Exams Over! Lots Of Surprises On Their Way

blogging after examsFinally I can open this little diary and get back to work! :). We surely deserve a party after a consistent mental torture but then comes planning future goals that should never be neglected. University Exams badly affect daily routine activities and it is a complete schedule mess for those who blog for living. In my absence, our co-author, Qasim Zaib fulfilled his responsibilities with great care and came up with some extra ordinary topics. His exams started two days back and now you will only see his scheduled posts at "Smart Earning Methods" We humbly apologize for bringing out no new templates and widget updates. Since I am on a month long vocation now so we have got plenty of time to play with tools and invent again some cool creative gadgets out of scratch. Our main focus would be on Jquery Sliders, Image Galleries, HTML5, CSS3 transitions and animation and some cool new social sharing plugins, controlled widgets and accordion effects.

How To Manage a Blog During Exams?

In order to know how we managed this blog and did not miss a single day without updating our adorable readers, please read the following comprehensive guide:
Things are manageable only if you plan it wisely, rest everything flows naturally. There is one thing that added to my bucket of entrepreneurship ideas and that is: "To build an empire, you will have to invest and keep investing in terms of sweat and bucks"  If you are able to generate 4 coins then invest 2 and with remaining 2, cherish your daily necessities. I am Alhamdulilah now not alone and there are two skilled people who work for me with sincerity and all due dedication. Its their utmost efforts that just within 3 months We are receiving offers from every corner. People are bidding as high as $3000 to buy this newly born blog. $3000 is giving us a lot in terms of profit if we compare it to what we put-in but its not money that matters every time. Hard earned fruit is surely priceless and I have dedicated this second blog to these young authors and I wish to even expand the circle of blogs in our network, in order to give more people to come forward and utilize their outstanding skills into something productive.

Plans For This Month

Despite regular blogging activities, we would experiment some traffic strategies and carefully observe the return. We would surely share every bit of tip we learn along the way but only once we have tested it. After Google and Facebook, comes the mega giant YouTube. Internet Marketers now socialize and promote their brand more on YouTube than any other social networking site. An average reader gives only a rough glance at a written text but would spend thrice the same amount of time if greeted with a video. People are converting their written text material to videos and promoting their websites virally on YouTube. We have already shared several tips on how to drive traffic from YouTube, which you can refer to get a rough idea of what we expect to do.
Then comes some development activities. I recently completed learning php and now its time to practice its fundamentals. Build, debug, rebuild and learn. Practice is the only way to ensure your concepts are well polished and you can apply them well.
Then comes some random rumbling plans that would certainly be a surprise for myself because best achieved plans are often a result of a random spontaneous idea.

Plan For you Guys

There are few things that we would strongly recommend if you have not learnt them so far. For newbie seeking to take blogging as a career, its important to first understand some easy fundamentals to make things smoother as you go. Here goes the list
  1. Google Penguin and Panda Penalties - Highly recommended for all readers
For those of you who are students and on vocations, there can be no best time than utilizing these golden days in digging out the artist in you. Learn web designing and web development, online business today and in future depends on developers and designers so make sure you join this exciting learning play field.

University Project

Online Mobile Market logoEvery year we are assigned a project at university and this year we were assigned a project to develop any web or desktop application so we went for web development as that is my personal favorite. There are three team members including me working on the project. Within just 3-4 days  we successfully coded a framework (using php as server side  programming language) for mobile merchandise. Our framework has a well established content management system of its on. Its database is created using MySQL and managed via myphpadmin. We named it "OMM" i.e "Online Mobile Market" Here both buyers and sellers can create separate accounts, interact, leave each other a message, search for latest Mobile handsets and of course sell their Mobile phones at a reasonable price.  Users can register, use their allocated web space and navigate through the latest entries.
My work was entirely based on Designing the layout, graphics and everything that gives a tasteful flavor.  Here I made use of HTML5, HTML4, CSS3, Jquery and some bunch of JavaScript. Amazingly MBT widgets made the job even easy.
OMM- Online Mobile Market
OMM product details
Please avoid the price of iphone, its just dummy. :)

What are you up to?

