You can now display just one 300X600 Ad Format on a page

google adsense limitationsBlogging is becoming the most promising online business gradually, however, there are few who find themselves lucky enough to enjoy a good revenue been generated through it. There is no doubt that advertisements act as the soul of earning and we must thank Google for introducing its AdSense program. It has been lately seen that Google seems more interested in targeting the issues of its clients and in order to enhance the earnings of the publishers, it has recently introduced a new 300x600 ad format, big enough to consume a large space of your blog. While the Publishers were delighted with the news, hoping to have more revenue, Google has announced that the new offer would also be having some limitations.

The Limitations

Considering the new format to be large enough, Google has now announced to have some changes in its policy to keep a balance in between the valuable content of the blog and the advertisements. If you were aiming high to achieve this golden opportunity by placing two or more 300x600 ads on your blog, this one is surely a bad news for you as you would now be permitted to place only one 300x600 ad unit on each page of your blog.
AdSense ad sizes
We previously saw that the limit for AdSense for content ad units was three ads per page, which is still the same, however, the slightest change is that you can now place only one 300x600 ad unit out of the three, choosing the two remaining ones of any other size.

Google states that the major reason for this limitation was to keep in view the needs of both, Users and the Advertisers. For those who have availed the offer to its fullest, placing more than one 300x600 ads on a single page, Google requests them to remove the ‘extra’ ads units by Jan 10, 2012 to avoid inconvenience. A notifying mail has been already sent to the affected publishers, asking them to make this update on their blog.

Although the news might not be a welcoming one for most of the bloggers, it is good to see that Google is taking interest and coming up with new strategies to enhance the online business for the publishers and the advertisers. It is soon to be expected that the team would announce new sizes and policies that would further contribute in boosting your earnings.

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  1. Truely Speaking, First when it was released, I didn't like this Ad Unit but now after the change in Google's Policy i Think It is has become the Marvel Ad Slot for any Publisher. It Bring more Earning to your site that's for sure. IF it start to get Image or Animated Advertisement then there is no reason why a Publisher won't use it. Nice to See you Active at MBT. Hope you are enjoying the every bit of it. Take Care. Peace, Blessings and Happy Blogging ;)... OH Yeah. Mohammad Bro You too Take Care

    Syed Faizan Ali

  2. its great post with great news thanks Nida Zaidi well some body tell me what is 1 click earning of this,,

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  6. Wise step by google

    We r the ones who utilize things in wrong ways and then we have to face limitations. It is such a big space. One per page is enough if installed with perfection. I m waiting for the advertisers to make their image ads ready so i can test this unit because i believe that this unit will work better with image ads.

    As a YouTube partner, i wish YouTube also uses this unit in place of the normal square unit they using. If YouTube did, it will be a great pleasure for YouTube partners

    By the way , Beautifully written Nida

  7. I think, 300x600 ad size is good for advertises. But for publishers, its not so much good. As 300x600 size ad image will slow down the page load speed, also it takes too much space in sidebar.
    Anyways... Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. I don't like to use the 300x600 px adsense because didn't display all the ads in the field...

    Thanks for sharing this.
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  9. Really very nice post
    Thanks for sharing with us.
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  10. Nice tutorial thanks for sharing :)

    Rahul Kashyap

  11. very nice and the adsense or adwords use
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  12. I do agree with Google on this one. More than 1 large ad of this type looks too obvious and detracts from the actual blog post.

  13. gud article this is the announcement given by google on 11-12-2012. and they hvn't send mail to users they will send mam. mam can you tell me how you manage the "take a break" written in this way. please give me the article link. because i know when bro do some changes he also publish that article too. m i rite ?

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  16. That's great
    Thanks for the Info
    I just tried this 300x600 Ad and it was too Big ..
    it is better for Sidebar Technology Blog

  17. This would be great for earning a lot of revenue from a site !

  18. I dont think i have that much space to show this ads in my blog.
    Any way in future i may think about it.Thnx for sharing this post.
    @Mohammad bro please share how to add click on expand like your Popular Series.
    Regards,Azad hussain laskar.

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    @ Zee Me, Abu Baker,Mohammad Shameer,Adrian, Ashu, Rahul and all;

    Thank You so much for the appreciation :)

    @ Haider Afridi,
    Yes Brother, I Agree with what you have said, Money is a lust, Majority of the people fall for it-ALWAYS!

    @ Corey,
    Brother you need to Contact Mustafa for this. You can do so by leaving your message on the "contact" Section of this site.

    @ Rohit,

    here you go ; :)

  22. wow damn! Thx for sharing! I was about to use it!

  23. @Nida Zaidi i want the link where bro share about the how to customize the header of the side bar widgets

  24. please help me i want to use headings like you .and i have use tutorial .but get problem. i have applied this post on my blog but when i add <h4>text</h4> than it not change but with this script the main heading goes chagnge .please please help me. see the above given blog. and i want heading like you please help me. and i want to use this on my this blog. and i am commenting here because ur heading post is of 2009 .thanx

  25. also tell me how you sop your image to open in light view or in other window?is there any article for that.


    I already use 300x600 after read your post here, thanks

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