Bing and Yahoo Features that Google Doesn't Have!

Bing and Yahoo Features that Google Doesn't Have!
Most of us think of Google as the superpower of the internet world. And that's not a mere generalization. Out of every 10 people, 7 use Google search. And Google's network of integrated tools make it an amazing package for its users. But as with anything, Google isn't perfection. If Bing has retained some of its market share, and if Yahoo has managed to survive for so long, it's because they offer some features that Google doesn't. Let's take a look at why 3 out of 10 people skip Google and go for the more discrete options.

Why people still use Bing?

OK let's get something straight right from the start. Bing, in its current state, can, in no way, compete with Google on a search result basis. The data Google has collected over the years is simply immense. So the two can't compete head-to-head. But Bing does have something which makes me think about it sometimes.

First up; Aesthetics. Bing has a more user-friendly user interface than Google, and that alone prompts me sometimes to keep using Bing if it accidentally launches up in Internet Explorer or on a Windows Phone device. And I can't say I've regretted it. Bing will show you some options at the bottom, and even a slider (for images, videos etc) at the bottom to show you what's trending.

Bing even conveniently shows my search history, which can help easily access recent pages I've visited.

Bing Search

The best thing about Bing is perhaps its Image and Video Search. I discovered these features once when Google's homepage wasn't resolving on my side due to some DNS issues. And I was pretty amazed with the Image search. Bing can interpret whether you're looking for a person, place or thing (entity understanding). You can then use these options for efficient image searches. Same goes for videos, and you can search for videos by using the search engine itself, unlike Google, where you have to go to YouTube instead.

These features make Bing not that bad a deal. But as we discussed, Google has the sheer amount of data and experience that Bing doesn't. And that explains why the one has the edge over the other in the market.

Features of Yahoo that Google doesn't have

Yahoo has been heading into collision courses with Google for a long time, and now seems to have developed a knack for it. It also tries to provide a 'complete package' to its users. If you head over to Yahoo's homepage, you will see a collection of tools you can use. Now I'm more of a minimalistic kind of person, so I naturally don't prefer all this clutter. But I also like having functionality on my fingertips, and so, Yahoo offers a complete all-round package. And since iGoogle is retiring, Yahoo's homepage will have the ground for itself.

Speaking of sparring-grounds, Yahoo now is trying to go more horizontal, because it can't compete with Google Search vertically. The Yahoo Local feature helps users find local businesses and places near their location. Then there's Yahoo Answers, the world's largest Q&A database. And don't forget Flickr, with which Google's Picassa can't compete yet.

All-in-all, the Yahoo resistance sure has kept it going for the years, and given time, the tables might as well turn. That is not to say that Google will be looking up at Bing and Yahoo, not anytime soon at least. But it's a bleak possibility. For now though, Google owns the market, and Bing/Yahoo can't really compete with Google, not at least in Search.

So while these features might not be enough to pry Googlers away from Google, they sure can come in real handy, something you should definitely give a shot before passing judgement. Cheers :)

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