag' is not present in labels link then search engines can penalize your blog for sharing same content on two different urls thus your blog could get penalize for sharing duplicate content."

    Why don't you use rel='tag' in navigation. I checked you are using labels in navigation but didn't add rel='tag' so, i'm confused.

    What should i do? Should i add rel='tag' in my navigation labels link or not?