Migrate Feedburner Subscribers From Blogger To Wordpress

migrate subscribersIf you have made up your mind to migrate your Google blog to wordpress safely then redirecting your RSS subscribers and Email subscribers  to Wordpress is a must thing to do. You will need to migrate only if you have changed your domain or moved your content to a new location or server. Since in case of blogger to self-hosted wordpress migration, domain remains the same therefore we will only need to redirect the Feed.  Moving your bulk of readers from one platform to another is linked with your blog Feed address. BlogSpot blogs  support both RSS and atom Feeds whilst wordpress supports RSS web Feeds alone (though you can use plugins to switch to atom). What we will learn today is to simply change the FEED address and let your readers to receive email updates via your new blogging platform. This method will shift your syndication from one network to another without losing a single subscriber. The steps are clearly demonstrated to make your  job easy.  Lets get things moving!

What is RSS?

RSS includes the main post body section of a blog where new entries are published. It's a collection or directory of all your posts that you publish.  RSS is a web feed that is compiled in XML document. This document lets bloggers to syndicate content automatically. RSS documents can include full or summarized text along with metadata such as publishing dates and author name. Readers can then subscribe to these FEED to keep themselves updated with updates on their favorite websites. If you are MBT subscriber then you may be receiving Email updates form us on daily basis. The service which does this job on our behalf automatically is called Feedburner. You can join feedburner for free to let your visitors subscribe to your updates.

Steps to safely Migrate Subscribers

This tutorial is really simple. You just need to follow the steps carefully and correctly.
  1. Go To your Feedburner account
  2. Select the Feed your wish to migrate
  3. Click on Edit Feed Details
  4. Now you will see three options which are
    • Feed Title
    • Original Feed
    • Feed Address
  5. Amongst the three we will be concerned with Original Feed only.
  6. Replace the address with
redirect feedburner subscribers
   7.   Your blogger Feed address will have the following URL structure:
You will need to change it to the following wordpress Feed address

move subscribers to wordpress

   8.  Click the button "Save Feed details"  and you are almost done.

Redirect WP Feeds to Feedburner

Now you will need to disconnect feed redirecting from blogger and integrate it with wordpress. for this follow these steps:
  1. Go to blogger > Settings> Other
  2. where it says "Post Feed Redirect URL"  Click the remove link to stop feed redirection
  1. Now log into wordpress
  2. Install the Plugin Primary Feedburner     Note: Its an alternative to Feedburner FeedSmith which no longer exists.
  3. Once installed, click on settings tab and choose Primary Feedburner
  4. Enable Primary Feedburner by selecting "on" option
  5. Next you will have two feed options. One for posts and one for comments. In the first input field insert your Feedburner title and leave other field empty
  6. Hit save and you are all done!
redirect wordpress feeds to feedburner

Further settings

In order to make best use of your feedburner account. Activate the following options by going to the Publicize tab
  1. Buzz boost
  2. Email Subscriptions
  3. Pingshot
  4. FeedCount
From Optimize Tab activate these:
  1. BrowserFriendly
  2. SmartFeed
  3. Feedflare

Need help?

Feel free to post your queries in the comment box below. I just hope this free method would help you save bucks that you might have spent on premium services. We will be publishing such tutorials more to make blogging more comfortable for all of you. Both wordpress and blogger guides are now a part of our How-to category. Please do share any of your tip that would make this guide even more useful. Would love to hear from you. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  1. I hoped this was out from 2 months when I have migrated to wordpress.

    However, thank you and keep up the good work :)

    Ahmed Safwan

  2. A very good post.. At this time I am also thinking the same that I am going too migrate to wordpress from blogger ..
    ---Rounak from www.HackingUniverse.org

  3. good post for those who has migrated from blogger to wordpress MyTechPromo.com

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    i really like your theme.. and iam in an effort to make a wordpress blog. I have been searching for theme for almost 3 days. Still i could'nt find theme like this which is simple and user friendly. All themes are with great graphics, effects etc. I would like to know any wordpress theme which looks similar to this theme (free or premium).


