June 21, 2011


9 Facebook Social Plugins For Blogs

facebook-social-pluginsFacebook social plugins are widely used online today. The most famous is the "like" button which is used by millions of webmasters to promote their sites. How many of these social plugins do you use on your blog? I'll try to provide brief information about these great tools that might help you to achieve your online endeavors.



Activity Feed

activity feedThe activity plugin displays the most important activity going on at your blog. Whether somebody has liked a post, commented on the Facebook comment box or shared the post with their friends on Facebook. If a user is logged into Facebook, the plugin will be personalized to highlight content from their friends.

I would only recommend this plugin if you believe there is enough activity going on at your blog other wise it wont leave a good impression at the visitors.



comments box

Comments plugin lets users to comment on your blog. A great feature of this social plugin is that when ever someone comments on your blog and leaves the "Post to Facebook" check box ticked, the comment appears on his Facebook activity feed with a link back to your blog and thus making increasing more links towards your blog.

Also this comment box is extremely user friendly and is quite simple to understand. 

You can add it to your blogger blogs by reading this tutorial: Facebook comments Box




The Facepile plugin shows the profile pictures of all the people who have liked your blog or have signed up for it. You just need to enter your blog URL and your plugin would be ready to go. This again helps only if your blog have enough likes and followers.




Like Box

like box The Likebox plugin lets users to like your Facebook page from your website or blog. There is no need to visit the the page its self. Also, the box shows activity feed of your page at Facebook and makes it really easy for  the users to like your blog. Though there is a option to turn of the activity feeds and even the thumbnails. Its quite customizable.

You can add it to your blogger blogs by reading this tutorial: Facebook Like box


Like Button

like button

Like button works somewhat like the "like box" but have a different purpose to serve. Its a more handy button and can be added to places like post headers and footers. Its just allows to like your respective post or your blog as a whole. Today, Facebook likes have become one of the determinants of your online success. Its a must to have plugin.

You can add it to your blogger blogs by reading this tutorial: Like plus Send Button


Live Stream

live stream


Live stream plugin lets users to share comments and activity in real time on your blog. Live Stream works best when you are running a real-time event, like live streaming video for concerts, speeches, or web chats.




Login Button

facebook log inThe Facebook Login button lets users login in your blog as the name suggest and in addition to this the users can see his friends pictures who are already part of your blog. The button can be customized in a way that you can set the number of rows for the pictures to be displayed.






This plugin features all the recommendations your blog has earned. Whether a particular post or the blog as a whole, the plugin would show that content as recommended by so and so.



Send Button

send buttonThe Send Button allows users to easily send content to their friends. People will have the option to send your URL in a message to their Facebook friends, to the group wall of one of their Facebook groups, and as an email to any email address. Though Facebook like button has a "Send" button too now so there is no as such need of this button.

You can add it to your blogger blogs by reading this tutorial: Facebook Send Button



Which one to choose?

Facebook social plugins are really one of the best out there as part of social tools available online. Its not necessary that you should use all of them to get online success. Instead work out your needs and then choose which ones you want. The most famous are Facebook like button / box, comments.

We would like to know which of  these social plugins you use on your blog.


  Hassam Ahmad Awan

About the Guest Author:

Hassam is a young A Level Student who loves to learn and share tech related stuff. He has an ambition to become a Software Engineer. He is a passionate blog author and publishes regular tutorials to newbie bloggers at BLoggingeHow.

You can always keep in touch with him at @Facebook

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