How Come Video Blogging is the Best Way To Boost Traffic?

traffic through video bloggingVideo blogging means that instead of writing text based content you publish tutorials in video format. Since People often prefer Graphics over text, therefore webmasters and professional bloggers have started multiplying their current traffic with their niche related videos. These videos are Uploaded on networks such as YouTube, Metacafe and dailymotion at large. No matter how popular or unpopular a blogger may be, everyone has realized the importance of attracting targeted traffic from video broadcasting giants such as YouTube. It is believed that YouTube is the second biggest Search Engine after Google. People are converting their text based information into video graphics at a surprisingly fast rate. May it be News, Technology updates or cooking recipe, you find everything presented to you in a much better understandable way through videos. People are gradually giving more value to video tutorials compared to text based tuts. So todays' topic is about understanding the power of video Blogging.


Video Blogging - A Better Definition

Normally people think that when it is termed as video blogging then it means that all your posts must contain a title and a Video as content. It's a completely wrong approach towards understanding the true Traffic value of this art. The best way to do video blogging is to publish a parallel post with every video you publish. The text based post will drive traffic from search engines and the video will drive traffic from networks such as dailymotion and YouTube. This is like hitting two birds with one stone!

How To Do Video Blogging?

I have written a detailed post earlier with crystal clean steps that would help you better understand how to turn your posts into videos and thus drive consistent Traffic from Video Giants. This post is incomplete if you don't read the following tutorial:

What Tools are required to create a Video?


Tools Requirements:

  1. A Good Webcam with built-in Microphone - Choose one with good Mega Pixels. If you can't afford it then you can even use your smartphones!
  2. A Good Microphone - Sometimes you just want to speak and not record yourself.
  3. Camstudio or Camtasia - For Desktop recording

Procedure and Tips:

  1. You can be creative in how you represent your content with a video. If you have an attractive voice and can speak English fluently then its best that you talk to viewers by recording yourself while you present your Post. Else you can simply use camstudio or camtasia to record your desktop .
  2. Give it the same title as that of your blog post title. Since you choose your blog post titles carefully therefore it is a good practice to give your videos the same titles.
  3. All SEO Rules of writing an attractive title applies to Video as well
  4. Keep your Video Title length Short - at most 60-70 Characters
  5. Add at least a 100 word description for each of your video
  6. Leave a link to your blog post under the video description
  7. Tag your videos wisely by applying SEO Tag Tactics
  8. Add no more than 10 short phrased and related tags
  9. Always add a background music to keep viewer entertained. Sometimes people watch your video over and over again and recommend it others because of the cool background music at the back. Of course music is irrelevant for you but it puts a psychological effect and multiplies viewers.
  10. The Purpose of your video should be : "Force the viewer to visit your blog"
  11. You need to turn every viewer into a visitor and ultimately turn a visitor into a reader, which means you need to keep care of video Quality so that people may love to find out the details on your blog.
  12. Always interlink your videos by adding anchor tags in youTube.
  13. Always leave one question unanswered in your videos so that the viewer may be forced to search for it at your blog.
  14. You should not video Spam. Video blog your post smartly and present it neatly

See an example video. The video below was created by me last year using camstudio. You would see how funny the video looks but after all traffic was what I intended and these videos still plays vital role in driving me traffic. I adopted this style of recording videos because it was fast and easy but you must not take it as a role model, its just a relevant example for those who need an idea. You should be much more creative.

This stupid video has over 12K views, imagine what yours can have! ;)

Top Ten Video Sharing Sites

I found an interesting list of top 10 video sharing sites where you can upload your video in order to attract visitors from all possible sources.  Upload your video on at least the first three if you don't have much of free time. 

    1) YouTube
    2) Metacafe
    3) Dailymotion
    5) Veoh
    6) VideoEgg
    7) Grouper
    8) Jumpcut
    9) AOL
    10) Eyespot

How To Make a Video Popular?

