25 Best Blogger Widgets Released In 2011!

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Ever wanted to get a list of the most exciting Blogger widgets of 2011? Well here i am to list all those amazing widgets that Muhammad has worked upon so hard to bring you guys something new and unique. Every widget that is discussed below has a small brief information about it and by clicking over the link, you could get to the tutorial to implement that particular widget on your Blogger blog, in easy to follow steps. So lets start out!

1-Floating Google +1, Facebook, Twitter Buttons For Blogger

Now thats one of my favorite widget and i really believe that its sky rockets the conversions of Facebook likes. And so as tweets and +1s. Its just amazing. The widget slides down with the page as the readers scrolls any where on the page.

You can set the widget to be shown on homepage only or on any post pages. Its totally upon you.

2-Add Social Media Share Widget To Blogger - Mouse Hover Effect

The social media connect widget features a search box, Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed buttons. It can be applied to the side bar of your blog. Definitely worth checking out i would say. You can add your Facebook and Twitter links to start using it out. The link would lead you towards the tutorial.

3-Add WordPress Style Menu Tabs Widget To Blogger!

Many WordPress blogs have such widget installed in their sidebars that shows up different other widgets in tab forms. In this way, you could hang a lot more widgets like popular posts, recent posts, followers etc to your sidebar.

You should definitely check this one out too.

4-Social Share Widget With Counters For Blogger

Amazing social sharing widget. The popular share plugin is installed that allows the user to use many other social sharing options. People often use this one beside their Adsense ads within the post. Specially the Ad sense unit that is before the starting of the post.

Works well.

5-Facebook Social Bookmarking Widget

Widely used social sharing widget with stumble, Tweet, Digg, Reddit, Email and Facebook like options. Again this one can be used before or after your posts. This one is more appropriate after the post ends out. Though this is widely used, but i believe the major social networks buttons that are used are Facebook, Twitter, Digg/Stumble. So a widget with these ones would work too.

6-How To Create Stunning Image Slideshows In Blogger? - V1

Again the slider speaks out for its self. You could show up the featured images on your sidebars of any event that you would like to share with the readers. Its pretty fascinating to beginners.

7-Create Slideshow In Blogger With Navigation - V2

Again great image JQuery slider with 5 image slots.You can navigate between images by using those attractive arrows. The slideshow has opacity plus slice image effects making it an ever using experience.

8-Image Slideshow V2

To cover the loop holes of slider in V1 MBT released this new version which can be seen on many WordPress blogs. The slider has 5 image slots with simple navigation to help you switch between slides.

9-Blogger Picture Gallery

This one is my personnel favorite and i look forward to it using in the future. The slider outshines all other sliders discussed previously just due to its elegance and the controls that it provides. The glossy shading effect just makes it out stand from the other slider widgets.

10-Related Posts Widget For Blogger - Optimized Version

The related post widget by Linkwithin was optimized by MBT and a newer version is here to be applied. The widget would be used below every Blogger post so that reader would be able to engage into more reading at your blog and thus by decreasing your blog's bounce rate.

11-Most Viewed Posts Widget With Thumbnails by Blogger

Muhammad shared the most viewed widget, that is popular post widget with his readers. The widget automatically sets out the most popular posts/articles that you have published on  your blogger blog. And that is for all time most viewed. Its a really great way to feature out your best content to the readers.

12-Create Google+ “Add To Circles” Widget For Blogger

Amazing. The widget is customized by Muhammad in his own way. You could change the button colors and wiglet size to suite your blog's needs. As Google+ is getting more popular, as its gaining more users, webmaster have started to had the circle and +1 widgets. It would definitely help you out in the future.

13-Blogger Featured Post Widget With Thumbnails

The Blogger's featured post widget is yet another great tool to apply on your blog. The widget shows up featured post, that you would like to show up. You can manually add your desired post into the widget. At max, you can set out 5 articles (though many more can be done but a little tweaking would be needed.)

14-Random Ad Banners Widget For Blogger

Definitely worth checking out if you plan to use BSA (BuySellAds) on your blog. The widget lets you arrange the 125*125 ad banners in a table form, that is mostly used by BuySellAds users.

15-"Do You Like This Story?" - Best Blogger Widget!

Do you like this story widget is to be applied after your each post. It would let the users to like the post and leave out their email address if they want to sign up for the future articles via email updates. A fancy widget and is worth checking out.

16- New Multi Tabbed Widget For Blogger - Editable Tabs!

Another multi tabbed widget that you can apply on your blog. Though it doesn't look that professional as the previous one mentioned but it may suite to some Bloggers need. Just like the other tabbed widget, you can set out many other widgets within this one so to save the space on your sidebar.

17-How to add Blogger Poll Widget To Posts?

Ever wanted to add Blog poll widget to your blog? No worries as MBT brings out to you one. Polls can be really interesting for readers as they engage you with the content. Many popular bloggers host polls on their blogs quite often.

18-Recent Posts Widget By Blogger

Showing up recent post widget on the sidebar comes out to be very handy when you have many posts rolling in each day. The readers get to know about the latest content rolling in even if they are reading some old post from the archive. Its more useful when a new visitors comes out from search engines to a particular post and gets to know about the latest content going on, on the blog.

19-Announcements Widget For Blogger Blogs

Yup a unique of its kind. Its often used to show up latest feeds, post updates or any new exciting news from the blog. It keep the readers intact with the blog changes. In fact you could add anything to the widget so that it gets out as an announcement for the readers.

20-Add a Customized Three Column Footer Widget In Blogger

People often like to add footers to their template if they don't already exist to the one they use. The widgets adds up couple of footer 'add a gadget' sections so that you could make your template look more professional.

21-Customize Facebook Like Box With CSS

Its always a good feeling to have something unique from the crowd. This widget from MBT lets you achieve that goal. Most of the Bloggers today are using the default Facebook widget. Now with this one, you could easily customize it according to your needs.

22- Fluid Text Resizer: Adjust Font Size in Blog Posts

 This is indeed a great one. Its always better to provide more options at your blog to the readers. The widget allows the readers to choose the font size of the posts by them selves as per their liking. 

23-Multi Column Footer Widget For Blogger –The Hot!

Who doesn't love customizations. This is yet another elegant 3 column footer widget for Blogger. You could use such footers for displaying about section, follower widgets, popular posts, recent comments widgets etc. Footers are pretty handy and is a must for professional blog.

24-Add Floating Facebook Like and Retweet Counters To Your Websites

Its more like the first widget shown on this post but with different options for sharing. Such scrolling widgets work out great for conversions and help blog in long term. You would see such scrolling widgets on popular blog Mashable.

25-Advanced Multi Tabbed Widget For Blogger – Fully Widgetized!

This one is the beauty. What these tabs widget do is that they allow you to add a whole lot features to your blog's side bar without loosing a space for advertisement banners. So they are really handy.

Hope this list was helpful for you to find one of the best widgets for Blogger today, at one place. Its MBT's priority to provide readers what they want with ease.

Good luck :)

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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