"Head Office" of a Professional Blogger

Office of a Blogger :)

Today we are not changing the world and neither claim to revolutionize the web but yes we have changed our mini world and revolutionized our workspace and changing the perception of all parents that our motto of "Transforming Bloggers Into Entrepreneurs" was never just a sugar coated slogan, we meant it and we are proving it today! STCnetwork has transformed from a simple Home ran business to a Commercial Open Market Business. We are officially launching the first Head Office of STCnetwork in Karachi, which is the First Registered Company in subcontinent of Professional Bloggers, which aims at promoting Online Entrepreneurship across the country and globe. This office is Alhamdulillah a successful execution of Phase I of our Mega Plan and with God as the Mentor and our readers as a source of motivation, we are very close to Phase II. Our employees work virtually from different countries and cities and we do make up a good family.

What is the Office all about?

We have been educating over thousands of students, house wives, retirees and jobless on daily basis since consecutive 5 years across the globe and have fortunately transformed several students into Content Writers, SEO geeks, Pro Bloggers, Web developers and Programmers. Today this office is a clear evidence of how correct online earning strategies and hard work can guarantee you a substantial and lucrative income online.

From this month onwards we will be offering web services and web solutions to local clients too and have expanded our development scope to Mobile applications also. Our services and area of interest include:

  • Web development
  • App Development
  • Graphics and Animation
  • SEO Auditing & Consultancy
  • Web marketing Campaigns and SEM
  • Online Business Strategies and ideas
  • *Preaching Entrepreneurship through Public Speaking

With this Office we hope to better help our clients and students who are eager to learn more about content writing and online earning mechanisms. Loyal clients and readers would be able to meet us face to face and have a cup of Green Tea with us!

For The Record

Professional bloggers have mostly Home Offices but we needed to step ahead of all and become amongst the pioneers to step into open market as Bloggers and web developers.  To our best knowledge STCnetwork is currently the First Registered Company of Professional Bloggers with a Commercial Office in South Asia and we pay regular income tax and have our company NTN (National TAX Number).

What made it Possible?

I never forget the old days because they keep me reminded of who am I and what have I become and what I need to do next. My parents belonged to a middle class family and they worked day and night so that I could be an educated gentlemen. It is hard explaining every detail of how a small school going guy turned into an entrepreneur today in a field of blogging which was rarely practiced in my country and rarely do anyone knew about it but if there is anything that helped me reach this stage is certainly trust in God, helping people, respect of readers, remaining humble to mentors and consistent hard work despite several ups and downs. Maintaining an online business is tough when you have a bully like Google around =d but it is only patience and dedication that enables you to face it all and still be happy and contended with life.

A saying of the Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali is enough to describe why I always emphasize so much on hard work:

I hated every minute of training, but I said "Don't quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion"

It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out;
it's the pebble in your shoe

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they have been given than to explore the power they have to change it, impossible is not a fact, it's an opinion,
impossible is not a declaration, it's a dare, impossible is
potential, impossible is temporary,

impossible is nothing.

Surely no success is possible without hard work. Hard work is the only requirement that pleases God irrespective of which religion or belief you follow, whether you are a Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Jew, God blesses almost anyone who steps ahead to bring about a positive change. Striving day and night is the necessity to live for a strong purpose in life, without hard work you have no purpose.

Why was there a need for an Office?

Working from home is really difficult if you are married because the surrounding around you is full of distraction. After my marriage I found it quite difficult to manage work and family responsibilities. You need some peace of mind where you could explore your creativity and be more productive. Therefore I decided to step out and establish an Office which would be a great source of meet up place for Local bloggers and also a source of motivation for newbies.

I also have a Plan B in mind which is sort of a bigger picture and so far this Head Office was the fundamental requirement and Phase I of the Phase II

Office Interior Design

It took me around 20 days to design the interior of Office Space, decorate it with Office accessories like furniture, tool kit, Computer system, Wi-Fi Internet connection and furnish the environment the best I could with soft and pleasing colors, tiling and paint. I hope you like it. See it for yourselves!

Old Home Office and the Distraction!

A 3 years Old Pic of our home office.

STCnetwork Home Office

Can anyone work in this environment? These little cute monsters would snatch away my Mobile phone, Flash Disks and what not! They would conquer the computer system and would rarely let me touch it unless they have qualified the Game level! ;(

My Little nieces

New Head Office

STCnetwork Visiting Cards

Pens and Markers Kit

Photo showcase

Notice Papers


I blog for living!

Computer Engineering Degree

STCnetwork frosted on Glass!

Cheff Looney!  Our Avatar!