One of our guest author has written a detailed post on this which you can find here:

I just hope I did justice with todays post by sharing whatever I knew. I just hope you utilize every possible resource skillfully to attract visitors tor your blogs. Receiving traffic is really easy if you apply recommended ways only and so far video blogging is amongst my second recommended Traffic tactic after Post frequency. Wish you successful video blogging goals in 2012. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  1. Once again thanks for such a nice post and hope u post 2nd part of ur previous post (What Skills are Needed By a Professional Blogger?) and plz post on how to use css and html skills to make our own simple template.

  2. Another of your perfect post! Hey i wanted an advice from you pal.. My blog is doing decent thanks to your tips and techniques. Do you think its the right time for me to grab a custom domain? Or should i wait still for the blog to grow? Because if i buy a domain just now my alexa will fall drastically. Will it affect my google search engine results and rankings? Even i don't know the exact procedure to change your domain name in blogger. I mean what to do at hosting end and stuff.. Check my alexa also and advice me asap.

  3. I really like to post something with video, but what I don't like is I must spend so many time in making video, but I must, how come

  4. Yes Sir You Are Right This is the best way to boost your traffic with youtube and ETC thanks

  5. can we do video blogging without the standard language english ,and use urdu , pashto etc in the tuts?

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  7. @Faiz Muhammad Khan

    Sir it is good idea infact many user don't know english so if you post a video tutorial in urdu language or etc it will be visited largly coz most of pakistani don't know english but they want to learn so try it you will get good results

  8. @faizan ali i dont agree with u because this will result in traffic only from pakistan. If u make it in eng u will get worldwide traffic.

  9. @ndark
    Sure pal I will publish it soon. I am working on our Network blog on wordpress. A lot of work is being done at back-end. This is one reason why the series got delayed.

    You must buy it as soon as possible. Domain name or hosting doesn't effect Alexa or traffic. In laymen terms its just like dressing up in different cloths, will then people stop recognizing you?
    However only PR is temporary effected till all your backlinks are redirected back to your new domain. PageRank is regained upon the next google PR update so why worry.

    You just need to change CNAME and ANAME records at your Domain account. That's it. Read this: Easy DNS settings

    But if you buy it from Blogger the you don't even need to do that. Just buy it and thats it! :)

    These are called sitelinks. Once your blog PageRank reaches at least 3.0 then you will find them appearing automatically. Better add a Menu at your header for faster effect.

    Indeed it requires time and this is one reaosn why I personally don't upload a lot but I do upload at least 30 videos during vocations. You can try this when you have a lot fo leisure time :)

    Wait pal. Its coming. :)

    According to wikipedia as of December 2011 more than 56% of all websites use English as their content language, therefore English is the only langauge that makes sense when it comes to driving traffic.


    I agree :)

  10. @ndark
    i Highly Appreciate your opinion but if you think you will also understand there are tons of video's on youtube related to each topic but if you go and find Urdu video tutorials they are very less.if you post an english video tutorial the chance of getting large views are might me difficult but if you post in urdu then you might get views from pakistan only but you will get quite large views any how its your thought

  11. You are right bro but u could make few urdu videos and few english. This will give u traffic from both pak and also worldwide.You can experiment by making same video in 2 version(eng and urdu) and see which video get more view depending on that choose language.
    Best of luck !

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  14. Hi Mohammad. I wanted to know how you are preventing the embedded youtube video on ur blog from being redirected to youtube website. for a ordinary blog if we click on the video it will automatically redirect us to youtube.. How to edit html for blogger so as not to open the youtube website if we click on a embedded youtube video on blogger ?? Thanks in advance..

  15. I agree maybe now it is time to use video blogging as it is more practical ...
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  16. Hi ,

    I also feel that today video blogging is comming as a big platform to get hude traffic to your blog.Your ideas are really great and great presentation.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  17. Yes it's a great way to get visitors. I run a successful website only started a few months ago. But was wondering owner, is there any video blogger widgets out there?? I have tried a few on my site but thumbnails don't come up and stuff. Please check it out. I even use your facebook comment box on my site to. Used a far few widgets of yours. Thanks for help. But noticed there's not many widgets for video bloggers.

  18. Thanks to share your best post.

  19. I really like to post something with video, but what I don't like is I must spend so many time in making video, but I must, how come