Major Google Search Result Update for Google Plus!

imageGoogle was trying different minor changes after the arrival of Google Plus but a major update occurs yesterday. This is really a good change in my view. The change is that now the Google Plus users can search in their desired websites. Let me explain you in detail.
For example me or any of my friend in my Google plus account friend list shares MBT on Google plus and very next day I search for BLOGGER TRICKS on Google. Now what Google will do is that because the keyword BLOGGER TRICKS is related with MBT and i have shared it in my Google plus account so it will first crawl MBT blog and will show me the results from it first.


See Image Examples Below

I searched for contact form for blog while i was logged in to my Google plus account, here is the result. Result from MBT comes at first page third number.

google plus search results
As you can see it is written there that Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai shared this also you can see a blue icon which indicates that this post is been shared on google Plus. As Mustafa bhai is in my friend list so google showed me this result first. Now when i logged out from my Google Plus account and searched the same keyword again, there was a big change in result.
google plus search results

The search result is totally different. The post from MBT is not even on the fist page.
Will This Change help in getting traffic ?
Now the question is that is this change gonna help you in getting traffic or will it damage your traffic ?
The answer for both cases is YES. The importance of Page Rank is gone down from few years back but believe me, in near future the importance of Page Rank will go to ZERO. Instead of page rank you must now work on getting your blog links shared on Google Plus. Instead of asking a Facebook like, ask and force your readers to share the posts on Google Plus.
How this change will damage traffic ?
Now this change can also damage your traffic if you have any competitor with you or the big blogs like Mashable can further damage your traffic. The blog which will get more Plus One links will take your search result down but in future, because now it is a beginning so start working on it.
How This Change will gain traffic ?
Let me show you an example. I have a blog on which i share blogging tips and templates but i m not working on it. That blog has page rank zero and Alexa Rank of 1,408,456. See this result :

google+ results
BLOGGER TEMPLATES is a very high ranked Keyword but you can see my blog got first page place for this high value keyword because i shared it on my Google Plus. And when i searched same Keyword by logging out of my Plus account, this blog was not even on the 50th page !
NOTE: The search results are different while you are logged in and logged out of your Google plus account.

Final Words :

Focus on your Plus One links. Add more people related to your blog's niche in your Google plus friend list and ask your readers to Plus One the posts they like. Today if you will work hard than tomorrow you will succeed. This is a very great opportunity for new bloggers. No need to focus much on Page Rank. Focus on Google Plus !
Share your thoughts about this change. For me, it is Good.

In order to Multiply your Current Traffic, you must take these steps urgently:

  1. Join Google+

  2. Add Google+ "Add me To Circles" widget to your blog

  3. Add +1 button below posts

  4. Add floating +1 button next to posts

  5. Add +1 button on your homepage

Guest post by Haider Afridi. MBT's silver star contributor. He runs a Celebrity Fan Club at skfanclub. You can contact him @Facebook

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  2. Google has made customizations in searches based on our activity in google plus. I recently joined google plus as they just made it available for teens. So I have to start from scratch regarding google plus.

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