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  1. Would you please post correct meta settings in image format?

  2. Can you please tell me , how long alt tag should be in image optimization

  3. how can i parmanently remove 404 erros and do they affect our blog seo?

    1. if you are on blogger, then you have to remove it by going to blogger > settings > search prefrences > and then redireecting 404 page to homepage or any other. If you would have too many 404 pages, then google would reduce the number of crawl attempts to your site which would result in loss of SEO

  4. @jaideep gill: alt attribute descritiption should b les than 50 characters for better results.

  5. I am bhavay from
    I love reading articles at MBT. Sir basically my blog don't get enough visits. I write posts still then. I also increase backlinks. Sir I really want your help.

    1. You should better hire Mohammad of you are expecting quick results.

  6. @mini priya jain search aga web meta tag genertor on google n u wil get meta tag gen. n beleive me u wil nt get even one meta tag generetor like that.n add meta tags on below head.
    @jaideep as long as ur image is in your blog.n it take time to crawl.i hv over 2 lack page impresn on o9 2 post. for that see my image my blog or just write sunny leony in google n add 4 alt tags per wil work like wonder.

    @bhavay concentrate on seo buddy ur alexa is good bt as ur domain is 6 mnth old bt alexa is Nt good it should be les than 1 lack nw just ping ur site on, n it wil boost ur rank in 2 to 3 days.n for betr results in trafic just search ur keywords with ur site name i mean technominded. ex search seo techominded. if u hv article on seo .N u hv o9 1 keyword on google search thats the reason u do nt hv trafic ur keyword on google is future Concept keyboard n ths is also nt on google 1st page.n mbt is havinG 46 keywords on gogle 1st positn 196 on 2-5 positn n 261 On 6-10 position n 2349 On other positions.m i rite mustfa bro ?its a reason u dnt have trafic. k so cncentrate on seo. n like ur articles on mpt.

  7. Would you say about the correct method to remove duplicate metadescriptions in google webmaster suggestions for my blogger blog?

  8. @Techresorts I think u have ur labels n searchs are indexed i am having similar prob. past days just use default robots.txt n than ur labels n searches wil stop indexing n in next google webmaster crawl ur duplicate meta tag prob wil remove it wil take 4-10 days to cmpltly done

  9. Nilesh Kumar

    Sir I want to ask that how we can do post optimization if i have a shayari blog which doesnt have much length? What meta description can i use. And also copying images frm google image search n posting it in blog will be a copyright problem? Wil google penalise 4 this?

  10. @admin nt at al u wil penAlise al persons copy images frm google search. in real they are not google images they are images frm other websites becoz google take data frm other site n continuosly fetch images n fr ur blog just activate search deScriptn coloum in post setings n add descriptn wat ever your want bt les than 200 words

  11. Hi Mohammad,
    This is Mehul from I just want to ask you one question. I am not clear about the concept of keyword density. I mean, which keyword to place where and what is meant by over stuffing keyword. And also, what is ''keep the keyword density to 2-3%

    Also, I haven't got reply to your email buddy. Please take out a second to reply to your blogger mate. Congrats for your engagement once again.

    Warm Regards,

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. @Nilesh Kumar: Firstly yours is a Shayari blog and you post articles using Urdu words in English so you need no post optimization. If it is in English then you can think over it. There are some blogs which just post images without any content but still have good standings with the search engines as they are visited by many people. So focus on traffic who love shayaris, then Google will keep on crawling your site. No need for 250 to 500 words.

    Regarding Meta Description: You are using two meta description tags in your template, blogger by default has enabled such features so you can write description there. You are using Salahuddin Ayubi template which is well optimised for search engines.

    Dashboard>Settings>search preferences>Meta tags>Description
    Add meta description over there something like "A blog on Urdu Shayari, Bewafa Shayari, Dosti Shayari, Dua Shayari, Pyar Shayari, Smile Shayari, Tareef Shayari for Facebook"

    Search for the below code and remove one
    <meta content='Best Shayaris, love quotes, two lines, pyar shayari share it on facebook and share with your friends. Best collection of shayaris.' name='description'/>

    and for the second one instead of name='description' change it with name='keywords'

    Regarding images unless somebody flags your blog or copyright holder file an action against you, you are safe. Better use images without copyrights or take permission from the copyright holder and give credits at the bottom of the picture. One time or the other you have to face consequences with copyright holders.

