Happy New Year 2013 & Happy Surprises!

imageA splendid and joyous Happy New Year to everyone! 2012's history chapter just got closed and the sun has now taken a new spin to open the new year's chapter. On behalf of entire STC Network (i.e. Raheem, Qasim, Nida, Bhavesh, Shams and Me!) I wish that this blessed new occasion may fill up your life with Happiness, bright Cheer and bring to you joy and Prosperity for the rest of the shiny blue days that follow. God bless you all throughout the new year buddies and may your incomplete dreams (if any) and goals in life get completed successfully this year and you may return home with a smile each single day. May you make abundance of sweet and loyal friends this year. The new future surely awaits you!

Update: Template Customization tutorial published

Your Gift this year?

To keep the healthy tradition alive, we would love to gift all our loyal and million dollar worth readers a memorable gift. It took me around one week to craft, slice and then finally hard code a carefully structured Blogger template for the blogging community. The name chosen this time is "Salahuddin Ayubi" Its far better optimized then Monop or Tanzanite and carefully coded by keeping in mind both Search robots, social media networks, and the priceless visitors.

Salahuddin Ayubi is a legend in both western and eastern cultures and this man is known to all for his beautifully led empire. Since I am highly inspired with him, therefore I coded a template on his name as a tribute! :D

Click the image below for DEMO!

Salahuddin Ayubi Blogger Template


The reason why this template is different from any template available online is due to the features stated below:


Nothing counts more for me than SEO. Design comes second!

  1. Dynamic meta description tags for Post editor already installed
  2. Data Variables for Titles and Post Pages already swapped
  3. The clean HTML structure would make it fairly easy for search robots to crawl and index the pages easily without useless scripts block access.
  4. Entire structure follows a hierarchal flow of Heading tags as per Search Robot requirements. H1 for Blog title, H2 for post & sidebar titles and H3 for sub-headings
  5. Labels, Comments, Archive Links and Archive Pages are well optimized by setting robot entries
  6. Commenting system is well shielded from spammers
  7. Load Time has been kept in mind as per Google Webmasters latest Page speed requirements
  8. A floating sharing widget has been added to post section to easily report social vote counts to Google
  9. In short this template is a repository of all SEO features that a blogspot blog can contain!
Social Media Optimization
  1. Schema Tags for Facebook and Google+ has been already installed to avoid thumbnail and description snippet errors
  2. Sharing counters would easily pick the right Image and post description
  3. Around 360+ social media sharing options are added both at the bottom and slide panel of the post section.
  4. Subscription widget is designed by keeping reader's psyche in mind, providing major focus to Email subscription only. Includes multi subscribing options for RSS, twitter and Facebook.
User Interface
  1. The template is designed in order to force visitors to stay longer and make more Page views.
  2. How better experience could a template offer if it's design is perfectly compatible with all major browsers including the horrible IE!
  3. The Scripts and Style sheets work just perfect in IE, Firefox and Chrome. Slight conditional tags will still be introduced tomorrow for IE, just ran out of time tonight.
  4. The layout colors are chosen by keeping standard Hexadecimal and web friendly fonts. This is often acceptable by a wide variety of readers especially visitors with sight vision problems and those who are aged. No dark or eye burning colors!
  5. The header, content wrapper, post section, sidebar section and footer, all comes with handy widgets to make the site navigation more like a fun.
  6. A friendly search box is added next to menu to provide easy site search.
  7. Our recently released Blogger notification bar is already included thus keeping your readers updated with latest announcements or deals.
  8. A beautiful footer at the bottom with author info would tell the visitor he is not reading a dead blog but one that is ran by a real man! Author bio would also appear below each post.
  9. We can keep on describing more but let leave rest for you to decide.
Widgets & Plugins

Why don't you check and count them yourselves? :)


Our hostgator account is undergoing some maintenance and as soon as it is  in normal working condition, I would inform you all through the notification bar and the download link would be added to both our download page and here.

