EntreCard Buckets – Earn 120 EC Credits Daily With Fun!

EntreCard Buckets- A Great Traffic Resource!

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EntreCard is a renown Advertisement service that lets you display 125 by 125 AD Banner of your blog on thousands of other fellow blogs for free!. The only thing you need to do, is to show a 125 x 125 AD Banner widget on your blog, so that other fellow bloggers can also advertise on your blog. Thousands of bloggers are already using this service including us. So what are you looking for? 

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The Reasons On Why To Earn EntreCard Credits via EntreCard Buckets

Most Bloggers use the EntreCard Firefox Toolbar for earning EC credits. But there are some great disadvantages linked with this toolbar which you must have observed too as explained below,
Disadvantages Of EntreCard Firefox Toolbar.
  1. EntreCard Toolbar Works With Mozilla Firefox Only And You can’t Use It On Other Browsers Of Your Choice
  2. It often Includes Blogs With No EntreCard Widget Displayed. Which Is Really Irritating!
  3. Includes Blogs With EntreCard Widget Displayed Far at The Bottom Of The Homepage
  4. Includes Deleted Blogs/Expired Blogs Appearing i.e Blogs That No More Exists
  5. Includes Blogs with Slow Load Time
  6. Includes Blogs With Several EntreCard Accounts i.e Reoccurrence Of A Blog. Some Bloggers Submit Both Homepage and Individual Pages Links To gain More Traffic. But This Wastes Your Time Because You can Only Drop Once!
  7. Includes Blogs With Heavy JavaScript That Further wastes Precious Time.
  8. Includes Blogs With Explicit AD Banners
  9. And The List Goes On..
EntreCard Buckets on contrary has the following advantages over the EntreCard Toolbar.
Advantages Of Earning EC via EntreCard Buckets:
  1. Fast Loading and Interesting Categories
  2. All Blogs Equipped With EntreCard Widget
  3. All Blogs Active And Running
  4. All EntreCard Widgets Fairly Visible
  5. EC Credits Can Be Earned Using Any Of Your Favorite Browsers
  6. No Blog With Objectionable Content
  7. No Blog With Explicit Ad Banners
  8. No Blog With Pop Ups
  9. No Blog With Heavy JavaScript 
  10. Most Importantly You Can Earn 120 EC Credits Daily Without Wasting Time!
  11. Playing With Buckets Is Just Like An Adventure And Fun Because we Update The Buckets With New Interesting Blogs Each Weak! (Condition Apply)

Enjoy The Beautiful Adventure Of Hidden Links In Buckets!
Click A Bucket To Start Dropping!
If you really want to make dropping a fun adventure then do this,
  1. Download Opera Browser -The fastest browser!
  2. Run Opera In Turbo Speed Mode
  3. Allow pop-ups in Opera by going to TOOLS > PREFERENCES > GENERAL. Under the general tab set the pop-ups option to "Open all Pop-ups"
  4. Now sign into your EntreCard account
  5. Now simply click a bucket to enjoy 120 EC Credits in no time!
We visit all 120 blogs in approximately 11 minutes using this technique. We Promise!
Now Lets Start Dropping The Smart Way!
Environment                Environment Home and Garden         Home and Garden Parenting and Family         Parenting and Family
Mixed Bag               Mixed Bag Cooking And Dining       Cooking and Dining Books                  Books
 Hobbies                Hobbies  Education               Education  Entrekids                   Kids
Internet Marketing         Internet Marketing pets                   Pets Travel                 Travel
Finance & Investing

EntreCard Buckets Can Bring You More Traffic Than EntreCard Itself!

If your Blog is included in one of the buckets above then you are surely lucky! We receive 4000-5000 Visitors Monthly and with 10,830 Monthly Page views (Thanks To God). Our Blog can be well judged by the PR status (2.0), mounting Alexa rank, Facebook Friends(226), Twitter flowers(1112), Comment ratio and etc. Keeping in mind that we launched this site just 6 months back. Further our readership is increasing at 68.58% according to Google analytics. In short for your Blog to be in a EntreCard Bucket is equal to an extra 4000-5000 loyal visitors and an extra 1000 daily Adsense Page Impressions!
If you want to even double and triple the traffic amount from EntreCard Buckets to your blog then let more and more people know about it. Because When more people come to know of this amazing bucket adventure, your blog will receive more and more Drops/traffic.
So If you have really understood the logic then kindly spread The Bucket Adventure in the following ways,
Display One Of these Bucket Banners Near Your EntreCard Widget,
 EntreCard Buckets- 125 by 125 Banner
<a href="http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2009/01/entrecard-buckets-earn-120-ec-credits.html" title="Earn 120 EC credits daily with EntreCard Buckets!"><img alt="Amazing Blogger Trick To Increase Traffic to your Blog" src="http://lh5.ggpht.com/_7wsQzULWIwo/Sw_Vz1ZaF1I/AAAAAAAACWM/mKgOPTtF_wc/I-am-in-a-Bukcet-2%5B3%5D.gif?imgmax=800"/></a>
EntreCard Buckets -125 by 50 Banner
<a href="http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2009/01/entrecard-buckets-earn-120-ec-credits.html" title="Earn 120 EC credits daily with EntreCard Buckets!"><img alt="Amazing Blogger Trick To Increase Traffic to your Blog" src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/_7wsQzULWIwo/Sw_V1___K_I/AAAAAAAACWU/gUH4VHc9FFE/I-am-in-a-bucket_thumb.gif?imgmax=800"/></a>

EntreCard Buckets- 125 by 40 Banner 
<a href="http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2009/01/entrecard-buckets-earn-120-ec-credits.html" title="Earn 120 EC credits daily with EntreCard Buckets!"><img alt="Amazing Blogger Trick To Increase Traffic to your Blog" src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/_7wsQzULWIwo/Sw_V2_aHWmI/AAAAAAAACWY/5HaXUS1kKcc/simple-E-Buckets%5B2%5D.gif?imgmax=800"/></a>
Note:- We Believe In Multiplying Traffic Through EntreCard Buckets To Your Blogs. There are 120 blogs in the buckets. If you all display bucket banners on your blog then each one of you will return at least 1 visitor daily which means 120 new droppers daily and 3600 droppers monthly. And all these new drops/Traffic belong to you!
Therefore for this service to work as efficiently as possible we will keep only those blogs in the buckets which will help us in increasing the monthly drops by displaying Bucket Banners on their blogs. All those blogs which will not co-operate will be excluded from the buckets for others sake.