Shields and Awards

Tech Gadgets

A Blogger's Office in One Look!

Tissue Box!

Office Exterior - STCnetwork

On The Time Always!

Sneak Peek!

Era of Mobile Responsiveness


Photo Credits goes to one of my dearest buddies Asjad Azeem (Photographer and Software Engineer at Techlogix). I am extremely thankful to him for taking out time and capturing the office snapshots.

5 years old pic with Asjad :)

Company Website!

STCnetwork.org has been completely redesigned and equipped with all details. It is build on HTML5 and PHP with parallax effect. We will release it within few days. See a glimpse of it below:

STCnetwork Landing Page

STCnetwork team

The team list also includes our senior most Content Writer and Marketing Queen Nida Zaidi.

Head Office Location - Come Have Tea with us!

We don't drink coffee nor beverages but yes we are a big fan of Green Tea (our cultural drink =p ) and we would love to have a cup of it with you when you visit us!


Main Shaheed -e- Millat Road,
Near Dubai Islamic Bank,
Silk Mall, 1st Floor, F-17
Karachi, Pakistan
Email: mohammad@mybloggertricks.com


Visitor Reviews

I invited some of my best mates to the office on the opening ceremony and here is what they have to say when I asked them for a review:

wassay khan

@Wassay Khan ~ iOS Developer at netspace

A great achievement in his career, never thought that he would achieve such kind of greatness so early in life.
Hope and Pray that you achieve your desired goal as always. =d


Ahmed Nasir

 @Ahmed Nasir ~ The Best Programmer ever

As I stepped in I felt I was inside a judge's chamber! MashAllah everything was professionally setup and well decorated. I wish you all the best and may Allah succeed you even more!  =)

Umair Ahmed khan

@Umair Ahmed Khan ~ Software Engineer at VentureDive

It was truly an awesome experience... Everything was perfect on its place. This is just the start of the journey, you will be having your own empire named STC Network inshAllah. I know you will also remember me then as well. Best of luck buddy for your Soon To Come Future :-)

Muhammad Haris

 @Muhammad Haris ~ Software Engineer at VentureDive

The first thing that came to my eyes when I entered the office is the frosted logo on Glass of STC, MashAllah. Everything was so well decorated, loved the theme a lot. Everything from dustbin to Office table was theme aligned. I see this roller coaster is moving to its peak inshAllah. May you have many more success in your business and life. Ameen :)

Ramesh Kumar Khatri

 @Ramesh Kumar Khatri ~ Mobile App Develop at NextGeni

STC's baby Office is so cute, it smiles at you with attractive color combination and embraces you with that wooden frame fixed on wall. At first I found it good but when I stepped in and spend some time, I found it amazing! Hope this baby Office (as you named it) grows well and healthy! :>


Muhammad Ahsan Marfani

@Muhammad Ahsan Marfani ~ Management Executive at National Refinery Ltd.

A Space of approx. 80 square feet. Equipped with every essential item increasing your efficiency manifold as compared to work from home. Exclusively styled giving a touch of executives class. In a nutshell a nest every blogger can only dream.

Your views and Reviews!

I can barely sleep peacefully unless I have shared everything with my family online and I could have rarely even dreamt of all that we achieved so far if we were not supported and motivated by the kind online community of blogosphere and MBT readers. I hope this story of a small man may motivate youngsters to step into Online entrepreneurship and give as much importance to Creativity and self development as they give to Higher education. May you guys have the best of life and be far better entrepreneurs and ambassadors of your life. The future is all about you guys, you just need to keep your trust in God and yourself. Laziness pays off now but hard work has a future payoff so keep working harder and wait for the pleasant hidden surprises that awaits you!

Do not forget to post your reviews and share your precious feedback. Your every word means a lot!Peace and blessings buddies! =>

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  1. Asalam-O-Alaikum Mohammad,

    I can't share my feelings in words, just wish to say, everything awesome.
    May god bless you and give you large amount of successes in your life.

    In return just pray for me.


    1. W.salam dear Ishtiaq

      You know what prayer comes to my mind for you

      "For a man who prayed so openly for us, May God make his dreams come true and shower on him the best of His Blessings" :)

  2. Nice office ,Congrats,Journey Starts now ............Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost

    1. That is true Raja, we have a long road to cover! Thank you for your feedback :)

  3. Congrats Mohammed... Greatly inspired.... Hope even I have my own office one day.... I would like to advice me on its interior. So happy for u brother... God bless u n ur family...

