Presentation at Fast University Folio3 Developers Day 2012

folio3 developers day 2012Yet another interesting event took place at ACM NUCES Fast University Karachi being sponsored by Folio3. Developers Day is one of my favorite IT events of hometown where people like me get an opportunity to create awareness amongst young teenagers.  This event took place on 15th March 2012 and it comprised of exciting competitions in which one could take part to exhibit his skills. My soul purpose behind taking part in 10 Minutes Tech talk was of course not to win or loose but to take advantage of this opportunity and educate the highly enthusiastic students coming from different universities of the city with the idea of Entrepreneurship.

Last year my focus was largely on promoting blogging activity amongst the youth but  this year I had something more organized for them with a well crafted business plan that can tremendously change the way a school, college or university boy thinks about Life and profession. Unfortunately that day, I missed one important slide due to lack of time. That missed slide will be shared here which includes post frequency plan that aims at Turning a School Boy into an Entrepreneur. We will be sharing the event details today along with a message to our readers who could not attend the talk.

What was the Presentation all about?

Due to extreme economic recession and increase in the number of jobless people, almost every person is failing in his struggle for survival with inadequate income resources. One of the biggest search queries today include "How To Make money Online?" and the reason for an increase in such global queries is that almost everyone is fed up working hard but earning less with the normal traditional ways. While the rich are getting richer, the poor gets poorer. Why? Because the very foundation of the educational setup that produces young gentleman today are being operated by Creative Rich Investors. Education is getting expensive but value of fresh graduates is dropping down. Kids are being fed with a wrong methodology of life and that is "High education Means Success" while it should be rephrased correctly as "Quality Education If applied Means Success"

The number of Fresh Graduates, Post Graduates and PhDs in countries like Pakistan, India and other South Asian countries has sky rocketed over the recent years. If high education means success then why is unemployment increasing dramatically? The answer is:  Institutes today are producing incompetent individuals who know how to read and write and how to work really hard  but they don't know how to make good use of their skills and work smarter rather harder.

Finding a good job is considered a success by a Graduate today, no matter how big or less he is paid. The truth is bitter but a fact: All such Graduate students are selling their 16-18 years of Hard Earned Study just for the sake of $200-$300 per month salary.  Almost 80% of students living in my homeland think this way rather like an entrepreneur. There is nothing wrong by working for a firm after you have completed your studies but you don't deserve so less a salary that can hardly feed you!

The aim of presentation was awakening the students to wake up and get rid of the thinking that you can step into professional field and achieve all your dreams only once you complete your studies, instead think like a businessman right from your student life and don't be just nerds, be Entrepreneurs. Think big to achieve big and adopt a business plan, an earning strategy for life that is widely practiced especially by Jewish fraternity. My idea of entrepreneurship was based on the following slide:

Entrepreneurship smart earning strategy



Businesses everywhere is turning online. May it be a Painter, Horse Breeder, Fitness Trainer etc. , they all need a website to promote their business online. The numbers of Online users is boosting every year with 1/3rd of world population now using internet. Online Marketing is now giving huge profit returns compared to traditional marketing ways. Internet is now a billion dollar virtual Market which has capacity for every single person to join it and multiply his coins. The only way to learn online marketing is to start with your own website, build traffic on it, get readers, learn how search engines work, experiment with global traffic trends and build a reputation that could earn you dollars in return for all your long term efforts.

I started Blogging just after completing my college and it is helping me today to run my own company right from my living room. A blogger is not just an author, he is a well versed self taught professional who knows how online media works because his job is to keep an eye on latest development online and share it with his readers and search engines. He is a smart freelancer, internet marketer and well trusted authority who know how to turn his skills into cash effectively. The best thing about this profession is that you can be a good student yet a good investor/entrepreneur at the same time. Blogging does not distracts you from study if you apply it effectively and will earn you a happy living online once you complete your studies. You will never be a Job monger running after firms in search of a job instead you will be the owner of your own Empire. Blogging is an education in itself that updates you with everything, it keeps you alert and prompt at discovering new earning ways.