  14. Hey! Mohammad .

    This is Navneet here .

    I blog @

    Whenever I visit the Google Webmasters Dashboard and click on the Links which are linking to my site , I am not able to see the list . It says that there is no data . How is it possible ?
    I have verified both my Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Please help me as soon as possible .

  15. Hi,
    I am M. Waqas.
    My blog :

    Can you please provide me with complete SEO information?
    I would love it if that information is at the same place.
    Thanks in advance.


  16. Hi ,
    I am Saumitra yadav
    Website URL:

    Bro my problem is that I have no traffic on my blog ...I have made 169 posts but I have only 80 to 90 visitors a day ...
    Please help ...

    1. Website URL:

      I have removed the..Tk domain today only ...
      Plz help me with SEO

  17. Hi, Mohammed, thanks for this again.
    I am Oguntayo Mathew
    My Blog

    I have traffic problem. As much a I try to post regularly, the visit is not encouraging.
    I need help on SEO and Keyword.
    I am about to abandon the blog due to frustration. Help please

  18. Hi!!
    I am Muhalith
    Website URL:

    Bro my problem is that I have very few traffic to my blog ...I have tried so many thing but the result still not encouraging. Plz help me to solve this prblm.

  19. Salam Bhii Ap sa ya puchna ha k kb ma tips and tricks kee post create krtha hoo too codes show ni hota after publish post plzz help me and reply plzz krna

  20. kisoni khan

    blog url:

    My questions are
    1 If I download an image from google image, can I add it in between posts.
    2 If I add an image between post content, should I add a external nofollow link in image, because it is pointing to another site. If yes where to add no follow link.

  21. Hi I'm simran

    I wanted to ask that my blog was getting search traffic at good rate last year. But since April (last year i transferred from blogger to wordpress. I also changes everytinh very well and there's even no error in webmasters also) my traffic drastically dropped. My blog url is
    Any tips ?

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. @Navneet Viswanadha Hi Navneet. I guess you have configured your domain incorrectly in Google Analytics. Maybe you blog on and you have submitted The above domains may seem similar but google considers it different. So check it once pal. :)

  24. @Simran Singh Thats why Mohammad wrote a post "Why Never Shift Blogger To WordPress"! :(

  25. what is Robot.txt entries in blogger please tell me
    my blog is my blog are not showing in search engine why?

  26. This page links to the page "" (with the anchor text "new york lasik surgery"). The web server returned the error code 404 when accessing the linked page. This means that search engines cannot access the linked page, either, and that they might come to the conclusion that this page is not up-to-date.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Hi Mohammad .........
    i need a help from you...

    i blog at

    My Question is After publishing each post i have to resubmit the sitemap to Google webmaster tools or in a interval. is there any process to automatically submit sitemap to Google after publishing every post.

  29. @Sarada Prasad . Well , read the post on MBT which shows How to submit a site map for a blogger blog to Google WebMasters Tools . That's it . Following that tutorial thoroughly would be enough . You don't need to update your sitemap . It will be done automatically .

  30. Hey! Kisoni . First of all you are not permitted to add images from any blog onto your blog . Even if you add credits and a link to the blog it is not legit . Your Problem 2 - Solution is Click on your Image and see the Link Button it should be already selected click on it to un select it and you are done . There are lots of places where you find free images which can be used in your blog posts .

  31. Hello i would like to know how to redirect non WWW to WWW address, ma blog is

  32. @Navneet Viswanadha
    Thanks dear for kind reply. Would you please tell me some links from where I can download free images.

  33. Sir my name is Zubair Zia and my blog url is . Tell me is there any way to optimize wallpapers site in google image search. Tell me the tricks of ALT, TITLE, and Captions attributes in blogger. Thanks i am waiting for your response.

  34. @Mini Priya
    Only description meta tag is required in blogger and no need of other tag is necessary foe better SEO.

