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This App has been specially developed for "MBT Readers" by Lubna Essa, an Android developer . We are featuring it here and sharing the download link. If you wish to order similar Android apps, you may contact her anytime at

RSS Feeder android appStaying updated with the latest happenings is by far the most important thing for every individual in this digital age. Whether you are a programmer or a blogger or a housewife or a businessman or a technician or anything, you read the newspaper, you check the internet just for the sake of staying updated so that you may not stay behind. But wait for a moment here and think "Don’t you want an application that actually lets you stay updated just through home screen of your Android phone?"
If you are a person who uses the PC just to get some daily updates, then let there be something that can save you the hassle of turning on and off your pc all the time to get updates. Just tap on your phone screen and get all you want because it is designed absolutely for you!

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Presenting You The RSS Feeder

As the world gets more advanced, people are more concerned about getting the latest required feeds in no time. If you happen to be following with the world, then we have designed a widget for you that basically feature RSS feeds.
This widget lets you select your feeds through three options: RSS FEEDER options
  • Either Search the Web.
  • Or choose from the favorites.
  • Or choose from Pre-set links
Sports Freak, Are You?
If you happen to be a sports freak, why don’t you pick up your phone and let this widget help you get the latest sports news. Getting feeds cannot get better than this!

Addicted to the Gaming World?
Let RSS Feeder serve you with fresh news of game releases and gossips.

Time To Get The Weather Forecast?
This widget lets you get the latest weather forecast from your favorite provider.

Want to Get The Tweets?
Moreover, it brings on your phone, the latest tweets that are being made all around the twitter right from the internet world.

We all know that as technology advances, we get addicted to blogging and following different blogs. In your case, it’s either MBT or SEM! :)
Undoubtedly, blogs have shown us a new world, a world that is full of excitement and updates. So why not follow the blogs through this widget and why not MBT? Do not obfuscate yourself by following a dozen blogs at the same time. Let the widget follow a blog for you and keep you updated with what’s going on there.
RSS Feeder Screen Display

Do You Wish To Install It? Here You Go

Before starting, you need to get this straight that this is not an app, but a widget. The steps are mentioned as under:
  • Grab your Android phone, and go to Play Store
  • Search for RSS Feeder by Lubna Essa
  • Download RSS Feeder Widget with this icon
Choose FEED
  1. Add this RSS Feeder Widget like you would normally add a widget to your phone.
  2. There will be a configuration screen appearing on your screen.
    1. Tap on "Select RSS Feeds" to select the desired source of the RSS feeds.
    2. Tap on "Change Colour Theme" to select the desired colour theme.
    3. Next, hit "CREATE WIDGET"
  3. And that’s it! You’re done!
Mohammad Views:
One of the best thing I liked about this widget is that it displays the exact date and time a post is being published by the web owner, providing you with enough details to analyze the site post frequency timings. Tracking this timing has a lot of benefits in terms of understanding site's demographics and social rank impact.

So What Do You Think?

Developers are people with crazy minds and they always love to know the critic remarks about their invention. Therefore, we’d like to know what comments you have in your mind related to this widget. Your suggestions and comments are welcomed! ☺

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  1. Awesome App :-) Way better than mine :) Congrats .....

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  2. The widget is awesome for bloggers. It gives me a good list to follow based on my keywords and its pretty fast as well. And one thing I loved is that I don't have to enter details for following the blog. I just have to click on the result and all is done. Cool. Great work Lubna :)

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    Hello sir , can you please make a tutorial on how to show all blogger post in grid view . like this .

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  14. great app for android users..Thanks for the information.

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  15. @ Lubna, i was already in love with your widget since the day you showed it to me,and now,really glad about this posts!

    more Power!

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