How to Create a Facebook Like Page?

imageSocial networking sites really helps boosting up the traffic for any site and also provides an easy access to the users to see what is happening on the site without actually going to the site. Creating a Like page is very easy. You just need to perform these simple steps,




1) Go to create fan page.

2) Click on your required category. For blogger the Artist ,band or Public Figure category is suitable. Choose the category as writer and write the name of your blog in the next box.


3) Next, you need to tick the box and agree to their terms and click Get Started.

4) You will then be asked to enter a captcha shown. This is to help block spamming like pages.

5) If you have not signed in yet, you will be asked to enter your username and password or if you do not have a Facebook account you can create it then. Your page will now be active. You can like it and ask your other friends to like by inviting them.

Add a Display Picture or LOGO

imageA good like page should always have a display picture. Move your mouse pointer to the default image of the page and you will be shown an option to change the profile picture of your fan page. Click on the option and browse a relevant image for your site.

You should also confirm your page’s category again to websites and blogs for better search results.

Add Blog RSS Feed To Facebook Like Page

To publish your site's RSS click on Edit Page button at the top right corner. Next click Apps and then click the "Go To App" link just below Notes.


You will be asked to submit your FEED URL which looks like this,

Submit it and you are done! Now you don't need to paste your post link each time in Facebook to update your visitors. Your Feed will automatically update them.


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About the Guest Author:

Fahad is an Undergraduate Student, pursuing his B.E Degree in Computer and Information System Engineering. He is an excellent programmer and part time blogger. He Writes at My C Snippets. You can always contact him at Facebook

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  1. This method is one of the ways to increase blog traffic as well.
    We can build audience from facebook.
    It's great..


  2. @habibi

    Thank you habibi. I am glad you understand the value of it.

    I checked your like box and the faces and all other options are working fine and showing up when I pasted your FB page url in it.
    Make sure you are replacing it instead of

  3. Não consigo encontrar o botão da nota que você comentou para adicionar o feed.

  4. Informative post. Thanks for sharing the detail info. i do not know how to create post. thanks

  5. Thanks very much but can i RSS more than one blog for my facebook page?

  6. Asalamalikum,i'm abdul wahab i have problem with my facebook user name in my blog in edit html i added the username for facebook but it shows this can you help me to come up with this problem this is my blog in right you find facebook widget when you that is the problem plz help me.

  7. this is no longer allowed...

  8. When I click "Go to App", it doesn't ask to submit feed URL as you have said, instead what I get is 'write a note'! Please clarify!

  9. when i go to notes,they dont ask feed url.please help

  10. nice trick...i have created the page but couldn't add blog RSS feed because i didn't find the last window on my page where i can put the RSS url. please guide me why the problem is here?

  11. Hi dude, please reply with my answer.

  12. Here’s how to get it work for you

    Open your fan page (this assumes you have one)

    Click on the + to add the Notes Tab if you don’t have it added already

    Click on Notes Tab and hit Add New Note

    You will get a form for adding notes, but instead click on the Notes Icon above the form.

    From this screen you will see that you can import a blog. Add the URL to your RSS feed and hit Start Importing.)

    The Notes app will populate this page with your last few blog posts. Not e that a number will jump to your wall page with this first import, but from then on when you publish a new post it will show up in the stream.

  13. Just a note that I think this needs to be updated, as Facebook no longer allows you to directly import blog RSS feeds to their Notes App.

    Instead, it is usually done with another facebook app or something?