  35. Well My comment is really a different one from all of above,

    what happened is I got de-listed as I removed my site from google index, than after some time google indexed it from scratch, but know it is not doing good in terms of SEO, any ideas How to fix it?

  36. Hi am Vinod Kumar(vndkmr97)., have started a new blog named FBnME here's the link . now the problem is when i looked into webmaster tool search/label(labels page)are not indexed :( as well when i check fetch as google i got a message like Denied by robot.txt . kindly do help me as soon as possible . am your on among the regular visitors of your site ..

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vndkmr97(Admin: jstxplore)

  37. Wow Mohammad Its Amazing, Now i got help for my blog.

    I have a blog, before 18th december i have more than 200 visitors a day, but after that day my visitors day to day decrease. I had received an mail that robots file block my content. Did you help me.

  38. This new view of your site is too much beautiful. Can you provide this template for viewers.

  39. @Vinod Kumar I don't think that indexing Labels is a good idea . Even in WordPress people prefer to noindex the Tags and Labels . It is fussy o see random label links in Google .

  40. @Navneet Viswanadha Yes Navneet, you are right. Label pages are considered as separate pages and the chances are high that Google would consider them as 'duplicate' content. So, its better to set noindex and nofollow to labels.

  41. First of I must thank Rohit, Mehul, Vijesh, Navneet and everyone who is actively participating in the discussion and helping out the community. Thank you pals sincerely. :)

    @Mini Priya
    These settings has already been shared in the following with both explanation and illustration:

    1.Search prefernces settings

    2.Robot tags settings for post editor

    3.Meta Tag generator

    Perfect source of help :)


    At most 3-4 good keywords. Read the following:

    1.How to tag images correctly?

    2. Tagging images before uploading

    Worth reading! :)

    @Syed Shah
    Better measure it as words dear. 3-4 phrases at most. 50 Characters is a good measure for post titles. Read:

    Post title limit for Google and yahoo

    Keep helping others dear :)


    Read the following posts and if you do all of them but still not getting traffic then you have the right to comment here again: :)

    1. Publish several posts per day to boost traffic - For starters only

    2. Are you missing YouTube?

    3.20 Gurru Tips To Traffic

  42. @Techresorts

    This problem is in all blogger blogs which are using the dynamic meta description code we introduced in this post:

    Dynamic Meta description

    It wont effect your blog traffic because there are only two appearances of the same description but you must make sure to stop robots from indexing your archives and label pages for that either you read our post on search preferences settings or add the following code just below <head> inside your template:

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == 'archive''>
    <meta content='noindex,noarchive' name='robots'/>

    This will tell robots to index all pages except archives. :)


    Kindly avoid referring external tools. We already have a meta tag generator tool at:

    Meta Tag Generator Tool This one is built especially for blogspot blogs and comes with some conditional tags.

    About the name it is MBT dear, not mpt or any other alike. Today we have several versions of Myblogger(X) coming and looks like everyone is causing enough trouble to our domain name and traffic. You will find even or on net and all these domains are only causing harm to their long term traffic and never our brand. :)

    Thanks a millions for being so co-operative to the readers and helping them out.


    You are most welcomed to take images from Google image search unless or until it does not contain a watermark or is a clip-art or a Vector image. Rest you can surely take images and add some text to it yourself to make it blend with your brand. I think a post on image copyrights has become a must know because people are mistaking a lot. You can surely take any image unless or until it contains a copyright or is a unique identity of a website. For example you can not take our logo and remove the text from it and add your text to create another logo for yourself, neither can you take the image of Chef LoOny because they involve our efforts. but you can take our intro images appearing in posts by removing the text from it.

  43. @Mehul
    Great question! I was expecting it.

    Keyword density is not something you calculate while writing a post. People who quote values like 2-3% apply more of theory and less of practicality. I never calculated it once in my life instead we always adopt a common sense approach while writing posts.

    During our training workshops one thing that I emphasize a lot, is extensive use of common sense and less of theory in SEO.
    To make it simple, you must use rich keywords in intro paragraph and use every possible combination of related phrases that may fit beautifully in it and define your overall title and topic theme. Keep opening paragraph limited to 150-200 words or even less.