Want To Get Into A Bucket?

If your blog is not present in any of the buckets below than you can surely make it possible by leaving your blog URL and preferred category in the comment box below. Your blog will qualify only if it fulfills the following simple requirements.
  1. Your Blog Must Have Good Post Quantity (15-20 Posts Above)
  2. Your Blog Must Not Include Explicit Banner Ads Or Content
  3. Your Blog Should be in one of the categories as mentioned above (Further Categories Can be added in future)
  4. Your Blog Should have a EntreCard Widget placed at the upper top portion of your blog.
  5. Your Blog Should be fast loading
  6. Your Blog Must not include pop-ups
Note:- To Be accepted and reviewed quickly kindly add one of the bucket banners just below the EntreCard widget in advance.
If you fulfill all these requirements successfully then your blog will go straight into one of the preferred buckets above. We will inform you via email to start finding your blog in one of the above buckets yourself! For Fun will always remain a part of this service :>

Report An Abuse Or Flag A Blog

If you find any blog that shows explicit content, displays no EntreCard widget or has disobeyed our TOS then kindly Paste their Blog URL in the Comment box below and also mention its category. We will review the blog and will remove it immediately from the bucket.

Need Quick Help within 24 Hours? ASK NOW

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  1. Mohammad Thank you so much. These buckets are very cute. How do you added so many links in one bucket? Kindly reply.


  2. hello Mohammad,

    This is a great service and indeed it will succeed tremendously in days to come. Please include my blog in your list above,


    I am still working on this blog

  3. @rahman
    I am glad you liked it. Sometimes we keep some tuts secret :)


    I thank you for your remarks. We will review your blog soon.

  4. I guess I'm a bit confused. I clicked one of the buckets, and about 15 sites popped up at once. Is that suppose to happen?

  5. @hannah

    :D you are right. Each bucket includes 10 blogs. When you click a bucket you can earn 10 EC by dropping on each blog. In return those blogs where you dropped will give you a drop back.

    I assume that you know what EntreCard is? If not then kindly read the into para of this post.

  6. Hi Mohd, This sounds like a great idea. BUT you don't have my category which is pets. So I guess you don't want my pet blog. LOL. That is OK. Guess it isn't a popular category.

  7. Hi Mohd ,
    I have tried to understand the entre card bucket .I have all the entre card placed in my 4 blogs long back out of which only one is showing ads ...not others???
    I see that the topic which I write(religious/spirituality) is not in buckets but I am interested to keep bucket widget in blog/website.Please help and guide on this or how should i go about this .
    Thanks a lot always

  8. @Marg

    Marg I really like your pets and the pets category. But since it would take some time for we to decide which categories to keep, to add or to delete. If any category proved unhelpful or is reported for an abuse several times, we will remove it. The more requests we get for pets category, the more its chances increases to be added.

    Manisha unfortunately One blog requires one EntreCard Account. If you have four blogs you must sign up for Four EntreCard Accounts. If you want to create another EntreCard account the click here

    One account gets one unique ID. I assume that you have added the same EntreCard code (of one account) in all blogs.
    We are still experimenting with the categories and it would take at most 10-15 days to decide which category should be added next. The more requests we get the more the chances to add that particular category to EntreCard Buckets.

    Pets and Religion/Spriritually , both these categories will be set on voting soon.

  9. Thanks Mohd ,
    I remember well that I have registered them separately and not all with one account.Thanks for your view and shall wait to see the new categories coming up soon .

  10. Hi Mohd, your entrecard buckets is cool and I can drop entrecard easily. Are you updated the blogs on each bucket?

    I wanna ask u something: Shall we sell entrecard credits for money? Where?

  11. This is a great service. Please add and include my blog in above bucket. Hope my traffic will increase:)

    I will be waiting to see my blog in above bucket. i have added that widget tooo...

    Thank you!!!


  12. I got a problem. I have added your widget but It does not works:(

  13. @manisha
    A widget will show only when someone will advertise on your blog. first visit some religios websites through entrecard Compaign page and Click the Drop button below there EntreCard widget on their blogs.

    The new template is almost ready manisha!


    We will update all those blogs which will not display the E Buckets banner just below their entreCard widget. This is done for the purpose of increasing the number of drops on other blogs.


    We will review your blog soon and will add it with-in two weeks.

    When people will advertise on your blog you will see adds in them. But first Watch some videos on youtube and read entreCard help section to first understand how to use EntreCard widget and service. This will help you a lot.

  14. Wow Mohd I am so happy to get this news...Thanks for this message.You have made my day ))
    You are the best .

  15. Thank you for including my Blog Milestone at your Ebucket list for kids. This is indeed a great idea. Good Job! thanks for the comments. I will make a post about this to spread your good deed.

  16. Was here, but I don't know if my previous comments was publish. Anyway, Thanks again for this great info and including my blog Milestones in your kids category of your Entrecard bucket list. I already made a post to spread the word. Keep up the good work! Have a nice day.

  17. @Shy

    Thanks for being co-operative. We will serve your blog to our full capacity. Nice to have you in a bucket!

  18. assalam alaikum
    a very interesting idea indeed.i tried to put your entrecard-buckets widget at my blog but its now showing.plz help me

  19. @shambnamahsan


    For using those banners do the following,

    1. Go To Blogger >Layout
    2. Click Your Entrecard Gadget
    3. And Simply paste any one of the above Banner codes just below the entrecard code already present.

    Let me know if you needed further help.

    Welcome To Buckets Adventure :>

  20. assalam alaikum
    a very interesting idea indeed.i tried to put your entrecard-buckets widget at my blog but its not showing.plz help me

  21. did as u said..pasted the code just below the entrecard code...still not working....plz visit & include my blogs in ur buckets

    Book Blog


    life style blog


  22. @shabnamahsan

    Paste the code here that you are trying to use along with your entrecard code. I will correct the code and will comment back.

