10 Reasons To Avoid Blogger Dynamic Views

avoid blogger dynamic viewsBlogger's major updates include the introduction of Blogger Dynamics views. The word Dynamic means that the entire blog interface or graphical appearance can be changed automatically with a click of a mouse and can be displayed in seven different looks which include FlipCard, Magazine, Sidebar, Snapshot, timeslide, Mosaic and Classic. They are indeed 40% fast loading because every page loads inside one window without letting the browser to jump from one page to another. I have already written two detailed posts on whether you should use Dynamic views for your blogs or not. I also wrote a post on disadvantages of Template Designer. Today we will discuss some technical drawbacks of this new development  which would be enough evidence to prove that why you should avoid using Blogger dynamic views.

UPDATE: All these points are now out-dated. To find out latest pros and cons PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING POST: Google's Response To Our Post On Dynamic Views
To view your blog in dynamic view simply replace our URL with yours,

1. Doesn't Support AdSense Integration

Strange but true! There is no option available in the Design section where you can paste your AdSense code and make Ads appear on your blog.

2. No Widget Support

There is no layout section (Page Elements) where you may add new gadgets. The HTML/Javascript widget in the custom templates allows you to add almost any widget you like. May that be Adsense code, Buysellads code or important widgets like Popular posts, Recent Comments, Recent posts etc. Your blog will only contain the post body and a sidebar and amazingly both these areas can not be edited.
In short at present you can not add widgets in Blogger Dynamic Views.

3. No Edit HTML Option

The Edit HTML option lets you upload custom blogspot templates. It lets you completely change the look of your blog by applying new plugins and themes. You can introduce new widget sections, adjust columns, edit post body, add JavaScript, add jquery and anything you can think of.   Unfortunately Dynamic views offer no Edit HTML functionality. Clicking the design link on your dashboard takes you to the auto Edit area where you can only change the font colors, font family and background color and styles. But you can not upload a new template and can not EDIT the HTML of your blog layout. You can not add social media plugins below post titles or any other plugin inside the post body. Neither can you manually add widgets that I discussed above to your template. No Edit HTML section means no Difference between Blogger and Wordpress.
If you are using draft.blogger.com then you will observe that the Edit HTML button is not active in your Dashboard for your blog that is using Dynamic views.
no edit html option

3. Dynamic Views are not SEO Friendly

Complex web scripts control the display of your blog which includes AJAX. Google spiders can only read text. They are blind to images, videos, flash and Javascript. To access a new page Google robots use the links on your site. Some links such the "Comments link" in Dynamic view asks the user to click it so that comments may be loaded but Spider can not do that. Comments are hidden to spiders when they crawl the content. Comments have therefore chances of being left out of index by Google spiders. There is a greater chance that your comments will not be indexed which means you are loosing 50% content of your post and thus loosing some important keywords which users leave while commenting. Most of the traffic to blogs depend largely on the comments left by the readers.
Due to no Edit HTML support we can not optimize certain links that can effect site ranking. Neither can you add meta tags such as meta keywords.
Further Read more link doesn't work in dynamic Views which means half your content will be ignored during crawling. 

4. Loss of Page Views and Page Impressions

All pages load in a single window with requesting the browser to reload. A reference is sent through AJAX that tells the browser to remain in the same window and load only the post body without loading the sidebar and other sections. Even if Adsense integration is allowed in future, your revenue will tremendously drop due to loss of pageviews. Pageviews matter because you you don't just get paid for the clicks but also for each 1000 impressions/pageviews made on your blog. This is what we call Cost per thousand Impressions (CPI or CPM)

5. Browser Compatibility Issues

The Template is build using latest in web technology like AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3. Internet Explorer which is the second largely used browser doesn't support CSS3 and HTML5 completely at present. So the results would look different on different browsers.