    Rich keywords mean one which are suggested by your brain and then by Google Keyword tool.

    In remaining half of your post use synonyms or related phrases or if possible standard abbreviations. For example If I am writing a post on "Facebook Recommendation bar" Then I will try to use it effectively in the opening paragraph but in remaining half of the post I will instead chose to mention it as Recommendation bar, related posts bar, or just Facebook bar or even displaying related stories.

    Readers and robots are alike, both will hate if you use the word Faceb... Recomm... Bar again and again. Good combination of words equips your post with rich keywords and keep keyword stuffing and density low.

    Keyword stuffing on other hand is repeated use of same phrases in your titles and article content. Always remember the rule of KISS (Keep it simple Stupid!)
    Keep your titles as simple and targeted as possible. Drive the attention of robots through your opening paragraph and never from titles alone.

    Your opening paragraph, heading tags, post description meta tags, and of course title are things robots love. Hope its clear now dear :)

  44. @mehul

    About emails, please forgive me, always forget that. Main emails pending. Lost in work. Hope you understand. Will surely send a deserving reply. thanks a bunch for the congos! :)


    Thanks buddy for helping others. :) I would just like to add few things:

    No matter which langauge a blog is using, optimization is a must. People who look for poetry in urdu or any other language, always use roman english, just like for Hindi movies. So if he Nilesh really wish to utilize the benefits of Roman speech then I would highly recommend that he use English alphabets to mention Poetry titles in Roman and use english as primary language.

    Inside opening parapgraph he must name the poem both in roman english and also urdu characters. But add the poetry as urdu text inside a blockquote to avoid copyright violation

    He must then add a language meta tag just below the head tag of his template. For remaining tips Vijesh's three steps are best recommendation!. :)

    Let me know Nilesh if you needed more clarification.

    Thanks buddy for helping others.

    For your problem, you need not to worry. Google's database index deep sites that are more deeply linked both externally and internally. Your website will draw more attention once you receive over 500 quality links or just 3-5 good high PR link.

    At present focus only on your post frequency and slection of topics. All these things should be your future headache.

    you can always use google for checking who is linking you by writing:

    Read this thread for properly doing this: How to check who links you?

    @Muhammad Waqas
    Buddy read the links I quoted in earlier comments then read this post:

    Blogger SEO Pack

    Cover all topics for titles, sitemap, post frequency, image tagging and metas.

    Hope this helps :)

    Note: Remaining questions will be replied shortly

    Keep questions coming!

  45. @Mohammad
    Thanks dude. I completely got you. Thanks for the advice. One more thing. How much time does it take Google to get our site first in some keywords? Like, my site appears in some keywords on 3rd 4th position. When would it move to first? Like this keyword:
    how to increase your site's crawl rate


  46. @Sumit Kumar Gogawat Thats easy. I guess someone has tampered with your robots.txt. Did you allowed anyone to access your admin account? Anyways, do the following:

    1) Go to
    2) Check that it DOES NOT contain this line:

    Disallow: /

    3) Right now, I am on mobile so I can't access your robots
    4) If yes, then go to Blogger > Settings > Search Prefrences > And click on Edit custom robots.
    5) Now remove the Disallow line.

    Hope that helps!!!

  47. assalamu alaykum

    Name :- iliyas shaikh

    blog :-

    mohammad bhai

    me salauddin ayyubi sahab wali template use kar raha hu..
    mera sabse bada problem ye hey ke...!

    me every post below


    ke niche

    share this post wale icon
    facebook commentbox use kar raha hu..
    problem yeh he ki
    automatic kuch din ke baad ye sarey code template se automatic remove ho jatey hey aur muje fir se wo facebook ki comment and share this wale code ka code fir se data:post.body ke niche paste karna padta

    muje ye samaj me nahi aa raha ke ye code automatic remove kyu mho jate mhey ?

    mohammad bhai please help me

  48. @ Mohammad

    Firstly I need to say thanks for You as I learnt regarding using Roman English. My opinion is if it is a Hindi movie people will search for its title in Google but for a shayari they might use Hindi Shayaris or Urdu shayaris or something like that but they wont exactly use the title which we post. And your Idea of using block quotes is awesome that's a fact.

