5 Tips To Note While Sending a Reconsideration Request To Google

Google has been pretty active lately, and has been releasing various updates to its algorithms such as the Panda algorithm. Tonnes of websites have been hit as a result, because Google clearly has defined some very strict rules with regards to what it classifies as 'spam' or 'low quality'. If your website has been hit by any of these updates, it might not appear in the search results, or it might perform poorer than it used to. In such a scenario, you might want to start creating original, quality content. And if you think you have been unjustly hit, and that it's all a mistake, then you can submit a reconsideration request to Google.
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Tips on sending reconsideration request to Google

1. Make sure you've been penalized

Well, this might sound kinda obvious, but there might be other reasons for your website not performing well. Issues such as technical faults with your web server, DNS problems etc could lead to a reduction in your traffic. Also, there could be a problem with a caching plugin (if you've installed any) or any other similar issue that could result in your latest content not being delivered to users. In that case, your site might go down. This doesn't mean you've been penalized. Make sure you have been hit before going for a reconsideration request.

2. Be specific

Being specific is part of the re-initialization process. If you provide enough specifics, then you have the best chance of getting rid of the penalty. Saying things like "I've been penalized, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my website" isn't very helpful. The more detail you provide, the better the the people on Google's Search Quality team will be able to help.

3. Partnerships and Bad URLs

Say, you're in a partnership with another website and have a link exchange program or something. if either one of you is involved in practices that are against Google's TOS, then both might get penalized. The most obvious solution for this would be to read Google's Quality guidelines carefully, and avoid such practices.

You can't control other penalized sites that are linking to you. In such cases, do some homework, and find out what these websites are. Include their URLs in your reconsideration form (see below).

4. Avoid ticks!

Google has some of the smartest tools on its hands. Also, the reconsideration requests you send is manually read bu the Search Quality team. So if you think you can out-smart Google and let in false information, then think again! Google will simply ignore such requests. Also, don't spam on the Webmaster Tools forum. Posting multiple requests won't get you in any faster. Each entry is entertained in its own time, so await your turn!

5. Be patient

It might take some time before a penalty is lifted. Also, it'll take time for your site to recover. So please be patient, and make sure you have done your job, and have corrected all the possible flaws that might have caused the penalty.

Submitting reconsideration request

To submit a reconsideration request in Google, you must be signed into Google Webmaster Tools. It follows from reason that you need to have that site verified in your account for you to file a reconsideration request.

Once again, make sure you have read Google's quality guidelines before proceeding with your request. If you still believe you can justify your argument that you site has been wrongly judged, then you can file the request by filling and submitting this reconsideration request form.

Fill that form out, and as mentioned before, be as detailed as possible. Now sit back, and hope for the best :)

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