Bitly has a New Realtime Search Engine For You! new search engine!
As many of you might already know, Bitly is the largest Link Shortening service. In fact, it is the one responsible for ushering the world into the concept of short links four years ago. Since then, it has been extensively been used to replace long URLs into a collection of just a few characters, which can be easily shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It came is handy especially for twitter, where there is a character limit on tweets. Well now, after almost four years, Bitly has finally collected enough data to create a whole new search engine of its own! Bitly calls it "Real-time", and describes it as an "Attention Ranking" Search Engine. Although still in its beta phase, it has been rolled out to the public. It can be accessed at

What is the Realtime project?

No, it isn't another search engine like Yahoo or Bing that've been inspired by Google. Well, inspired maybe. Competition, no. Bitly's Realtime is a different sort of search engine. It can be thought of as a cross between Google's search, and Twitter's Trending topics.


Bitly has been hard at work expanding its business influence. In January, it updated its enterprise dashboarding system, and it redesigned its structure in May, which made it more of a Social Bookmarking service than a URL shortner. With a latest round of funding by Khosla Ventures, and the announcement of this new search engine, it's pretty clear Bitly wants to make a much greater mark on the internet.

How does it work?

Bitly's Realtime is aimed at providing users with the most viral news at the moment from around the world. It tracks every URL that has been shortened, and then shared on social media. The top links clicked every minutes are listed in the Realtime news feed.

That isn't the power of the project though, far from if. The really useful feature comes with the search filters. It has really easy to use search filters. Like any search engine, you can search for news based on keywords. You can also bring up targeted results based on country, and even audience's language. Just like Google's site search feature, you can search keywords from any single domain (such as

The most powerful features though, are search by Topic, or search on social media. There's a list of topics you can choose from. Additionally, you can choose from among five social medias presently, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Ameblo (a Japanese Social network-cum-blogging community). You can, for example, search for "best strategies" (keyword) for "advertising" (topic) on Twitter (social network).
Realtime search filters

Join the service now!

For bloggers, every new internet service that they can somehow use is a possible opportunity. A lot of you might already be shortening your links to share on Twitter and other social media. If you already are using Bitly, then there's good news for you! Your content might get searched, making your content viral and reachable to a whole new audience you never knew existed!

Remember that this search engine relies only on the data from links that have been shortened using Bitly. If you've never used Bitly to shorten your links, then your content will not be searched, simple as that!

This service not only encourages users to use Bitly's link shortening service, but also to share their content on social media. The incentive being a potential for a lot more traffic. Millions of people are looking for the most popular and recent news at any time. The Realtime news feed could be another source for them. This is a whole new concept, and has a lot of potential to grow. Well played Bitly. I'm sure many others will now follow their lead.

So get yourself registered with Bitly now, and start shortening and sharing to get your awesome content listen and become reachable to millions of people worldwide!

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  1. Just did some testing. Bitly has a lot of work to do. The updates are not actually real-time or may it is not picking up the potential data posted using bitly.

    I actually did a twitter real-time for keyword 'social media' on some other service and every half a second there was something new. But obviously all can't be from bitly. So I did a real-time for and every second there was something new which is not the case on bitly's real-time.

    Certainly lot of work still need to be done.

  2. Nice article brother mohammed...!!

  3. @Sohaib Ilyas - You little dirty low life scum! How dare you steal brother Mohammad's and brother Bhavesh's tutorials? And then you act as if they are your own?!?! Go get a life, and stop stealing other people's tutorials and making them your own!!

    Brother Mohammad and Brother Bhavesh, please look into this matter. This is extremely dangerous if Sohaib Ilyas is allowed to get away with it, please do something about it. Go to and you will know what I am talking about.

    Thank you.

    Mahi Indra.

  4. Normally, I would not care. But when someone has worked so hard for making a tutorial, and then someone TOTALLY STEALS IT and makes it their own, that's when I get angry.

    At least credit should be given. What right does Sohaib have, stealing brother Mohammad's tutorials? Only God knows how many more scums there are on the Internet stealing this beautiful blog's tutorials.

  5. @Mahi Indra
    There are plenty of them. Duplicating MBT posts are common these days and Mohammad has been fighting hard to take them down but it is obviously a difficult task as there are too many of them. But we do our part.

    My blog is relatively new and I am surprised that people even started to take posts from my blog. Well it's even a good feeling that my blog is getting popular but on the other hand I feel like all the time I gave to make those things was a waste. But nevertheless, most of the fellows here on MBT know that I don't give up ;)

    Other thing is that readers also know what is original and what is duplicate and at the end such people duplicating content are going nowhere.

    By looking at his blog, which just started a week ago, I feel he is just trying to fill his blog.

    I request all my fellow newbie bloggers who just put their feet in the deep ocean of blogosphere that just don't try to fill up your new blog with anything you get on internet. Don't get a feeling that your blog has less content. Instead, think that your blog has high quality content even if less. At least you won't we be scolded by others that you stole this and that. Quality matters more than quantity. So never lose quality for quantity.

    Well it looks like I have written a short blog post now :p
    Necessary actions will be taken.
    Thank you very much Mahi for bringing that to our attention.

  6. @Bhavesh Pamecha thankyou for the appreciation!
    And yes, the service certainly needs some improvements. Like I said, its just a beta for now. And the first one at that. It does have promise though

  7. @Mahi Indra Thank you for your concern bro. Really appreciate it..But please be calm! You see, content copiers are only harming themselves...They degrade their own credibility.

  8. @Bhavesh Pamecha :P lol @ short blog post. But I couldn't agree more with you. I feel honored really that someone thinks our articles worth publishing.
    These bloggers are ultimately harming themselves though. They can never be stopped

  9. @Qasim
    They can never be stopped but they can certainly be minimized not only by hook or crook but also by making them aware that they are going no where and getting them back on track and giving them an opportunity to grow in a real respected manner.

  10. Great piece of information Quasim, and congratulations to MBT on 10k readers! :)