  49. New theme is and very wonderful.. when did you change it ?

  50. Anshita Juneja

    In the webmaster status, my site has seen a significant increase in the "not selected" links by google. How to stop the no. since its on a steady rise. I dont copy content from anywhere so its kind of putting me off. Also please explain about the canonical link setting we should use.

  51. Just kindly explain how does Google recognize keyword stuffing I mean How much keywords should I include in my blog so that google doesn't penalize me and what is the keyword limit. A reply would be very helpful :>

  52. My Website Url :
    My website is related to Old Papers of University and all papers are in image format, but my site template has no option to add image alt text to optimize them. It only show download button and directly open image from server. How I optimize Images??? any other way like give title to img or any other.Plz help me...Thanks in advance...

  53. @Saumitra Yadav

    Quantity o posts is not important buddy unless you are not writing on re-written stuff. If you select to choose on topics that are already share online widely then even a thousand of such published articles wont drive any traffic. Make sure you are following our post frequency strategy. That will answer all your questions :)

    Read: Publish several articles per day

    How can you get traffic dear when your primary secondary menu has blank links and most of your posts are less than 500 in word count?

    Further you are linking too many external blogs?

    Please just follow the tips I advised earlier readers and follow this one too to avoid Panda penalty:

    Ideal word count limit for a post


    There are two ways to do that:
    1. Inside post editor go to options menu and select: Show HTML literally

    2. Or you can encode your HTML code before pasting it in post editor using our HTML encoder

    Hope it helps :)

    Glad to have you here buddy. Well your question revolves around image copyrights. I have set up a post for it tomorrow so it will remove all your doubts. You may please read my answer to Admin in comment#51. It answers your query :)
    No need to link back images if you are doing as mentioned in that comment.

    A platform change does not effect traffic nor does the domain or host transfer. Last year was a tough one for many webmasters. Google introduced both Panda and Penguin penalties that caused many to suffer. Even till today many blogs including our sister blog is still facing a traffic drop. The best is to keep posting, deleting poor quality articles, keeping note of word count, topic selection and of course rich quality content. :)


    It appears at this location

    In your blog it has been blocked. Go to blogger > search preferences and choose > Visible to search engines and blogger directory option. After that disable robot and header tags.

    it must look like this:


    Is it a question or an answer to someone buddy?

    Keep reading all articles on SEO category in our blog. Give it at least 3 days for a better blogging experience. You will come back thanking us. :)


    You never submit sitemap again and again. You will need to submit it just once. When you post, blogger pings feedburner and feedburner then pings Google search robots. That is how an automatic indexing occurs. Please use our tool: Multiple Sitemap generator

    Go to Blogger > Settings > Basic
    Click edit under publish.
    Then check the box that says: Redirect to

    Done. :)


    Read my reply to Jaideep @comment#50

    I have shared links to all such tutorials. :)

    not doing good in terms of SEO? Like how, sitemap errors, drop in traffic, crawling errors etc? Please explain this statement and make your question as clear as possible buddy.

    Late for university buddies. Will answer remaining questions when I come back. Peace pals! :)

  54. Hallo Mohammad

    I m regular viewer of your website. I comment lots of time my problems but i did not received any answer from your side. This time i was posted again and want your help. But you still not reply my query. Thanks for your valuable appreciation.

    I hope you are not help me in this regard. thank you

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. @Navneet Viswanadha

    Thanks for your help . one more query is it safe to add custom robot.txt ?

  57. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    Thnx bro for the advice. I will surely read the posts. Once again Thanks for the useful articles and valuable feedbacks.

  58. I don't know why my last comment was marked as spam.
    I am using Salahuddin Ayubi template and I am having two problems.
    The comment interface of your blog is superb.I tried to place that in my blog as well; but that didn't work. You've taught how to do that <
    I did all the work step-by-step; But that didn't work.
    I think that page needs to be revised, or maybe i made some mistake, i did that many time too, but still the same.

    2.After adding few more widgets and after days of working with salahuddin ayubi, the drop-down ul class in top isn't working.
    that doesn't come down.
    i dont know where i made a mistake, but that's not working.
    Any help please.

