Solve Problems Related To BlogSpot Canonical URLs

blogspot country specific urlsAs we mentioned earlier that Google has slowly started converting all blogspot blog URLs to country specific Domain addresses. Your visitors will see their country's top level domain (ccTLD) version of your domain. People living is norway will see a domain and those living in Pakistan will see and so on. Blogger team has automatically added the canonical link element to all blogger templates by default in order to avoid its negative consequences with regard to search engine optimization. Everything seems normal except for social networking buttons and Facebook comments plugin. Most bloggers complained that the facebook comments are not displaying after blogger rolled in country specific Urls. Most social media counters can show wrong counts. So in order to solve all these problems we will need to make a slight adjustment to how your template is structured. The steps will be of course very simple and safe.


If you are not experimenting any of the errors, problems and bugs I mentioned then you may simply ignore this tutorial and better drink a cup of coffee and watch the video on the right sidebar. :)

You may skip it also if you feel blogger will fix the problem itself very shortly because blogger team is responding quickly to these recent changes.

Solving Canonical URLs Problem

Correcting the bug in Facebook Comments

  1. Go To Blogger > Deisgn > Edit HTML
  2. Back up your template. You must always download a copy of your template before making any changes.
  3. Search a similar code like the one below:

<fb:comments colorscheme='light' expr:href='data:post.url' expr:title='data:post.title' expr:xid='' migrated='1' width='520'/>


     4.   Replace data:post.url with



     5.   Save your template and check to find everything back to normal.

Correcting Sharing Counters

Search for your sharing counters main code inside your template and where ever you find the following code:



Replace it with this:



Need help?

What did here was  replacing the dynamic url for posts with the canonical dynamic post url. This will not confuse the social networking sites in choosing the correct url for your blog which is your primary domain. If you are facing any problem related to country specific domains then feel free to post your comments. I would strongly recommend that buy a custom domain as soon as possible, instead of depending on a free domain which has no marketing value. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  1. Mohammad one of my blogspot blog is having the below to fix it.
    We are sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

    When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

    Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
    Provide the following error code and additional information.

  2. What abt Custom Domain users ? we have to do this ?

  3. @Admin
    Where exactly are you seeing this error? While saving your template?

    Correct bro. This tutorial does not apply to bloggers with custom domains. :)

  4. should i do it to my blog ?

  5. @Mohammad No.
    When i Visit my blog i see the message.i cant see my blog
    all-celeb-pics dot blogspot
    help plz

  6. How can we Fix FREE.

  7. hey mohammed i can't find the following codes :(... now what to do???
    if i buy custom domain den???

  8. Hello Mohmd, the 'rel=canonical' tag is missing but I can see this code 'b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content' code. Now, when I add this code link expr:href="" rel="canonical"/> below the <head>, I get this error undefined LHS of numeric is null before 29 in What could be the problem? Also, if I've this code <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> present do I need to add the canonical tag?

  9. wow, new thing for me.. i just know about it.
    thanks very much

  10. I already solved this problem after viewing your post. Keep sharing.

    Ammar Ali recently posted 40 Best Free Great Looking Blogger Templates of 2011

  11. Got a Nightmare today with Google+. Ghosh!!! they banned me.. what the hell??


  13. Hi Mohammad when I think of the canonical does it also has the same function as rel="nofollow"?

  14. one more thing i want to hide certain pixels from bottom of my blogger like wen i removed navbar there was a gap left between i used this code
    position: relative;
    top: -50px;
    can this be modified to hide pixels from bottom too plz help:)

  15. Nyc post yr i jst love ur Blog... Nd recomende it to other's..<3

    How To Save Ur Blog From Sopa/pipa

  16. @$hubham Meht@

    Another misleading anchor text.
    I am like a crawler on MBT from which you cannot hide :p

  17. As salamu alyikum mustafa bhai!

    SO what you decided to keep your New Wordpress title ???

    I think it will be (OBT) or (MWT) domain still available on

    Allah hafiz

  18. Thank you very much friend! its working perfectly.

    one doubt, how to change home page url code "data:blog.homepageUrl" into canonical url?

