An Exciting Experience at PACC with Reviving Youth & Anima

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai at PACCWhen work and study stress exceeds a limit, I often try refreshing myself amongst young teenagers and enthusiastic tech-savvy audience. Last Sunday on 21st October 2012, the team of Reviving Youth and Anima(Towards Light) organized an event tagged as "Scene On Hai" which means Plugged in or to be more appropriate Scene is On in English. It was organized at PACC's auditorium i.e Pakistan American culture Center in Karachi.  The event included some interesting guest speakers and was spiced up with Magic, Illusion, Drama and Singing performance which literally turned my mood on. Ayesha Gull, President of Anima invited us for a Guest speaking session which proved no less than a great honor. Following are some highlights that we could capture so far during our one and a half hour presentation, the longest so far.


Guest Speakers:

Following is the complete list of invited guest speakers:

  • Abid Beli - CEO & Founder at Beliscity
  • Rehan Allahwala - Founder and President of Super Technologies Inc.
  • Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai - Founder STC Network

Following is the list of Guest speakers from within the organizing team

  • Adeel Jatoi - President Reviving Youth
  • Hammad Shaikh - V.P Anima
  • Hammad Makani - Young Entrepreneur

What Did We Talk This Time?

For a detailed highlight of the talk, we appreciate you read the following:

This time the topic I chose was "Its time to start your online business" The audience was mostly of age group 16-25,  I therefore ensured to keep the discussion focused on entrepreneurship by sharing different aspects of online business and its utmost importance in students life in current era of growing economic recession, unemployment and career orientated approach to life. This time I emphasized on PLAN A and PLAN B strategies of life and explained the difference between both by providing a solution at the end on how to get rid of the common PLAN A life and start their online business right form today by taking intelligent risks.  I had never enjoyed speaking so much as I did that day because there was too much of fun and laughter everywhere and yet a productive participation from all corners. Distributed some gift hampers again along with a unique surprise, that further added colors to the event. :)

You can download the slides from here:


Some Snapshots:

Following are some photos that will narrate the remaining half of the story. :)

Photo Credits: Photos with no watermarks are taken by our personal photographer Saad Khan and the watermarked ones are from the PACC team.

PACC auditorium

scene on hai logo



mohammad presentation on online business

mohammad mustafa - founder stc network

mohammad mustafa


photographers and media

sharing some earnings

Pernia Chowdhury being gifted

Komal being gifted

Host Naveed being Gifted

talking to Ayesha Gull, President Anima

DRama performance

The guy below with a dummy cigarette in his hand is the funniest person I have ever seen on this earth! :p

DRama guys

a challenge for a Head spindrama performancemagician Afzal Afridi

illusionist Afzal Afridi

talking to hammad V.P anima

umair and haris

mohammad mustafa ahmedzai

Reviving youth and Anima  team

About the Team

What amazed me the most was that the entire event was organized mostly by young teenagers from different academic institutes of Karachi and each one of them was a bucket full of extra ordinary skills and talents. The entire team offered us great hospitality and were indeed a great company. I would like to thank Ayesha Gul , President of "Anima" and Adeel Jatoi, President of "Reviving Youth" for their invitation and especially for their endeavors in enlightening the youth by providing them with a productive and creative platform. Wish you guys more power.

Your views?

The slides include some important ingredients that are required for a lucrative online income. The videos recorded were not in their full version because some important part of the discussion is missing and that's why we can not share them online. For details related to Plan A and Plan B, you may  surely post your queries in the comment box below.

  • How far do you think you need to establish your own business, no matter online or offline?
  • What business ideas do you have that could be put online to earn a living?
  • Do you think students need to worry about all such headache at an early academic stage or they should rather think of business after graduation?

Your ideas would mean a lot. I will be posting regularly for one week, after which Qasim will be managing the blog on my behalf. My terrible exams are on their way and EID has yet to come. I would love to help you guys as much as time allows within this period. Peace and blessings buddies :)

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  1. Great! No words for appreciation!

  2. @Mustafa,

    Great event and beautiful ideas from our hero Mustafa. I couldn't join the event due to some important piece of domestic work, but this post has remembered me that I was also a part of that event.

    Wish you all the best Mustafa for future plans and approaches :-)


  3. Mustafa! You were spot on that day. Thanks for inviting me their.
    I think students should definitely think about setting up their business whether online or offline. It plays a vital role in their personality grooming. I enjoy the time when I got a business idea and then fell in love with it.

  4. @Umair
    Its easy to fall in love with anything especially if mustafa is presenting the idea:p
    Btw, launching new innovative engineering products sounds more interesting and fascinating rather than setting up a business.Isn't it so?? :)

  5. Well an another great event.But this time we miss the videos.I am waiting for your last post on that blogger series.

  6. This is really encouraging and entertaining .. I have been hook to this blog ever since I came across. God bless you Mohammad .