  59. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Thank u very much bro my big doubt of image is nw cleared thanks...

  60. @crazygrape Well, crazygrape, here are possible answers:

    #1: Salahuddin Ayubi template uses custom comment interface. So, if you have to use dropdown, then first you have to remove the custom interface. Else, you need a separate code from Mohammad.

    #2: Most probably, you have removed the drop down CSS command from above /b:skin. So, install Salahuddin Ayubi again on separate blog and copy all CSS from it and over ride the existing (if you haven't installed any CSS widget before)

    Hope that helps :)

  61. Yogesh Mandge

    Sir, My Blog Is Not Getting Enough Traffic Even After Creating Webmasters And Google Analytics Account. Most Probably my Blog Gets Only 50-60 Views Daily.
    Please Reply !

  62. @Sumit Kumar Gogawat

    Brother you must understand that I have answered only question till 39 and I requested that remaining will be answered as soon as I get time. Patience is a virtue dear. Kindly have a lot of patience because it will certainly make your online experience more worth while. You are as valuable a reader for us than anyone else, so no discrimination buddy. Cleared? :)

    As per your traffic dropped, yes it is true that you have blocked a robot access as evident from your robot.txt file: @

    Please go to search prefences and make your settings as mentioned in this post: robot.txt settings

    Also in your settings check the option that says "visible to blogger and search engines"

    After that go back to google webmaster account and resubmit the sitemaps by checking your sitemaps and clicking resubmit. Will take just 10 minutes to do this all. Let me know for more help :)

    About this template we can share its features but not the design as it is our identity now. But we would share MBT's old design with all.

    By default it is a good practice to not let robots to fetch archives and label pages. If Google is able to index your posts then it is important and you may not worry. Search our article "How to add nofollow tag to labels and archives"

    There is no way to calculate how long will Google take to rank you high in SERPs. You may just focus on internal linking that page and writing more. :)

    Your questions are off-topic and must be asked once I publish template customization recipe. Till then we strictly mentioned we can not answer such queries buddy.

    That is true. That's why I recommend to write it both in english in title and urdu inside post to fulfill both the objectives because its good to keep titles in english. Many people abroad do search in roman english trust me :)


    Two posts for you sis:

    1. Set Blogger URL parameters in webmaster
    2. Solve Canonical Problems

    Always welcomed for more help :)

    @slim shady
    Buddy read my comment#48. A big answer is awaiting you! :)

    Better not touch them and keep them disabled.

    Always welcomed! :)

    You are asking an off-topic question and thats why we removed it. We have strictly mentioned to kindly ask questions related to SEO only. Such questions will be answered in template customization post only.

    About drop down not workng, I have fixed that please read my reply in the comments section of salahuddin ayubi posts.
    Hope you will understand pal

    A pleasure :)

    You must be thankful you are getting 60 views at least for writing just 20 posts. :)

    You must expect good traffic after you have blogged daily for continuous three months. :)

  63. how to increase traffic for my website

  64. name :- iliyas shaikh

    blog name :-

    mohammad bhai muje abhi tak aapne reply nahi kiya mere 2 question ka please help me

    me meri blog me daily post update karta hu.
    leki n google search engine me with tiltle nahi dikhai de rahey hey....

    me salauddin ayyubi wali templates use kar raha hu

    please reaply

  65. Hi,
    My name is kaviyarasu.I need code perfect fixed table for blogger with "rows and columns distributed evenly" because column and row size changes while writing more letters.
    Please help.....................

  66. Mohammad Bro I didnt understand what to do. my blog displaying two description. I have changed it to keywords now keyword and description showing same thing.. will it affect my seo????

  67. After submitting sitemap to Web Master Tool i got this error

    "General HTTP error: 404 not found
    HTTP Error: 404"
    what to do kindly help me about this

  68. @Awais Ahmed
    Bro I think you submitted wrong sitemap.
    Just follow these steps.

    >Login to your webmaster account.
    >Click on your website name.
    >Go to Optimization and under that Sitemap.
    >Click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP Red button.
    >After that add this code there "
    /atom.xml?redirect=false&max-results=100" without quotes.
    >And hit Submit.