There can be no better option than Blogging which educates students and turns them into smart professionals during their academic lives. The business plan that we setup for students is practical and applicable. If this plan is practiced logically and correctly then it has the potential to turn you and your kids into six figure earners even before you graduate. You will never have to worry about work or income because by the time you get graduate you will find yourself as a happiest well established businessman. This plan can be illustrated by the following important slide that I missed that day but thanks to this blog we can now share it with thousands who couldn't attend the Presentation that day:

business plan for students

The plan is crystal clear and self explanatory.  The plan includes three separate strategies for students age-group. The school level is only for 9th and 10th graders when they are capable enough to express themselves in words. This is the perfect time to guide the kid towards blogging and instruct him to setup one. At this stage he will learn through several mistakes and trials and errors. A School level kid can not achieve blogging or online entrepreneurship goals without a motivational support from Parents. Therefore if you have kids or youngsters at home just teach them how to setup a blog and tell him about this plan and its benefits. The kid needs to write at most Three Posts per week in his own words. Educate him how people make money with blogs and how unique and quality content (no copyrights violation)  will drive him traffic and revenue at the end. Feed one thing in his mind i.e. "Do not make earning your Goal, Readership is what you need to achieve" People who often abandon blogging in disappointment are those who blog less and dream of earning more, giving no value to quality content and readership. Our new blog on Smart Earning Methods which was launched this February has no Adsense at all because we will keep Ads out for at least six months and our main Goal will be high Alexa Rank and Loyal readership. Revenue will follow naturally once your traffic and the number of your readers grow.    So never compromise Blogging for Ads. Ads at an early stage discourage people from subscribing and prevent smooth indexing and crawling of your blog by search engine robots.

With every single post the kids learning would increase because his aim would always be to research and then write. Whether it may be Search Engine Optimization, Web Designing, or Social Media Optimization, the same school or college boy will master every single art with time.

For a school boy, if he writes at least 3 posts per week by following correct blogging strategies learned either from our blog or from a third-party site, by the end of his 2years school period (9th and 10th grade) he will have a blog with a total of 288 Posts with 100-200 readers that can surely earn him at most $30-$50 from Adsense alone.

For a college boy, if he writes 1 post per day then by the end of his two years learning period he will have a treasure of 730 posts. If he fell ill or sick then even if he writes a minimum of 600 posts, he will have a total 888 Posts added with his school posts. By this time he will easily attract at least 5000 (5K) Readers, earning him at least $500 From affiliate sales, product reviews, Ads and services.

For a university boy, if he maintains the same college post frequency by writing one post per day then by the time he graduates he will have a total of 2088 well written articles with undoubtedly 50,000 Loyal readers and a minimum of $5000 Earning.

This plan would work only if you learn and apply the fundamentals of blogging we shared earlier. Nothing works well if done without logic therefore you must first learn some easy basics that will help you and your youngsters to start a life changing investment, an investment of time and efforts.

I would suggest the following tutorials for a successful blogging career.

  1. How to become a Pro Blogger?

  2. Blogger SEO PACK Series 2012

  3. Complete List of Blog SEO - 13 killer tutorials

  4. 100 Best Tips given by Professional Bloggers To Drive Traffic To a Blog

  5. 20 Guru Tips To Drive Traffic

  6. 3 Reasons why your PageRank is not increasing

  7. How To Find Sponsors for your blog?

Some Glimpses of the Talk

Following are some snapshots of the Event.

folio3 developers day 2012

fast university karachi

blogger mohammad mustafa ahmedzai

how to become entrepreneurhow to become entrepreneurhow to become entrepreneurbusiness plan for students

Photo Credits goes to Waqar Sheikh and Fast University.

See The Presentation Live

The video below is in my native language (URDU) therefore only our readers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh would be able to understand it, apologies to our English readers. :)


Following is the video by my home buddy and great friend Rafay Baloch from Rafay Hacking Articles, who accompanied me that day and exhibited his extra ordinary skills related to Cyber Security threats and its Counter Measures.