It feels great talking to all of you after so long. I am sure we would have great fun in days to come inshAllah. Tell me your whereabouts. What have you planned for vocations and how can we benefit from some experienced tips that worked for you. Share your views and ideas so that we may get a chance to learn and share simultaneously. I just hope you guys doing great and you are at your best health. Wishing you all happy summer vocations and best of luck with your future endeavors. Happy Mothers Day! Don't forget to hug this angelic lady. Peace and blessings! :)

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  1. yahooo i was waiting for you man i want you to post more and more per day i am eager to see all the information that is in your mind

  2. hhmmm .. finally our torturing exams are finished.. ahhh ..so finally mustafa u got back your job.. actually i guess exams are not the problems .. you were not writing articles this tortures u aott.. haha.. so now back to work...:P

  3. @Dania
    feeling nice to see some great people here,who often forget our presence :P
    how are you?
    n come on,exams are never a torture
    they are jus a bit thrilling

  4. Wow... Finaly your exam are over, miss u so much dude.(^-^)......

  5. Welcome back bro. Now as you are active and bit free I need some answers on the below posts:

    Facebook Desktop Messenger
    Popular Types Of Advertisment Options

    3000 USD for the new blog seems to be under priced. Is it for sale :p

    I have an idea for MBT guest posts only for most loyal readers to prevent scam. Will mail you soon.

    On the new Advertise page there is "For more details visit us at"... Visit where???

    And how were your exams and did any of my books helped??
    I don't know but I really don't get excited about blogging without you around. I really mean that. Now you are back and I am getting a sense of energy.

    Lets rock the world together.

  6. Hey Waiting for you since long bro. I am happy you came. Inshaallah your results will be outstanding after your months hard work. All the best. Bro. I want some help from you. I want to chat with you personally. Please Reply. Thanks.

  7. welcome back Mohammad, blessings for your bright future with peace, prosperity and abundance.

  8. I am waiting for more tricks Mustafa bhai from you :)

  9. Welcome Back Brother :)

    I also have surprise for you and i hope you will see and give your feedback

    First of all i changed the design ( www.skfanclub.com )

    The surprise is this ( http://www.youtube.com/skfanclub )

    I was upset when my Page Rank dropped to 1 and after research i found the problem. I was thinking that i am a victim of Penguin Update but i was wrong. Actually my Search Preferences settings were automatically disabled and i don't know why. Pages were not indexed properly. Archive pages were also indexing. Well i have to wait long again for the next page rank. I know that Page Rank is not so important now-a-days but for me it does matters because i have competition with Mega Newspaper Websites.

    But we always say that everything that happened is for good and this page rank drop was also a good one for me as i started writing own. First i was just copying but now i read and write in my own words.

    Also my Dear Allah helped me a lot. One day accidentally i clicked on Dynamic template without knowing that it is irreversible. Than what, it took 2-3 days to design a new template but this accident was also beneficial for me as after the design my Bounce Rate has improved. First it was 70% and now 45-50 %

    You are just like my Big B so i was waiting for your come back so i can share things with you :)

    Blesses :)

  10. Hey please write one post on using css,html,javscript skills to make blogger templates.

  11. What is bounce rate?? I have also redesign my blog. Hope everything is as per norms. I am a new blogger.

    Santanu Debnath
    my latest posst [Satyamev Jayate : A revolution in its way]

  12. Hie Mustafa,

    it has always been a pleasure to read out your piece of works :) all the best to you , in fact to US , we will take SEM further high this month... so many plans lined up :)

  13. @Santanu
    Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.

    That is what Google say (Tough to understand). The lower the Bounce rate the better it is.

    Bounce is high when a visitor just come to your blog and go away. This means is he/she is not interested in your blog and thus the bounce rate goes up. Just like a visitor bounced over the head of your blog which is bad.

    Bounce is low when a visitor visits your blog and explore your blog for sometime. Once again the more he stays on your blog the better your blog's bounce rate.

    If you know the game of cricket, then take it this way. When a bowler bowls over the head bouncer, it is a wide ball and its a waste. Link this with your visitors and you will understand yourself.

    I hope I explained in the easiest way possible :)

  14. @ahmed
    I am as happy to see you here buddy. Thanks for consistent feedback in my absence :)

    Well sis I would agree on that point. Indeed any activity that you frequently do becomes an addiction so yeh I badly missed my keyboard! :d

    Well that can be thrilling only for nerds!

    Pleasure to see you dude. Feels great talking to you all after so long. :)

    Thank you pal. :)

    The great man! Blogging is no fun for me either with people like you buddy. Oh please I want to forget exams so no discussion about them. :d

    Yes thats true. $3000 is not worth the price. In fact a blog that takes months to establish becomes priceless when there are several people behind it. the co-authors are doing a great job MashAllah and this blog was surely not created to be marketed and then sold out. We have better plans for it.