Update: Download the template right now! Visit our Download Page


A separate detailed tutorial will be shared soon in order to help you all more comprehensively wit the technical details and template installation.


I started blogging using free gadgets and using a free platform like blogger which changed the way I live today. Free goodies and resources are no less than a great favor from one person to another. Here at MBT we aim at motivating new and young teenagers to start their online careers and enrich the community with their creative skills. Some remain thankful to us by crediting us for the resources we offer and some forget us. Those who respect copyrights are certain to survive online and be respected by everyone around.

We are tired fighting new comers when they re-share our resources (icons, buttons, tutorials, templates etc.) without permission and attaching credits. For those who really respect and are humble, this template is a gift from us to you. We expect that our watermark on the Blogger notification bar and link at footer may remain intact.

Upgrade To Premium Version

Our Free resources come with copyrights restrictions but we have a large collection of premium resources that are shared with clients alone. If you wish to order a similar template, then please contact us via the services page or if you wish to use the same template by removing the watermark logo and credit link at footer, then you may kindly contact us via the contact page only. Invoice details will be shared via email only.

The Second Surprise?

Apart from this free Template surprise, the second surprise which even amazed us all today was when we observed that this little blog just hit an Alexa Rank of 5K Alhamdulillah, which according to un-official blogger stats, is the only Blogger blog ran by non Google employees with highest Alexa Rank. I am not sure how many blogspot blogs exist in Google's directory (near 300 Million or more), but I have personally not came across any family friendly blog with such rank apart from some adult blogs which are not even worth discussing.

All praise goes to you buddies for your continuous love and support. If there is anything I did, was providing you with content rest all these sweet little gifts came from you. You made a stupid guy so happy today. Thank you a millions! :)

PS: We hit 6K 4 months back and then lost it for following 3 months. We hit 5K today so the Alexa Rank can surely go worse again! but lets celebrate this day at least! ;p

New Year Resolutions If any?

Last year my resolution was to control my anger which I badly failed! Now before I ask what are your great commitments for this year, lets share my little one first!

I will try again to control my anger this time, by hook or by crook! :D


Want to check what surprises we shared on 2012's celebrations?

Do tell me buddies, whether you succeeded with your last year's commitments or not and what promises do you make for coming future. Feel like a family here, no reservations please! I wish the best of life for you all. May you succeed far more than you dreamt of, may you achieve far bigger milestones than us or anyone you may know. Tomorrow awaits you dear brothers and sisters so go hug it as warmly as you can! Peace and blessings pals! :)

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


We have Zero Tolerance to Spam. Chessy Comments and Comments with 'Links' will be deleted immediately upon our review.
  1. Thanks friend!
    I got domain name yesterday and hosted that on blogger but was confused what template to use. But this template "Salahuddin Ayubi" looks great.
    Waiting for download link

  2. Thanks Mohammad for this nice new year gift for us. God bless you. All the very best for new year 2013 to you and your family.

  3. You say you encourage young teenagers to blog . Well , I am a 13 year old blogger . I blog @ www.techravers.com

  4. Oh. Happy New Year bro , hope MBT Achieve all its targets. Awesome template wish you can have a wordpress theme pretty similar like this.
    I blog at www.techzerk.com

  5. About new year oaths, basically in personal life i want to study hard and wish i can have a good score in my high school. In blogging , i want to concentrate on blogging and tech news and around 2000 word quality content. :)

  6. Always welcomed. You guys forgot to tell your new year oaths? didn't you? :)

    @A2 studios
    Thanks for the kind wish buddy. May you succeed far more. :)

    Thank you pal for the generous wish. I just need to mention something:
    As I said as long as you respect copyrights, you will be respected. The moment I visited your blog I found cloned MBT widgets with no attribution.
    This is the Flapper and Flipper widget I designed 4 years back! you unfortunately re-shared it without paying credits dear.

    Prove: http://www.techzain.com/2012/07/add-social-sharing-buttons-below-every.html

    Here are MBT links:

    2009: Add Social Sharing Buttons below Posts
    2009: Flapper Icon Set.