    Your blogs are under review and you will be informed if they qualified.

    Take care :>

  23. cant paste the code here cause when tried got this msg

    Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: SCRIPT

  24. @shabnam

    first encode the code using this tool -> Convert Special HTML Characters To Entities

    Then get the new encoded code and paste it here.

  25. I like to join but my categoris are not there:

    * Arts & Crafts
    * Business
    * Mixed Bags
    * Health

  26. @momgen

    New categories will be added when we will receive at least 10 requests/votes . Kindly leave your blog URLS for it will be counted as a vote.

    Thanks for taking interest in joining the E-buckets.

  27. hi, i really feel blessed that you have included my blog in one of your buckets. i believe this will surely drive more traffic to my site. you have been doing a good job for the entrecard and your followers. however, i just have one problem, i can't get the code to work in my "drupal" site. it repositions my side bar contents to another place. i don't know if this happens to others but it does to my blog. please, i would appreciate any suggestion or recommendation from you on how i should solve this problem. i hope i can display the bucket soon. many thanks.

  28. @CJ Alba

    *I hope by drupal site you mean this ->http://www.firaapublishing.com/

    You just need to copy one of the code above and paste it under the code of your entrecard widget. If you are still having problems than paste your entrecard code here. I will provide you with a complete code in reply. To paste the code in the comment box first you will need to encode that using this tool ->

    Convert Special HTML Characters To Entities

    Another advise you can also decrease the width of any banner to get it aligned with your sidebar. Simply insert width="128px" height ="128px" in any of the above banner code just after <img .You can easily Find <img in the banner codes above

    The default banner size is 128 by 128. But you can decrease it to 120 by 120

  29. The following blogs will be removed from E-buckets for violating the TOS:-

    http://grampyandyou.com/ --->>>Dead Link--blog Deleted

    http://easyindianhomerecipe.blogspot.com------>>> Slow Laod time due to previously added Javascript

    http://foodandentertainingportal.blogspot.com/ -->>>NO EC WIDGET

    http://jennyspersonalblog.blogspot.com/ --->>Adbrite Explicit Advertisements

    http://xleontips.blogspot.com/ -->>>NO EC WIDGET

    http://mysocalledmoneymakingblog.blogspot.com/ --->>>Dead Link--blog Deleted

    New blogs will be added today. Those who have voted will be taken under consideration.

    We thank all those for co-operating and for keeping things clean.

  30. Hi,

    Please add my site www.kutenk.com under "Education" category too. Thanks.

  31. Let me know when you add a bucket for the politics EC members and I'll add it to my blog! There are 502 blogs listed in the politics category. I'm sure there are others out there other than myself that might like these buckets.

    you can e-mail me at thebobofiles (at) gmail (dot) com when you get one.


  32. UPDATE:-



  33. Hey Mohammad, just wandering why there are some sites included when they do not have the Entrecard widget or even the buckets link?

    Here´s an example: xleontips(dot)blogspot(dot)com in the Computers and internet bucket.

    Thanks in advance

  34. Upss... sorry, I just noticed your previous comment.

  35. my bucket widget now functions well with my pages. it works well with less than 128ipx by 128ipx. thanks for your support!

  36. Bogs that are removed are replaced with these,

    http://www.crazysuburbanmom.com/ ------> Parentingandfamily
    http://whatrosemadetoday.blogspot.com/----> Homeandgarden
    http://carinderia.net/blog/ ----> Cookinganddining
    http://speedcathollydale.blogspot.com/ --> Personaldiary
    http://www.duniapassword.com/ ---> Computersandinternet
    http://dimbu.com/ ---> Makemoneyonline

    Keep posting your links For You can be the next!

  37. Hiiz, i have a feeling that entrecard is for starter blogs right? coz i ihave browsed alot of blogs and havent find a single one with more alexa/compete rank then my site.

  38. @Ayaz Malik

    If entrecard was for starters than no one with Pr-3-6 would have applied. PR comes first while Alexa Comes second. Further Alexa ranking has its value mainly at US and European countries but when it comes to Asia, no advertiser even pay it a heed (No offense)

    If problogger.net can use entrecard for a month then why not you. I have seen many blogs with Alexa below 25,000. One such example is my niche fellow blogger bloggerbuster.com with Alexa rank 16,282. Is that enhough evidence?

    If you are interested let us know so that we could make a bold decision because there are many other fellow bloggers eager to get into a bucket!

  39. lol man that was a question not criticsm. anyways about the page rank ur talking . adds displayed link to entrecard links which redirects. to sites.. so no role of pr i guess. anyways its my first day with it lets see result in one week :)

  40. @Ayaz Malik

    We have found no E-Bucket banner on your site. Kindly add one. We filter sites with no E-Buckets banner.

    Thanks for taking time and writing to us.

  41. @MOHD,

    This does work well for dropping. Thanks for this service.

  42. Thank you very much for including me. :)

  43. Thanks for including wizardsurf.com in your internet marketing bucket!

  44. Just added E-Bucket banner on my site: http://www.kutenk.com/.

  45. hope you can add my blog on the buckets thanks

    Thanks and have a great day

  46. Greetings, I think this is wonderful. I do use the EC toolbar, mainly to drop back on all of the people in my inbox. I do that first and then I have used the EC toolbar in other ways but as you have stated above I'm getting tired of (and would certainly not buy ads on) the incredible numbers of people who even though they have wonderful blogs are putting their widgets way at the bottom. Why bother? My widgets are at the top of both of my blogs and I also pay the $5 a month fee so that my advertisers get 100% airtime. There are no paid ads on my blogs.

    I would like very much to be listed in your buckets and will put your widget on both of mine. My two blogs are:

    Personal Diary: (Maitri's Heart) http://www.maitrisheart.com

    Home and Family: (Life at Dragonfly Cottage) http://blog.maitrilibellule.com

    Thank you so much. I love your buckets and am on my way to put your widgets up right now!