No effort has any sound meaning unless you achieve fruitful results. Just like last year this year we achieved the following goals at the end of the talk:

  • Warm Feedback from a large interested audience. Several minds changed and almost everyone acknowledged the idea of entrepreneurship at an early age.
  • Blogging remained the HOT Talk of the entire event once again.
  • Received a Job offer from Pakistan Navy as a web developer
  • Presentation offers from a local college and 3 universities which include Bahria College, Bahria university, Sir Syed University and IQRA university respectively.

The presentation schedules will be shared via Facebook Fan page once confirmed. All praise goes to people who think differently and appreciate a better change for their youngsters and themselves.


The entire aim of such presentation and this post was to create awareness among my brothers and sisters. It hurts me greatly when I see increasing number qualified young individual committing suicides due to joblessness and low wages and stressful jobs. High education is good only if you invested your Academic life both in studies and in developing marketing skills. There is no age limit for earning and investing. Those who tell you that you must concentrate on study alone as your goal are actually directing you unwillingly towards a gloomy future which is full of depression and stress once you step in. Achieve higher education but keep applying and keep learning skills to bring out the Man in you. You all are born genius and you deserve something far bigger at the end of your Academic endeavors. You must dream with open eyes and keep a faith that You can do something BIG . Becoming rich should never be your dream but becoming someone who could live an exemplary life should always be your first priority. Wish you all the best with your future endeavors. Spread love, knowledge and keep prospering. Peace and blessings be upon you all pals. :)

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  1. Work work Muhammad !
    I am trying to build my Blog. Have a look and your comments. Thanks

  2. Awesome and Congrats Brother

    It is my dream to become a Good blogger :)

    I have started Graphics + Web Designing Course :)

  3. hey Mustafa, *clapping*, Oh My God, this is truly something out of the world, i still remember last year when i was actually present there, but this one is something which would have thrilled all Nuces for sure.
    great work,
    i think its really important for the youth to acknowledge their talents and should start thinking out of the scope.
    God Bless,

  4. Great work man! Nice inspirational presentation. Loved it :D

  5. WoWww you are great Mustafa Bro ... !

  6. First of all will like to congratulate you for another successful presentation. This time you were prepared not just like the last presentation.

    Now comes my real comments:

    "Education is getting expensive" - I am atleast trying to help such students who cannot afford to buy through my eBook blog :)

    "think like a businessman" - There could be a debate on this. I personally don't think like that because business involves money first and money has always been a second priority for me. Don't know my thinking is right or not.

    "Finding a good job is considered a success" - I don't like working under someone and ruling me and always sitting on my head and giving pennies in return as if they are doing charity to me :P

    "A blogger is not just an author..." - Give me some more motivation or a stick on my mind like a teacher does when a student do not complete his/her homework. I am struggling a lot as the problem I am facing is that I start with lots of ideas, lot of enthusiasm, energy but just not able to maintain it. Don't know what is going wrong. Please help me on this on a regular basis just like your another student.

    "Do not make earning your Goal,..." - I do think that way but instead of "Readership" I follow to build Relationship by helping others.

    "For a school, college, university boy" - My dear MBT readers and fellow bloggers, this post is not just for students. It is for everyone out there, just read the whole post and take out the relevant points and apply it. For specifically students obviously everything is important in this post.

    Your Presentation - When I started watching your presentation I thought of starting Rafay's and put it to buffer but you just didn't let me to do that :) And who was holding the cam, I wanted to see those claps :P And aaaaa... be ready as I see tomorrow morning there will be a line of girls outside your house waiting for you to accept their proposals because it looks like you were feeling hot even in a AC hall :P lol..

    Rafay's Presentation - I am sorry Rafay, I didn't like your presentation much :( I saw you were not interacting much with the viewers instead was more focused on your left side. You have good skills in hacking but in my view you need to interact more with the viewers.