    2012: Flipper Sharing widget

    You are not the first one, there are many!

    You have far better skills dear utilize them and trust me you are better then this. No offense , just awakening people here now.

    Then you may start posting right today and let everyone of us take benefit from your guru hidden secrets! More power. I will be here to help you always brother. :)

    You never miss wishing us kisoni. Thanks a bunch for being a valuable reader always. Wish you even more. May you succeed with all your endeavors this year. :)

    13? That is amazing. MashAllah keep it up buddy and I am sure by the time you get 18, you will be a new great techy geek! :)

    @ummeed sinha
    Wordpress has tones of great collection of already designed themes. The community is pretty big there so no shortage of such themes buddy. :)
    Oh thank you for the kind wish! :)

  7. Thanks bro. Your own designed Bar at top is just awesome bro. i have seen that at http://uptu-khabar.blogspot.in keep up.

  8. Brother,

    Where to download this blogger template. Please give the link.

  9. I am waiting for this template to use it on my blog. And happy new year to MBT Teams and its fans and subscribers.

  10. @navneer: 13? Liar? You told me that u r 17. I am 13!!!

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  12. Mustafa bro...i really need your help today..from many days i m trying to add threaded comment system in my blog..(www.trickshunt.com) but i m not able to add it properly..the delete option is working but reply option is not working..m in huge Trouble, and today i think to install disqus comment system in my blog so,plese tell me is this good to add it on blogger platform,or it may leads to any seo failure of my blog...
    I know these question is out of this topic(post) but i really need your help today..please bro help me..
    wait for your reply.

    Sidhnath sinha

  13. Sorry to wish you happy new year...Happy new year to U and whole mbt team.. :)

  14. awesome .. simply the best ... :P
    i'll put it on my new blog when available ... :P

    i m mailing u about my new blog's IDea and really need your help about it... :P
    i hope u'll reply ASAP ... :P

  15. Ohh hoo.. Look what's happening here.. Surprises popping out.. A dozen of comments, lots of wishes though less resolutions and yea a bit of heat as well and I love it :D

    Very very happy new year to all of you buddies out there and entire STC network (though I am missing them). I wish they come here today :)

    A huge thanks to Mohammad for officially including my name in STC network. The biggest surprise on new year for me :) Thanks very much.

    Lets talk a bit about the 1st surprise, the template.
    The first impression was that the template is neat, clean and not heavy at all.

    Something though is messed up. The content and sidebar is not adjusted properly and I feel the adjustment was due to the navigation menu image. If it is intentional, then I wish it is changed as it looks messed.

    Sidebar Heading: I wonder why you used borders instead of box-shadow for that effect. If compatibility is the issue (IE Culprit), then smart work around ;)

    I couldn't find any other visual issues.

    SEO: I always ask you first when it comes to SEO, so how can I dare to doubt on the SEO features :p

    Social Media: Limited packed with Lots, well and good.

    Copyrights: Pretty nice and sweet request :)

    Now the second surprise Alexa:
    If you remember I told you something about in a mail. I still dream of that success and I still believe MBT can do what I am thinking. Alexa may go down again but we need to give doing our work and success will come automatically as usual.

    I don't think you failed last year. I didn't see much of the anger here on MBT though I don't if you failed somewhere else.

    I didn't made any resolution last time. My resolution this year is to change my lifestyle and my lifetime resolution is to help the newbies in every possible way I can.

    For those who are wondering where is the download link:
    The download will be available on the downloads page once the maintenance is over. It will also be notified on the notification bar once it is available.

    I guess I didn't left anything.
    Once Happy New Year to all and missing STC guys. Please come here today :)

  16. Btw most of the people in India didn't celebrate new year this year and some celebrations that happened were pretty small. It was due to the recent Delhi Gang-Rape case and 23 girl died after battling.

    No one in India is going to let her voice die. Peace.

  17. Why siderbar colour has less opicity... look.. bad but My 2013 best template ever i seen is this one! :) Thanks MBT!

  18. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Hi bro.

