Use Payza to Send and Receive Money Online in Pakistan and India

payza transaction india pakistanIt is true that today, the best business to start your career with is the online business. Whether its blogging or freelancing, you can always expect a quick return by investing simply nothing-but-time. However, all the hopes come to an end when you realize that your country doesn’t support PayPal. Take an example of freelancing; you might have noticed many times that having a Pay Pal account is mentioned as a requirement in the freelance offers. Even I have lost 5 good offers just because of not having one. People have been looking for some good alternates to PayPal and here is a new alternative!

Heard of Payza?

If you are affiliated to any online business, you must have come across Alertpay, which was also a good substitute of PayPal when it comes to universal transactions. Payza has replaced Alertpay and is working as an online processor website that allows you to have online transactions. With your Payza account, your world becomes global, where you can buy things online and at the same time can send and receive payments too.
Being located in UK, with its headquarters in London, this corporate has many regional offices in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sweden, etc. To be accurate enough, there are 8 million members who are availing their Payza accounts in their online business. What gives this alternate extra privilege is that Payza covers 197 countries with 22 different currencies where its services are functional.

How to Send and Receive the Amount?

Payza makes the money transaction easier and efficient. All you need to do is to create an online account on where you can open a starter account for free initially. What happens when you transfer money online is, some percent of the transacted amount is deduced as tax, and it is here that you are exempted from it till your transactions do not cross $2000. The last and the most important thing you should know before moving on with it is, you have to verify your account before receiving the money in your country. There are three genuine methods to get your account verified and enjoy the online transaction in your country

1. Credit Card

Verifying your payza is easy with your credit card. You need to open an account in a local bank that provides services internationally, if you are in Pakistan or India, Standard Charted or Citi Bank can be a good choice. These Banks allow you to enjoy online banking.
Once done with that, log in to your payza account and add your credit card on your account by clicking on “add credit card” option. This will deduce some tax from your credit card but that is too small. Now that your credit card gets linked with your account, you can make online transactions with your credit card.

2. Wire (Bank) Transfer

Although the credit cards are most efficient out of all where the transactions take place in minutes, an alternate for those who do not have a credit card is the verification through wire transfer. You must have a local bank account for this. You just need to enter all details in your payza account and the account will be automatically be verified once you withdraw your money from your payza account and it reaches to you within 4 business days.

3) Check

You need to figure out your priorities first before choosing any method among these three. This method is the longest of all and often takes more than 30 days to transfer the money. You need to request your ID card named check from Payza and have to submit it in your local bank. The bank will process it and the money would be transferred to your account after a long duration stated above. Payza also deduct $5 for this method. Not only this, but depending on your local Bank’s policy, some amount is deducted as fee too.
Although there are some domains that are stuck to PayPal, the emerging alternatives are attracting many online earners with their services.
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