    Blessings and Happy Holidays,


  47. assalam alaikum
    jazakAllah for including my book blog in ur bucket...i've put ur bucket widget in my second blog also...here is the link


    plzz visit,review & include it in ur bucket...thanxxx in advance

  48. Hello Again, just a little feedback!

    First of all, I will be thrilled to have my blogs, as listed above, in your buckets and have already put your link under my ec widget, so thank you very much.

    Next, some of the things listed in your rules as things that disqualify a person came up at least a few times as I dropped on the bucket list: more than one widget at the very bottom of the page; one with NO widget at all; and for me the biggest problem is that you only have enough blogs in each bucket for one go-round. I thought that there would be more blogs per bucket but I'm sure you will grow into that! :o)

    Lastly, a real problem that I had, as I always first use the EC drop bar to drop back on everyone who dropped on me as a courtesy and a thank you, when I come here I had already dropped on many of the blogs in the list. I don't know how they do it on the EC drop bar, but it works just like this, click the double arrow and many blogs open up for fast dropping BUT if you've already dropped on someone they don't come up again. Tonight I wasted a lot of time because I had already dropped on so many of the people already.

    This is just a little constructive feedback, also many people who are IN the buckets don't have your link there. I assumed that was necessary?

    Thanks again, I'll hang in and try it for awhile. Here's to fast growth and success to you...

    http://www.maitrisheart.com (Personal Diary)
    http://blog.maitrilibellule.com (Home and Garden)

  49. Not sure about this - but I'm willing to give it a try so I have added your buckets to my site. How does my site now get into one of your buckets?

  50. I thank all for putting forward their requests and feedback. Here are some of the explainations to many short-term problems that we are facing at the moment,

    We have given a one week period for all blogger to abide by all TOS and fulfill them.

    Those blogs with EC widget far at the bottom or with no banner buckets will be flushed out after every four days.

    Some blog owners are on leave and we are unable to contact them. But we can only offer a 1 week period.

    At present we have kept only 120 blogs but we will grow the list to 300-500 if the service expanded and was well appreciated

    We only request some co-operation and patience from our current members. Things will change as time goes on.

    E-buckets are just one week old and they have spread so rapidly! Indeed if you see it on long term things will really be in your favour

    We thank maitri for her useful and to the point feedback

  51. Hi!

    I'm going to add the buttom at my blog right now. Done!
    Please add me to one of the buckets. Thanks!


    Enjoy your weekend.

  52. I think blogger ate my request.
    So I'm going to add it once more.

    Please add me too.


    I've added the code to my site already.

    Thanks a lot.

  53. Mohammed

    Just signed up for Entrecard and all done as requested,using your Church theme as my blog!.Banner codes are on and I hope ive done it all correctly so I will sit back and wait,my blog is kids football and am not sure if you have included sports in your buckets so please point me in the right direction!.http://www.santos-football-club.com is the url..many thanks...Steve

  54. @steve and @Matri

    You guys will be in today!

  55. @Greetje

    I am sorry to say this but unfortunately Your blog (http://www.laaneworld.com/)could not qualify due to slow load time.

    Your other blog is still under review.

  56. Please add : http://macosxstation.blogspot.com/

    Under computers section. Thanks

  57. I love your buckets. Many of my regular E-card friends are already in them. I'd love to put my blogs there, too.


    Thanks in advance for considering my blogs.

  58. assalam alaikum
    jazakAllah for including my book blog in ur bucket...i've put ur bucket widget in my second blog also...here is the link


    plzz visit,review & include it in ur bucket...thanxxx in advanc

  59. Hi,
    grad to see your blog gaining so much traffic. I wish to have it myself also. So is it convenient to add my blog in your bucket?

    My blog url is http://hitechblog.ckitz.com/ and the name of my blog is HiTechBlog. I wish to add my blog in the Computer and Internet categories.

    Thanks a lot.

  60. Hi, These buckets are really cute.

    Could you please include me in Parenting & Family. While I more closely match "mixed bag" I still blog about me and my family. Thanks.


  61. Hi Mohammad,

    Hi there i included the banner of yours can you include my blog on your buckets. This stuff really helps to make some good drops everyday for my entrecard. Wait for you feedback and hope to be a part of this really cool buckets

  62. This is my blog link thanks http://diseases-of-life.blogspot.com/

  63. Thanks for all your requests. New Links will be added today.

  64. All blogs in personal Diary have been expelled and the category is replaced with mixed Bag.
    The following blogs were removed,


    And are replaced with blogs in mixed bag. See whether you are in!

  65. Thank you so much for including me in this. I can't wait to use these to drop.
    Thanks again!

  66. Great idea.. can you please consider my blogs to be in the bucket?

    http://myfoodparadise.blogspot.com (cooking and dining)
    http://bloggercats.com (home and garden)
    http://ladyjava.org (mixed bag)
    http://ladyjava.javaura.com (mixed bag)
    http://ladyjavacreations.com (mixed bag)
    http://dailyher.com (mixed bag)
    http://gdmoney.blogspot.com (make money online)

    Thanks so much.. and I will add the widget on these blogs too :)

  67. You don't seem to have a bucket for "fashion" yet. If you make one, maybe my jewellery-blog, "Anna's Adornments" would fit into it.
    My blogs URL is:
    Best wishes
    Anna (Christina Wigren)

  68. I have had to reboot several times tonight, and all the categories have the get one label at the bottom of the card so I can't drop. I understand there could be a problem here and there. Just letting you know, that I could not drop tonight. It is the first time I have had a problem. Thanks

  69. @Barbara Rae

    We thank you for letting us know. But can you explain this sentence a bit "and all the categories have the get one label at the bottom of the card so I can't drop" I really could not understand it.

  70. What is the status of the inclusion of http://www.kutenk.com under "Education" category? If not accepted, then I will remove the EntreBuckets logo. Thanks.

  71. Hi i am checking my blog but its not yet on the bucket. Thanks in advance http://diseases-of-life.blogspot.com/

  72. Hello...

    I wanted my Blog to be included in the "Make Money Online" category.

    I've already posted it!