  7. My best wishes are always with you dear, pleased to see you happy and prosperous :)

  8. Mustufa, on behalf of Team Reviving Youth, I would like to say Thank You for being with us on "Scene On Hay". We would love to have you on board again whenever the time is needed INSHA'ALLAH. I was most impressed by your presentation and you know that :).

    Keep motivating and earning lol.

    Arsalan Waleed Zafar
    Business Development Manager
    Reviving Youth

  9. Thank you sir for being part of our event, your kind words has motivated us and your presentation was really nice and encouraged many of us to think what plans actually we are following is it plan A or plan B.

  10. Well all in all, its been great viewing the presentation. The innovations that your presentations carry are simply amazing plus they give the youth a motivation and dedication to come forward and start up something on their own. I think if these presentations continue to happen in country's different parts, many youngsters will get to learn something marvelous!

  11. Great surprise brother. These appearances are taking up momentum and i hope you get many more of such opportunities in the future too.

    Much deserving Respect :)

    Hassam Ahmad Awan

  12. congratulations bro. I am also following you from last 5 years and it feels Really amazing when you participate as leader in such events. I started my work offline 2 years ago and only done it for passion but from July i put that my passion into virtual world in form of I hope oneday i will also prove myself as an expert in biology research-by consulting and helping others.

  13. Great job man really! i've shared your slide at my site!
    Good luck for your exam~!

  14. Congratulations!
    Aryansh Malviya

  15. Again I am late in the party! :@ Well lets reply one by one:


    A pleasure buddy. Normally participation in such events helps both me and my readers to better carry the work we do. It gives a more practical approach to our online activities and helps to better exhibit its potential. :)

    You missed recording the videos properly! :p

    A pleasure Osama. Glad you found it interesting. :)

    Buddy the MS office compatibility issues with slideshare. You can download the slides and view them with MS office 2010. :)

    Buddy It would have been a great pleausre to see you there. Would have been no less than a pleasure but thanks a bunch for your consistent event feedback. What was more exciting this time was the performances by some young talented students which you must have enjoyed a lot! =d

    Thank you for coming and making it even a more memorable day pal. I must say that I have started observing that entrepreneur spirit in you for the past couple of months. Which is great! :)

    That's your respect mam. Thanks a lot for the feedback. Well launching new products is a part of a business venture isn't! :)

    Kill Muhammad Haris for that! He was holding my Tab2 but forget to adjust the high resolution to low and hence continued recording in full resolution which exceeded the memory storage in my tab just within 10 minutes. :p

    I so want to complete the series but a student is always surrounded by several responsibilities. My exams just got near and will end this month. Will surely start writing actively then. :)

    Its no less than an honor kakaru. You are as precious to us as our loyal contributors. :)

    your comments always bring a smile. Thanks buddy and wish you even more. :)

    I missed meeting you all! I am dreaming of a day where I could meet all our beloved readers like you face to face. That would be a wish come true day! :D

    A pleasure buddy. :)

  16. @Arsalan
    I surely remember that buddy and your warm hospitality. The credits goes to you and your team members for making it so entertaining. I am always there to help you pals with the great aim of reviving youth. :)

    The credits goes to you ayesha for honoring us with the invitation. Thank you for being so welcoming and hospitable. We had great experience with you all. Your team and you especially deserve an applause. :)

    We do humbly respect and honor that. Indeed the youngsters deserve to be educated with modern ways of business ideas. Thank you for the kind feedback.

    Man you should have been there! I am sure we would meet soon. Islamabad is where we should come next. :p

    thanks a lot for the kind motivation! :)

    Where do you live akbar? :)
    Want to see you too. Don't miss again!

    Those prayers mean a lot. Wishing you the best of life. Thanks a bunch. :)

    5 years? That deserves an applause! Thanks a lot for finding the resources useful and glad you have been finding the content as rich resource of guidance. I must say that you will surely end up with a well established web if you continue with the same spirit of trial and error. More power to you. :)

    Thank you for sharing the slides with your readers. Really appreciated it. and for exams thumbs up to you! =)

    @hemant @aryansh

    Appreciated it buddies. Thank you1 :)

  17. Hi Mustafa, I have a small doubt regarding the estimate impression For eg.I just found 2,30,000 impression for the above post in your slide. Can you please explain me how to calculate the estimate impression?

  18. Great Show and that is quite awesome, And it is devotion wht it needs to be at that place that you deserve , great job

    you seem to never reply my comments specifically ? any special reason?

  19. That is really impressive work dude..

  20. Great Work Dear.. Keep your self super pakistani star