6. Jump Break Does not Work

You can not attach a read more link by summarizing your posts. The posts do not expand when the read more link or Jump Break link is clicked. Visit this Link to see it for yourself. None of my post is accessible to the user. So if you have decided to shift to Dynamic views than you will have to manually remove jump breaks from all your posts. Imagine removing the "Read more Link" manually from over 500 posts!

7. No professional Touch

Your blog wont look any different from those half a million blogs who have selected Dynamic Views as their default template.

8. Not SMO Friendly

Dynamic views only have Google+ , Facebook like and Twitter buttons added by default at the bottom of each post. But you can not add your Facebook Like box and other social media plugins to the post section or anywhere else. Indeed a big issue concerned with social media optimization.

9. You can not add Drop Down Menu

Would you love visiting a blog or site with no navigation menu? Of course you would hate it. At present you can only add Page Links but no custom installation of a drop down menu is supported. You can not provide your readers with easy navigation option and that sounds weird!

10. No Favicon, No Blog Logo

Neither can you add a background image to the header of your blog nor can you add a favicon. So you have no option at present to display your blog logo either on header or as Favicon.

Share your thoughts

I can go on with the list and share several other drawbacks of these new templates introduced by Blogger team but I would love to know what are your views and how far do you agree to the facts shared above. Peace and blessings pals. :)

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  1. very nice mohammad. i think blogger simple templates looks more professional then dynamic.to be very frank i just hate dynamic tem :p

    1. Not true at all. I find the dynamic view amazing and you can certainly customize t your way. I got my own menu structure and limit my dynamic view by hiding the option to for users to modify the view. You can witness it here https://facinettoure.blogspot.com/ I am now working to display post without featured image by assigning them a default image.

  2. Bhai waiting for ur reply on this post :)


  3. I don't use them for the reasns you mentioned. But I expect Google to improve them considerably in the future.

  4. hey i was waiting for you to come back. i second ur opinion.
    btw i've a query..would be glad if u can answer, you can even make a post on that if u wish

    when i share my blog post on stumble upon..the thumbnail it shows is the full shot of my website which isnt good to look at, doesnt generate page views as a result. can you help me in fxing that plz?

  5. These reasons are exactly why I didn't want to use dynamic views. What was Blogger thinking?

  6. thx mohammad.. mai v soch rha tha ke new them apply karo ja na kro..par ab to khabhi v nahi thx again :)

  7. Mohammad, thanks to you, now I find a good reason behind why I don't use dynamic view- I thought several times myself and didn't quite like it to conquer my whole design...

    You may be the right person to ask this damn question that is frustrating me each day: I bought an iPad 2 just for blogging and found out that there is no App that supports blogger. I try through Safari but it gives me the HTML form. Do you have an answer ?
    Regards from Bhutan!


    It had simplified my site design on its own and my site is loading faster!!

    Though widgets are still under expectation, I hope that I will soon get them..
    Further, they provide automatic control over the post views..

    I love them!

  9. @admin
    I personally hate them only for the reasons I mentioned. :p


    It would take the team several months to set all things. Availing everything on HTML5 still needs time.

    Always add an image at the start of your posts so that it could be picked by default. However these days there is a problem going on with stumbleupon as it is not showing thumbnails with titles. I am facing it here too.

    They are still collecting feedback. These templates are actually aimed for people who want to run non-profit blogs

    yeh kerna ziyada behtr hai. :)

    My pleasure pal.
    So far blogger has released Apps only for Android and Apple iOS. You can check it here and you can find Adroid here

    See if these posts help you buddy. :>

    IF you are running a non-profit blog than sure dynamic views are best for you but if you expect a career then better rethink :>

  10. You Can Upload A Favicon In Few Minutes By This Trick http://techweeknd.blogspot.com/2011/12/how-to-upload-favicon-in-blogger.html

  11. Dear,
    I think that Blogger dynamic views are great if you can play with CSS to adapt the design to your needs. Here is the network I've just launched 100% with Dynamic Views. http://slowbizz.com
    If you love music, you'll love it.