    1. Hetal!! So glad to hear from you, what a pleasant surprise!

      Thank you so much for the kind feedback and hey don't wish, you will certainly have an empire one day inshAllah and I will need your help then! =d

      God bless you always hetal, glad to see you here

  4. great work!
    cant wait to have a cup of green tea :p


  5. Huff... At last, this was the biggest surprise? if yes... then it was really the biggest and best surprise Mohammad!

    And your nieces are too cute and the redesigned STCnetwork's website is really when attractive.. why not... this is created my you. :)

    One day, I will visit you surely... :)

    May God Bless You.. :)

    Shivansh Verma Skv

    1. Sorry for keeping you guys so awaited but I was sure it was worth waiting. Things look great when they are presented in its best form and I am so glad you found it a pleasant surprise and thank you so much for finding my nieces cute, surely they are but you would barely spend a minute with these naughties =D

      May God bless you more dear Shivansh :)

  6. You are ROCKING guys :) Awesome and just Awesome
    Mohammad Mustafa you are always one of my favorite blogger. Keep it up and also pray for me. I am new in blogging.


    1. Awesome are people like you who openly congratulate and share the happiness! Thank you Imran for such a nice comment. I am sure with hard work and dedication you would soon led to your self established business one day inshAllah :)

  7. Our compliments for your new office and we wish to see you achieving new heights.

    1. Thank you Analyst and I wish to see you too shining today and tomorrow forever :)

  8. Congratulations brother. I love you always! Keep helping people around the globe with your unique skills.

    1. Love you more dear Manohara. I will always make sure to be the same humble teacher and friend as always. That's what my life is meant for =)

  9. Many many congratulation for this baby software house. I really appreciate your Hard Work and wish to see you most the successful blogger over the World. Its indeed a biggest surprise for all of us.

    When time allow @Templatezy will must visit your office and will meet @Mohammad face by face its a dream ever.

    1. I would love to meet you dear hafeez and I wish the same for your business venture. May you prosper the fastest possible and may God accepts all your dedicated hard work and struggle

      So kind of you for the cheering feedback =)

  10. Hayırlı uğurlu olsun kardeşim. Başarılar temenni ederim. Allah yolunu açık etsin.

    1. I had to use Google translator for that! Thank you man for all your prayers and wishes. God bless you! :d

  11. Yeni ofisin hayırlı olsun. Allah yolunu açık etsin.

  12. MashaAllah,

    Mohammad Bhai Very Great to see that now finally you are the biggest blogger with his own office in the world :)

    May Ya Allah Ta'ala give you more success in your future life and make you more prosper in your life.

    I am really Happy That I am Going on Your Foot steps :)

    Thankyou forr everything you have provided to us in 7 years :)

    If I come to Pakistan Can I meet you? It would be a pleasure if I could :)

    1. If you ever come to Pakistan, I would make sure you be my exclusive Guest! Thank you dear nafees for all your love and respect. Certainly this feedback is the only source of energy that keeps us lively and active and dedicated to work.

      May you have the best of Life and be successful with everything you do =)

  13. its really great to witness this,
    from DREAM to REALITY! :)

    1. So glad to see you here Melaka. Thank you so much for the kind feedback Melaka! =D

      Will reply remaining comments in few hours. Doing some home stuff now - its strike so office is closed today! ;)

  14. I am really excited to read whole of your post. Very good luck buddy, keeping rocking. I think your hard work has paid-off.

    Love from Indian Bloggers.

    1. Indian Bloggers are both amongst my mentors and my biggest source of motivation. I can really not thank you all enough for it. Thank you dear enough for all the kind remarks. Surely they empower us more and give us more energy to perform better :)

  15. may Allah give you more success
    Great Work You give us hope that we can do any thing
    inshallah I will visit next month
    thank you

    1. I will be waiting to meet you Tariq and you are most welcomed to be my guest :)

  16. What A Story!! Remarkable!!!
    Even Having Such A beautiful kiddies you were able to work!!! Appreciate It!!!
    Best Luck For Future Hope You Make Your Own Blogger Service!!
    GOOD LUUUUCKKK!!! Mohammad!!
    And Nice Office Too!!

    1. Thank you dear Nitish! Indeed these little kitties keep me happy in life and now there are one more kitty at home which is far more naughty :D She forced me stepped out of room because share she is addicted to touching my laptop ;)

      Thank you for your kind remarks :)

  17. MA SHA ALLAH brother keep it up. You are really an inspiration for me.

    1. And friends and readers like you are inspiration for us! Thank you Umer! =)

  18. Salam.

    What a surprise brother! Great step. I'm sure in a place where you have such cute children in your family, it's hard to not get distracted :)

    I envy you brother for having such a awesome place to blog :p I hope may Allah gives tons of barakah in it and your other projects.

