No Crypto Company Can Operate Without Complying With N.S.A – CHAPTER[1.12]

Without those leaked global surveillance disclosures of 2013 by a former CIA employee, N.S.A contractor and now a Russian resident, Edward Snowden, the world would have never known or believed, that the very corporate companies that they trust, are providing private information of its customers through back doors, willingly to CIA, FBI and N.S.A.

No cryptocurrency can operate without complying with NSA

Most importantly bitcoin community would have simply ignored what I had shared so far and what I am about to reveal in this chapter.

Who would have known that the email we send via Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail are being read in real time through electronic eavesdropping by a NSA employee.

Who would have imagined that the video or audio calls we make on Skype, Facebook or Apple Facetime are being watched by a CIA spy, sitting in Washington D.C.

N.S.A exists even before the birth of internet, the first home PC or the first operating system(OS). For the past 65 years since its birth in 1952, N.S.A has been waging a war against encryption protection of everyday Internet communications.

N.S.A.’s success lies in weakening encryption standards either by:

  • making design changes to cryptographic software and then lobbying for international encryption standards it can crack,
  • or building secret relationships with technology companies in USA and abroad to build entry points (back doors) into their products.
With an annual budget of over $11 billion, N.S.A has deployed its own custom-built, superfast computers to break widely used Internet encryption technologies that the normal world considers unbreakable or impossible to decrypt.

N.S.A’s code-breaking capabilities are the best in the world and unbeatable in terms of advanced technology. A short trailer was seen when NSA’s Eternalblue exploit was used in WannaCry Ransomware attack, that infected 300,000 computers, across 150 countries within a span of just 4 days!

WannaCry Ransomware attack was a bitcoin publicity stunt by NSA

WannaCry was a perfect “Bitcoin Publicity Stuntby N.S.A to bring mainstream media attention to Bitcoin with no fingerprints attached. . Bitcoin became an internationally discussed topic since then.

After WannaCry Ransomware attack(May 2017), Bitcoin price increased by 931% within 7 months! Contrary to its 8 years of almost no exceptional price movement except for 2013 when prices were moved from $150 to $1000 using trading robots(explained on chapter#2).

More details (images, graphs and facts and figures) on how NSA was involved in WannaCry Ransomware attack, has been discussed comprehensively in Chapter#2. Stay tuned because Chapter#1 is just 40% of our research, lost of untold secrets will be shared in Chapter#2.

NSA has acquired the capability to crack almost all the private communications encryption tools used by webmasters and cryptocurrency sites such as HTTPS, TLS/SSL, SSH, VPNs, VoIP or encrypted chat.

New York Times mentioned N.S.A’s capability to bypass private communications in following words:

But some experts say the N.S.A.’s campaign to bypass and weaken communications security may have serious unintended consequences. They say the agency is working at cross-purposes with its other major mission, apart from eavesdropping: ensuring the security of American communications.

Some of the agency’s [N.S.A] most intensive efforts have focused on the encryption in universal use in the United States, including Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL; virtual private networks, or VPNs; and the protection used on fourth-generation, or 4G, smartphones. Many Americans, often without realizing it, rely on such protection every time they send an e-mail, buy something online, consult with colleagues via their company’s computer network, or use a phone or a tablet on a 4G network.

— N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web

NSA influence tech companies to insert backdoors into commercial products

According to an intelligence budget document leaked by Edward Snowden, N.S.A. spends more than $250 million a year to influence tech companies to insert back doors into encryption products.

The N.S.A.'s Sigint Enabling Project is a $250 million-a-year program that works with Internet companies to weaken privacy by inserting back doors into encryption products.

The agency works with companies [such as Google/Facebook/Microsoft] to insert back doors into the commercial products. These back doors allow the agency, and in theory only the agency, to gain access to scrambled information that it would not be able to view otherwise.

NSA’s compaign against encryption

New York Times discussed an encryption standard that was engineered by NSA with a fatal weakness and which was recommended as a secure protocol by both NIST and ISO in 2006, but the newspaper does not mention explicitly the name of that standard.

Can you guess which encryption standard (which is very much related to Bitcoin) is NYT referring to?

Cryptographers have long suspected that the agency planted vulnerabilities in a standard adopted in 2006 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and later by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which has 163 countries as members.