  12. @PaSsuDear,
    I think that Blogger dynamic views are great if you can play with CSS to adapt the design to your needs. Here is the network I've just launched 100% with Dynamic Views. http://slowbizz.com
    If you love music, you'll love it.

  13. Script used inline in post also not work.

  14. Thank you for advice Sir..
    (I just write for my satisfication!! Hence, I am planning to settle with this)

  15. Those drawbacks makes me think twice to use the new dynamic views.

  16. where did you get the information about losing impressions? i heard nothing about this any where?

  17. WORST template I've ever seen - bar none. Nothing works on it, widgets don't upload, you can't AdSense it and half you post disappears.

    Wouldn't touch this piece of the usual-Google-carp with a ten foot pole!

    Blogger has NO idea how to run a good blogging service. It's no wonder WordPress is killing them.

  18. I agree.
    Dynamic views came out awhile ago.

    Why hasn't google/blogger addressed out concerns?

    I understand they are trying to improve blogger but this inaction makes me feel like they really don't understand bloggers or care about us. I don't want to believe that at all but actions speak louder than words.

    Where you at blogger?

  19. sorry but its all can in my blog.

  20. Yo! Two questions for you...

    1) How does it affect Alexa ranking?

    2) Is there a way to keep the docking bar open so people can see it?

    You seem like the smartest guy on the internet, so i am hoping you can help!

  21. seriously dynamic views really look ugly i really hate it.

  22. dynamic views have pros and cons but flip card is the great to be work with videos check out the www.youtubeviralvideos.in

    You posted a great articale to help someone to take decesion before dugging his own grave.

  23. My God, this dynamic view is TERRIBLE! Why is blogger trying to shove this down our throats? I had to adblock its constant demands for me to switch. I think my site is perfect as it is; it should be given that I've been working on it for five years and am paying to have it a registered site.
    Instead of constantly changing what no-one has asked for (blogger is certainly not alone in this; I quite like blogger) why doesn't it fix what doesn't work, like the template designer?

  24. I disagree about the decrease in views.
    I have increase the amount of hits per post by %50. It allows the viewer to see multiple posts of yours rather than one at a time. This keeps past posts relevant which I like.
    However, you're right about the widgets but I am sure this will improve.

  25. Sorry, Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedza,

    Your statement in this article is not true. Sorry, but It is not true, as what I experience myself.

    For example:
    1. Dynamic View DOES Support AdSense Integration, and the ads DOES appear in my blog with Dynamic View template.

    2. THERE IS Widgets for Dynamic View.

    3. We CAN edit HTML for Dynamic View, although harder than other classic templates yes.

    4. Blog which use Dynamic View DOESN'T Loss of Page Views and Page Impressions. In fact my Dynamic View Blog has more of them than my Classic Tempalte Blog.

    and on.. and on..

    IMHO In the future this kind of Dynamic View template will be Google blogger's default or at least prefer priority.
    We have to get used to it

    1. Hi,

      I just love the way the Dynamic View looks and how you can see older posts. I use the magazine style because it shows my latest post with a big picture and the 1st paragraph. Then the other posts are shown below with smaller pictures and a bit of description. Giving readers an idea of what they will read in the entire post.

      I agree it is definitely more difficult to to customize and I have no clue when it comes to HTML but I've been getting tips and tutorials on http://www.southernspeakers.net/ they work wonders. :)

      If you have problems with the loading there is an article that fixes that too. http://www.southernspeakers.net/2013/07/finally-fix-for-blogger-dynamic-view.html

      This is mine, I've only tweaked it a bit as I just started to use it but I find it much more impressive than the classic blog style.