    "Achieve higher education" - I was left behind here :(

    Did I said much or missed something??
    I hope I have given a honest reply. Correct me if I said something wrong or extraordinary.

  7. congras...may god give u blessings and success

  8. Well, a great great presentation I must say!
    One thing that I didnt like in the presentation was that you mentioned the pathan perspective. It looked a bit bias. You should have talked generally.
    But overall, everything was too good! I hope to see you at any other institutions too. Great Effort Mustafa:D
    Remarkable control of temper :p

  9. I am overjoyed with all the lovely comments. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and appreciation.

    @Yahya @MONU ALAGH @ali @safeer
    Thank you all for the kind feedback and consistent motivation.

    You already are a skilled one. I checked the new customization, great change haider. Adjust the Ad sections too for a more neater look. :)

    Well honestly I didn't expect such an enthusiastic feedback from the audience. I thought without the important slide, most of them would not have understood the purpose behind the talk but somehow things went smooth. :)

    You should have been there too pal.


    Glad you liked it dude. Wish to see you promoting SEM at Islambad NUCES one day. :d

    Oh wow bhavesh would always lead the row in commenting uniquely! =p Looks like you followed cautiously on every word. Means a lot pal. :)

    Your free Ebook collection is surely of great help to everyone bhavesh.

    As per your question related to blogging, its natural when several ideas storm your mind and it is fact that unless you are focused on one single niche, you will end no where. I already recommended few niches to you some months back and you have great potential to give a good start to at least one of them. As long as it is text, it means rich and quality content that will drive you both traffic and positive returns. Media and graphic stuff are good only if dosed with text content. So keep your mind on one single niche that has high CPC and start with it by keeping post frequency rule in mind. You will not see results overnight, give it six months and keep working hard to bring alexa down. Alhamdulillah within just 50 days SEM has now a 99K alexa and I am trying to push it even down before I start accepting ads from sponsors.

    Keep spirits high mixed with dedication bhavesh. I am sure you can do it. :)

    I wish the same to you buddy. Means a lot :)

    How can I ever forget mentioning the legendary and historical Pathan community pal? They are perfect examples of well established businessmen in the country. =d

    Thank you for your kind remarks. Dates of next presentations will be shared on our Facebook Fan page.

  10. @ Bhavesh

    you are so much dedicated to Mohammad...its really amazing. Such a long comment means a lot sam.I wish i could also find someone like you.Anyways,i guess you are missing consistency in your blogging habits.If you have got such a long list of ideas, write them all ,rank them all and categorize them.i.e. sort out their niches.Select the one that stands out and appeals you.Spend some time with it...lets say six months.

    And yes, your thinking about money is quite right.Speak it out confidently man!
    And yes, dont you worry mohammad wont open the door :P

    Best of luck!!!

  11. @Mohammad
    I read almost every post of yours carefully and sometimes twice or thrice before making a conclusion :)

    I tried to work on the niches you provided but I was not able to cope with them. I was actually not getting topics. Whenever I thought of writing on something, one thing engraves in mind that, come on its already shared. I know this thinking is wrong but I am not able to help it.

    I mailed you about the SEO of the new niche, waiting for your response.

    About alexa, I still don't understand how it works actually. I think you were gonna write a book on alexa.

    May SEM have a much more wider reach but you had MBT to promote SEM right. And MBT has so much loyal readers that they would love to follow SEM as well. But I won't be having that advantage. I may be wrong over here if there is some internal work done which I don't know.

    I am dedicated to Mohammad and MBT because they have helped me in almost every situation. Mohammad personally helps me a lot may it be related to blogging or personal problem and that's why I call him bro which I actually mean it :) Also I love helping people in every possible manner.

    About Blogging, yes you are right I miss consistency. I am kinda lazy person. I usually come with huge energy when starting something new but after some days all is gone. This is the biggest problem I have right now.

