Eid-ul-Adha 2012 Mubarak To Everyone!


Eid ul Adha 2012 MubarakLet us take the pleasure of wishing all beloved readers of MBT and SEM a Happy Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak! Wishing you a peaceful Eid on behalf of Qasim and Nida. May this Holy Occasion of EID brings Peace and joy to you and your family  and may shower on you the best of Allah's blessings. Eid-ul-adha is the second biggest joyous occasion for Muslims after Eid-ul Fitr where they share these splendid three holy days with their friends and family and forget all their past worries, and grievances.


More than 3 Million pilgrims performed the holy sacrifice of animals yesterday in Makah. The second day of Eid is being celebrated in Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, Europe, USA, India and Far Eastern countries today. Pakistan will celebrate its first day of Eid today as per the Islamic Hijri Calendar and more than 180 Million Muslims living here will be performing the holy sacrifice this morning  in the memory of Prophet Abraham (PBUH).

Eid ul Adha 2012 Mubarak

Why do Muslims Sacrifice Animals? 

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) was being tested by God (the Merciful) for his loyalty. He was commanded by God to slaughter his son Hazrat Ismail (A.S) as obedience to the Mighty Lord. Abraham (A.S) didn't hesitate a bit and took his little boy to show the height of his Love for Allah. The moment he placed the knife on his neck, the boy was replaced with a sheep (or its kind) because what God intended was to test the inner purity of  Abraham (A.S) in obeying the commandments of the great Lord and not to harm his little boy. Since then Muslims all over the world sacrifice a Halal animal to revive the spirit of what happened that day and distribute the meat amongst the needy, poor and their loved ones. All this is done just to remind Muslims that they must obey the orders of their Lord, even if they have to sacrifice their most beloved being to Him. This Eid is therefore called "Feast of Sacrifice’"

I am honestly not good at narrating history but if you are interested in learning more about Hajj and such occasions then indeed Google is your best friend! :)

Sincere Greetings

Its my third consecutive Eid with all of you and I just can't put my feelings in words. You guys mean a lot and EID is meant to be spent with friends and relatives and so am I doing as always.

Just wanted to share few surprises with all of you. Thanks to your consistent motivation and love, I finally managed to complete the following:

  1. My parents can now go to Hajj the next year thanks to my small company STC Network :)
  2. I will get engaged this year inshAllah! =p
  3. Just last night I purchased a car alhamdulillah :)

For some more hidden surprises do watch our latest presentations:

For me you all are no less than a family and it feels great being with you for the past four years. I wish this Eid brings peace, success and tranquility in your lives and fulfill all your dearest dreams. For those who just started their online careers, I wish you all far more success and happiness. I will be sharing everything I learnt so far and not a single tip will remain a secret. Just waiting for my exams to end on November 17th. Do not forget to visit MBT even on EID holidays! Peace and blessings buddies.

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