61+ Hot Drop Down Menus For Blogger

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Drop down menus play a vital role in a blogs/website navigation system. Just as the 'About Page' can make or break first impression, navigation menus are extremely important too. Having short keyword rich links in these navigation menus can result in your site links appearing in Google search results.
So here we have a great collection of Hot drop down menus that a blogger can apply to his Blogger blog in simple steps. You can check out the respective tutorials  (to apply the navigation menus) by clicking through their relevant links.

Link For Menu 1 to Menu 29             Link For Menu 30 to Menu 54

1-Blue On White Blogger Drop Down Navigation Menu

2-Glossy Greyish Buttons On White Blogger Drop Down Menu

3- Blue Green Blogger Navigation Menu

4-Light Blue With Orange Hover Effect Blogger Navigation Menu

5-Decent White Solid Blogger Drop Down Navigation Menu

6-Elegant Black Glossy Blogger Drop Down Navigation Menu

7-Simple Creamy Blogger Navigation Menu With Red Overlay Effect

8- White Blogger Navigation Menu With Square Highlight Effect

9-Black Navigation Menu For Blogger With Grey Overlay Effect

10- White Simple Blogger Navigation Drop Down Buttons

11-Dark Grey Tab Blogger Navigation Drop Down Menu

12-White Buttons With Orange Overlay Effect Blogger Navigation Menu

13- Pink Drop Down Navigation Menu For Blogger

14- Elegant Black Shiny Blogger Drop Down Navigation Menu

15- Simple Pink Blogger Navigation Menu

16- Decent Glossy Sea Blue Blogger Navigation Menu

17-Grey Drop Down Blogger Navigation Menu With Orange Buttons

18- Shiny Blue Over Grey Blogger Drop Down Menu

19- Simple Pink Blogger Navigation Menu

20- Glossy Red Blogger Drop Down Menu

21- Blue Over Red Blogger Drop Down Navigation Menu

22-Shiny Cyan Blogger Navigation Menu

23-Decent Blue Button Blogger Navigation Menu

24- Orange Button Blogger Drop Down Navigation

25- Future Legacy Blogger Drop Down Navigation


26- Simple Rectangular Blogger Drop Down Menu

27- Grey Buttons Blogger Navigation Drop Down Menu

28- Purple White Blogger Drop Down Menu


29- Attractive Grey Orange Blogger Navigation Buttons Menu

Now here comes a List of Menus that you can add to your sidebar Columns.

30-Vertical Orange Highlight Blogger Navigation

31-Glossy Black Vertical Blogger Navigation drop Down

32-Orange Blue Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

33-Elegant Grey Shadow Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

34-Bullet Style Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

35-Professional Green Vertical Blogger Drop Down Menu

36-Blue Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

37-Elegant Green Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

38-Simple White Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

39-Simple Red Cream Blogger Navigation Menu

40-Elegant Blue Grey Blogger Vertical Navigation Drop Down Menu

41-Simple Vertical Grey Overlay Blogger Navigation Menu

42-Simple Rounded Edges Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

43-Yellow Blue Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

44-Elegant Orange Bullet Vertical Drop Down Menu

45-Elegant Blue Grey Blogger Navigation Drop Down Menu

46-Tech Grey Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

47-Decent Brow Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

48-Vertical Metal Grey Blogger Navigation Menu

49-Meta Red Pin Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

50-Simple Blue Grey Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu


51-Elegant Carpet Green Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

52-Blogger Fancy Blue Orange Vertical Navigation Menu

53-Simple Blue Metallic Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu

54-Simple Green Blue Vertical Blogger Navigation Menu


55-Blue Facebook Style Drop Down Navigation Menu

 56- jQuery Gooey Blogger Navigation Menu (Orange Oval Overlay Effect)

57-Black Rough Blogger Drop Down Navigation Menu

58-Glossy Red Blogger Drop Down Navigation Menu

59-Blogger Tree Drop Down Menu

60-Black Facebook Style Drop Down Navigation Menu

61-Blogger Custom Drop Down Menu

Hope this collection of drop down navigation menus would be helpfull to further beatify your blog.

Enjoy :)

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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  1. Nice Work Hassam
    I liked your previous BEST 2011 WIDGETS and this post because you wrapped up all the gadgets in one place :)
    Easy to navigate ........

  2. i've a menu fro one of your posts, given here at no.14..but they are not drop down

  3. thanks man for this collection you are always great a great blog which will be in the top 4 ever

  4. Amazing Post All Drop Down Menu Is Here. Thanks For This.

    Great Collection.

  5. @Ritesh Warke

    Thanks Ritesh. Glad that you liked those.

    @Haider Afridi

    My pleasure bud :) Rightly said, such long lists are always attractive.


    You can make any menu listed here working as drop down. Simply follow the tutorial (by clicking the link). To make them work as drop down, you need to add some extra code.

    Hope that helped

    @ahmed safwan

    Thanks for the kind remarks bud. You guys are great too :)

    @Varinder Pal Singh

    Glad that you liked the list. Its the hard work of Muhammad that is helping you guys. :>

  6. exactly, but WHAT IS THAT CODE??

  7. Thanks for sharing us. It's really like.


  8. @Vanity

    Use This Tutorial where drop down menus are explained. The code that i am referring to is mentioned there.

    Hope that helped :)


    My pleasure pal :)

  9. hassam you are not getting me...I've the menu no. 14 from your tutorial: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2010/01/30-horizontal-navigation-menus-for.html

    BUT it is not drop down.
    check my blog and see the menu I'm talking about: http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/

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  11. Mohammad, what words do I need to use to link to selected blogpost tags in these menus?

  12. Does anyone know how to write a guest post ??
    I want to write lots for my MBT

  13. very cool dropdown menu..
    I like it..

  14. how to add content in this drop down pages ?

  15. hi there..i just want to ask..i've manage to get your drop down menu on the right place..but somehow the drop down is 'hiding' behind first post..can you help to fix on this?

  16. Thanks Bro, Applied on of them on my blog with a little CSS edit.

  17. Really nice post..!!
    Added 1 of them to my blog:)

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  21. thanks dude awesome

    its make my blog better look exefreeware.blogspot.in

  22. Hi! Please help...I followed the tutorial..but how do I add the content to the tabs on the menu? I'm confused :-S

  23. good drop down menu thanks admin