    And don't worry, I am there for you as well :) I may get some motivation from your blog.

    Glad to see there are others as well who fully read my comments :)

  12. Sir Hats off To your presentation, It was based on true fruits of knowledges I really enjoyed a lot it was well organised that I never feel I missed it.The way you started and the way you ended the presentation is really good to be admired.For sure MBT is the one who will going to change my complete way of life and its all because of you sir.No One could shares there secretes but I think you are not among them sir sharing 30 Percent of your earning secretes was the highlight of your presentation.Now after seeing your presentation I believe Pakistan is way above in Information Technology but still there is room for improvement.Thanks sir once again for your wonderful efforts to make awareness among us the younger generation.

  13. Nice presentation . . running short of time in the end but I think the message was conveyed.

  14. @Bhavesh
    As it was my first presentation ever, I was a bit nervous, However if you would have seen my full presentation(22mins) long, I interacted with the audience in the last half. However, there are lots of things which i need to improve. As learning never ends

  15. @Rafay
    But where is that 22min video. I see it is just around 7min. Nervousness ought to come for the first time but all the will go once do it 3-4 times :) and Yup learning never ends. Keep it up!!!

  16. @Bharvesh
    Dear, Unfortunately I have only 7mins of video. Plus I was also given few hours to prepare before to present. I really didn't expect such a huge appreciation of the audience. However, I could have done more better, If I were given some time to prepare.

  17. @Rahmeen

    Bhavesh is surely someone who has contributed the most to us. We love him for his consistent feedback and motivation.

    I will check that SEO mail buddy. As per the believe "someone already might have published it" You surely need to change this approach to blogging pal. Yes repeated old topics make no sense but new titles with a little spice mixed with old information play wonders and this is what we are doing at SEM. Its true that MBT helped a lot in SEM promotion but such traffic is not consistent and never too big for a new blog to survive, we will always need organic traffic from search engines to increase impressions.

    I missed replying some of your points on your first comment.

    "think like a businessman" : This means that use the money you earn in investment and do not store it with you. Business surely needs money and for its survival you need to keep investing

    "Your presentation"
    The video was recorded by rafay's cousin and thanks to him, we now have a video on record. :) I didn't know the video would be that interesting :d

    "Rafay's presentation"
    His presentation shocked me positively. It was surely his first experience but the way he answered intelligently impressed almost everyone. We gave him a standing applause because his ending went really great. Unfortunately the most interesting part of his tech talk is missing in the video above.

    @Faizan Ali

    I am just a grain of salt buddy, your words are surely adorable. Thanks a lot. The purpose behind this blog is only to help keen bloggers like yourself to understand and apply this art correctly in order to retrieve high returns. I visited your blog and you seem to be improving amazingly great. Keep it own faizan.
    IT sciences are developing like rocket fire in the country and there are great minds here who are excellent learners. I am sure from 2012 onwards we hope to see a wave change. :)

    @maaz @danial @nufil

    Appreciated that pals. Thank you :)

    You must kill Faisal now for not recoding the remaining part where Q/As begun! :p

  18. @Mohammad
    Aaaaa.. I think itni taarif bohat bro :p
    And I will keep that in mind about the approach and my thinking.

    I wish I could have watched Rafay's Q/A part. Wasn't there anyone else recording the presentation. I mean official staff usually records as well.

  19. Great site you have got here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!

  20. Ahha from above definition I am graduate (university level) in blogging but still far from destination and I wish all of you will welcome me at finishing point.

    I am thoroughly enjoying each and every post of this Blog .

  21. Hello brother,plz upload all these lectures on youtube,on your own channel,thanks.

  22. hey i am not getting approval for adsene for my blog!

  23. I use to watch your videos, whenever i feel depressed.. And after watching this i get a lot of inspiration.. :)

  24. thank you MBT !
    with much love

    Adu Alex.

  25. nice dear. keep it up

  26. very nice Mohammad Mustafa are role model for new bloggers..May ALLAH bless you..