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Bitcoin Is Neither Currency Nor Money – Chapter[2.1] R[5-10]

Reason[5]: Bitcoin has No Intrinsic Value Fiat so-called currencies such as USD and Bitcoins have ZERO Intrinsic value, which means that...
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3 Types of Internal Links and How to Get the Most From Them

3 types of internal links
Internal links are links that connect one page to another within the same domain. Like external links -- those that connect pages across different websites -- they are an important aspect of SEO. However, they do much more. And unlike external links, they are easy to make and manage.

What’s the Best Online Course Platform? Kajabi vs. Teachable vs. Ruzuku

Best Online Course Platform| Kajabi vs. Teachable vs. Ruzuku

There are plenty of platforms to choose from for selling your own online courses, but which is the right one for you?

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, there’s arguably no better way to build up your credibility in a market and/or niche than by selling your own course on your website.

We’re going to look at three of the top performing e-learning platforms by comparing Kajabi, Teachable, and Ruzuku. Honestly, after examining them in depth, it seems to me that all three of these are great options, but they’re hardly identical.

Read on to learn more about where they differ.


How to Optimize Your PDF Files to Get a Featured Snippet

How to Optimize Your PDF Files to Get a Featured Snippet

A while back, Google only used content from websites to get a featured snippet. At the time, most of the web owners and managers solely focused on creating the appropriate HTML files. Today, however, Google has embraced diversity because PDF files can now get featured snippets. As a result, digital marketers who rely on PDFs to create content can now employ the best practices to helps optimize their PDFs to receive featured snippets.


3 Simple Steps to Overcoming Your Obstacles and Grow Your Blogging Business

Every entrepreneur has struggles, bloggers included. However, if you don’t find a way to overcome the areas that are the most problematic to you, you’ll soon find that your blogging business is dead in its tracks.

Although many bloggers realize this, they don’t necessarily know what they can do to move past the hurdles in their way and really grow their blog. So, if this is where you currently find yourself, leaving you unsure what to do to take your blog to higher levels, here is a simple 3-step process that can help.