What Is A Blog and How To Create A Blog?

questionsThere are many people who still do not understand what a blog is or why is blogging so much expanding in the cyberspace. I feel all these people deserve the right to know what a Blog is and how can a Blog be created along with some other similar questions. So for those who just heard of a Blog from their friends, media or any other source, here is a short and precise illustrative tutorial to help you find answers to four important questions in most people’s mind.

Which are,

  1. What is a Blog?
  2. How do I create a Blog?
  3. What is the advantage of blogging?
  4. What is Blogger or Wordpress?

Now here comes some useful answers for each demanded question

What is a Blog?

A blog is nothing but an Online Notebook Diary. What do we write in a notebook diary? Of course stuff that we like and things that we feel important to be recorded and shared with our friends and family. A notebook diary can be based on any topic that you like for example you can write on your  hobbies, activities, poems, songs, tutorials, pets, home and family, your personal thoughts etc. People will read your Online Notebook Diary on daily basis and will leave you a comment, suggestion or feedback.

If you write about your personal experiences in a notebook made up of papers, then your writings will reach only limited people around you but with an online diary like a Blog you speak to the world!

So in short a blog is your Personal website where you write and share things you like with millions of people out there who are eager to read what is cooking in your mind!

The video below will give you a more illustrative view of a Web Blog.

How do I create a Blog?

Creating a blog is absolutely free. There are many quality Blogging hosting services that you can choose to create a blog but the best among them is Blogger. I have created this blog with Blogger without even paying a penny! Want to know how? Read the article below on how to start a blog? !
Create a Free Blog in Blogger.

What is the advantage of blogging?

You pay nothing Instead you Earn in $$ !! You earn by displaying advertisements on your Blog. People are earning from $100 to $100,000 monthly! I am not kidding an example is problogger.net, TechCrunch and mashable.

Plus you will make new friends in the Blogosphere and you earn respect in the eyes of thousands of people. You can become a celebrity! But all this with a little hard work and great patience.

And the best advantage which I have experienced is that you learn every second online! Your internet and computer skills will improve to an extreme edge and this is what the coming era demands from you. Every second on blogging is undoubtedly a new experience! I have learnt HMTL, CSS, XML and a bit of JavaScript without taking any classes. I learnt them all within a year of my blogging career and today I am able to design a quality blogger template in less than three hours MashAllah!

What is Blogger or Wordpress?

These are the major blogging platforms which help you create a free Blog.  But if you are confused which one to start with then go for Blogger. It has many features which wordpress doesn’t have and the best part is that Blogger allows you to customize your template in any way you like by editing the CSS style sheet! So what are you looking? Start blogging now and build up a new cyber life. Best of luck!

To know in detail whether Blogger is better or WordPress then read this post –> Comparison Chart 2010 for WordPress Vs Blogger

Feel free to ask any question that is still troubling your mind. Take care :>

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  1. @ mohd nice post but can you write some thing on adsense how to use adsense in blog or some useful tricks thanks

  2. Hey Mo,

    I just wrote a post which ties in with this nicely about my experiences of 4 years of blogging! ;-)

  3. @nil

    Request recorded nil. Will write a series of posts soon.

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    4 years is great experience friend! Can you guide on some important things that a newbie must love to know?

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  5. infect really helpfull info well mustafa bhai i am an electronics engineer recently i have completed but its about fourth month i am jobless you know the reason in pak..you have to be a approach full person if you want to get the job well i have listen alot about blogs but don't know about this but it's help full but i want more help can i make blog about giving knowledge of electronics engineering and if i make so,how can i earn whats the procedure please give detail..

  6. @touseef
    In my view, ofcourse you can make a blog on electronics engineering as you know about it very well. You can provide lots of stuff in your blog if you are involved in the field you are blogging about.

    And about earnings with blogs it will take time.
    My suggestion is first get a job then start a blog. Keep your blog as a side business or just to meet your small expenses.

    I am not suggesting you to make blog first because if you get a blog now then you will almost forget about getting your job.

    As Mohammad is too busy with his projects and upcoming exams he might not comment.

    Once you have got a job then start making a blog and optimize it slowly and I know it will not take much time because you will know about your posts very well. Further assistance in optimizing will be given by Mohammad.

    Hope I helped in deciding you what to do although the final decision stands in your hands. :)

    Thank You
    Your Well Wisher :)

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