    More Power!:=)

  73. Hi..im using it now and it's great. Wish i can join this bucket. I have four blogs in different categories.

    http://www.rklivengood1128.blogspot.com (personal blog)
    http://www.klivengood-iTravel.blogspot.com (Travel blog)
    http://momsshoppinglists.blogspot.com (Shopping/Fashion)
    http://www.rdlivengood.blogspot.com (Pet/Personal)

    Thank you.

  74. At the bottom of the card when you click, it usually says Thanks, or Go-Go or something like that. All the cards in the remaining 5 categories, that I had left to drop in, all said get one, meaning sign-up and get an entrecard. I even checked back a half hour later, and all five categories still said that. I hope this makes it more understandable to you now. Like I said, it was the first time I had a problem with the service.

  75. This is a good idea but many of the blogs - especially the bottom row do not drop back - but not only those to be honest.

    I guess you can not make people visit you but that is the point - to generate two way traffic.

    That is why sometimes using the EC drop in feature is easier - you can tell at least who visits you.

  76. I'd love to get Pink Lemonade Online Magazine included in a bucket!


    - Liz

  77. @Lady Java

    Your blogs are under review

    @kutenk and @edwin

    Your blogs are accepted and will be added within 1-2 days

    First sign up for EntreCard and get their widget.




    Thankfully everything is going the opposite as you described. If you are really sure then why did you prefer to comment anonymously!

    Blogs under review

    @pink lemonade

    Blog under review






    1. PETS
    2. TRAVEL
    3. HOBBIES


  79. @kutenk

    We just received an alert that you have altered the banner code that we provided. Both your banners are marked no-follow which is not appreciated at all. It is a slap towards a healthy partnership. Kindly adjust the code back to normal.Else unfortunately we will be forced to disqualify your blogs.

  80. sorry for the anon - was just more comfortable. But guess you noticed the same thing...

  81. Hope you can fit me into a bucket, please.



  82. I added one of the buttons. Can you add me to the Parenting/Family category.

    URL: http://www.sahmsue.com

  83. Awwww do I not qualify? See my original request below. I don't find me in either category but I am happy to see you added "mixed bag" as that's my main category :)

    Thanks, Tam

    IE: TheFlyOnTheWall on 11:06 AM, December 08, 2009 said...

    Hi, These buckets are really cute.

    Could you please include me in Parenting & Family. While I more closely match "mixed bag" I still blog about me and my family. Thanks.


  84. Greetings Mohammad!
    Here is my link if you are able to include my blog:


    PLease let me know if you accept my blog so I can include a "bucketbanner" or badge...

    I've noticed some of the blogs your buckets link to don't diplay the entrecard at all, while others display it way AT THE BOTTOM in violation of Entrecard TOS.

    ****Would you do all of honest, serious bloggers us a favor and
    immediately REMOVE all blogs that do not display Entrecard above the fold"???

    Thank-you for this wonderful service! If you need help identifying them, I am compiling a list which I will also be presenting to Entrecard. They've got no business in the program if they're going to cheat!

    I also notice you disqualified one blogger due to "slow load time" which I think is very unfair, as some of the blogs in your buckets (three that have "ladyjava" in the title)WON'T LOAD AT ALL in my browser at home, and even on my high-speed
    connection at work they get STUCK, whereas the offending one that you disqualified loaded in a few minutes at home and at work, with no problem!

    I realize you are just one person trying to help and I understand there are others out there who will take advantage of you. Let me know if I can help you and I'll do my best!


  85. Hi David
    I take great concerns when you say three of my blog WONT LOAD AT ALL.. Which of these blogs of mine are not loading at all for you?

    Please advise.


  86. Oh also.. as for the "above the fold" rule.. here's the update from Entrecard themselves... http://entrecard.com/blog/?p=1088


  87. Salam Mohammad..
    Do you think you can place my cat blog : http://bloggercats.com under the pet bucket. I categorized it under home before but since you now have a pet one.. that would be the right category..

    Thanks so much

  88. Hey,

    I feel honored to have been included in the "Hobbies" bucket.


    The Evangelist

  89. @LadyJava
    Hi LJ!
    Regarding http://entrecard.com/blog/?p=1088
    interesting they didn't mention it when I signed up a week ago... actually I like having it right up top...

    Regarding your sites, it seems the three in the bucket that all have "ladyjava" in the URL title get hung. It might be something server-side or linked to a widget, because BLOGGERCATS loaded up immediately!

  90. @Dave Lucas

    I thank you for taking time in raising some relevant points. I will start this way. You said "****Would you do all of honest, serious bloggers us a favor and
    immediately REMOVE all blogs that do not display Entrecard above the fold"???"

    Some points below will be helpful to clarify many doubts

    1. I am extremely serious when I give my word i.e TOS. All those blogs wich violate the terms are given 2 days to abide and as soon as this limit is exceeded I replace the blog with another without informing the violator.

    2. There is no favoritism while we select blogs. We really pay no heed to PR, Alexa, Blog popularity or so. I created this blog with an object to let every newbie blogger to get free quality templates, widgets, learn unique tutorials and most importantly use some professional tools and download materials for free. My next step was to offer them some traffic with my current Traffic momentum. Thus I launched this service. I select blogs with PR-0 at first go as compared to blogs with PR-4-6. It is clearly visible that 67% of the blogs in E-buckets are PR-0. Further the link in the banners point to this post and not my homepage. Which shows that for us PR has no value while selecting blogs.

    3. The reason why http://www.laaneworld.com/ could not qualify was because she was running a script that would crash our browser but just as I visited her blog today I found that she has removed that javascript. We will take her blog back under consideration. thanks for reminding.

    4. We appreciate E-Widgets to be at top portion no matter if it is not Above the fold. At most the widget can be 2 key strokes down.

