It all Started With "Gold is Worthless!" – CHAPTER[1.1]

bitcoin users think gold is worthless  - Bitcoin is scam

Gold is the only form of real money with intrinsic value, that has survived over 5,000 years to act as a sustainable and reliable medium of exchange and measure of value. Behind every prosperous and progressive civilization such as Egypt or Athens, you will find gold and also silver as the sole medium of exchange for macro and micro transactions, thus opening gateway to global trade and commerce.

Gold and silver are also referred to as Dinar (gold) and Dirham (silver) in Arabic.

Gold (Ag) and silver (Au) are precious metals or in other words they both contain stored energy that can neither be created nor destroyed.

What Makes Gold So Valuable?

Bitcoin enthusiasts brainwashed by the elite believe that Gold is considered to be valuable just because the humans trust it to be precious else it is just an ordinary stone like the rest....

Really? Were the history’s largest human empires so stupid that they would fight for generations with each other just for some shiny stones with no good use?

Well read the following 10 reasons why Gold is so valuable and what gives gold its intrinsic value. These reasons are enough to crush the elite’s propaganda against gold:

  1. Gold is rare! It is estimated in 2015 that the whole gold of the world that is mined so far equals a total of 186,700 metric tons.
    To visualize this volume, imagine a room with sides of about 19 meters in length. The entire gold of the world mined so far would hardly fill a room of this size! This is why gold is so precious and considered valuable by mankind. Unlike paper or digital currency, you can not artificially create gold out of thin air.
    Hence thanks to gold, the ancient market was always free and fair where no one could manipulate the value of money owned by you.
  2. Gold is the most malleable and ductile of all the metals.
    One ounce (oz) of gold can be drawn into more than 80Km of thin gold wire. One oz of gold can also be beaten into a sheet covering 9 square meters and 0.00018 mm thick! It can be made so thin to look like a transparent sheet.
    This property of gold enabled civilizations to do trade at both micro and macro level by minting coins of different weights.
  3. Gold is the least reactive metal in electro-chemical series. It does not decay, corrode or tarnish.
    Dig it underground and take it out after thousands of years and it won't loose the slightest of its value!
  4. Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
    Without gold, your smartphones, laptops and computers today would have been several times slower.
    The computer CPU chips contain Gold. Without Gold, bitcoin mining would become dead slow! The IT industry which uses 10% of gold, could not have progressed so sustainably without it.
  5. Gold has the highest corrosion resistance of all the metals. This is one of the major reasons why gold is used in integrated circuits to carry current instead of copper.
  6. Gold is a noble metal because it does not oxidize. It does not rust or tarnish if exposed to wet or dry air.
  7. Gold is shiny and attractive! This is why you wear them as jewelry (50% of gold) or use them in medical fields such as tooth restoration.
  8. Gold is so precious as a store of value that every government keeps it in their reserves, to use it as a backup during economic crisis. France survived the damage caused by WW II by exchanging its reserve gold for food & ration with USA.
  9. Gold accounts for 40% of its use as investments. People love it as a hard commodity for its intrinsic value and as a good store of wealth.
  10. Gold is a symbol of pride and honor because of its relative rarity.
    Thousands of labors, worked day and night, for years, to place millions of stones weighing 50 tons each upon one another to build the great pyramids of Giza so that the top of the pyramid could be caped with Gold! Funny Bitcoin users call it worthless and just a jewelry stuff.

Can You Eat Gold?

Sarcastically, yes you can!

This is probably the most popular yet the most illogical question asked by gold haters. The elite does so just to confuse the public and make gold look inferior to a valueless paper and digital currency. A contrary question would be can you eat paper or digital currency? Of course you can't!

Gold is money and a perfect store of wealth. Money is not necessarily something to be eaten but its a tool required to purchase resources (wants/needs) essential for your survival as a human on earth.

For argument sake and to kill this baseless objection raised by the elite, I guess I have something interesting to share.

I know this sounds weird but a New York City food truck was reported to be selling a $666 hamburger dubbed the “Douche Burger,” which contains lobster, caviar, truffles, and a beef patty wrapped in six sheets of gold leaf.

$666 Douche Burger with gold flakes - Bitcoin is scam

Pure gold (i.e. 24-karat) is chemically inert and easily passes through your digestive system without being absorbed into the body. You can eat pure gold or silver leaf, flakes or dust without falling ill.


Europeans have been adding gold leaf to food and liquor since ages. Gold leaf can also be found in Japanese and Indian candies and South Asian pastries.

Homeopathic experts have even recommended gold as a treatment for heart disease, arthritis, depression, and other ailments for hundreds of years. People in India and Pakistan even eat "Paan" wrapped in a golden leaf costing around $100 each.


I just hope now the Bitcoin enthusiasts won’t mind trying out gold in a dinner! =)

Did you know? Gold is such a precious and useful metal that it exits even in human body. The average 70 kg (150 lb) adult human body contains approximately 0.2 milligrams of Gold!

Gold plays a vital role in maintenance of the joints and also in the transmission of electrical signals throughout the body.

The true value of gold is surely based in its relative rarity, easy handling and minting, easy fabrication and smelting, corrosion resistance, thermal stability, its nobility to chemical reactions and lastly its unique shiny color.

Bitcoin creators call gold worthless in order to devalue the intrinsic value of gold which their bogus digital gold(Bitcoin) don't have. By defaming intrinsic value they try to build a justification to prove Bitcoin as a digital gold and thus brainwash people that bitcoin has almost all the money characteristics of real gold.

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