  26. just check my blog which use Dynamic View Template: http://homeofkhalifah.blogspot.com

    Thank You

  27. I am still new in blogging. And when I make a few selections in the blog template. I quite approve of attractive design. I beautifying it with the appropriate color and text. But I agree with you. I was wondering why I added a lot of gadgets that I do not get and in my search I stumbled across your blog. I can only say "Oh I see :)"

  28. I've just made the mega mistake of clicking on dynamic view and now I can't work out how to get rid of it. I've certainly sent my 'feedback' to let them know how I feel

  29. @Diane

    Go to Template> Customise> At very top of page you will see a link saying revert to previous template.

    I've never used this link so don't know if you've lose any info such as gadgets you previously had. You may have to re-install them. It's always best to back up a template before making a major change.

  30. Personally, I love the Magazine View in the Dynamic Template. I like the simplicity and easy access to posts by seeing as many post previews as you want by continuous scrolling.

    The page count increases dramatically with Dynamic Views being that posts load individually.

    My Statcounter did stop working but that's okay because Blogger has stats anyways.

    The Gadgets are limited but they now have Blog Lists available and I'm sure the Gadgets list will grow as time goes on.

    The only thing that would make me change back to a traditional template would be if my readers had major issues with Dynamic Views. So far, it's been fairly positive feedback.

    Internet Explorer was a pain even with traditional templates. Microsoft need to get their act together and upgrade their browsers more regularly so it's more compatible with CSS and HTML5. Even the traditional templates use CSS and HTML5 in some areas. I actually find my blog, while it looks a little different in IE, seems to have less issues than my traditional template had with IE.

    As for Twitter, Flickr and Facebook buttons/widgets...I just added Page Links for them in my Page tab bar.

    In a way, I think the Dynamic Views cleaned up my blog appearance. So far, I can't complain.

    That said, mine is a personal blog so I'm not big into a blog's commercial aspects. I provide links to my other sites for sales. I dislike blogs with Ads anyways, sorry, no offence intended.

  31. This post should be updated. A lot of stuff are either outdated or having erroneous intel ~

    - Adsense integration is working natively,
    - links are SEO friendly,
    - page views a way more sophisticated and pertinent using the dynamic view.

    It's a shame to let people have the wrong idea about blogger while reading the initial post...

    Would you please at least update it.

  32. Dynamic View is not good for seo by now, I have lost some rank because of it. Hic

  33. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to produce this list, and we've been working hard to address many, if not most of your concerns. In fact I think 1, 2, 3b (you had two 3s), 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 are all resolved.

    However before I go through the list, let me first reassure everyone that the other templates are not going away. We will not force anyone to use a Dynamic View, and while we feel they have a lot to offer, we understand that they are not for everyone.

    We will continue to improve and add to Dynamic Views, much as we continue to improve and add to the rest of Blogger. Pick whichever template you like the most, or customize one from scratch.

    #1 No AdSense
    DV has AdSense support, and has had it from the start. If you have set up AdSense the various views will incorporate ads for you, generally two for each post.

    #2 No Widget support
    We added widget support earlier in the year, and have continued to roll out more widgets:

    #3 No Edit HTML
    Unfortunately not with these templates. We're looking at ways to enable this, but for the moment they are a little more restrictive. As I say, the other templates are not going away so if this is important they are the best option for the moment.

    #3 Not SEO Friendly
    It seems you had two points for 3... the good news is this is not, and has never been, an issue. We made sure that the DV works well for SEO, by implementing Google's recommendations for AJAX-crawling:

    We have also carefully annotated the template with schema.org which will help with snippeting when sharing to social networks like Google+.

    #4 Loss of Pageviews due to AJAX
    As you infinite scroll or click on posts we send beacons to both Google Analytics (if you have enabled it) as well as the Blogger Stats. Rest assured, all the impressions are being tracked for you, and perhaps even more accurately than before.

    #5 Browser Compatability
    Dynamic Views is tested on the two most recent versions of each major Browser (eg both IE8 and IE9). It should behave correctly on all modern browsers, and we recommend using a mobile template for smartphones.