    5. We selected 2 out of 7 blogs of Lady Java i.e http://ladyjavacreations.com
    http://ladyjava.javaura.com and not bloggercats.com. Firstly because we give more preference to bloggers who request us to add their url and secondly when they show respect and add our banner even before they are selected.
    I have retested her blogs speed and have found that her blog load time has increased a bit on the sidebar side i.e >100-120kb but honestly speaking none get hung. We will request LAdy Java to kindly reduce the number of widgets and images on the sidebars or read this post to reduce some load time -> 12 Useful Tips To Reduce Blog Load Time

    6. Violators will never enjoy the buckets! Though it take us some time to exclude such blogs but we will surely flush out all blogs with no banners as we have already done for 70 blogs so far.

    Your blog is under review Lucas. kindly suggest a category for it also.

    It is true that I am a single man behind this service management. Indeed it has become difficult to control so many blogs. I am in search of a service-partner. The only favour I can do for my service-partner would be a linkback on this page and one month Ad display on my blog I would appreciate any help from your side or anyone else interested. I can be contacted at mustafa.stc AT G Mail

    Next Update is on its way!

  91. Hi This sounds fun and easy can we join?


    If we are able to join we would like to be in the Pet's bucket.

    Thank You

  92. Please add my blog also. Url : http://recommendedblog.ckitz.com
    I would like to have my blog categorize in mixed bag.

    If you interested in promoting your blog in recommendedblog, just leave a message.

    Thank you.

  93. Thanks for answering my questions! It turns out that a certain widget was hanging on Lady Java's blogs, as I noticed it in the lower bar with one of those "waiting to load" messages. The same widget caused a few other blogs to hang as well, but today it seems to be okay. As for my blog, I guess "Mixed Bag" would be the right bucket.

    Also, thank-you Mohammad for all your hard work put into this project!

  94. @sader and @ricky

    Blogs under review.

    @Dave Lucas

    Unfortunately no space available in mixed bag. Suggest a second preferred category.

  95. hey,

    This is brilliant!!

    do include my blog


  96. assalam alaikum
    i wonder why my request for adding my blog


    is not even replied/sad

  97. Here are my three blogs. Perhaps you could include a Personal Bucket! :)


  98. Oh yay! I think Meow Diaries is already included in the Pet Bucket woo hoo, thanks! Hope the other two will be added soon too! :)

  99. @Shabnam Ahsan

    We had lost your request among so many requests. I have reviewed your blog but currently there is no bucket for lifestyle. What other category will you prefer?

  100. @Dav Lucas

    Your Blog could not qualify due to explicit images being displayed.


    Your sidebar had issues loading. further the E-widget is too much crowded with other service banners.


    Suggest categories. Your blog load speed was a bit slow.

  101. assalam alaikum
    jazakAllah Mustafa for replying....if lifestyle is not available in buckets than i'll prefer Home & Garden category.

  102. I suggested Personal category earlier, either way lemme know the outcome for my blogs yeah, thanks! :)

  103. Thanks for adding my blog to the list.

  104. Hi,
    Have added the bucket to my blog. Hope you will consider adding me to the Hobbies Bucket:


    I did ask previously but there doesn't seem to be any answer above, so am trying again. Thanks.


  105. Hi,
    I Have added your bucket to my blog.
    please add my blog to Mixed Bag :


    Hope you would do it soon.thanks

  106. Please add my Internet Marketing blog to the IM bucket.



    John Bates

  107. You should look for members who drop back and make this a big point in your TOS.


    Because it's not only important that you earn easy and quick 120 ECs but it's also important that you get back 120 visits.
    Each visits of another member gives you ONE Popularity point in EntreCard. More Popularity points means your ad price will move up faster like you can see in Mariuca's example. Most of her blogs reach 512 EC - 1.536 EC because she drops back on most of her visitors (reciprocate) and as you know you will get 50% of the ad price as your "income"!

    Lists are always static and if only the owner of the list gets a drop from all other members, you might think the other members in the buckets will receive a visit, too.

    Some are just in the list to get traffic (not to get ECs from the list themselves). I wouldn't say anything about members who drop just 4 out of 7 days on you but if it's less, they shouldn't be in the list!

    I write this because you advertise your service with a "promise" to get additional traffic for each member who is in the Bucket.

  108. New Requests are under review

    @Martin@Cornyman's Money Blog

    I always appreciate comments like that of yours. I respect your comment and will surely add your suggested term to our TOS. Thanks for your feedback.

  109. http://styleuplife.blogspot.com/ In Mixed Bag is a deleted blog

    The Drops and another one in Home and Garden is also no longer an Entrecard member!

    seems like the first five blogs in Cooking and Dining are just here for the view in EntreCard :(, better to replace them with active droppers! the sixth blog seems to be ok, the following blogs are again with your little EntreBucket code!

    I would delete all from the book category except Books Hive (which is an active dropper), everyone else gets just traffic from your blog but seems not to drop back actively (the third blog has already moved to another blog hosting as you can see the last post is from January 2009 with link to the new blog - without EntreCard, senseless to drop on this member!).

    The Hobby bucket is up to now the best bucket!

    Education: the fourth & fifth & sixth & eighth blog is suspicious seems to get only traffic from the buckets without being active.

    Kids: First blog already deleted by EntreCard, Second blog the last blog post is from June 2009 (seems to be inactive!), third blog seems to have the Paypost code on the blog which redirect the blog to a blank website!

    Internet Marketing: First blog seems to get also redirected to a blank page same problem with the Paypost code?
    The third & sixth & eighth blog is rather inactive.

    Pets: almost all ok :)

    Travel: ok:)

    Hope this helps you in making a good decision for everyone who joined your buckets to drive really traffic to their blogs!

  110. Update
    The Following Blogs Have been added,


    We are receiving more and more requests. Blogs with no E-Buckets banner are immediately replaced with these new requests.

  111. when i try to sign up i get this message always

    Serious error

    We have a bug in our software, an automatic report has been sent to our developers and more whips are being applied as we speak. We apologise for the inconvenience.

    please tell me why it is happening..........

  112. Hi I've added the button to my site, kindly add my site (http://pakeztan.blogspot.com)to the travel bucket.


  113. @Martin

    I have recorded your points. It takes years for a service to stablize itself but it will atleast take us 1-2 months to stablize the E-bucklets. E-Buckets became so successful within 20 days, Imagine 2 months later!


