Eid Freebies: Download Two Free MBT eBooks!

free eid freebiesEid Blessings and cheers to all MBT readers!  We are back with some Freebies! It has been observed that some of our very loyal and active blog members have been waiting for some new download resources on this EID so we have planned to make their weekend special with two freebies! We have been serving the bloggers’ community and blogosphere for years and we will continue to do so inshAllah and with your consistent support. It is great honor to know that newbies and the contemporaries often look at MBT and apply the tips and tricks shared here. This great feeling urged us to compile some very basic, briefly explained yet exceptionally important information with you all in the form of these e-books.


The Motivation:

The basic motive behind this book is the same that laid the foundation of MBT blog i.e. to share knowledge with all. By the grace of Almighty, today we are at a position to help others with confidence and expertise. We can not forget the problems, we had to face in the beginning of our career and therefore, we feel for new bloggers of today.

What’s inside the Package?

We have not given only ‘ADVICES’ in these e-books, rather we have also addressed the problems you will face at every step of blogging. Of course, you need to learn some skills to call yourself a ‘Professional Blogger’ but that do not guarantee a successful blog.

  • What are the reasons that abandon your way?
  • Are you able to establish a blog?
  • Why is your blog not paying you back?
  • How can you achieve your targets?
  • How can you capture readers’ attention?
  • How can you turn them into loyal subscribers?

And a lot of related stuff is discussed in detail.

Comprehensive Guide to Newbie Bloggers:

As you can easily guess that this e-book is mainly targeted to the newbie bloggers. It contains unique blogging tips and ethics that are easy understandable and applicable to any blog. We have tried our best to start from the very beginning so that it is helpful for those as well who even do not know the meaning of ‘Blogging’ but looking for a career in it. We have gathered basic knowledge, a must have behavior and some bonus tips for your success … all at one place!

Tip: To read the PDF just click the download link below else if you wish to download it then right click the link and choose save as

Download Now! 43 pages, Size: 1MB

Pro-blogger Secrets Revealed:

‘Pro-Blogger Secrets Revealed’ is compiled version of the popular MBT series ‘How to Become a Six Figure Blogger?’ It is mainly directed to briefly explain the proper strategy, one needs to follow if he/she wants to earn a healthy living online through blogging. Rarely do people share the true secrets behind their fairly established online existence. But, MBT has never hesitated to disclose the tips and tricks to its readers and anyone who is looking for guidance. In ‘Pro-Blogger Secrets Revealed’, we will share every single detail linked to six figure earning dream.
We would highly recommend to go through the ‘Comprehensive Guide to Newbie Bloggers’ first, for the basic lessons and then aim yourself to become a Problogger.


Download Now! 18 pages, Size: 666KB

Share Your Thought:

Everyone loves to Make Money Online but everyone is not applying the correct formula and that is why people often abandon their blogging careers. We hope this small effort from this little blog may educate newbie bloggers in a more correct way, guiding them to true webmaster strategies. All details shared here are deeply focused to guide how to survive online in this growing world competition.
We hope you will find these e-books helpful to a great level and can easily share it with your friends and co-workers.
Stay Focused! Stay Blessed!
Make 2012 a year to establish your blogging Goals. Not forgetting Happy Eid Mubarak! :)

About: Rahmeen Ahmed Khan also known as Aiman Khan is MBT's Gold Star Contributor. We can not thank her enough for her contribution towards STC Network. She is now running her own blog at Rahmeen-Ahmad

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