    There is already a credit link to mbt on the right side of screen shot image. Please recheck it again dear.
    I am very sorry for what happened with my blog.


  19. Happy New Year Bro :-)

    Check out my new Blog :D Waiting for ur e-mail

  20. Happy New Year to MBT Team,

    Thanks for the precious gift for my website

  21. Happy New Year to all my Pakistani blogger friends whom I never met even one of them. I interact with all of them through just commenting like I do with global bloggers. But the passion, sincerity and patriotism of Pakistani bloggers is flabbergasting for my and their professionalism is not lesser than the global bloggers.
    For me 2012 remained a great year where I started blogging, am learning it and found great online friends like Muhammad, Faizan, Wali Khan who always have been so kind to me and guided me at every step of my newly-begun blogging journey. Peace and blessings on you all guys.

  22. @Bhavesh Pamecha hello bro .... hapy new year i want to ask you one thing ....i india rbi does not allow donation via paypal. than how you manage the donate button on your blog???

  23. hey averyy happy new year brother. this gift is really wow .. its really goona help us in designing our websites.. good job;; always best among all.:)

  24. Happy New Year But we have celebrated it few months back ( Islamic Year ). I hope such surprises to come in the Islamic Years as well. :)

  25. @Rohit
    I replied you on G+ and mailed you some further details.

  26. Happy new year to u too. I am 13 and a tech addicted blogging about technology at http://www.aktechz.com

  27. Simply Gorgeous Theme Bro! Have a Exciting Year a Head :) Blessings for you and your family.

  28. Happy new year bro !

    I'm surely going to try this cool template for my blog : http://digita7seven.blogspot.com

    Thanks !

  29. Happy New Year Mustafa,

    Great template, will be honored to have a copy of it.

    May this new year brings more happiness and prosperity in the face of MBT and MMA...

  30. Beautiful template, and Happy New Year to Mohammad and everyone else. MBT never fails to impress.

    I've got a few new year resolutions, here they are:
    (1)Eat healthy and stay fit.
    (2)Stick to this template and don't change it ever again! :)
    (3)Publish at least 1 post a week to my blog.

    Looking forward to this template...

    Sai Ram

  31. can you please tell me how to download this template is it free or not?

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. Hello Readers,
    I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year :) Best of luck for everything you do in 2013!!!
    And Mustafa, Brother, Awesome post. This Template resembles to that of SEM, so I am loving it in my own ways <3 :)

  34. Happy NEW YEAR <3 <3 <3 MBT !!!!

  35. @ummeed Sinha

    2K words quality would be awesome but even 700 words would work out as long as you write something unique and I know you will do great! :)

    About the bar, you can surely add it to wordpress also.

    I will update you all when the link is available. Our server is working fine and I will upload it by tomorrow :)

    I got your question buddy. You just need to replace the script that activates the threaded comment system. Email me with this subject "Blogger Threaded commenting Fix"

    I will send you the code :)

    Oh that was cute. Thank you dude. For the new blog, sure you may hurry! :)


    No need for the thanks. It shouldn't be any surprise captain :)

    Well your new year resolution is really kind and I am sure you will easily fulfill that because you do love helping people always.

    About my anger, I succeeded online last year but not in real world. :p

    About the template, just worked on your feedback and you may check the new design changes now. Post body now comes under a light bordered outline and the navigation links at bottom come under a container. Much better then before and thank you for bringing this into notice. Happy now? :)

    About Alexa, oh sure I remember that and I hope to live up to that dude. :)

    About the team, they all are here now. Qasim is free too now and he will start posting from tonight.

    I heard about that poor girl and respect the nation's stand on it. We still have some animals around who dress like humans.