    Clear your browsers cache and keep trying. Bugs are a part of every service :D

    @Hasan Akhtar


  114. Popular within 20 days?? Your post is from January 2009 that's why there are many lame ducks in your bucket who are no more active :)

    This Tweet from Twitter is the reason that you suddenly got some additional interest in it :)
    It's from 28th November exact the time since the comments started to come into your blog post ;)

    I didn't retweet at that time as i saw there are inactive members in your buckets.

    But i did tweet just now for fun.

    By the way, The Drops (from my previous comment - Home/Garden) has been reinstated by EntreCard. So he/she is active again and dropping cards...

  115. @Cornyman

    Dear Sir,
    If you are aware about blogging then let me remind you that there are no static pages in Blogger as a result we are forced to create Posts with old dates so that it may not interfere with the latest ongoing posts. Further I don't need to give any prove for when did I start this service because any one could clearly see the first comment posted on 10:45 PM, November 27, 2009 :D. Today is 21 December and the comment was made on 27 November 2009 which equals 24 days from now.

    We hate putting fakes statements! Success comes with truth.

    The reason for so many inactive blogs is not that we are not acting sharp. As a single being, I am doing the best I can do. It will be a further 20 or 25 days but the rate at which active blogs are increasing is impressive and the coming days will surely bring a positive change.

  116. hey Ahmed! you rock! thanks alot for adding ma blog!!!

  117. Well Mohammed - I did leave a comment last time - but I think I failed to leave my URL so ....... just in case here it is:


    Many thanks, Polly

  118. Hi, can you add my blog: www.cacainadjourney.com in Mixed Bag bucket? Thanks in advance. Have a good day!

  119. I don't like the way this thing opened so many pages at one time. I'll stick with the toolbar.

  120. New requests are under review,


    You see ten links even using the toolbar but most with no EC widget. Further it is your choice to go wherever you want. Profit comes with logic

  121. Please add "Lainie Sips" to the "Cooking and Dining" bucket.



  122. Would you please add "Equine Epiphanies" to the Pets bucket? Http://epicfarms.blogspot.com
    Thank you!!

  123. Hi There! Can you add my blog under "Mixed Bag"...




  124. Hello there :)
    Would you please include my blog under the "Mixed Bag" category?


    Thank you so much :D


  125. UPDATE:-

    Many Blogs are removed and many others are added. Luckily the Active ratio is increasing tremendously. I thank all current Bucketers for their help and support.

    And yes happy 2010 to all my Blogger friends. Wishing you a joyous and prosperous New Year. May you achieve what you could not in 2009.

  126. 9 blogs were removed due to no E-bucket banner even after notification. All other blogs with no E-bucket banner will removed as soon as the given one week notification is finished.

    All new requests were added, for they all were ideal blogs!

  127. Happy New Year Mohammad! Thanks for adding my blog :D

  128. Please add my blog to your buckets. Category Home and Garden. I have added the buckets icon to my blog. The url is www.realtyinsights.blogspot.com.



  129. Please include my blog in the Internet Marketing category



  130. The new blog requests are under review and will be added soon if they qualify. Kindly check back soon.

  131. Thank you so much for including Eco-Mama in your entrecard buckets. It has generated quite a bit of traffic to my site. To thank you I will be adding your widget to my site. thanks again

  132. Very appreciative of what you have done here for Entrecarders and bloggers! You have brought so much traffic to my environmental blog, ECO MAMA. I am hoping you can ad my other blog, LOVING BAREFOOT BOOKS, http://books-4-kids.diaryland.com, to your parenting section. Thanks so much!

  133. UPDATE

    Many Inactive blogs have been removed and replaced with new blog requests to keep E-buckets clean. Enjoy dropping even better :>

    @Eco Mama

    I am glad that the juice of traffic is flowing well towards your side. Thanks for the kind feedback. Your blog have been added but only for a temporary one week period just for the fact that your Entrecard widget is placed far at the bottom. Kindly shift it a bit upwards to let us serve you forever!

    Take care! :D

  134. Hi Mohammad-
    any update on tycoonblogger.com


  135. Hi,

    would like to follow up my application to be part of the entrebuckets. I already included the banner in both of my blogs.


  136. Hi Mohammad!
    I am very interested in being put in mixedbag bucket.
    MMOmac.com is a Massive multiplayer Online gaming website for mac users. You can find the EC bucket banner on the leftside of the footer.


    // Thanks Freddie

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. Salamo alikom:
    I just subscribe to your service,and put the widget on my blog,i home it will work.Thank you.

  139. All blogs are under review. Those who haven't added E-bucket banners may add so for quicker selection

    @Tycoon Blogger

    Why don't you find it yourself! :>>

  140. Salam Mohammad
    I add your bucket in my blog which is http://www.latestbloggertricks.com
    Kindly review my blog and add in your bucket

  141. Hi Mohammad,
    This is a great idea! Please add my blog to the internet marketing bucket! Thank you.

    And a very happy new year to you.

  142. Hi Mohammad,

    I am very interested in being included in one of your buckets. I have a "mixed bag" blog at http://www.thekayway.com. I can be reached at thekayway@gmail.com.

    Thank you so much.

  143. Mohammad, I see you replied:


    You are in :D

    Can you tell me where I am at? I didn't see my blog pop up in Mixed bag or Family, I will look through all the other buckets tomorrow as it is now 1:56am here and my eyes are getting sleepy :)

    Thanks again,
    Nite Tam

  144. Thx for tricks....:) http://www.homecamera.co.cc

  145. actually i'm still comfused how to operate

  146. hello

    I just subscribe to your service,and put the widget on my blog,i hope it will work.

    Thank you.


  147. Unfortunately, Entrecard no more use cashout again..it really irritating for me.

  148. Hi

    I have just subscribed to your service,and put the widget on my blog,Please add me in the mixed bag bucket.

    Thank you.

  149. Hello, i already lick back with the bucket ^_^ please add my blog on TRAVEL. my blog URL http://www.chibifest.com thank you so much

  150. hello wer do i find my blog to ur ec bucket list in what category? so i will check it every now and then...