  19. @yateesh

    Only if the counts of your sharing buttons are acting abnormal. Showing wrong counts

    Unfortunately May be it got removed by blogger. Since the blog shares celebrity pics so there could be a violation of Image copyrights pal. Can you access it via dashboard? Your posts? If yes then please go to settings and export/backup all your posts.

    @jatin rohilla
    As I mentioned you don't need to add it if everything looks fine with your facebook plugin and sharing counters

    I have updated that code at Blogspot blogs 302 redirected

    It will work just fine now. :)

    Heard it for the first time. Does it happen even there? :p

    @Auren Lengkong
    No body it has a total different effect as I explained in my earlier posts. Nofollow concerns PageRank and canonical concerns issue of duplicate content.

    @Dr Lolz

    Remove top: -50px; from your body class. :)

    @MMK The Rocker
    We did purchase but we changed our idea and this new blog is a surprise which we will disclose next week. :)

    @Abdul Basith
    We can do that but we don't need to do because only the facebook plugin and sharing counters are having problem and not the homapage elements.

  20. thanks friend tried as you suggested but no avail it just shows 50pixels above header image n hide those pixels if i put top: -50px; in the code.but i wanna hide 50 pixels from bottom from attribution side.plz do help

  21. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Yea they banned me because I had a word "Sexy" in my name. Come on I am Sexy.. What's your problem? :p

    I revived my profile and everything is fine, just I can't call myself as "Sexy". Now I am with my original name.

  22. @ Mohammad
    thanks problem solved. i simply removed the cononical code.and i can access my blog now.

  23. I have two problems with this.

    1st one : My sharing counters are showing "0". You can see it in the like it share it widget of mine in the sidebar.

    2nd one : The recent posts widget at the bottom in the footer is not showing.

    When i go to it's everything all right but it shows the above stated errors in ...

    Please help

  24. i'm facing drop in traffic to my blogs because of this change made by google,Can i use this method to get back my traffic..


  25. ///The comments plugin requires an href parameter./// this is the message iam getting fb comments plug in

  26. hi guys. i need your help. i have just migrated my Blogger blog to my own domain (GoDaddy). my problem is that my Facebook/Twitter/Google share stats are reset to zero. is there a way to regain those? thanks a bunch!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. At First when i applied it, it gave me hrf parameter error, which i resolved by adding migrated='1' to code as shown above. (hope it help to others) but when i'm done, its giving me warning belw comment box "Warning: this comments plugin is operating in compatibility mode, but has no posts yet. Consider specifying an explicit 'href' as suggested in the comments plugin documentation to take advantage of all plugin features."
    Then i realized, i am missing
    <link href="" rel="canonical"/>
    below head. which mustafa bhai told in his earlier post. i applied it and viola !! :)

    And mustafa bhaai. i've emailed you so many times regarding "readmore" issue of monop template. its ruining my blog. i am really very disappointed at this from you bro :(

  29. If we remove canonical url from blogger then what will be effect on our blog. Will it loose search positions.

  30. Hi
    I have a custom domain. My problem is that my thumbnails do not show when I post on Facebook. My url is

    If I share a blog post by adding 'blogspot' to my domain, e.g., , it shows the thumbnail but this solution is not working for me as I have Like button in my blog posts and this problem is messing it up so much.
    Can you please help me with this?


  31. @Sahrish Adeel

    My blogspot url is

  32. I am from india, my blog "" redirect to .in but in canonical it show with .com, should i change it to .in

  33. I want to remove my canonical url issue on my blogger blog,

    I tried your this articles, does not works for me.
    Email me @

  34. I think we're going to support this in allpicx as well funny pic

    So this means that two large crawlers now support this spec. (We crawl for dozens of large search startups).

    We already support storing redirect URLs. We also find the canonical URL for redirected URLs (feedburner, doubleclick, etc) so this is just one more extension to that standard.


  35. This is a different story, I have been trying to restore my deleted blog(deleted by so called spam robot. My blog is genuine nothing against the policy as far as I know and I saved placed lot of writings there roughly 10 years, please help me how to reach blogspot team to solve because my restoring attempts all in vain for 2 months.