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  8. Nice Post

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    Congrats on getting 7k ALexa rank and also for reaching 10K Email Subscribers :) Wish u more :)

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  10. @Zeshan Ahmed

    For wordpress tutorials Google is your best friend. Rest you can follow WPbeginner.com for some great tuts and php scripts and plugins. :)

    @Rounak Baral
    Sure do that but please read our guide before making a move: Why never migrate from blogger to wordpress? :)

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    YOu can use the church theme by brian gardener. Its free. Google it. :)

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    @ Shahbaz Khan

    Buddy can you clarify the widget a little more. Like what actually it does. I could see only sharing buttons at the bottom of makeuseof.com

    I am sharing a plugin, which will let visitors to copy a embedded HTML code of your blog link. Hope this would be appreciated too. :>

    Mailchimp is recommended for bloggers with over 10K readers and who wish to better interact with their readers and make sales. Therefore feedburner is a better choice because its free.
    Always welcomed :)

  11. Mustafa bro,i searched makeuseof.com and got a post i was referring you to!
    here it is

  12. @shahbaz

    I get you now. It is a Jquery call function that is triggered when a user clicks/activates a specified object. I will create a post on it soon. Thanks for the great idea. :>

  13. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai i contacted them few days ago and they said i should have a WP blog in order to have that "a sort of plugin", therefore i asked you for an alternative or same thing like that for BLOGGER! i will be waiting for your post! :)

  14. Sorry for commenting after a long time.Had a small query which only you could solve. By gods grace have got a decent list of subscribers but the problem is i dont know how to send custom e-mails to them in feedburner. Is it possible? If yes how? By custom e-mail i mean say i want to send wishes for a festival to all readers but dont want an article for the same on my website.


  15. @shahbaz khan
    Almost everything works by plugins in WP. Whether it may include programming or not. So of course this functionality could be added in blogger although it makes no sense because even if the reader does not share the post, the link is visible? You can simply download the file without sharing the post.

    at your service captain. :)

    Always welcomed buddy. :>

    Long time harsh! :)

    Conratx for the subscribers increase. Keep posting. More power harsh!

    Well for that you will need aweber or mailchimp two premium services. They will shift all your feedburner email subscribers to their server and provide you with an option to directly interact with all. Not possible with free feedburner though. But it is Google so this functionality can be introduced very soon. :)

  16. @Mohammad
    In reply to Shahbaz Khan:
    That's what I need you to overcome. There is one service, I don't remember the name, which allows you to create such buttons where people subscribe and download but instead the link is visible even if we they didn't subscribed or liked or tweeted.

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  18. Thanks for this awesome tutorial! Everything worked except when I try to change my Original Feed I get this error message "Received HTTP error: "Not Found" while fetching source feed." I literally just published my new WP site and it's live (designedbydawnnicole.com). Do I just need to give it more time before it will work properly. (My domain name is the same as I took it with me during the move from Blogspot but my Original Feed had the "blogspot" part in the URL (previously is was http://designedbydawnnicole.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default but now it should just be http://designedbydawnnicole.com/feed/). Hope this makes sense and thanks SO much!!

  19. Hi,

    I followed the steps for migrating feedburner and my suscribers went from over 1,500 to less than 400? Any ideas?

  20. Hey, i have a problem. i followed exactly your article, but on my new site the name of feedburner did not change. It remained with the old. "Gatodiakritikos". But when i log in to my feedburner account the title has been changed to "pasaporti". what might be happen here?

  21. I did everything then got this message from wordpress on the last step.
    Although you have turned the plugin on, you have not specified a feedburner feed for your primary feed. Your feeds will not redirect

  22. This did not work for me at all, I installed the feedburner plugin and once I activated it it gave me a 500 error code, had to contact my host and have them remove it for me.

  23. Thanks a lot, after so much struggle you gave me just the right answer.

  24. Thank you for your help! I recently saw a huge dip in my subscribers after migrating from Blogger to Wordpress. I had no idea my feed wasn't working anymore. Thank you for helping me figure out how to fix it!

  25. I have a network wordpress site, each subfolder has his own feed how can i make all this feeds into a single one with feedburner

  26. thank you very much!! It worked for me! Even though you posted it in 2012 it helped me now ! Thank you very much!