Classified N.S.A. memos appear to confirm that the fatal weakness, discovered by two Microsoft cryptographers in 2007, was engineered by the agency. The N.S.A. wrote the standard and aggressively pushed it on the international group, privately calling the effort “a challenge in finesse.”

“Eventually, N.S.A. became the sole editor,” the memo says.

The standard in question was the Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator(Dual_EC_DRBG), standardized in NIST SP 800-90A.

Experts and researchers had widely protested this algorithm, which according to experts included a potential back door that only NSA knows.

Despite criticism, NSA succeeded in bribing RSA security with over $10 million to include the algorithm and surprisingly for seven years it was used as cryptographically secure algorithm in commercial products.

Bitcoin software helps its users to create 256-bit long private keys using the Operating System’s default pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) which works a lot similar to Dual_EC_DRBG to create a random number.

Bitcoin community claims its the most secured PRNG and its impossible to guess a private key. They often give examples such that guessing a private key (2256 = 1.158 * 1077 ) is like picking an atom from universe. The probability of which is 1/1077

Such examples are fairly impressive practically but theoretically, the existence of a potential back door (master key to predict the stream of "random" bits) can never be ignored because N.S.A is far more unpredictable than one can imagine.

NSA has hired the best mathematicians and programmers across the world. Free encryption algorithms they propose for commercial use are so smartly created that it is almost impossible for general public or independent cryptographers to find a vulnerability in it using a home PC or laptop or an ASIC. NSA’s success is its custom-built super computers that are not accessible to general public.

A collision attack to the hashing algorithm SHA-1 (created by NSA) was found 20 years later by Google, surprisingly bitcoin uses SHA-256 (also created by NSA) all over its infrastructure from creating bitcoin addresses to hashing blocks during mining.

Can anyone guarantee there exists no back door to SHA256? It took a giant company like Google to find a vulnerability in SHA-1 after 20 years, how can any bitcoin user in his full senses make bold statements that there exists no backdoors to bitcoin protocol features which uses SHA256?

What would you call it: Stupidity or Ignorance? I leave it to you.

NSA Is Known For Bullying Tech Companies

Classified documents provided by Edward Snowden made it quite clear how tech companies operating within United States or abroad are being bullied and forced by N.S.A for their voluntary collaboration, either through judicial court orders or by altering their software or hardware.

Companies that don’t surrender to NSA’s non-stop bullying, have to shut down their services.

One such example is an e-mail encryption company called Lavabit, that closed rather complying with the agency’s illegal demands for access to customer information. Another example include the e-mail service company called Silent Circle which preferred closing its service than facing such demands by NSA..

According to New York Times:

Ladar Levison, the founder of Lavabit, wrote a public letter to his disappointed customers, offering an ominous warning. “Without Congressional action or a strong judicial precedent,” he wrote, “I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States [referring N.S.A].”


NSA combined with IMF is far more unpredictable than one can imagine and no socio-political thing can happen on a large scale on this planet without taking them into confidence.

N.S.A, Bitcoin and the Cashless Society

It is nonsense to believe that the large scale media coverage worldwide given to Bitcoin and billion dollar investment being done to promote bitcoin network, is a result of voluntarily participation by some libertarians, internet activists or "freedom fighters".

Isn’t it weird that an agency that can crack through VPNs, TSL/SSL, HTTPS, SSH, Encrypted Chat and Encrypted VoIP, is so silent at disclosing the creator behind bitcoin who remains online 24/7, uses social media actively, posts on forums and emails colleagues on daily basis.

Satoshi Nakamoto (Szabo Nick) uses the same tools (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Reddit, Github, Web hosting companies etc.) on daily basis that provides easy access/back door to NSA through Sigint Enabling Project and Bullrun Program, but the most advanced spying agency of the world acts as if it is completely ignorant of who created bitcoin. Interesting isn’t it?

In a nutshell it is impossible for crypto companies to operate with so much freedom online, in presence of the Five Eyes: N.S.A. and its counterparts in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The speed and momentum at which crypto community is organizing seminars, workshops and running cryptocurrency promotional campaigns online and offline across the globe is impossible to occur without complying with this unforgiving spy agency i.e. National Security Agency.

The utter silence of N.S.A towards the massive development going on around Bitcoin and Ethereum, is a clear indication of who controls the strings.