    This should work if you have less than 100 posts.

  69. Name: Ramakrishna
    Problem With..

    Hai, I Think My Site Is Not Performing Well In Search Results, I Have Added Sitemap In Webmaster Tools, Please Tell Me Any Suggestions To Increase SEO And Tell Me Any Problems Releted To My Blog

  70. Hello Sir

    My Blog Url Is
    i m facing a problem my website indexing speed going so slow take 2 day to index the 1 page and before this problem my site indexing to good index the page with in 2 minuts i dont know what wrong with my site can u plz help me


  71. @vishnu

    You may kindly read our Blogger SEO Pack.


    I browsed your links in Google and everything looks fine. What exactly do you wish to correct? Can you please attach an image link?

    Kindly use Windows Live Writer to solve all such problems. Please read: Windows Live Writer 2011 Features

    This is the problem with all Blogger blogs which are using dynamic post description. This problem can only be resolved by the blogger team.

    Even MBT blog has this issue :)

    You must be following a wrong method. Please our sitemap generator tool to make it really easy.


    Before I may advise anything please answer these questions:

    1. How often do you write posts?
    2. What is the word count of your posts?
    3. Is Google webmaster showing crawl errors?


    Your robots.txt entries are not complete.

    Please enter these entries:

    User-agent: *

    @Ehsan ul haq

    MONOP is a well optimized template. Website traffic is dependent on your site's SEO and never on design. From what I observed you must immediately remove those Ad pop-ups which could be the major cause of traffic-drop. Keep your blog as text friendly as possibly and remove all such Ads which may distract the robot crawl.

    I am here for any more help :)

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  73. 1. How often do you write posts?
    Daily. I Almost Post About 20 Posts Each Day..

    2. What is the word count of your posts?
    150 - 500 (Mostly 200)

    3. Is Google webmaster showing crawl errors?

  74. Thanks Alot Sir Hope Its Working Fine 4 me And Sir Guide Some More My Site Post Not Sit @ one place means first show in google 1st page then check after 5 days post not available at 10page i dont know whats problem with kindly give solution

  75. hello muhammad,
    my site didn't display on google even if i write it fully with .info . and i am not getting pageviews i have searched thousand of website for traffic but could'nt get anyone help. please please help me

    my blog :

  76. I already subscribe you blog bro, i want to know how to use "custom robot tags" while posting, and also how to use "Custom robots header tags" on setting section, my blog is victim by google algorithm, please how to recover by it , hope you will help me better than best,
    thanks Rohit saini

    my blog Adress :

  77. Salam Mohammad bhai hope you remember me :D

    Shahabuddin Danish (Slim Shady)
    MBT constant reader and subscriber since 2010! :)

    Mohammad bro I have learned that it is a good SEO habit to swap Data Variables for Titles and Post Pages in blogger template. But what does that actually mean?

    Also explain how to well shield the commenting system from spammers. I mean just nofollow the comments or is there more. Please answer these two simple questions. A reply would be a lot helpful.

  78. Hello Sir I Change The Robot.txt file but same problem i m facing plz help

  79. @Mohammad
    i have a bit confusion MMA.should we add meta description for blog in both places that is in setting >basic and setting> preferences.please guide me

  80. hi i want to ask that i am facing problems regarding duplicate meta descriptions and duplicate title tags.......thats leads to loss of search engine ranking.....plz tell sureshot way to come from this sssoon possible......i tried what u told to technosorts..but it is telling errors in template.....

  81. Hi mustafa bro i hope you people are fine. My site has more then 130 posts but i am not getting good rank in search engines except one or two posts. My website is getting only 150 visitors per day. My website is
    please help me in this regard.

  82. @Syed Ali Hi Ali first of all you need to setup your front page in presentable manner because it is only showing one post. The second and most important thing is you add title tag description for your site as well as for posts. Finally google got your website and index it but setup you template well. Have a nice time

  83. Bro i am running my blog from almost 8 months but traffic is very less. On blogger dashboard its showing about 1400 to 1500 pageviews. My blog is based on Android apps ,games and themes . How can i increase my traffic brother. Please check my blog and suggest me.