    Really loved the pics. :D


    1. W. Salam buddy

      I so miss you here buddy and I hope on your visit to karachi, you will surely show up here :) Thank you so much for the kind words, they mean a lot and yes you are right these kitties are my entertainment =d

  19. Nice office Mohammad. Congratulations !! But I think you Should not use blogger Logo.

    1. I think I can never stop using it! =d

      Actually we have not re-branded the official logo of blogger we are actually acting as ambassadors of blogger and we are promoting it. To make sure we don't violate the copyrights of the logo we edited it and transformed it to a different orientation, size and color. but again we are adding it only to show our love and respect to blogger and promote it even further.

      Hope I have clarified it buddy :)

  20. Replies
    1. you will easily attain it and a far better status God willing very soon :)

  21. First of all nice office ... Can you just show us the office full with a Video on Youtube ... Please . Because i am so exited .. Is there is any training center in office ?

    1. Google just accepted our request and added STCnetwork on Map. Check the map above for exact address! :)

      I surely will do that one day

  22. congrats......keep going on......i wish all the best for the future and wish it goes through around the world.......i must appreciate your creativity and hard working........congrats once again

    1. thank you naveen. Actually I have never thought of anything, just struggled for it and time and patience made it easy attaining it. Waited 5 years for it and this period of long awaiting let me realize the importance of hard work and today I am a big believer of it

  23. This is really an amazing News! Surely You are prvoving to be the best blogger of not only in pakistan but you are reaching at top. Hope that your success stay there forever! My best wishes with you and Keep remember that You always have support from us.

    Thank You for all You have done!

    1. Saqib your final words strengthen me a lot and they are enough a supplement to keep us alive. Thank you for all the respect and consistent motivation buddy :)

      Wish you the best of life!

  24. Mashaallah...

    Allah aapko aur kamyabi De

    1. jazakAllah dear MS khan and I wish the same for my brother :)

  25. Asalam-o-alaikuM Mustafa bhai,

    That's indeed a milestone achieved and I so believe it's the one from the list out of uncounted gifts that GOD has appointed for you in the future!

    And I hope that you'd give me an honor to meet you sometime in person soon when I visit Karachi, it'd be a best gift for me meeting you! :)

    To yours future successes!

    ~ Adeel Sami

    1. Walaikum Salam Dear Adeel

      You are most welcome to visit me anytime you want. Just ring me up and I will pick you myself :) So glad to hear from you and thank you a lot for the kind Dua, it is the only thing that is precious and means a lot!

      I wish the best of luck for you and wish great future success for you too. :)

  26. Hi Mustafa, Congratulations. The interiors and the exterior of the office looks very grand and pleasing. All the best! :)

  27. Aslam o Alikum,

    Wow! My million greetings of congratulations for opening your new office.
    God bless and I pray that you may have more income and may the presence of prosperity will be there always. Congratulations!
    My brother my all wishes are with.. All the best ..
    Office is awesome MashAllah.. Full professional :P:)

  28. Congrats on the office brother! Can you also make a post on how you established your company and all the steps involved in it? I am also thinking of starting my own company and office and need some info about it. Thanks

  29. Congrats, MashAllah bro, you are my inspiration! I've started blogging a month ago and I aim to be successful like you guys I.A : ) One day. Thanks a ton for encouraging people including me about how these activities can be such beneficial for them!

  30. MASHA ALLAH, My hearty congratulations brother, keep up the good work. May ALLAH be with you.

  31. HeY, your site was really awesome, Actually I can't have a cup of green tea at your new place, because I lived in sri lanka.
    But I can say one thing !
    As the your make successfully change on web, you will definitely make big change in new business.
    I wish you. BRo

  32. awesome very awesome you have made a way for others Allah will give you more more and more.

  33. Congrats On The Opening Of Your Head Office. I will try to visit because Karachi was 635KM away from Sialkot. Well Just wanna say one thing keep aware of Altaf Bhai's Strikes.
    Best of Luck

  34. Mustafa is an inspiration for my startup http://www.www.pifeed.net/ which has crossed 17million websites in 2 mnths only, wish me luck plz..

  35. To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.My heartiest congratulations on your achievement today! You really deserve it.

  36. Amazing... Very like with the concept, I hope in the future my brand Blogger Borneo Network can do same. Amin... :-)

  37. Having the office is indeed a very positive move to act as a central platform where every client can visit should they require any assistance or clarifications regarding any queries. Without the office, some enquiries could get left unanswered or overlooked. Hence, this is a positive initiative.

  38. Had a dream to meet with you, Inshallah :) <3

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