Bitcoin is the Same Old Tea In a New Cup

Cryptocurrency is indeed an extension of centuries’ old financial practices. It is just an innovative representation of the entire world banking system, in which real assets are converted into bogus digital assets. Its the same old tea in new cups!

The ruling elite mercilessly bombed two nations when they posed the slightest threat to their bogus monetary system, killing up to 600,000 people. i.e. Iraq for trading oil for Euros and Libya for trading oil for gold.

How can anyone in his full senses believe, you could build an electronic monetary system under the nose of N.S.A without it being able to react? Anyone who believe in such fairy tales, surely lives in Disney World.

Bitcoin is created and controlled by N.S.A

Through bitcoin, the elites are studying human reaction. For the success of bitcoin it is important that the elites may condemn it softly on mainstream media to let people believe on this bogus currency even more and blindly trust it as act of opposition to the Elites.

Once they have convinced at least 50% of the people, they can come out of the curtains to show their real faces through strict regulation policies and complete take over of exchanges. Bitcoin holders and the puppet bitcoin foundation will be able to do nothing but surrender to the new laws put forward by them.

This is how they will unveil the second biggest monetary scam in the history of mankind. Forcing the entire world towards an electronically controlled monetary system. This new cryptocurrency by NSA will be the final version and it will completely wipe out Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies when it’s launched.

All it would take for the elite to have the masses begging for a solution is a global collapse (probably the dollar collapse) that may last a few months to a year. When people are in chaos and panic they'll beg for whatever solution the ruling elite are willing to offer.

N.S.A and The Banking Elite Won’t Impose Anything By Force

Be it a cashless monetary system via cryptocurrencies or Universal Digital Identification using blockchain technology and biometrics(Iris scanning and RFID), none of these goals will be implemented by force because the trick is to convince people that such technologies is in their own self-interest and may even deliver personal benefits. The people will be brainwashed enough to demand it themselves.

The recent incident where the European Parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in April 2016, is the first move towards programming people to demand the right to be forgotten and full ownership of their user data. That is one practical feature of an editable blockchain technology only.

GDPR is proudly mentioned by ID2020 on their website and they also mention that the demand for digital identity is naturally coming from the public side (thanks to their convergence tactic):

Global Calls for a New Model of Identity:

  • Consumers are demanding both a more seamless digital experience and increased privacy.
  • In April 2016, the European Parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is designed to improve the security and privacy of personal data in the EU and which requires that the control of personal data rests with the individual.



The greatest magic trick ever pulled on mankind was the theft of the world's money.

100 years ago everyone around the world had gold or silver in their wallets. Today, nobody does. It all disappeared and ended up but where and in whose wallet?

Today we are just passing around worthless paper receipts from one hand to another(which we call currency) which used to represent the money that everybody no longer owns.

The reason it is the greatest magic trick is that most people today don't even know that their true wealth was stolen right in front of their eyes.

The magic trick used a simple tactic of deception which was:

Let me trade with you this awesome piece of paper for your crappy gold coin.

With bitcoin, the trick has not changed the slightest but the toy did:

Let me trade with you this awesome digital gold coin for your crappy gold coin.


Congratulations on completing Chapter#1!

Your journey is 40% complete. Please proceed to read Chapter#2 where you will discover shocking secrets and technical reasons backed by logics and rationality to prove Bitcoin as the greatest scam and fraud in the history of mankind after paper currency.

Chapter#1 is just 40% of the research and it is presented in layman terms so that any ordinary person could easily understand it. It is just a trailer.

Chapter#2 is 60% of the research and is the technical side and the soul of it.

Read it to believe it, as we continue unfolding the darkest secrets of mankind's lust for power.

No one is more crueler than the one who attains silence to injustice by choice. Stop this corporate scam with your hands if you can, stop it with your tongue if you can or at least condemn it in your heart if you are that weak.

Spread this message and share it with all your loved ones like a wild fire, or just ignore this entire research, call it garbage and live the way you have always prefered to live. I will still wish and pray the best for you. Peace out.

Note: Productive discourse does only make sense, once full picture is shown. You can surely post your queries or feedback below but I encourage you to comment only after you have read Chapter#2.


Hashtag in crypto-style (SHA256): A6Yy4vAPC2TAPLVUWQ264yWArgr7LJxXE5SoKyGmigvJ

Peace and Blessings,
Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

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