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increase blog speedBlog speed is an integral part of a blog's Traffic strategy. Blogs that load faster and quickly taking less time to display all elements, increase readership, search engine traffic and thus revenue. A Good blog design with poor load time means waste of efforts and time. Not everyone uses fast internet connection or LAN or Wi-Fi. With the advent of smart phone technology, Mobile internet use is increasing every single month and leaving behind Computer internet connection in Market demand. Browsers have made themselves compatible with iPhone, Android, blackberry and Windows Phone.  People living in USA are biggest consumers of smart phones. USA is amongst top three countries which has largest internet users. In order to attract more traffic from USA as well as UK and Asia, you need to make sure your blog loads quickly and its design is compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer8. In this series I will share some rarely shared secrets that web designers use to ensure their designed website templates take less time to load instead of forcing the visitor to wait for several seconds. We will be sharing every tip we applied to reduce load time of MyBloggerTricks.

An ideal load time is as minimum as 5-8 seconds but achieving such timing is rare as we can't sacrifice blog design a lot for the sake of a boost in loading time. We will therefore ensure to keep design of blog neat and clean by adopting smart ways of optimizing the scripts and images. Graphic Images, third-party widgets, plugins, JavaScript and JQuery are responsible for 80% of slow load time in  both blogger and Wordpress blogs. Our purpose would be to optimize them all.

Following is the list of topics we will discuss in this fresh new series:

Blog Load Speed Series
Part1: Disadvantages Of Slow Loading Blogs
Part2: Optimize Images In Blogger To Increase Load Speed - CSS Sprites
Part3: Decrease Load Time By Optimizing JavaScript - How Many scripts allowed?
Par4: Which Widgets You Must Use In Blogger For Faster Load Time?

Disadvantages of Slow Loading Blogs

Following are some points that highlight possible pit falls linked with slow loading web pages or slow website speed that effects your blogs ranking, revenue and readership:

  1. Discourage visitors to stay longer thus increasing bounce rates
  2. Decreases PageViews. People wont navigate the blog a lot and would tend to leave it as soon as possible
  3. Drop in PageViews means drop in Page Impressions thus serious loss in Advertising revenue
  4. You wont get targeted sponsors if your page views are less than 2-3K
  5. Ad spots can not be sold at higher prices
  6. People wont share your content on social media networks
  7. Visitor wont turn into reader and thus no increase in the number of subscribers
  8. Fan following on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ would increase at a slow rate
  9. People would tend to read your Feeds than preferring visiting your blog. Again this effects your Blog PageViews because Feed visits do not count a lot except for Adsense
  10. Search robots can skip indexing a page which is too dense and filled with scripts and graphics
  11. Search Rankings for a page is badly damaged
  12. Google loves serving its users with quick loading sites and penalizes those which take longer time to load
  13. Traffic from Internet Explorer would suffer due to browser crashing. IE often crashes when the page takes a longer time to load
  14. Traffic from smart phones would decrease because mobile internet connections are not very fast. People love to visit sites that can be browsed easily and quickly using their handsets
  15. So on...

What's Next?

After realizing some of the biggest disadvantages of blog speed factor, it would now be interesting to discuss effective ways to tremendously reduce the number of elements that may be causing the blog to take a longer time to load. Instead of sharing non-practical tips like CSS and HTML compressing or Image Compressing, we will share tips for BlogSpot blogs that we apply to all our designed templates and also to MBT blog. I am sure you will learn a lot with this new exciting series. I will share some advanced technical tips that will be both practical and easy to apply. Kindly do not hesitate to ask for anything un-cleared. Do share some of your secret tips or any query that you wish to clarify.

Peace and blessings buddies. :)

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  1. Sir what is the name of your wordpress tricks blog?

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  4. Hello Mohd... I found all your posts really informative & quite effective. Especially 26 page indexing by google has helped me alot in increasing the traffic. Though the traffic has increased from yahoo & bing, I am not getting any response from google. I have properly indexed my pages in the sitemap. Pl. suggest me how to improve my google rankings. (Registering domains, social bookmarking etc.. do i need to do all this stuff to get ranking). Also pl visit my site @ http://windowlabs.blogspt.in. I have asked for cutebox theme numerous times but I haven't got a reply yet. Pl. suggest me a good theme for integrating ads & reducing load time. Thanks

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    I have tried CSS and image compression before... Image compression make some difference but CSS doesn't looks to make a noticeable difference.

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    I think this guy has swear to himself that he will expose all and every secret of blogging which no other blogger or weblog did, by doing this you will left behind all those weblogs and no one will read there posts anymore. as i did.
    great job mustaffa. and best of luck for more series.

  9. @gagandeep

    Its Focus Theme running under Genesis Framework :)


    Thats true Images bring about a significant change but CSS counts in byte changes only which are negligible. :)

    Thanks pal and you can fetch its structure from our Download Page. Its names MBT church theme. :)

    Once you get an idea of how Graphics control Page loading you wont need to use third party tools buddy. I will publish the remaining series within few days. :>

    Oh I am honored! :)) Actually its how I enjoy posting. Series help to keep tutorials consistent and fun to read else I am just a peanut blogger. Thanks for your kind remarks buddy.


    Kindly Go and test the biggest blog on earth i.e Mashable.com using pingdom tool and you will find it to be faster than only 32% of all tested websites with 368 requests. Which means mashable loads much slower compared to MBT blog. :)

    Actually bro these tools should not be never be chosen as judging criteria. You can not turn your blog into a blank page in order to load it at a rocket speed. We can only make things practical and suitable. That's my purpose behind the series above. Pingodom will only tell you how fast your website loads but it will not let you know how to optimize your blog speed using latest methods like CSS Sprites and Javascript compression. Hope this clarifies. :)

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