    Buddy the template can be customized easily to any color and shape once you get the download copy. So you may surely change it to anything that suits you. Thanks a bunch for liking it dear :)

    No problem dear. You won respect in my eyes more now. I guess you deleted the post, though it was not necessary. I just want to see you all going ahead the best you can. I am always there for any help needed pal. :)

  36. @prashanth
    I am really happy for Dirt Farmer's great improvement prashanth. I just hope you liked MBT's SEO package and things are working for you. I still need to redesign your template and let me know if you want this new bar to be installed or the threaded commenting system. Keep your emails coming buddy :)

    About your new year resolution, I am certainly sure you will make it. Your traffic is well enough to score less than 2K. All the best prashanth. :)

    Note:For those of you who wish to see one of MBT's premium templates do visit prashanth's site


    Sidebar titled? More customizations needed? Sure you may change it as per your flavor dear once the copy is shared. Keep the advises coming, we love it. :)

    Well I expected a better wish from you and you didn't even share your new year wish? :)

    @Mi Muba

    Its because you are kind and devoted your self buddy and I am glad MBT has such a loyal reader. Really appreciate all your valuable comments and suggestions. Your input is no less than a great contribution. Always welcomed here as a family member :)

    Oh thank you sis! Glad you liked it. Means a lot and happy new year to you! :)

    That is true buddy, but I just find excuses to recharge myself with a new zeal and energy.

    We do celebrate every great occasion especially the Eids and Ramadan at mbt! :)

    Another 13 year old fellow! Really glad to see you all so keen to learning. Wish you all the best dear. :)

    Thank you buddy. Glad you liked it and where is your new year wish?? :)

    would be no less than our pleasure pal :)

    Happy new year to you too wali bro and your kind family. I am sure 2013 would be far more adventurous to you too. All the best with your endeavors. Thank you a lot for the kind wishes :)

    Oh I loved it! Thank you. We live to deliver because you keep on encouraging us else it wont take long for us to shed away. Thank you sai for your kind words. :)

    The link will be shared with 48 hours. you will be notified through notification bar :>

    Oh thank you for the sincere wishes Nida and as long as you keep contributing, STC will surely live to sustain. Thank you for always being there. I am so glad your liked the template. Yes surely it resembles SEM also :)

    Happy new yera to you too gigi! :>

  37. Looks like there was a slight misunderstanding buddy. See this screenshot and you will get know what I actually mean.

  38. @Bhavesh

    oh you mean that? I willingly did that. If you think it isn't looking nice then I would surely change it. :)

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. @Mohammad BRO

    Well! Just Started a New Venture and Praying for its Success Hope fully with your blessings it will ROX:). And BTW: I Agree with Bhavesh That post-body is overlapping the Sidebar. But I didn't poke my nose in this matter because everyone starts point fingers towards me as if i am Spamming here :). LOL

    Anyways! I hope you would decrease its Width :). Take care

  41. @Mohammad
    Looks like you already changed it or my night vision glasses are not working :p Actually the difference was not visible in first sight, so needed to check again and again if the change was made or not.

    It looked messy because suppose there is an image in a sidebar with white background (in this case subscriber sitting on the bench), the white thingy was mixing up and that what was making it look messy.

    No one is going to point fingers on you if you are right. But if you are wrong, obviously someone will come and pop up his head in the middle.

  42. How many days.. we are waiting sir... :(

  43. @Bhavesh Pamecha

    Everyone is Right in his own point of view. But you cannot change others Thinking. Negativity is not in the human, its other who make it negative. That What a Blog Means :). Collaborative Community :D.... Have a Nice day

  44. Assalm-u-Alikum

    qusestion is that bhai jan... i have a problem when i add any widget or any thing under <data:post.body/> so it dose't work so plz kindly tell me the solution

    allah ap ko sehat ata farmaye aameen

  45. @Syed
    Everyone is right? Are you serious? Give me a brrreak. I can give you tons and tons of examples having their own point of view which you have to agree that they are WRONGGG…

    Just one sample on your "Everyone is Right in his own point of view." Suppose everyone in sitting to discuss some changes in the law. Someone pop up and say murder is not a crime. Killing should be fun. Oh myyyy... that person is correct in his own point of view... What the.... Now you tell me your line was correct or not.