    #6 Jump Break does not work
    Dynamic Views requires that your blog be set to enable "full feeds". It uses the feeds to get the post content. If you do not have full feeds enabled we cannot get the full post via AJAX, but if you do use jump breaks we try and respect them on views like Magazine and Timeslide that use snippets.

    #7 No Professional Touch
    I like to feel that we have applied a professional touch for you, but I think what you are getting at is there is not a large amount of customization? Yes, that is undeniably true. You can tweak a lot of things through the Template Designer, both colors, but also with custom CSS.

    As I say, DV is not for everyone, but a lot of people do not have the time, or inclination, to make a custom design, and we have tried to help by providing some interesting (and dare we say 'dynamic') ways to present your blog.

    #8 Not SMO friendly (other social networks)
    We have supported the biggest social networks, and would love to extend to more as we continue to find ways for you to customize DV. In the interim however we did not want to overly clutter the blog.

    #9 Cannot add Drop Down Menu
    I do not really understand how this differs to the custom HTML complaint. Although you can add navigation through custom pages, or the various list widgets.

    #10 No Favicon, No logo
    Again, DV has had this since launch. You can change the logos through the Template Designer (set a Header Image), and the Favicon through the settings:

  34. Check my blog to see how i used dynamic views

    1. I went to look at how you use dynamic, I like what you did with it. It's about 3 years since this post but it is still of interest. I'd like to try it but worry about losing my google ranking and it's still true bots don't see images. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Works OK if you have a no adsense blog. Since I have merely a text link on every post going to the Kindle store this works better than ever. Why? My content is purposely short but content nonetheless. It is Twittercentric so I do not need massive promnotion options. While everything said here is true, this works better for me than a normal setup. My pvs have more than doubled with much less promotion.

  36. Update

    I would humbly apologies for the delay in reply. Wast stuck in exams and off-side projects. I am really pleased to see some interesting discussion going here and we whole heatedly thank Antin Harasymiv (Software Engineer at Blogger) to share his valuable views on this matter.

    The post was published on December 2011 few weeks after Dynamic views were officially launched with Antin's Post on September 2011. A lot has changed since then and we surely forgot to share the recent updates. Keeping all suggestions and feedback in mind we will be publishing series of tutorials on DV to help fellow bloggers with all customization tuts possible.

    With this post We only aimed at providing facts that were missing from blogger initially and fortunately Dynamic views have been developed at quite an impressive speed since then. We are really pleased to see so much functionality being added to DV recently and we would surely provide updates on all these fresh developments.

    I thank all for sharing their honest opinions and especially Antin Harasymiv for making several of our doubts clear.

  37. I am regular reader of your blog from last few month and have learned a lot from you through this blog.
    I came to this post through a link on your latest post about Google Dynamic Views.
    You are doing a great job by helping many bloggers.

  38. hey! i have this problem: under my post they dont appear the share buttons but they exist. If you go your mouse there and click u can share it at twitter or facebook but someone who doesnt know it can not see anything. how i change it?? thank you!

  39. When I started my blog I was using the dynamic view. I didn't know the difference between them at the time. I wish I would have read your article sooner. It would have saved me a lot of trouble. The widget selections available made it seem the better choice. Tweaking things around I realized they just aren't worth it, especially if you plan to monetize your blog. I not not have as many options for HTML placement of ads. Opening up a better working sidebar is huge for better site use and navigation as well. Thank you for sharing some of your other points clarified concerns I was trying to address.

  40. Dear sir,
    I am karthikeyan,i wish to avoid dynamic views,kindly explain me the ways to do the changes in my blog step by step to avoid dynamic views.
    I lost my two blogs with 100 posts,by a hacker,my google apps account deleted by him.i created the two blogs with the mail id created by a custom domain using google apps.The account deleted by him so i lost my two blogs.
    Now i wish to recreate the blogs,but the dynamic views is the main problem facing now,because it is not accept widgets in my template,so pls help me to do the needful for me.........


