Launching our Fourth Mega Project - ! - Cut your links!
Update: We have shut down this service in 2016 due to expensive costs of server hosting and low return

With, bitly and TinyURL serving Billions of redirects per month, we thought why not try our development skills to create a system that could at least take out some portion of the URL Shortening Service Market and offer some more exciting & unique features to web users. With the efforts we put in, we succeeded in building a Web tool utility that is now serving over 2 Million redirects per month just within one month of its initial launch! Due to a massive traffic flow, our Linux servers crashed a multiple times, forcing us to upgrade our Private Dedicated servers. Since we always market a project before revealing it to our blog readers, we believe it's the right time to unveil STC Network's 4th Mega Project entitled "" is soon going to be the biggest Link Cutter Service which allows you to easily Create, Customize, Password Protect and Safely share your long-lengthy URLs like never before! We have got widgets, Developer API and Browser extensions for you! You can now hide your affiliate links, beautify links in your power-point presentation slides, forums, emails, Mobile SMS and safely share them anywhere you like. The system can be used for any purpose as long as it complies with our TOS.
The service offers some extremely exciting features for Registered Users which are worth trying out for free. Lets take a quick tour of all the great features offers.
PS: The service is running in Beta mode and under constant development phase. We will continue providing it for free irrespective of its high server costs. It's a Joint venture by the team of Dirt Farmer and STC Network. I would like to exceptionally thank Prashanth Sarda for making it possible. 

Features for Non-Registered Users:

  • Shorten URL's
  • Open Multiple URL's simultaneously.
  • Add Custom Alias - Create Custom URLS!
  • Links generated will auto-expire in 3 months from generation.
  • Copying and Manual sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email, etc..
This is the interface for Non Registered users:
Features for non-Registered users

Features for Registered Users:

  • All features mentioned for Non-registered Users
  • Shorten Multiple URL's in a batch - Click this to see!
  • Add descriptions to URLs for easier search indexing
  • Password Protect your Links! - Click this » » password: mbtmbt
  • Search generated links stored in your personal database
  • Add a pre-set number of uses on the generated link
  • Option to change the custom alias - Create Custom URLS!
  • Add custom expiry period to the Shortened URLs, default being 3 months
  • Combine multiple links in a single URL to make sharing them easier
  • Much more to come! We just hatched out!
This is the interface for Registered users:
Features for Registered users
settings for expiry date

A Look from inside

Registered users have a hell lot features and much more control over their accounts. You can add, delete, update, set expiry, set passwords to links and much more. The control panel lets you to update and manage your links and keep a track of stats also!
1. Easy navigation to important Pages:
easy navigation

2. Access All tools using the My Account tab at top-right.

tools list

3. You can manage all links from "Manage Links" page. Add, Update, Delete and Track Stats. We will keep on developing more options.
Access and manage Links list

Marketing Tools

We have created both Iframe and Flash based widgets for perfect compatibility. The widgets can be easily inserted on your blogs to let your readers enjoy shortening long URLS right from your site. This will certainly entertain your site visitors a lot! :)
PS: has been recently redesigned and it will take time before we update the widgets and Add-ons Design.
Iframe Widget:
<iframe src="" width="205" height="235" frameborder="0" ></iframe>

Flash Widget:

<embed src="" quality="high" wmode="transparent" width="179" height="224" name="widget" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" allowFullScreen="false" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" />

Browser Extensions:
Install these add-ons in seconds and start cutting URLS by simply right clinking a link anywhere on a webpage and then selecting option. We will automatically paste the shorten URL on your clip board. That easy!
PS: Currently the browser plugins will create short URL's as a non-registered user only. We will surely add login facilities in coming days.

Track Service Updates:

We just launched our official Facebook Fanpage from where you will receive all service maintenance and news updates. The page is freshly created and waiting for your thumbs up! :)
  • Follow on Facebook!

Privacy Policy & TOS:

In order to understand what makes your cutted links so safe and secure with us the please read our privacy policy below:
  • Read: Privacy Policy
We hate the service to be used for explicit, unlawful or phishing and scam purposes. We keep a close watch on the database and permanently ban all such IPs involved in any such activity. For details please read:
  • Read: Terms of Service
Please help us to keep it Safe and Clean forever.

New Projects:

We are actively working on another project which is equally important and extremely useful for Bloggers across the web. I am waiting for my university exams to end and then we will unveil it when the time is right.
I just hope this service finds you at your best and helps you in better managing lengthy and complex links. Please post your precious suggestions below to help us in improving this tool even more.
For MBT readers, I would say we now have a good way to shorten those long links in our tutorials! :)
Thank you always buddies. :)

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


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  1. hmm gr8 and best of luck for future :)

  2. Superb work Mustafa...

    You always rock and come up with something very interesting.. I like your project and why not. It is best to use.. :-)

  3. Wish you all the best for this new project. I have tried non-registered, nice work. Surely register soon as possible.

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  5. Always thanks to mbt editorial teams...thanks Mustafa Sir for being released a new project, we proud of you.

  6. Nice. Keep up the good work.. :)

  7. Damn Awesome

    Bro, u r gonna Rock the Internet world
    Simply awesome
    Loved it

    U r not just a good blogger but a good businessman too

    God bless

  8. Congratulation bro!
    You did really awesome work but you or other developer of UCUT missed a line of code due to which UCUT is redirecting users to shortened links through 302 redirects which should be 301. So, kindly fix this.
    I already mailed UCUT through its contact form.

    1. Hi Waseem... Thanks for your concern... But you need to know the difference between the 2 redirects to understand why it was done that way...

      When a page is redirected with a server-level redirect, one of the 300-level status codes is reported. The most common are 301 - permanent redirect and 302 - temporary redirect. As the shortening is only a temporary redirect, 302 code is applied... Hope that clarifies your question :)

    2. Thanks Prashanth for your reply but you should know that and give 301 redirect (Permanent redirect) to links. Maybe you didn't notice.

    3. Hi waseem,

      Prashanth explained it pretty well. This site has just been launched and we are still working on its SEO factor.

      Roughly all URL shortening services offer 301 including TinyURL. Reason? Because most of them have no expiry Feature, most of these links never expire but is amongst the very few which introduced so many features including setting the Expiry date of the link.

      A 302 wont for sure effect the links health in terms of Juice flow but based on the limited expiry period that a users sets a 302 is more recommended. So we will try to add a 301 for links with no expiry period . That way it will make more sense and clear your doubts as well :)

    4. Thanks Prashanth and Mustafa bro for taking time to explain this.

  9. Great Tool Mustafa Bro, really amazing.
    I wish you more success in your life.

  10. Nice project Mohammad brother. May Allah bless you and best wishes for you and your team.

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  17. I just returned from university and was reading out every single comment.

    Thank you everyone for your consistent motivation and needed support always. You guys are our running fuel and you encourage us to do even better. Thank you a millions time for your kind and valuable feedback.
    This service is all yours now ! :D

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  19. Congratulations Best of luck and greeting to mustafa sir! And MBT Team

  20. I would use it if we could change the destination link of previously created short-cut :(

    1. Dav7, if you want, you can create the short link with an alias, then delete that when you want, and create a new link again with the same alias... you will need to be registered though to get the delete option and other features...

  21. Way to go man !
    I wish you all the best for future endeavors as well. :)

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    Why not create a "Blogger Type" widget as well to attract bloggers to embed the pretty code to their site =)