    "Negativity is not in the human, its other who make it negative."
    Go take some classes of Neuropsychology and learn how the brain works. Learn about Inner Negativity and Outer Negativity. What you are talking about is just Outer Negativity. And now don't tell me to take classes because I already know Mind Reading and I know how brain works.

    "Collaborative Community"
    Guess what... There is no community for blogging now because of some ‘Bunch of Morons’ come in, steals the content, surpass the one from where they stole and then just forgets the one because of whom they are standing here.

    I am not just taking about MBT or Mohammad. I am taking about everyone (Prayag Verma, Lisa Irby, Carrie Cousins, Manoela Ilic and all) who gives so much to the Blogging community but just doesn't get the respect in the real sense. And guess what, some of such Morons even get awards for their damn hard work of stealing. Great work guys...

    'Bunch of Morons' is my next project name (if I get approval) and nothing directly relating to you.

    I guess nothing was left unanswered or unproven.

  46. Sir pls configure this too... without adding jump breaks ..we can get read more view.. and when select any labels drop down menu comes under "show all post" not over its.. :) please fix thanks

  47. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    hai,brother when i am pointing my domain to blogger i am getting the below erroe please i beg u mohammad brother pls help me
    We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.
    On your domain registrar's website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs:
    Name, Label or Host field Destination, Target or Points To field
    www ghs.google.com
    bxyojdoqxr4h gv-effk23ta2g4bh5dbojuucnxxxpj6jz5ypqwfmh2cbbwvxfcsksvq.domainverify.googlehosted.com.
    See our detailed instructions on providing CNAMEs for various registrars or see the full settings instructions for more details. If you are having trouble entering the second CNAME to domainverify.googlehosted.com, you can verify your ownership of this domain with a TXT record through the Google webmaster tools here instead.

  48. Hi Mohammad,

    I am here and commenting after a long time though I visit your blog on daily basis and find precious information related to blogger blog, SEO and widgets..

    I have a question in my mind about SEO certification.As I can see you have amazing ability to deal with SEO, being a certified SEO consultant you have great knowledge about SEO. My point here is to find out the proper place for SEO certification.Could you please update us whether from you got your SEO certification? Is it online or Offline and which one you would recommend?

    For 2013, my all best wishes are with you :).I hope this year would be a happy one for all of us.


  49. @Bhavesh Pamecha BRO

    I Still Stand by my Statement that "everyone is right in their own perspective" I Say "Perspective" you can't drag them to accept a thing which they are not ready to accept. You can compare a Blog with a "Killing Example" That example doesn't fits in Here. Even a "Killer" Won't accept that he has Killed that guy.

    Community of Blogs? There is no community? Well, I think you have isolated yourself to few blogs. I Guess their are much bigger and better sites that has a Quite big and Great Fan following (Including MBT, wpbeginner.com, blogengage.com and there are countless sites that have a Community.

    I Guess The Definition of a Blog Would never complete if there is no Community. The Reason, we are here and sharing our opinions, Arguing with each other is because of the Platform MBT has Provided here.

    I Don't know who Morons You are Talking about but Who Cares about them. I Guess we should be straightforward, and If any so Called Moron (According to You) Steals your Content then, We have DMCA
    mate (FREE for Blogger Users) What Else you need Man.

    (The Discuession Would Keep on Going. Therefore, Last Reply in Here :). Exams are on my Head, So Sorry Can't Argue any more..

    :PSY: You WIN lol :PSY: :P

  50. @Syed
    I DO NOT accept any win given me in the way of a gift or just like that.

    I am not going to tell much now just because of your exams. All the best but this doesn't mean that do not have to give answers.

  51. download kaha say krni hy?

  52. eventually the download page appears ... so the first download :)

  53. UPDATE:

    Apologies for keeping you all so awaited. All design changes are now complete and the template can be downloaded easily through our Download Page

    Customizations will be released shortly. :)

    @Syed Faizan Ali
    Oh I wonder what it is young bro? :) wish you all the best buddy with it. May you all succeed as much as possible in the most smooth way possible.
    About that background image I guess yeh your people forced me to change it finally. :d

    Yes you are right. I guess I need to adjust the color settings of my LCD. Probably the colors on my screen are a little too bright. ;)


    This is question is really off-topic buddy. Kindly avoid it.