  41. I think you're too naive.


    For SEO, I found the opposite. Today I look at my pageviews, and I already have 190 at 3:00 PM. The blog is only 1 month old, and prior to today, I averaged only 30 pageviews per day.

    I chose this theme because I show only images, and it displays them the best of any theme. I also like how it displays in a Facebook style, especially because it's the funny photos from Facebook that I post there.

    Today's referring sites for the top post:
    www.google.com 78
    www.google.co.in 48

    Here's the website: http://funnyfotosforfacebook.blogspot.com. Is there any explanation as to why a pictures-only website can get such good SERP? Likely because Google owns it??

    UPDATE: I just posted a link to this post, and without placing it in a label, it doesn't show! Guess I need to change that LOL!

  43. Good post, still, i have managed to apply many of those features in my blog ! Just take a look at how much is possible with Dynamic Views! Note that you will need to have a proper understanding of some CSS scripts to make it work this way.


  44. Very nice post! I agree that dynamic view has some issues. I believe this issues, get resolved in coming future. One more issue with dynamic view is syntax highlighter. One has to edit CSS to get highlight source code. Many Syntax highlighter is not compatible with dynamic view. Still, I like this template.
    My blog with dynamic view

  45. I am new blogger and i like the dynamic view but i found that i cant edit to disable the right click using the HTML. is it the dynamic view doesn't support this too???

    syukran for the help and info

  46. Thank you. Have tried everything to get Twitter widget in blogger. You had the answer. Dont have dynamic view. simple

  47. Hi, I'm very much impressed with the blogger dynamic template, so started working on my blog through dynamic template only.

    Here i got stuck at permissions as i want to share my blog to a particular community at my colony. So when i opt option "Only these readers" instead of "Anybody" (Public)...., the home page or any page opening speed goes to zero, i mean the page open twice if attempted 10 times and that too after so long.

    Speed constraints if dynamic template chosen for few blog readers...,

    What to do...


  48. Was originally using DV for my blog, which I enjoy until I tried to insert a jump cut/'after the cut'. Then the saga began. As I am a bit of a luddite, I thought it was just me, but then I found this blog and it suddenly became clear.

    I feel like they (Blogger) still haven't resolved that issue of jump cuts in DV, but if anyone has a solution that would be great as I'm not a huge fan of the other template.

    Otherwise, thanks for letting me know that it won't work and I should just save myself the headache and switch to another template.

  49. you really a great blogger. i really appreciate your work, your techknowledge... thanks bro..

  50. Hey I want to add more pages in my blog bt it is given that we can add only upto 20 pages,,,, So how i can show more information????
    wannt to know please visit my blog http//www.fulloninone.blogspot.com

  51. I absolutely love Dynamic View using Snapshot for my video site. Here it is www.PalmSpringsInsider.us However, I just looked at it with someone on an ipad and dang it viewed in Classic and I had it set for snapshot in the css. Does this always happen with dynamic? Can I set it so it works like I want on all devices and browsers? I will add email because I may not get back here if you respond or you can email through my site. wesley@wesleysaidso.com


  52. My site is also good as my pageviews increased,here it is-

  53. nice work author., i didn't come across sites like this.just you are maintaining attractive sites with rich information.

  54. Thank you for this post. Now I'm going to think if I change mine to DV.

  55. mohMMad google has recently added the adsense intregation all you have to use it go to layout and use it. Secondly I was using a premium blogger templete on my custome domain www.netalien.biz when I shifted to dynamic view it improved my pageview from 1200 per day 2400 a day that is just the double. SO it is not true about page views. As for pro touch One should shift to wordpress or design there own theme using artiseer or similar software in my openion

  56. One advantage of dynamic view especially magazine style is that several posts are visible immediately and one can scroll down to choose what to read. The simple views do not cater for that.

