Web Development is Surely The Key To Become a "SIX FIGURE BLOGGER" - Part4

six figure bloggerYes you heard it right! No one can be expected to Park a luxury car safely without  Practice or prior Driving knowledge. The number of entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers and Internet Marketers is successfully increasing but only some of them succeed in establishing their base online after correctly following the survival tactics. From16 February 2011 onwards, there are now over 156 million public blogs in existence but only atom equivalent numbers have turned Blogging into a Online Happy Living, others gave up with disappointment. During my presentations I often ask the crowd this question "How many bloggers are here?" I then see 80% raising their hands but when asked "How many are earning at least $500-$1K monthly with their blogs?" I find all hands down. This is funny yet a big logical fact. How can some one just jump at something without first building the foundation for it. In todays tutorial, we will be focusing on students, housewives and jobless at large and even those newbie bloggers who are looking for every possible way to increase organic traffic and generate revenue.

Note: This is part 4 our our series on Pro Blogging. We will highly recommend that you read this series sequentially. If you have not read the previous parts then you may do so for better understanding of the topic.  

Pro Blogging SERIES

Part1: What skills are needed by a Professional Blogger?

Part2: "Three Learning Stages" To Become a Professional Blogger

Part3: Why Your Blog Makes No Money?

Part4: How Come Web Development is the Key To Become SIX FIGURE Blogger?

What is Blogging?

Blogging is not at all the art of publishing links to Google and Making Money with Adsense or any other Ad service. Blogging is a long term business that turns a noob into a skilled entrepreneur. If you are blogging just to earn via Adsense then you are badly mistaken. Ad services cost for just 40% of blogging revenue , remaining is earned via Blog services and Affiliate commissions.

Blogging follows this sequence

  1. Learn Web Development  (For becoming not just a blogger)

  2. Start with Google Blogger

  3. Learn SEO

  4. Build Readership

  5. Build Traffic

  6. Display Ads

  7. Promote Affiliate Products

  8. Earn and Enjoy!

To get an idea of what blogging is and how to start a blog, better read these tutorials,

Why are you relating Blogging To Web Development?

Blogging doesn't just require some good written and grammar skills, neither just SEO, its beyond that. Majority of successful bloggers today are web developers or at least having some idea of languages like CSS3, HTML4 and php. You need to provide readers with some extra ordinary skills. You need to develop these skills to present a better blog to the world. During your blogging career, you will often need to create a logo, banner, design a page, create a tool etc. and it would sound weird if you can't do these things yourself and rely on a freelancer. Neither will these skills help you with your blog management but you can even sell your web development skill services and win bids as freelancer. Your readers would love to pay you as much as you want for the services you offer.

No matter what you blog on, you always need to create a video or banner or an ebook and lastly a promotional web page to promote your work. All these is a complete headache and loss of revenue if you don't know basic developing skills.

Your tutorials will sound more logical and correct if you have knowledge about these web technologies. You will be able to format and optimize your posts better. You can edit the codes for your templates without anyone's help and most importantly you can estimate how robots crawl and index your content. You let a search robot dance at your tones!

What is web development?

In part one of our series we discovered the skills required by a professional blogger and we emphasize on web designing but today we will go a step ahead and would talk about web development.

Web designing is limited to learning these:

  1. Web graphics using Adobe Photoshop CS5 at least.
  2. HTML4 and CSS3
  3. Dream Weaver CS5
  4. JavaScript, Jquery (Just applications)

Web designing helps you to design Static websites, your very own blog, add elements and objects to your page to make it more interactive, create logos and banners for blog promotion and helps you in doing small freelancing jobs. It is limited to Static pages only while web development is the next level to create Dynamic pages.

Difference between Static and Dynamic Pages

Static Pages are created using CSS3, HTML, JavaScript and Jquery. Our Services Pages are examples of static pages which involves no programming and is simple display of content.  You will learn to create such pages with web designing skills.


Dynamic pages are created using a programming language largely with either PHP or ASP. Wordpress or Facebook are created using PHP and it lets you create amazing programmable pages to create interactive plugins, widgets and auto controllable stuff. The Meta Tag generator and Pinger Tool is an example of a dynamic page. The tool is coded with PHP, even our contact form is coded with PHP. To perform some function you need to learn programming languages and my personal recommendation is that you learn PHP as it has a high market demand and is the perfect bid earning language for freelancers. Parallel to this you must learn MySQL to understand how databases work and are manage. All your images, posts, comments and every single element on your Blogs are stored at Blogger Databases. You will learn to create such pages with web development skills. I just completed my PHP and MySQL learning course this month to become a full time web developer.

So web development is all about creating dynamic pages that perform some function rather just a read only graphics.

Learning Chart

This should be your target to achieve within 6-8 months in 2012.

Web Designing  (Six Months) Web Development  (Two Months)
Adobe Photoshop PHP, MySQL
Dream Weaver  
JavaScript (basic knowledge)  
JQuery (extreme basic know-how)  

Isn't it difficult? I don't have enough time

Time is the main constraint in everyone's life. But high term goals require effort. If you have youngsters at your home then you must guide them to this path. Our presentation on entrepreneurship is what that you must read and watch.

Web development is the easiest yet most interesting field choice for everyone looking to make a living online. Blogging is fun when you know how to present yourself uniquely and share stuff that is creative. People love creative content and they love listening to people with skills. Therefore you must learn this magic art to keep yourself distinct from your competitors. Recommend it to your youngsters and children at home.


End Of Series

Dead jobs with fixed salary is never a clever aim of life. You need a smart living plan and it is surely blogging that teaches you how websites generate revenue, how traffic trends changes, how latest technologies work and how people turn into SIX FIGURE Millionaires by working less but working smart.

This marks the end of our series on pro blogging. The entire aim behind this knowledge sharing was to educate you with the right decisions and plannings. Things aren't that difficult if you apply correct logics. Those who are millionaires today are not extra ordinary Genius mortals, they are common people like you but the only difference that lies is use of LOGIC. Blogging can surely turn out into a business for you if you carefully follow the instructions shared in this series and our previous tutorials. You must first develop skills and at the same time work on your blog. Work on your goals parallely and never stop one activity for the sake of starting a new activity. I wish you all the best with your entrepreneurship endeavors and online goals. Do let me know if you need any assistance related to this series. Would be a pleasure to help you out. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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    It doesn't mean that you should not bothered about the techniques given above but you will have success only if you are Master/Interest in your subject .

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