    Replied via FB too. :)


    Off-topic but still I would reply buddy. The problem is very easy if you carefully follow this tutorial:Blogger DNS settings

    Just set your A Records and CNAME data. For further help, I am here :)

    If there is anyone who offers you a SEO certificate, just know he next jack out there. During the start of my career I wasted a lot of money learning the basics from some local institutes but trust me that classes were all a waste of time and money. If there is anything I learnt practically was implementing it my self through this blog and several others. I am working online as SEO since 2008 and the credits goes to Google search itself. If you really want to learn how I learnt all these just follow our SEO articles or read this post: The three Golden Secrets

    I use the word certified because I have received both online and offline certificates but to be honest, they all are a waste of money. Just learn them naturally through trial and error. There is not a single SEO topic I left uncovered on this blog. So carefully go through all our SEO topics. For more help, just post me a query! :)

    @admin Ali
    JazaKAllah dear brother for those kind prayers and wishes. :) Wish you double this. :)

    @muhammad hussain

    Link released! :)

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. can you make a tutorial on how to convert current blogger template in to a responsive blogger template

  56. i know bro this question dosen't relate with the topic but plz kindly help me or give me your email so then i will contact you by that thanks....

  57. sir download still not available? in "mbt download page"?

  58. Mohammad, many problems with this template unfortunately:

    (1)The date is not displaying on the posts
    (2)The banner is not displaying properly
    (3)I think Jquery is not enabled, as there is no sub pages for the pages

    Please help me and tell me what I should do.

    Thank you!

  59. ^Oh yes, I forgot about my blog address:



  60. @niyas

    Responsive templates can easily be created with some extra set of styles but I strictly not recommend it. A layout must remain in its actual shape with all elements on their fixed positions else this could cause problems sponsors and your Adsense revenue.

    There are two sets of data:post.body. Always add it to the first occurrence. Ignore the second one. Share your blog url

    @sai Ram

    Oh those are not problems buddy. Just wait for my customization tutorial :)

    For the date thing make sure you have enabled it from Layout section through the Posts widget. For banner, it must be 468 by 60 in size only

  61. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    okay, thanks. The date is still not showing, it's been a problem for a long time, not just with this template. However, I will wait for the customization. Thanks once again!

  62. Mohammad, maybe you can teach how to replace a search box with google cse.. pls

  63. hi Mohammad, I'm using your template (Salahuddin), I tried to change a bit to suit my needs. I found the code like this,

    body#layout #main-wrapper {
    width: 550px;

    I do not know what function, what the code is different from the:

    #main-wrapper {
    float: left;
    width: 520px; }

  64. Sir Thanks! My blog underconstruction :) designing :)

  65. Thanks for the template.

    Please I need your help...

    I don't the image to always show with the post on the home page in case if my post doesn't have image.

    I want to change the size of the ads 468x60 to 728x90

    I will really appreciate it if u reply me soon.


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  69. Salam Mustafa Bhai ..
    when i upload this template to my blog . It shows error like this
    (We were unable to save your template.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
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    can u please solve it.
    i need this template please and i hope u help me
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    We were unable to save your template.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
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    Please Help me

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    can you share your template for me ?

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  77. Sir how to change background?

  78. Hello brother i need your help about this template,
    As in the screenshot of this template, posts are shown as a snippets and then their is "Read More" button, but in my blog it shows whole post and then "Read More" button. so how i can solve my this problem. here is my blog.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks .

  79. hey how to change background colour ,image in this template

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  83. Bro how can i change yellow to green colour for this template like yours ?

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  86. Brother mujha apka template jo ap apna is blog yani mybloggertips per use kar rhe hain bohot pasand ha kia mujha ye mil sakta ha?

  87. I love this template please give it to me.Thanks