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Author Box in BloggerGuest posting saves great time when you are stuck in exams or engaged in some other off-side work. Google Blogs provide the best blogging experience when it comes to ease and comfort. The user interface and over all control options are extremely easy to set and play with. Unlike wordpress where you can display author box using a plugin, in blogger we will have to code things ourselves. Displaying author info at the bottom of the posts can be done in two ways. The first method as you may know is pasting the author info box manually below each post yourself. The problem with this method is of course precious loss of time. Manually adding an author box below each post could turn out to be a headache, therefore an automatic way would be the best. You have seen the above author box displaying introduction of Qasim below all his posts. This box appears automatically below each post published by his shared blogger account. We used conditional tags to make it work and its really just two lines of code, the rest is all design. Lets understand few things before jumping straight at the tutorial


Which Method suits you: Automatic or Manual?

If you are the only author at your blog and you don't receive frequent posts from one single author and rather receive guest posts from different authors then you should go with the manual method. This wont slow your blog load time because you will be adding the box for each author under his or her post instead of adding several boxes for each author  inside the template.

And if there are more than one author at your blog like ours then you should better go with the dynamic way. Here you will have to add the box just once inside your template and it will display automatically below all posts published by that guest or co-author.

Create Author Accounts in Blogger

You can invite up to 100 Team members per blog. Which means that your blog can be authored by 100 different people. All you need is to send them an invitation by going to Settings > Basics > Permissions . The invitee will accept the invitation and he can thus start posting on your blog with a separate dashboard and limited editing options. you can choose to grant him admin privileges also. To learn more when and how to grant admin rights, please read:

How To Add Author Box Manually?

All you need is the author's profile picture, two lines of bio and then the following tasty tutorial that explains all:

How To Add Author Box Automatically?

The steps are kept simple so you will find it really interesting to apply.

  1. Go to Blogger > Template
  2. Backup your template
  3. Click Edit HTML
  4. Click Proceed
  5. Then Click Expand Widget Templates
  6. Search For ]]></b:skin>
  7. Just above it paste the following CSS code,

/* MBT Code For Author Box */

.about-author {
width : 98%;
overflow : hidden;
margin:10px 0px;

.about-author img {
border:1px solid #ddd;
margin:0px 5px 0px 0px;

.about-author h3{
font-family:verdana !important;
font-size:18px !important;
margin:9px 0px !important;
color:#666666 !important;
border-bottom:2px solid #666 !important;
border-top:0px !important;


.about-author p {

To change color of the text "About author" edit     color:#666666

8.   Next Search for data:post.body

    9.  Just below it paste the following code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<b:if cond='data:post.author == &quot;AUTHOR NAME&quot;'>
<div class='about-author'>
<h3>About Author:</h3>
<img align='left' src='IMAGE LINK OF AUTHOR'/>

<p>Follow him @ <a href='BLOG LINK' target='_blank'>BLOG NAME</a> | <a href='FACEBOOK LINK' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>Facebook</a></p>


All steps are self explanatory. you just need to fill the bolded parts with correct requirement details. There is one thing that needs care.

  • Replace AUTHOR NAME with the account name of the guest author. This name should match exactly the name appearing on his posts. See the screen shot below:

guest author account name


       10.   Finally save your template and you are all done!

Visit your blog and check the post of any of your co-authors. You will find his bio appearing just perfectly at the bottom of all articles published by him. You can even create an author box for yourself by simply replacing the AUTHOR NAME , profile pic and bio to that of yours.

Need Help?

This tutorial should not trouble anyone for sure but incase you needed help in customization then feel free to post your queries. Let me know whether or not this little tut solved any of your problems. Peace and blessings pals. :)

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  3. Thanks bro
    I like manual method.

  4. Hi Brother Mohammad, thank you for the tips. I saw your pictures teaching people how to blog and how to customized a blog. Did you also teach them how to make money with a blog? You have lots of ideas there, they can have more benefits if they will listen to you. I also want to meet you in person.

    You are such an inspiring blogger. This post will be my reference when I start inviting my fellow bloggers to contribute in my personal blog. However, it is not good to invite friends to write on our blog for maybe they will just give mess to our GA, unless we are trusting them. But to be safe, don't use the permission in blogger in your blog that has GA.

    Thanks a lot for your useful content you have shared in blogger customization. God bless you brother.

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  6. Mohammad if we have more than 1 authors than what? How to use this for them!

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  8. It means that this method ia just for 1 co-author

  9. Its really nice bro.. But now i'm using author info box with subcribe email,fb page like and google+ button below posts, so i will try it later. Thank you :)

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  14. @harinarayan

    The only effective way is to post daily and work on your traffic. give preference to topics on social media and technology. You can learn a lot from Penguin and Panda Updates

    @Gilbert Canda
    I am honored brother. May God bless you too for those kind words. :>

    I would say I am too small to teach, I just help people with their day to day problems in building readership, traffic and generating revenue. You are always welcomed to ask any query you may have in latest posts. Meeting you would be a pleasure in itself brother.

    There are two options in blogger, Author and Admin. Author option wont give anyone access to your template settings and this keeps you safe and gives only post editing rights to the author. You can remove the author later from your guest list but this wont delete his previously published posts which is great.

    @hamxa wasim

    Brother in that case simply copy and paste the code in step#9 twice or thrice depending on the number of your authors. All you need is to fill the details accordingly. :)


    I will surely publish a template if I was able to fetch some leisure time buddy. Sure why not. :>


    Indeed you can customize the code in step#9 for adding more details buddy :)

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  25. muhammad,, yar ik problem hai agar ,,hum guest author ka info box ,aik author ke info ke sath fill krain ga to ye to phr data.body ke andar hai or ,,code har author ke liye same run hoga !! and har author ka name ,info,bio etc same aye ga confusion .

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    Zulqurnain jutt bhai, kuch help karo yaar. jaise hi mei is ko blogger mei public karta hoon toa it's started opening very fast but condition lagate hi, i mean jaise hi option blog auther ya phir "only these reader" ka option deta hoon toa natak karne lagta hai , i mean 10 me se 1 baar hi open hota hai that too very slow.

    kya is mei blogger developter team kuch help kar pai gi.

    thanx dear,

  27. @Ishrosh
    bro , you are right ,so i have pasted
    code given in 9th step on exctely of my late widget code below lt;div class='post-body entry-content'lt;

    code and it replace AUTHOR NAME with my exact name on my blogger. ,and when you add guest authors code the 9th step code again and place it just after lt;/b:iflt; code of first author code and fill it and carry on !!

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    Sorry brother, I'hv not understood. Please explain the solution as i'm novice.

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  29. Blogger Dynamic View will give problems....., If you have opt the option "Only blog authors" or "Only people I choose" from "SETTINGS" - "PERMISSIONS".

    Problem 1. - Dynamic View will disappear from "DESIGN" - "TEMPLATE DESIGNER" from the back-end.

    Problem 2. - Blog or Site (page) opening speed down to zero.

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    This works perfect for me, thank you very much.

    Hemantgiri Goswami

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    Thanks for this! I've modified it a bit on my blog (http://wsagoodstart.blogspot.com/) to show the post information on the main index page and to include it in the footer rather than the main blog post. Really love the way it turned out!

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