  151. Will add new requests today. Kindly give me sometime :>

  152. Hi Mustafa, I already put the E-buckets banner at my site :

    Could you please add my site in to books category or other category that suitable for my blog.

    Thanks & Best regards,

  153. All new requests that had already added the E-bucket Banner have successfully been accepted and added! Those who requested a place but have not added the Banner were not added.

    Since the Mixed Bag bucket is full and has no vacant space so I added the new requests to alternative buckets that best matched their category.

    Take care :>>

  154. What a great idea. I am going to love fast dropping. As we all know dropping 300 a day takes hours, not any more ;)

    Please add my blog to your list when you have space.



  155. try increasing categories, i mean variety , nice idea of buckets. how to get one's blog included in it??? i want mine to get included :)

    thnks n regards

  156. HI would appreciate being included in cooking and dining. I have added the badge to my blog.


  157. Assalamu 'alaikum Mohamad...
    I've added your badge to my blog, please add my blog to your list, syukron katsir...

    My blog : http://www.absolute-download.com

  158. Hi I just added your badge at my blog..;) My blog is http://www.thepapervision.com/

  159. ohh can you add my other blog too;

  160. I would love to be added! Thanks for your wealth of information!

  161. Would love to see a health and fitness or health and wellness group.

    Jenn at personalfitcoach.com

    I added the bucket logo.

  162. Hi I just added your badge at my blog..;) My blog is http://extreamly-urgent.blogspot.com/ Category
    Parenting and Family

  163. Hi, can you please add my blog to the family and parenting bucket, or mixed bag:


    its a blog about paying off debt early, while living off one full time income. Thanks

  164. Please add my blog Job-Search-Center:


    I think it fits best under Education.



    P.S. I posted as anonymous because your comment program does not like dashes in the url!

  165. Can you please add my blog in mixed bag? I have your banner running. My blog is at http://www.writtenbymys.com

  166. Please include my blog in one of the buckets. I have posted the bucket html and I have Entre card (of course!) My preferred categories are food or fashion or family.


  167. These blogs have been removed and will never be added again!

    Fly On The Wall

    New requests are under review. Thanks for recommending categories. An Additional Category of Finance and Investing will be added today.

  168. Hello, I just came across this post while doing a google search. Am glad that I did, this is useful information. Kudos. I have added the bucket to my site at http://orangesplaash.blogspot.com
    This is a blog for expats in Netherlands. Since there is no such category listed above, I would really appreciate if it can be a part of the travel bucket. Please let me know your views. Thanks !!

  169. This comment has been removed by the author.

  170. Could you please add my blogs to your "Pets" section.



  171. I don't know if you want this or not, but here's a bit of housekeeping:
    In the "Kids" bucket - Little Zoies Steps says no such user; Babies, Burps and Binkies the blog has been deleted
    In the "Education" bucket - Teenagers Survival Guide says no such user; E-Shopcenter an ominous red screen comes up in Opera warning it's a fraudulent site distributing malicious software
    In the "Books" bucket - Write for a Reader has long ago moved to a different site and is no longer posting, although the Ecard widget is still active
    **Sure hope this is not considered an obnoxious thing to do - the buckets are a terrific way to drop :o)

  172. Can you add my blog www.johnpaulaguiar.com to the Internet Marketing Bucket?

    Thank You.

  173. I had requested that my blog be added to the Parenting and Family bucket, but it has not as of yet. How long does it usually take for you to add a blog to a bucket? Here is my information again. Many thanks!

  174. Mohammad, this as we all know is a great and fast way to drop. It also has another really great aspect to it.

    Because we can drop so quickly we can also actually enjoy each other's blogs without feeling rushed to get the drops done.

    I think I have added a few more rss feeds to my inbox lol.

  175. Update

    Many new blogs were added today thankfully :>
    Though some blogs could not qualify due to slow load time or absence of E-Bucket Banner
    Majority of the blogs whose preferred category was full were added to the Education Category.

    Your comment is appreciated dear. I will review each blog again. Thanks pal! :>

    You forced me to update the list and luckily you qualified! Have fun :)

    You are always welcomed dear! =D

  176. I'd love to be added to the bucket lists!

    blog is at: http://www.outoftheboxsampler.blogspot.com

    I have all the requirements fulfilled that you require and I've added the buckets widget to my blog. Thanks so much

  177. Sorry forgot to tell you to add me to "mixed bag" thanks

  178. Hi Mohammad, Happy 2010 to you too... I have requested for my other two blogs to be added here since last year, but I don't see them in any of the buckets. Your bucket badge has been up at my blogs since then, would like to know the outcome for my blogs. Pls let me know, thanks!


  179. i am waiting for

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\We will inform you via email to start finding your blog in one of the above buckets yourself! For Fun will always remain a part of this service ///////////////////////

    please send me :


  180. p.s. i don't get it :|

    what "mixed bag?"

  181. This website says that no such user exists when I click on the drop widget. http://babiesburpsbinkies.blogspot.com/

  182. This site also comes up no such user on the drop widget. http://littlezoiessteps.blogspot.com/

  183. Mohammad,
    Which bucket is my blog in? I didn't see it...drmomsspot.blogspot.com
    Thanks so much!
    Kristine :)

  184. hello i've add bucket to my blog...thx :)

  185. New Requests are under review

    Oh thanks for the 2010 greeting :>>
    You can see the growing number of requests each day! I am really sorry that I forgot to add yours. I will do that instantly!


    Thanks for pointing those blogs. I will update the list.
    Dear your blog is in the Parent and Family bucket :>

  186. Hi, It's Me Again Mohammad, :)
    Can I not see my blog because it's mine? When I open up the Parent and Family bucket, I don't see my blog.
    I'm sorry for being a pain!
    Many thanks!

  187. Here is my link

    i added your widget in my blog thanks i hope my link will be added in the bucket :)

  188. Yay! I found me! Thanks so much Mohammad!

  189. @Mariuca

    Both your blogs are in. Find them yourself! =D


    Your blog could not qualify. The E widget is far at bottom.

    Glad you found it at last! :p

  190. Please put me in the Parenting and Family Bucket. My url is


    Thank you!