  84. My Blog is not often crawled regularly,so whenver i post,the post are not getting indexed,so i have to use google webmaster fetch tool every time i am having this problem for the past 2 weeks.Any solution? if so please help me

  85. i am using salahuddin ayubi template my site is while analyze my site it showing you have multiple meta description error how can i remove it from my template and can you suggest me how to get backlinks to my site

  86. i am using salahuddin ayubi template my site is while analyze my site it showing you have multiple meta description error how can i remove it from my template and can you suggest me how to get backlinks to my site

  87. Hello Mohammad when I go to webmaster tools > Health > Blocked URLs it shows me 7 blocked URLs but I haven't blocked any pages. I want to know which pages are blocked and want to know how to fix this. My Blog:
    Robots file:

    Kindly help me fix this and also answer my question above. I will pray to Allah that you will get well soon :)

  88. Please, kind help as follow:
    Name: TTC Contributor
    Subject: Asking for help in SEO for warez site. How does warez site target keywords as most contents are copied?

    Hope you are not discriminate this as SEO is for every site.

  89. Brother this is unknown to all of us bloggers that Google is changing its algorithm for a better search. I am running Education blogs and observed that in this niche those bloggers who are using Back Hat SEO like Keyword Stuffing, Copy Paste and not following the Google Policies get good rank in Google Search while those bloggers who work hard placed at 3-4th Page.
    I am also write unique post but failed to rank good position .
    Can you please Explain the matter...

    Is There no any Google Policies apply in Education Niche?

    and One more thing I want to share with you. I just buy a new domain on 5th January, 2013 and I have already have old domain from 5March, 2011.

    This time with the Google PR Update, my new blog get PR 3 while this blog contians only 4 posts which was imported by one of my other blog, no any backlink, no DA, PR etc.

    while old domain contains PR 1 is continue with PR 1 while this blog have 2 Google Back link, 2227 Bing Back links, 151 Alexa Backlinks. Please explain...


  90. Hello all readers. Announcement by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai.
    "Kindly tell all my readers that I am only available for answering your queries after 5th March onwards. Can't literally get time to update the blog. Just give me a week :) Apologies for the inconvenience caused."

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  92. This is very nice post brother. This will clear many doubts in of bloggers. Thanks For sharing this useful article.


  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. Hi Mustafa Bhai

    i have two question>>> 1: my every new publish post appeared in serch result after 9 days first it was better but now it takes so many times.

    2: I resubmit my sitemape but google does,nt update my index status..and when i resubmit the sitemape the next day it appear the perfect result..

  95. Salam Dear Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai:
    I wish to tell my problem about duplicate Meta descriptions under HTML improvements in Google WMT. I've this problem since 1 month. So I’m thankful to you if you solve my problem. The problem is:
    There are 38 duplicate Meta descriptions are appeared right now. These errors grow up day by day. I've attached an image link below that tells the problem exactly, please view this pic and ans me.
    duplicate meta descritions are given under WMT in one URL
    1. original URL descrition
    2. ?m=1 duplicate meta description
    Hiw to solve this ?
    Image Link:

  96. what program do you recommend for creating massive backlinks?

  97. How to create good quality backlinks , Mohammad bhai please help

  98. hi bro......mere blog ka old traffic 400 to 500 aday tha. but now 20 to 50 ho gaya hai aur meri posts google par search bhi nahi ho rahi hai. what should i do.

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. Hi Mohammad,
    I have a one page website
    I work hard to get it in Google and advertise it on also but failed totally. Could you please help me how to optimize my 1 page website and if there is something wrong on my website please help me.

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. My site has just been set up for one month: Ten days ago, I found that my blog had errors with DNS: "Couldn’t communicate with the DNS server. ", errors with Server Connectivity: "Request timed out or site is blocking Google.", errors with Robots.txt Fetch: "Crawl postponed because robots.txt was inaccessible." How can I solve these problems effectively? My domain is on Thanks!

  103. I would like to know that, can we write same post title in the title of ALL in one SEO Plugin in Wordpress.