    Well yes I get your question on that post. I asked Qasim to remove that tag and he has done that. You wont see the label on his posts anymore. :)

    As far the second query is concerned, I will reply to that on that post.

    That link will take you to our BSA Market Place. I checked it and its working fine. Can you see the link now?

    We will surely have great fun working during this vocation.I hope you are free too now. :)

    Feels equally great to see you here pal. :))

    Most welcomed and Thank you for your kind wishes pal :). I would humbly apologize buddy because I am often unavailable for chat. You can contact me anytime via Email.


    Thank you a lot for those kind wishes brother :>

    I would make sure I live up to it. :)

    I must say this design is way way better and would give a great user experience to your huge fan base. I am really impressed at your fast growth and your youtube channel is attracting impressive views. I heard and saw you for the first time and I must say that you talk and represent your ideas in an excellent professional way. YouTube will give you a broader experience and will add up to your current readership.

    You have kept the sidebar really neat and relevant. Wishing you all the best buddy. For that pagerank think I would recommend that you may now start writing few guest posts at some popular blogs for a bigger jump in PR because you deserve more. Don;t worry about that slightest drop, it happened with me too so keep yourself focused at your readership, quality and most importantly word limit. Make sure you write at least 500 words per post. Keep Moving buddy! :)

    request accepted pal. :>

    Bhavesh Pamecha explained it properly. :)

    thank you pal and I wish you all the best with it. I am sure once Qasim gets free you will find it even more interesting. :>

    That cricket example was interesting :d

    Pleasure pal :)

    I just hope I didn't miss anyone. :>

  15. @Mohammad
    Yea I can be active here now. Waiting for the second answer which is much more important for me atleast. Also mailed you the idea for guests bloggers.

  16. Why dont you make a logo like this one for MBT too?

  17. @Amna
    hey amna,
    well dats not fair ,itni mehnat se logo bnaya tha ye wala

    anyways dear, i have written that post but it needs some finishing touch...n i m not in the mood to do so

    i jus hope one day ,i ll complete it and rcv ur comment:P

  18. Thanks a lot for this explanation. How to check that.

    Can you please tell me about my blog. Are they designed well. I am a new blogger and need to do a lot work.

    Thanks & Regards
    Santanu Debnath

    @Bhavesh Pamecha

  19. That's Great! Can't wait to learn more from you :D

  20. Mohammad Sir, I am sameer, from kollam, Kerala. I am a great fan of you.
    Best wishes, Take care.

  21. Assaalam.o.alaikum Mustafa bhai
    Wish you a good health, success and good result ofcourse. first of all. i'm really disappointed from you. by the way i hope u haven't remember me.
    Fine, There was an exams but I've emailed you long back but no reply About monop template and after that about canonical url, due to both things, my Page rank effected badly and now almost none.

    still. what ever i had in blogging (from little tweaks to template), that was from you & i've always given u credit for that..Now least i can do is to thank u. So Thank you very much.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. The link shared by "hhh" above has been rated for poor trust and reliability by the users of WOT. Please proceed at your own risk.

    Sam Bot :p

  24. @santanu

    Your blog looks neat and clean . I would however request to hide related posts on homepage. You can do that by following this tutorial: Hide linkwithin on homepage



    Domain extensions are not a requirement for adsense. All domain extensions are accepted. Your blog is well maintained. Kindly make it more brighter by avoiding dark background and colors. They are reader friendly colours and help in building readership.
    You should apply for adsense after six months and till then work hard on your content and publish daily a post no less than 500 in words.

    Hope this helps buddy. :>

    I am honored. :)

    I feel sad for that dear. I apologize for the laziness on my part. As days are passing by, readership is increasing and I being the only one to maintain, post and reply all emails, find it often difficult to manage everything properly. Studies are the real reasons. I do blogging in leisure time only and updating you guys with free and easy tutorials is something I aim never to miss.
    Readers like you help us to move ahead and I am always thankful to you. Please ask your queries on latest posts and I would love to reply them because I often ignore emails and prefer replying comments on latest posts alone. This is the most I can out of tough schedule.

    I have rolled them out! :)

    Sam robot is pretty efficient. :D

  25. @Mohammad
    Btw I am still waiting for your on Facebook Desktop Messenger post.

  26. Mohammad Sir, I have mailed you via Contact Page. Waiting for your kind reply sir. Thanks.