Feedburner Feed Count Goes Zero - API Error!

Update: The Error Has been solved and now all FeedCount Buttons are working just fine.

Feedburner Count falls zero
This is a quick update to let everyone know that due to some technical API fault the count on all Feedbunrer Chicklet buttons display 0 (Zero) Subscribers. This is indeed a poor display of performance and inefficiency of Feedburner Staff which has always destroyed one day new readership and effected web traffic. It puts a terrible impression on new visitors who takes the Feed count for real and restrain from subscribing to your site or blog because who would subscribe to a blog with ZERO SUBSCRIBERS?
feed stats dashboard
Feedburner updates its little dynamic xml Button i.e. Chicklet once every 24 hours and these counts often fluctuate and rarely displays the actual number of subscribers. Sometimes the value fluctuates up and sometimes down but to some extent. However today it went so terribly down that even after 8 hours the Counter is still showing zero Readers.
The Feed count includes the total number of people who have subscribed to your blog either by Email or some RSS reader. People subscribe to you more once you reach a number of readers greater than 400 or 500. A good Feed count forces visitors to subscribe more and helps advertisers to measure the value of the website audience strength. Even one day drop in Feed button can effect your precious readership of the day. I just hope this problem is addressed the sooner possible else we would need a better alternative to Feedburner.

How to Solve this error?

We can not do anything to be honest and neither would a complain letter work. The only practical thing to do is to remove the Feed counter from your subscription box for sometime and monitor your Subscriber count on your Feedburner Dashboard. If the values returned to normal on your account then you may add back the XML Button else keeping it hidden is better so that you may not discourage new visitors from subscribing. I have removed it from my blog and would add it back once the error is solved by Google.
Let me know if you are facing the same problem. If you have any solution on how to fix this API error then please let us know. Peace pals. :)

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  1. It seems that every one which uses feedburner api and chicklet are facing the same problem...

  2. Hello,

    Yes I got the same thing and blogger I know experienced it. If I go to the new feedburner interface, I can see my subscribers for the 1st and 2nd. The 30th of November had trouble (dropped by 20%). Anyway, I did have a question. Do you really think over 500 subscribers is an advertisement? If so, I should definitely display subscriber stats then. I previously thought that I would show subscribers at 100, then at 200. The more I get, the less I want to show until I reach something more substantial like your numbers: I think around 4000-5000.

  3. i already posted this in my blog

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Mustaffa. I am one of your loyal readers and strangely today i got an email from an unknown person which was weird. It was a spam as such but as it said it found my id from mbt so thought to inform you so you may take steps to prevent such happenings to others. The sender was jessicaceline11@ yahoo.in sent via zoznam.sk

  6. Same problem here...

  7. damn! I was reading these hooping for a solution but looks like feedburner really got us all!

    I'm sad :(

  8. My feedburner says I have ZERO subscribers. I usually have around 350-400.

    WHAT IS GOING ON? 12/3/2011. OKC, www.jenx67.com

  9. Also, I wanted to say - When I click on the "TRY NEW BETA" button in the upper righthand corner, my stats are reporting. Very disconcerting though. I don't get it.

  10. The problem appears to be fixed.

  11. @Shawn
    400 are more than average and you must display them as much as possible. You are lucky to have such a start Shawn. :)

    Thank you pal for informing. It is actually spam robots that copies email found naked online. This is one reason why I often tell people to post their emails in a protected way like "xyz At xyz" I am sorry for the inconvenience harsh. :>

    Problem solved now! :)

    he problem solved now jennifer. It was a technical fault.

    Thanks Goodness it did. :D

  12. Anytime buddy. Your tutorials have helped me a lot its the least i can do :)

  13. 3 or 4 month before i also faced same problem, but after one week its get restored to original count.

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  14. Hey bro New posts not showing up in RSS feed / Feedburner .
    Do You Know The Fix ?

  15. Could you answer the following questions?

    1.Once you activate feedcount does it count all current subscribers? (Viz. if I had 100 subscribers before activating the feedcount and 10 more were added after I activated feedcount then what would the feedcount display 110 or 10?)
    2.Does feedcount count the number of subscribers or the number of times a feed has been received by a subscriber (E.g. If 100 subscribers get RSS feed once a day then at the end of the second day would the count be 100 or 100*2 = 200 viz number of feeds sent since feeecount activation?)

  16. Hey mustafa, my feeds showing subscriber count but on chiklet there is 0(zero). why this is happen?

  17. @Sanket

    Its a temporary problem with their chicklet widget and count algo. Things will get normal very soon buddy.

  18. I am still seeing zero count on my feed.

  19. feed count goes to zero in 2012..

    I got same thing with this problem now..

    I don't know why is this happened..

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  20. hi
    i have moved my blog from wordpress to blogger, so the feed url changes and when i try to change the feed address. but now the feed count is showing 0. it tells as error like "invalid digg it". i corrected that problem too. still it is showing 0 as feed count users.

  21. one too many times - bye bye feedbummer, hello feedblitz

  22. Sae problem with my feed, from last two days it is still 0 subscribers. How can i re instead my subscribers.