6 Myths about Ad-Blocking Answered By Google Adsense

6 Myths about Ad-Blocking Answered By Google AdsenseWhether to block an Ad on your site or not, has always been in a jeopardy, especially when you are earning only with your Google Adsense. What we have observed is bloggers make their own strategies playing with the Ads that are available via Google Adsense, which sometimes work, but most of the time gives a real tough time in generating consistent revenue.
Google Adsense was keen enough to notice this confusion persisting among the bloggers and hence recently Google has answered the most common myths that are related to ad-blocking. The fact that you, being an owner of your blog, have got all the rights to decide which ad to show and which to block, Here are some of the most common myths and the realities revealed by Google itself, that would definitely help you out in understanding more about Ad-blocking.

1) Myth: Ad-Blocking doesn’t Matter, it only removes ads from site

Many bloggers keep on removing the Ads from their blogs, believing that actually affects nothing. However, as Google says, Ad blocking should be done cautiously. There is no harm in displaying all the possible ads on your blog (except for the few scenarios that are to be discussed in a while), in fact it supports the inflow of revenue been generated.
on the contrary, Google Adsense seems to understand the situations where it becomes more like a compulsion to block ads and these exceptional cases are as follows:
1) Blocking the Ads of the competitors of your business
2) Finding the category of Ads inappropriate, e.g., Sexuality, Politics, etc.
3) Disapproving a particular company as the deal has already been signed with it
Apart from these three situations, you should think wisely before blocking ads.

2) Myth: Blocking Low Price Ads will generate More money

It’s a human psychology that he wants better than what he is actually been offered. The same thing happens when an Ad to be displayed on the site has to be chosen. They block Ads that are likely to generate less revenue than their expectations.
Google Adsense, in its latest report has clearly stated to counter this myth that they show only those bid that are highest among all the biddings, so there is no point of blocking those ads, as they are the most highest paid offers for you.

3) Myth: Blocking ads allows Variety to choose Ads for the site

Google’s chief Economist, Mr. Hal Varian further made it clear that the ads which win the auctions are those that deliver you the maximum revenue. Blocking these ads to wait for a collection of offers and then accepting the one is not a good idea because it’s unlikely to happen that the ad you have been offered today would be there tomorrow, waiting for you.

4) Myth: Blocking Some Ads increase Earnings

As a blogger, you must know by now that your earnings are a subject of constant fluctuations most of the time. This is because your revenue is directly related to the traffic coming your way as well as the advertisers that bid for their ads.
You must not block ads assuming things your own. Google matches your content and your niche and target ads that suits best to your blog.

4) Myth: No alternate to traditional way to block Ads

If you intend to make money with your blog, then you need to keep yourself updated with the latest plug-ins and extensions coming each day to increase your productivity as well as making things easier. We recently shared a post on Google Publisher Toolbar which is the best alternate to the typical AdSense interface. It makes managing your ads much easier, providing you with sophisticated ways to block ads that you might found inappropriate.

6) Myth: Ads that are Images have no destination URL

What happens sometimes is you find it difficult to find the link of the destination URL if the ad is in the form of an image, therefore in order to know about the link, you often click on the ad, which is itself a violation of Google Adsense Rules.
What you can do here is,
1) Install Publisher Toolbar extension on your Google Chrome and monitor your Ads from there
2) You can also monitor it with your AdSense account by opting Ad Review Center where you can see all of the ads shown on your site, including text, image, and rich media ads.
With this, the post comes to an end, hope that if you are under the stated myths, you found your queries been solved with Google Adsense.
Happy Blogging

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  4. At first I thought this post is about adblock plus and similar plugins but instead it turned out to be something different. Surprisingly I never had any of such myths in my mind but I do keep in mind that too much of ads also harm you which is a reality and not a myth (general advice, can be found anywhere :p).

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  9. @P V Ariel
    The problem that you highlighted is linked with your browser cookies. Third party ads can be installed in parallel to Adsense, no harm in it. However you may switch to a different browser and trying logging into your account either using Firefox, Chrome or safari. Let me know if this works. :)

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  14. Hmmm thanks Nida for this great myth busting post, well i agree with the second point there is obviously no need to block ads in adsense as its already done by google itself.

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