  57. I also faced these issues when I tried dynamic template. But then I realized that dynamic templates increased page views for me multiple times. I achieved some thing unimaginable with other templates and it is consistently giving good results. Also, two of dynamic templates allow you to put adsense ads(there are not many options to choose though). It pretty much is working for me at the moment.

  58. I manage a personal Photo Blog and dynamic view seems to be nicer for photo blog. But I am facing issues -

    -The navigation bar does not show links
    -adsense does not appear sometime on the page and this is random. Sometimes it does.

    Other than the above issues, I was happy with it. :

  59. mustafa bhai need your help i just downloaded a template and uploaded it after which my pageview decreases. what to do. infinte scrolling is the problem? how to resolve it?

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  63. Blogger dynamic view is good for photo blogs ,
    my blog use dynamic view and i'am happy with it :)
    check out my blog http://www.sinhalasms.tk/

  64. The added gadgets and buttons like facebook follow doesn't appear ..I wonder is it because the dynamic view ..should I switch to the simple one..what do you think the problem is ..here is my blog:

  65. I am little confused with Dynamic Va Simple template of blogger.
    My experience is Dynamic templates reaches out to multifold visitors as compared to simple template. Don't ask me how. Most of it coming from USA. For this reason I many a times keep my blog at dynamic template. One thing that any one wants is your blog should reach to as many people as possible.
    But then it has so many other limitations as well explained in the above post, that makes you shift to simple template as I did again today.


  66. This is nothing to put energy on. I have investigate google adsense and the option to get rich on this system for over 4 years now. Trust me you cant earn any easy money on the system. Regarding blogger and dynamic template - blogger is not optimized for adsense. Also you must be approved before your earning starts and that take time - a lot of time.....So don´t put to much energy on Google Adsense. I will put up a screen dump on my blogg´s and traffic - my earnings today is about 25 usd...on blogger.


    Follow the link ^.


  67. Thank you for your awesome article!

  68. Ouch, hell yeah! Beside that it won't show up the pictures. I have a few articles on my blog and tried the dynamic style and guess what: a boring view of the main page with absolutelly NO images. I thought that it was my mistake and tried to mess with it here and there and nothing. Well, no dynamics then! (y)

  69. "There is a greater chance that your comments will not be indexed which means you are loosing 50% content "

    I hate loose content!

  70. hello! yes i agree with every detailed thing you've said about dynamic view...it has been giving alot of difficulty and your advice, warning nd article is helpful but just to make one thing clear...you CAN actally create a favicon, i did it myself in a way that when you open my blog, you see my favicon logo on the page tab...

  71. I think Dynamic Views is the most annoying blogger template. I love the designs, but they are no good if they will stop me from communication with the rest of the world...

  72. hi, which is best template in Blogger. pls suggest dynamic or simple.

  73. I've recently switched to the Dynamic View and other than the ridiculous options to "dynamically switch styles" using up the valuable space known as the "header-drawer" (something I've managed to hack around http://albertech.blogspot.com/2016/12/how-to-hack-header-drawer-of-blogger.html), it's been a great change from the old, classic style template I was using previously.

    One thing that I found interesting was that after switching templates, the bounce rate dropped by almost 10%. My theory as to why is because of the dynamic scrolling -- so as the reader scrolls down the post they came to read, the next one scrolls into view, and they tend to keep scrolling, for a little while at least. In the classic style template you saw one post and the archive, no intro to other content.

    Views of the blog have gone up as well, although marginally, and that might also have been because of me putting some renewed energy into the blog itself too, heh.

  74. Well as far as adsense and favicon is concerned, I have to disagree with you. My blog has dynamic view, I love it and yes I have a favicon - https://talktosekki.blogspot.com/

    anyways I think you are right as far as the pop up stuff relates to. Its frustrating, I know. I might as well change it soon.

  75. can please anyone here tell me which are the traditional view templates.?
    is traditional view templates are available on blogger dashboard easily i want to apply it please anyone can tell me?